Make It As A Copywriter: How To Find Clients | Minda Honey | Skillshare

Make It As A Copywriter: How To Find Clients

Minda Honey, Your Guide to the Freelance Life

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7 Videos (26m)
    • Introduction

    • How to Find Clients Online: Job Boards

    • How to Find Clients Online: Social Media Groups

    • How to Find Clients Online: Career Sites

    • How to Find Clients in Person

    • How to Find Clients With Your Network

    • Wrap Up & Final Project


About This Class



You know what you want to be:  A copywriter. You’ve got the writing chops, but what’s a copywriter without any clients? This course is a guide for landing your first clients and launching your new career as a professional copywriter. In this course I'll show you how to find clients online, using your network and in person.

For your final project you’ll create a tracker to help you build a pipeline of fresh client leads.

This course is suitable for anyone early in their copywriting career or anyone considering making the leap into copywriting soon. This class could also be helpful for copywriters further along who need to give their client list a boost, but aren’t sure how.





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Minda Honey

Your Guide to the Freelance Life

Hi, I'm Minda.

And I'm a Louisville, KY based freelance content writer.

Drawing on a decade of sales and marketing experience, I create compelling, SEO-rich content for my clients. I write website copy, blog posts, infographics and more.

I also write about:

Dating Beauty Race & Gender Millennial Adulting Dining, Drinking & Events

I have a MFA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Riverside where I worked on my memoir-in-progress, An Anthology of As...

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