Make Mistakes with Fingerprint Inkprints! | Lex Leclerc | Skillshare

Make Mistakes with Fingerprint Inkprints!

Lex Leclerc, Eco-artist & writer

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5 Videos (12m)
    • Fingerprint Ink Prints Introduction

    • Concept

    • Demo (final)

    • Are you frustrated? watch this

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About This Class

This class asks you to be a brave artist and embrace your mistakes.  Actually, more than embrace, use your mistakes strategically!  Yes.  That's right.  We all mess up.  All of the time.  Right now, people are probably making thousands of mistakes in drawing or art or possibly even walking, but I think we need to free ourselves from perfection, from the fear of failure.  Puh!  There is no such thing.  To fail is simply not to try.  In this course, I ask participants to ink print some circles onto a page, using their fingers, and then create illustrations out of these designs.  It takes 15 minutes.  If you're interested, join me! 





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Lex Leclerc

Eco-artist & writer

I'm interested in ecological art to explore the concept of fragmentation.  My life sometimes feels a bit disconnected.  I find my brain feeling kind of buzzed from my cellphone or the internet, so I use drawing as a way to thread myself back to myself.  I like to use recycled fragments (cut out paper) to create coherent wholes.  


I also love languages.  I really LOVE them, especially French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, and Japa...

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