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Make Google Translate From Scratch :JAVASCRIPT, PHP ,AJAX

teacher avatar Mohamed Jolti

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

30 Lessons (4h 20m)
    • 1. What will we create in this project

    • 2. Install our tools

    • 3. create our files

    • 4. set up jquery and bootstrap

    • 5. create the header of the page

    • 6. create The right bar

    • 7. Creat the container of the page

    • 8. Style the container

    • 9. Continue styling

    • 10. Styling the right side

    • 11. Understand the fonctonalty of our page

    • 12. Addin the class active

    • 13. Change the language

    • 14. Deleting and count

    • 15. Button of other languages

    • 16. The functionality of other languages

    • 17. The role of ajax

    • 18. Understand the functionality of ajax

    • 19. Create our database

    • 20. Start working with Ajax

    • 21. Continue working with Ajax

    • 22. Translate a word

    • 23. Translate a sentence

    • 24. Translate a sentence 2

    • 25. The success icon

    • 26. Suggestion for words

    • 27. Suggestion for words 2

    • 28. Suggestion for languages

    • 29. Copy icon

    • 30. Final touches

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About This Class

in this course i will show you how to make a translation website like google translation from  scratch using ajax

in this course we will use the following languages to reach our goal:

html ,css ,javascript ,jquery,bootsrap, php ,mysql

1.create the design using :html css bootstrap

2.adding the interactivity with javascipt and jquery

2.recognition ajax and how does he work

3.adding the functionality to the translation

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Mohamed JOLTI,currently i am a full stack web developer  , i work with backend frameworks like  Laravel ,django ,express js ,spring boot and frontend frameworks/libraries  like angular,vue js ,react, redux.i decidede to  create courses to share my knowdlege in technologies ,after years of learning ,i discover that the best way to learn is by practice starting from basics projects to more complex/larg apps.

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1. What will we create in this project: welcome guys in this car, and this project will make a translation along from scratch. So this is the final project you can from here. But I do work that is going to be too late. And you would see immediately the result on the right. And if you started writing, it would immediately make this system for you. If you write a word that exists in another language if for example, I choose for then I all right. Hello. You were Nick as his Justin for me. And this is the right language. And if you click here would change to this language and the right If the world happen inflated, You see the icon of sexists and you can cook Copy the textures from this icon here. If you connected. I have my six you come from Here's with languages between the right and the left on. Choose another language from him. Okay, so I made this prosecution issue investor at Java script Jake really inject hp on my xperia . So if you are ready to do this, I'm happy to help you. And if you have a problem or question, so just let me know. You got 2. Install our tools: and this video on start our tour does we can not run our could. Okay, so the first tour is asked that the editor of the text, OK, in my case, I would ask that bracket. Okay. Just like, but okay on stuff. Okay. I don on your way to go. So the first link here. Okay. When the or brackets. Okay, that's this name. I still this banker. Okay. You were to take care okay for Windows or Mac on when you were a status. You will find this, like, this icon here. Okay. On every iconic you I would find it like this. Ok, so this is the hour five or my fights, OK, for good if I want another fight like this. Okay, that issue that BHP. Okay, so this is the editor off to take the second thing. Children. PH being We need a server. Okay, We need to start a lookout. Severson. So the seventies I would use is gone. Example Zump controlled planet. OK, you save. Just example. Don't look like a distant on the first banking you would ask that. Okay, if you have windows or militia or not. Okay. But the fine off the could when we were save our code. Okay. The fight should be in. You see, in despite is C h detox. Okay, if the docks example. Okay. Search an example. For example, in my case, Dixie search in disc seem search HD dogs. Okay, it's dogs. Looks like this. It still looks OK. In my case, I have a lot of fires. Okay, But here when we ran our code, okay, when we were saved, Our okay, so that is, uh a second thing I would show you is to run the server. You click an example to a planet like this after with the one we don't load it. Okay? And in your case, you won't find like this. Stop, and we would click. It starts like this. My stuff, like on the server, will drop. Okay, so that is for this video and the second video in the coming with you. We're creating our fights. OK, so that's 3. create our files: Hello, guys. Today we were creating our fighters off our project. So go to each day docks an example and disk. Say Okay, this is the Goto example. In my case, I have no right. Okay. Goto HD dogs in this fire, It would contain our project. OK, just creating on your fine. Give him a name often gouker often the addiction that addiction. Right? Okay, Okay. Protection project. And despite first fine offsets is okay. Second slide often. Did you? Yes. Okay. This fire. And this is why we were put our sighs. Offsets is and Jess were what? The fight off. Okay, on open brackets, you file said that, like in HD docks HD docks and tell addiction project here, put it here. Like Dixon, That's HD. And okay, Save doesn no five again. Save that. Like the ducks and the addiction project princesses. Like a steady side dot Says is Okay, do you fun said that? And each day docks in and the addiction project and she s like a It's good. Daughter. Yes. Okay. Gonna do activist in here? First thing, I will create the semper structure off. HTM An just so duck. So docking type each the end. Open the target on each AM. I have a had under a book, okay? And the body would do Are simple citizen separate each one? No, this working up this work. Okay, so God, you know, I thought open on you on your brother. Okay, top. Look, horse Karlan, he tell you, golden, it's only 19. Okay? And he will give you or your fights and and each of the dogs. In my case, I have a lot off projector that's already done. OK, but if you in your case, you will just see took so fight. Okay. So up on the production project here on, he will give you Hello. This is work. Okay, so that is for this video. 4. set up jquery and bootstrap: no guy today. We were started in objectivity on boosting up. Okay, so the first thing quite true. Zajick quit because it's very flexible, and he gonna help us a lot in our project. Okay, for people who don't know what Jacqui is equally is a very popular Jarvis could have liberated. Okay, for both stop also is a literary for each team assesses on job. They're gonna help us a lot, especially in the icons that we're going to use in our project. I'm gonna show you in the final project and the friend on project here. Okay, so we have a lot of icons here. Here, here. It also here. Okay, so let's see their objection on both drop in the same time. So go to go to google dot com. Okay, outside. I would say that up. Okay. Scroll down to the link that we're gonna the together you find bootstrap. Get started. A w three scoops. Click scrolling down, scrolling down, scrolling down here. So just copy. Did text between had on between the hat section? Okay, that's copy this code content. See? Okay, But it's here. So the lives the boot stop. Example. This coded on type. For example, the addiction addiction for So all our tools have been set. Okay. And the coming video, we're start the area code. The area. We will start our project. So you on the next video. 5. create the header of the page: Hello, guys. Today we were start the real world. Okay, so we were starts creating the design off our page. Okay, so in this video, I will created the heydar off our page. But the first thing to do is think our find each day to the fight senses on Java. Scary. I'm gonna start by the fight senses. So Lincoln Okay. Thank you. And you actually actually equal to say says Side that says is okay for JavaScript to have here on its arse equal to jazz job. Now, we were starts creating behavior, but we have to analyze the design off our page. We have here this grief I can hear in the left on this text booger at their addiction. Okay, I'm in here on the rights. We have this graph icon here on the bottom off connection. So now I will start by the left about here. So are we Create the hater. Okay, so here. Hey, dinner. And after we have a day off this sentiments and the left. Okay. And the letter David, I gonna give him glass off again. My glass off title. Okay? No. And this they have to enemies. We have this? Great. If I can hear this break grief, I could hear gonna find it in the booster up documents. Okay, so just after boots Tab Givi. Like on. Okay, on. Go to the components in W three schools. Okay, scrolling down. Scrolling down, Scrolling down. Scrolling down. Okay, scroll down. Okay, Scroll down. Can I find Did so here. We have described I come here, so we get this creates that's plan, Okay? I spend a dementia spun. I'm gonna give him, like, last offer this glass here. It could be that Onda bus here. Okay, so did this space here. Okay, so now we're but soon d the elements here off. Begin production. Now we're creates the Czechs here, the ticks off Google addiction. Okay, so I get a creator, each one. Okay, I would give him I would give him the idea off. Go, Teoh. Okay. No, I would create for each little I spent okay to give him span to give him to actually that I would give him a corner. Okay, a specific. Okay. So enough. The idea here, the class I would give him all class off. Plus, off you go. Okay. So on the i d. The first letter is I would start by be OK, so here. Be okay. Country to copy that. Just connect to control the control. The front of the day. Control de. Okay, so the second letter is one Because we have to Over here. We have to have this. Oh, I will give him the idea off One. Okay. On the 2nd 0 we're giving him the idea off to OK, so here I would give him a new one here. Oh, here. You true? They also own on the next the next group. Here we have any? No. And here. OK, I'm just the end of the the word tohave here. Okay. And here, E no, I would create the tradition Ticks. Okay, So spun dick. Okay, Save that. When we have him. You have. Here's not a big thing, but I just worked at the G. Okay, so here, I got a d j. You have You need a J. Okay, So Okay like that. So now we were start stating this global production on the icon. Okay, so here I started by give the state off all animals in our page. Okay. All elements I would give him the margin off. Zero on the plunging off there. Okay. On all. All nest in our page. I will give him the list Tied. The site is now okay on the front family. I was stopped by link the phones in our peso, The food that we're gonna use in our project called Latu. Okay, Just that a lot too formed food. Okay. On the first leg. It's up here in the search bloc tomb. Blood to Okay, this this is the link. Okay. Said exhibits for one. Decatur on. Copy this link here. Okay, My bus is here. Okay, So on the stein, Undecided. Okay. And stayed here. Could be the phones, family on a bus, it and this side. Okay, so, no, we would give the site off. I would hate that. I will create that. Come into here. Okay, Kader. Totally different on the okay. No, I would give off day. I would give the site on the hater, like doesn't. It would give him a hate off 70 fixtures off 70. Speak steps and I will give him Ah, which off? 100 100 person. Okay, I will give him a background colada off. He's still if a if a thing and the flooding offer. Tim, pick soc position Pop CDs on the border bottom like we have here. This bottom it's OK. I would give him about that 17 What's, um, zero to Is that over to a peak citizen? So I will give him the color off. Six. Three. Sit. Six go seven to gay. So now I was start staying in. They moving the addiction text. Okay, so go true. Go to ever. Okay, go to ever. I would give him the phone size. Off phone size of 22 picks is okay on the position, and we have the position related. Okay, That's a friend here. We have the position off absolutes because they were at their worst. Your position According toe the elements, the planet elements is the hater. Okay, so, position, position. I feel it. Okay. I would give him left. E t. Fix us 80 feet on the bottom 15. Picks up. Okay, so now I would start still side the grief icon. Okay, so we have this belief I can hear him. So now the idea off Glade left, I would say it. It's so get a left, get a left. We have the phone size. How? The forms and sizes off. 70 70 pictures. The position, his absolution, the budding on the top on the bottom. We have 23 feet. Serves on the left and the right to see pictures. 22 pictures. Okay, so the opacity, the opacity We haven't zero seven picks isn't on phone two ways. You don't see that? Big Stenson of the seven. Okay. Going on here? Okay, so the phones white front waiter is the phone to it is what? Okay. I just did it. The pub here. No, no, I wouldn't say I The Google. Okay, So go for our class that we have our letters and the war. Coogan will give him a parting by being left budging. Lift off zero pixels, their picks it parking garage. Okay. Planning later. Offer zero. Picks us also on the phone to white forwards. Wait, is also book. Okay, now who were start stating the literacy. So each letter here have a corner. So the cars that we're gonna use I have here the lets off color. So, for example, in the not here, not the one we have be okay, so boo Get it? Okay, so which leads it Here. Have a color. A specific order. I have all the colors here. I just could be that past is here. Okay, on the side. Okay. So save that and save or doesn't No, the fresh Oh, I just forgot to I didn't do the run here. Roll still. Shit is very important for to our side. Okay, safe. Now we have here our cars. Okay, so we have a problem in G. Go back and you have a problem. You g here. So, Z, it's son. Oh, we have here just g. Okay. Save have also a problem in clay left and kill if I can't believe if I can't, They left so saying I have organ but the state in our grief icon that supply. Okay, so we're building that now. Span. I d off Chile left on. We have hidden position. Absolute. I forget. Left biting off to t fix us. Okay. Not saying doesn't and we haven't left. Okay? No, I would add I would other space here. Okay, So I would add a space and then the addiction okay? Him we were at the space like this. No break in space like that's okay. I was states aside this by giving idea. Open I often for addiction. The addiction. Okay, take doesn't go toe this time. I was saying to him a little bit. Doesn't give him a victim. Shen does. Give him the opacity. Open a little seven 07 picks us. Okay. Jackson little seven. Okay, No. So we have all the rights. They left but is done now. We were start creating. The lights are okay. 6. create The right bar: now we will create the right the right spot. Okay, So Okay, so go to the end of this. David Wright will create another. Um, you didn't. I would give him. We would give him the I d. Oh, but okay. Nights. But this difficult scene. What's definitely project? We have this icon here on this connection. So we would pick the icon hair from the icons, the icons and the top of our page on the page off icons and boots rapper we have here the icon that we're going to use. Okay, so copy this Glasses. So we create a plan. We were given the class. Oh, this okay, ashen? Okay. On the i d off the i d. He could too. I would you goto delay the big their light. Okay, so on the bottom, we have a class off. Puts it up for the bottle. OK, so both stone, What's up? Okay, I would give him off idea off. And here the class is it Klassen is bitter end to end. Pretty muddy. Okay with him, we give them a text. Often called Shouldn't. Okay, saved. That's it. Now who was tied? The rights, But okay, so go to state its SS. I'm clicking like this or space this a little bit. So now will Kate, who was side the right, but okay, so I'm gonna start by, Right? Right. Love like this. Okay, so I gonna give him float to the right. Well, I see I would give him a position related on the position. Bottom Tim Picks is underwrites 68 weeks of 16. Okay, Okay, so they believe I call for the bailiff icon. Okay, we have the Gilly, but again, I would give him the front side. The phone size tweets he fixes. I would give him the flooding. Oh, 20 fixes and the top 20 picks is in the top on the same principles and the left under. Okay. And I will give him the Carcel wanted Toby collect. Okay, okay. For the bitter end. The connection text. Okay, Better in connection. Okay. Bitter end. Well, it's a so called Lord. I would give him a color off 20 anti but whites. Okay, on depending seven fixes 40 picks is okay on the phone. Twice. Bond points wide world. Okay. False wants white spots on the margin. Bottom off fly. Texas Okay, so save dozens. And here we were when we were refreshed. This we haven't the connection on did I? Could help. OK, so this is all in this video and then next video, it starts the contain Never Okay. To come to the body off our patient. Your container. Okay, so there's a lot of things to do in this and this contain Okay, so in the coming video or status 7. Creat the container of the page: we're going. But, guy, today we will start the container off our page. The content that he would be dynamic because the top of the page it just for the design. Okay, so the first thing I will show you the structure of the container. Okay, so here. Yeah. So the container is have a row. A row of bootstrap. I'm two column to Cologne head. Have this column on this Got on. OK, so each column have tree may part the choke bar, the median on the fortune. The chopper this would contain or our language here. Okay. On dick on the medium is the text area on the suggestion for the language. Okay, Don't forget does. On the future we have these the languages. Okay. Suggesting for language. Okay, The second column is similar to the first Columbus we have here. Just a Dave, not text area. Okay. And we have this icon here. We have this icon. Okay, so it starts. So on the bottom here, off the heydar. Our space down. Okay, we were creates. Dever. Devon, This having a class off contain going, Say no. Okay. So the first, the first thing we will create the row. Okay. For our took along. No, it's class off. Bootstrap. I want to us to create a column, for example, Or Teri column. Okay. According to the class that we give to the thieves in this year. Okay, You're understand that. Okay, so, no. And so and there we have talking. Okay, I I started by creating the first. Gonna Okay, de, even you have the plus off call. Is she Six. Okay. On second column. He had the the cross off a G six also. Okay, because lays off 12. Okay, now the space off. 12. Hey, it was divided into into columns. Okay, so I was created and the doctor takes okay, I would give him the top Texas. And this is the first column. I will give him the idea off exit. Okay. Just like that. Okay. This first column they will contain dubbed a lot of Okay, I will give him the name off top class, off top decks. Okay. After we have this bun not here. This spun off detective longer. He is in financial. Okay, so the spurn class fun. I will give him the class of did ticketea. Okay. On divide you is day 16. Okay, Now I will start creating the language. Okay, so my spine also. And in this plan, we have our list. Okay, We have our lesson. Let's have the i d. We have less than does have the i d. Off imports in on the glass often. So, lung, so language. Okay, it's up. Then you can choose a country declared that you want, but in this side, you should have the same reference. Okay, if you choose for example, this, in my case, impose. And we were You have when you have to say this is assured, you should write sharp input for state these animals. Okay, that's problem before the names. Okay, so, no, I would create him here. Top along. Okay. I would created the items, Eddie, for our lesson for our Lester. So here I would I will give him the classes off. Active one active one. Okay, so here here we have the language here at the class Active one. It's the class does have this color blue. Okay. And a class active to the clusters have the color blue to in this sediments. Okay, So class active one on I d I is I is Language is hungry. Okay. I prefer to do the classes on the names in Finnish because to be gone, you would not confuse me with the code. It is in language. Okay, so you can You can do what you want. Okay, so now hung late day. So I just control de Control de. Okay, we have just a language. But on different A project, we have a lot of language. Okay, so around etc Okay, here. We have a Okay. Here. We have about for that front. See on here. We have it up. Okay. No head. We have We should have it. This class okay. For the second elements on the elements here. Okay, so now we were stuff creating. So now we was right creating the boat on here. Okay, so this boat on on this boat, okay? This icons Okay, so it is Okay, so and different spot header. Okay. And the family have I would create two spun. Okay. The first bun. Have the i d. Off the offer boards, for example. Okay. From the class, we were the class offer the grief. I can hear the African hair. They have the closer off, Griff. Icon The need by If I go on, give me fight. Khan is a colossal book. Okay, Belief icon. Hey, LeBron, she around Down. Okay, so they are the class off. Chevron one down. Okay, good. If I not like, doesn't believe icon. So, like on grief icon Chevron. Okay, on the seconds fun. Just coffee. That the second love. You got the idea off change? Because this is I can hear you change the language. For example, have french here. I can change the language from. Okay, So you have the idea off gender change on the grave. I can hear we have a grief. I can. I just did it the second bottom. It's OK on the grief. I couldn't help offer the size. This size recites horizontal body. What body zone? Okay, so just like that, save this save distant. Okay, So go to our project head, have nuts. A big thing, but we were okay. So now So no, we we started this Okay, a little bit, but after I prefer to complete all the old call on the first column, Okay. After we were Steinitz. Okay, So we have the first, we have finished the first. The first part. Okay, now the medium. Okay. No, the median. So I space in here A little bits. Okay, so that's top Tector. Just like Okay, Devon. Good. So no David with plus media thing Me. Yeah. Okay. So much we have here. We have I would show you. We have him to think we have the here. The the the ticks every year. And we have here, like a column for this. For this for this icona. So I will use Bussereau for this also. Okay, So I will create a row a row on the column. You have a close off. Cold G, then. Okay. On here. You have the column. Is you two. Okay, so just for do we know? So now I would create a div. Two starts my row. Okay, So now David, the first David for our text area, you have the Klaasen often call cold z sign saying okay. And we have dicks enter. You have no fixed next. Yeah, okay. They have a They have the idea off ticks six. Okay, so the seconds the second. Okay. And we have another thing here and fix it Here we have victory. And we have this this suggestion or way we won't make this would with a list, OK, just following along. You would understand that later. When would create that with Ajax? Okay, so and we have this existence, I would creating a two. It's true that we have the i d off, but Okay, so the floater off our created the second elements. Okay, so So here we have a difference on the road that called G 10 Here we have the day off the icon So did okay. We have here plus off N g called one on this call on what we have here. We have victory. Each study that we have in It's very for our icon. I will give him i d for stated later I d off being take. Did it takes like the detects. Okay. And we will give him the class off our icon. So the class here you have the name off really flying. Gone from getting by gone. Get it? If I don't remove. Okay, so now we have finishing their the first. We have finished the medium. Okay, so now we'll create the foot off our page. Okay, So footer. So glasses. So didn't no the class off future. Okay. Do you have the elements, the elements in a message this big? You have a class? I was dating this. Okay, this people have the class off segue London. Okay, Dylan Sandbank which Okay, when we have here suggesting the sticks Did I would just go pizza? Okay. Okay. So now I would create the each for for them each. For for for this number. Here they were comes how much the letter we have in our take Tony. Okay. For example, you have here, you would can't. Here comes how much laser welding out in our victory. Okay, so no h for we have a d over equals to this. There. Okay, I would give him I would initiate him by the body. Offer zero 2200. Okay, so now that's just for this video. I will continue on the second view, I would create the style for this day. Okay, 8. Style the container: Welcome back, guys. Today we were stunned, the staid off our pay. Okay, so don't decide that sex is on the bottom of a creator comment here, Container. Okay. You know, show starts creating were starts stating the animals in our page. Okay, so I was started by the class container. Okay. I would give him a position related and position to the top. I would give him 70. Big citizen 70. Okay, I would give him. I hate we'll give him a hate off 200. 200 pixels on the form side on all elements in the in the container. Font size. Easy 16. Fixes okay. Under Whitson with 1000 t t to fix it. Hey, you found once I was in today on the mixer. OK, so no, I was tough sitting the idea off the text. Okay. The text ever of them under your head. Nothing. And detect here. Okay, The first column. Okay, So the six have a hate, however, hates off 200 cpix isn't okay on the position on the Whitson off 600 sexism. Okay. On the border. The book that had okay, just go to the head. They have a Borden. I was there. Four picks. So and they have the color offer The six. D six b e. Okay, handbooks shadow boxing shadow. Okay, dab one pick says what he says on the color off. Eat, eat, eat. Okay. No, I would say now I would say I did the top picture. Okay, let's have the languages. Okay, So the taste, however, hate off 200 and the optics not checks. Okay, the top hope Hicks. OK, I would give him budging on the top and the bottom. It's in big subs. Zero and left under. Okay, So I would give him a border bottom this border him boredom. Bottom hand. Okay, yet or so Okay, so got there. Lots. Um, I would give him zero. There, there, five fixes, and it's so late, and I will give him the color off. Be to be to Mitchell, do you think? Ok, okay. So now we're side number side there. The TV. Okay. What is needed is here. Now. We started to open London chop languages. Okay, so the first thing I will float the night loads life, all languages okay. On the margene Margene. Now, as you know, nice also seven t seven pieces. Okay, on to position related. I would give them position bottom to the bottom on the bus, and I will give him, like, fixes. Okay, so no one this is like, Okay. And that's this glass here. This cluster on the okay. Now we recite the list in this class in this list. OK, so so job Land day, the inside the list. OK, so I would give him to display line block. Great. So I would give him a budding my picture on the top on the bottom. It's when pieces on the left on the light and coarser pointer his on for prince for the list. Okay, so now I was side the class in active one that's have a decent this color here. So it's even, I think one. I will give him the card on this color. Blue reason for to feeds for it if t ok, okay. On the border bottom Border bottom. Yeah, body that. But some It's so late. You have country pick servicing when they have the same color. Okay, Just copy it. This us? Yeah. Okay. So saved us 9. Continue styling: so No. So now I was staying side the median. Let's have dicks Area. OK, so, like, that's and so meaty. He had the position absolute. Absolutely. To the the order. The old container, the or text the Spartans addicted. Okay, X. Okay. The position related would give him from the top is 60 pieces under wits quips and 100 first. Okay, No, on the text area. Inside the 1,000,000 I think. Yeah. Okay. I forget something in detector area you have here and the 1,000,000 we have this sticks? Yeah. Okay. So know that six Eddie, you have been Victoria. Have precise the size this this size known under Witsend. The with 400 cpix doesn't when you have the hate 100 fixes Graham. We have the border on the text area. Now the border off three picks says depicted isn't so what? So so on the phone side inside the text area for size. Aisin. When? Okay, 25 fixes on the color is life. No, they did Okay. Now the the the the class bomb Get us Take Syria to tell us about this. Having the language is here. Why would you shave? Okay, so the I. D. You have opposition related the bottom from the bottom. I would give him 100. Be 35 picks isn't OK on the text from France. One next. The last from so no working. So now I was side the abilities icon here. Okay, if I want anything. Okay. So I would say this icon here, I would position it's inside it. So they have. They have the clothes off daily tics thing. I would give him a position of absolute on the opacity of 07 fixes 07 Okay, in aspects is on the course of one says off course on the top one. We'll fix this. Okay. Know that I can't change the icon in the top. The icon in the top hill change. Let's have the idea change. Gen have a chance to have the position later on the opacity on the front side. Phone size have the front side 27 fixes on the left. Your position? It's on the left. 300 18 Dixon. Okay. From the top topics. Good to see me. Call on him in the open to fix it. Okay. No, I would say the bottom. This boat on here does have this languages. We would create that after with jealous. Correct. Ok, that's very long with JavaScript were created. I will explain all that later. Okay, so now I could see you after changing. We haven't the bitter end arts. Okay, so this bitch and him, Mr. Watch Autumn. Okay. The baby in the boat. Okay, I said, that's no just foresee. Now, if you go to look out and that the addiction project Well, I'm here, so I love okay, that love. So the phone size not apply. Phone size seven. Hey, 66 I, Dr Alkalaj. OK, so very close. So? So, No, I was the change. No, but for the big boats, arts classes Put that idea so I will give him the position off. Well, it didn't. Under left on the left Will bases on the front. Size 10 vixens. Corn fixes on the top position into the Children. Three big Simpson. I would give him course up off. So Okay, now that is the account. They say accounts discounts on the little and the text area here. That's on the I t. It's their counts. Okay. So as we go, that's their calm. I would give him the position off to you too. Hey, I would give him on the left. 500. He says on the bottom, the bottom little to basis on the court. Like Okay, so I was said the footer Gutzon for the foot. So that would contain this Xterra count and saying this suggestion to create that after, uh, of the foods you have the position off relate to of the from the top, we have a 100 50 50. Take that note under finish we have here. Our foods are OK, so we have the problem in this icon 76. Does I see? No, that would give him I will not apply to the case number Classism for the on this from the top text talked about here. Okay, so we're classes here, but six pro from digs so long from group three days. Okay. And I would give it a boredom. Burn the right for that price. That's what you OK? The right off four picks is four picks ism for fixes. No. And then we give him the what's okay. So on the border left on the position related position ready to on the left we have on the left. 60 pick citizen. On the one side, it's a T 14. No, if I say that had a fresh are close. Okay, so for the pair, that's work. Mm. Now I just fix it here. The under text class. Okay. On the text of the checks, I, uh I went six the border hand the border rights and is no Okay, Okay. I'm afraid that Birther lies and say that a vision. Okay, so, no, I would fix it. I will fix the icon. The butch. How the phone side here isn't. It's you pictures. Okay. On the fourth exit, the color here I do a little head for the colon. Have done a little there. D called on the district is did six basics Day six se jin. No, we have the similar off this. Okay, I just figure this a list I would give him, for example. Yeah, and I would give him if excess man, no, using data later. Okay, So would have the Symon. Okay, so we have the same here 10. Styling the right side: I just all elements. I would give him a call or at all intimate. I will give him the well for 77 so saved up. Do we have the same? This? Okay, Same. Come back in the end. Expiation. I take this idea. I did opiates. What? I didn t o company is Okay, Plus it say, if you saying here Hi. The same. And on the right we were They think this element here on this elements here and the intimacy now we have could be the the orthotics that immense. Okay, no, I got attention. This takes to, uh okay, I would I would They did seem okay. The top text, I would Did it disband? Okay. Mm. On this, I d I would give him i d. I would give him ideal if it in just a choice. Okay, So it I would change this to accident to Okay. Too active too. And here we have not only we have t OK. No, it would understand this later when we way using java hit t. Okay. And the median, we have not distinct area on the Limited. We are just a diva that's having that's have I d. Welcome. You do? Okay. And we don't have this. So on the future, I just if I can that disconnected Close off Hayden display now. Okay? Yeah. We don't show. This icon on the first loaded after we have sex is and we have this icon. Okay, So when we were living So I'm gonna delete that for now. Now I was saved it. I wouldn't have stayed this on the bottom. I would have gone home. Come on. So we have the bluster that's have old on the side off the text. Okay. Have one diffidence. They have the border left, but the No. Okay, order a for them. We're position only and you have the lights. 200 86 for the better. The butts in here, but in him. Okay, I would give him another i d. I off, but, um, it's one. So bloods it's one. Give him a position off. Related or so otherwise, 203 t. No, I would say the copy icon. Well, this created yet, but I went OK. So I would get I would give him that. He laughed off the idea off. Okay, so one side front side. The T picks is on the position. Related number lived. We have 500 fixes on the top 100 50. Fix it. He says we have it. One save doesn't clearly disclose this. This I can copy later. Okay. So, no, If your definition is now, let it. If you were deficient, we have a problem here. I would just save the end. Expiation. No, your definition is I have a problem. Also in this I couldn't. Okay, but one. Mm. No one in this ice obsesses one. A man. That's game. No, we have the same end. Isn't Andrea Project okay? I would give the class active no access to that on the Botha border. Boats on doom to a did I would give him. Give them already the class. So I just in the US two. That's have the same. This have seem the same site for the class one. But we need to have to be alone. Okay. How that's That's it. I'm done. Ok? No, no, I saved that. We have it the same. And the 1st 1 Okay, here and here. Yes, we have. Here. Have another. We have another icon. I went back in. Have another icon here. This icon should be here. Not to you. Okay. For the boat to one of the lights after spaces. Good. I say this. Go. Yeah. Have to that to be humble. It okay of good. So now we have this problem. Where do Broken does end the pay shares, but go to the effort Him on a vision from the bottom 86. Save this on deflation. We have exactly like that. Okay, Exactly like in the second video. 11. Understand the fonctonalty of our page: we're going. Bye. Guys in this section were stuffed making the function it be to our icons. Okay, so here, when we left on. Okay, so in this section, we were starts making this icon hair work. Like the final project here, this icon here off other languages. Okay, so, women, when you're clicked in a long wish, so replace him in this position, OK? And we were making the change icon off, Switching off the language. If I click, here are your French. If I click and this icon over a switch. Okay, so then we would create. We're adding the functionality to this icon off the meeting. If I chop for example. Hello? All right. We have initiated Let's otherwise Fido like like live. He didn't the Texan Okay, so on. Then we would making this a counter number Working. We're count. How many? How many letters we have in our text? Okay, if I type Hello, you know word. So we have 12 numbers, 12 letters and take our textually. Okay, so and they come a video Where starts by this iconic. See you 12. Addin the class active: Welcome back, guys. And this video over starts, I think the functionality to our container. Okay, so the first thing when I connect to our language here, nothing happened. OK, but in defender project, when I click in financial example, he changed. He added the cold, this class active. Okay, So what actually happened? Okay, exactly. When I click in a language here, okay? The elements that have the class, the momentum of the class, active heroes, his class. And he went added to this enemies here. Okay, So I have him. I have here what we have to do. Okay. So the evidence here is an element in the languages have correct on the steps, the first step is removed the class, active toe or languages. Okay. On at the class active to the element that have received the click. OK, so think of the took a bit. It's easy. Okay, So no. And the scale of Duchess. Okay, we have index on script. Dodgy in the fudge is okay. We must that Okay, the first thing, the first thing we have to two writes one line for the equity. Okay, So documents. It's a message city to use equity medicaments. That's ready function. Thank sanction. Okay, So our all could here are our good off JavaScript and equerry with the cloud here. OK, we say don't nothing if if the body of the documents. And that's really okay. So the first thing is in immense what's correct. But the enemy is exist where this exist. Work and this eye. Okay. We have English, French and Arab. Okay. In this intimate. And this is how we would see like, this enemy here. Okay, So and foods like that's a imports in Lexus is okay. And Putin e Okay, this it emits what? To help it to him when his verdict. Thank you. We want to executive affection. Okay. This sentiment here, it's imported. It is like a lot. Okay, that is an idea. Okay, in the end, X page, we have the u l. Okay, inputs on the and I inside the year. Okay. Lexuses. Okay. No, What's happened? If this intimate is carries the first thing, I want to remove the class active toe, all the elements. Okay, So, input or an image off the input, and I okay, so important and I dropped remove class like that once for women to lose this collapse off active all enemies in languages. We have to We want to. Ruth, the class off active here off blew off this blue here. Okay, All the elements here. Okay, Remover laugh. We want remove glasses. What? The class. That's what we want to remove. Is the glass active? Actually, one like this. It's easy. Okay? Wants all enemies in the language. First of all, we want to remove the class active. Okay? Okay. And the element that waas critic how can know the limits as wascally. It's like this. Don't assign this this. This is here The same sentiments, the intimate that have correct. So if one off the elements in the in the have correct so and this this, for example, is the intimate. Here is English. So we talk in this about language. Okay, so just following along this, we want to add them. The class at class active Want this enemy to receive the class that's gonna give the color off blue. Okay. Active. Active. One save dots. I don't want this rig that I say on. Go back to our project. Refresh here If I click so the languages change. Okay, The first thing when I click, for example in France. See here this all anonymity. Lose the class active. Okay. Nothing. All animals. No enemy to have the class active after the enemy that's have collected. We use this distant. The enemy that have collected this refers to this dimension. Okay, The intimate here, one in women's. But here, all sentiments. Okay, think about that. Here. One intimate is correct. I can again. I can't. I cannot click on three elements I clipped to one intimate. So here we have one. Intimate. But here we have all in immense removed the class active. Okay. On this, the intimate that have pregnant at the class active. Okay, so, no for the right side, it's gonna be simple. Okay? We're gonna just gonna just completed script here, so copy that. So no, we have here the arguments. Go back to the index that shame on. Okay, we have the i d. Different. Okay, that's important. So we're gonna change this joke here or so. Okay, but here we have class effective too. Okay, that's active. One saved. Go back to our projected Noel. I can take it. Okay. So our enemies work here also. Okay, So that's it for this video 13. Change the language: Welcome back. And this video we were stopped making this icon off change work. OK, so the first thing we should always understand what's happened Exactly. When I click on the icon and I come in, for example, this I can change. Okay. So I need a lot off your concentration in this video. Okay, So what happened is the element that have this the glass off active one. Okay. And the left we take here checks on. We search the element that's have the Centex and the rights. And we add to him the class active too. I will repeat it. The elements that have the club active one and the left we take her ticks on, we should. The enemy does have the same detective underwrite on. Do we actually him the class active too. Okay, so I have here explication mood atten. Okay, So the Evans, the evidence is the icon of change have clicked this icon. Okay, this icon here and the final project, it changed its with the languages. Okay, so the first thing, the first thing we're gonna take the text off the enemy that's having that's having the but having the collapse active one. I take the detector off the enemy that have to kill us active so I can start by the the the this tour steps are simple. Okay, so go to Teoh. That shame. Okay, that's good. That s okay on here. Who would take the two enemy? But I get a stance about the evidence I'm gonna do. Or this when the enemy the clubs tunes I contained. It's click convicted function. We will take the elements. The first elements that the enemy that's have the class active, active one, active one. Okay, we're gonna take her text. My dad deflection. Okay, I'm gonna give him Are gonna start in the new variable. So what exactly this gym under one? He could to this this have a plus. Okay, so this HMR one have the text often the class active one, for example. You have the class here, for example, In the class off, we have have ticked off francais. Okay? No, the same thing for the right side. We have back missed class, too. Okay, So we have now the element that have the class active one, the text of the enemy that have acted the class active one on the on the left on the enemy does have on detect off the enemy that have the class active too. And I Okay, so now we go back to our metal. So now serve the elements. And the right does have the same text off the enemy. That's have the last leave here, actually. Active one. So now there's a little bit complex. Okay, how we can do this. How we can know the enemies on the right does have the same Texas over the enemy that have the kill aspect. Actually, we can do this by the idea that we have gave to the to the the our list. Okay. For example, And the left side we have here on late front different by the i. D. We have today the same thing on great Francia. Okay, but in the right side, what we are we have heat the tick on today from see our But the idea is t humbly. And here T Francie on the T. Ara. Very happy here. It's up. Okay, that sum up this okay, we have here nunca de the languages, our languages from C Arab influence. That's a problem already is encouraged from onstage. Financial on Arab, is that Okay? So the I d off the left side we have here just today from see up in the left here, but, uh, left. Okay, but in the right side, who have tea on day? Different. See on T. Ara, we have the tea. You cannot help us in our problem. Okay, so what's it went would do here, for example, in different approaches when I clicked for on This is I can't change. Okay, I take the i d. I take. I would take the idea off this element, for example, Francais what I want I went to at the club and Francie here. Okay. Harold Example. Having cottage wear Add the club active. Two friends Fancy. Okay, so what? What? I gotta do it. Civic. The limits of the have the i d. T. Bless prophesy. Okay, because it they have this relation way Have this relation here Between the idea off the left on the idea off the right. We take this this difference, see? And we had to him the t Okay. For example, I gonna do example here on our skipped in. Okay. For example, the elements. For example Here, for example, here we have and our project. We have front. We have English, for example. Away from it. The English under French reforms. Okay, what I can do I gotta take this elements. Okay, this element does have idea only because it is in the left side. Ok, I d um today. Okay. I d Hunger Day That the enemy, That's how the younger day. Okay, the first thing I should do is take the enemies that I am today. Okay? Intimate. That's have the idea home today. Hong today I take that element and take her. I d like death can take her. I d And I got a sore him in, for example, How about you? But I'm gonna give him the name off home. I d. That's just for the example. Okay. No, what I can do is sitting the intimate. That's how t what we have here, For example, English. We have specific the enemy that's have tea, uncle. Okay, t we can cut inmates like that in jobs. Correct? OK, plus, find it. I d Okay, now I say let the elements here. Let's have that's have the descent text because here, regulation And we want the language. How can do this with Absi to Anchorage? Because here, because here we have t English. Well, t Mangane And here we haven't hungry. OK, so and describe Dodge. It s okay. I gonna give him Adam the last active too access to. Okay, Gonna now save doesn't for this example. Refresh in on. For example, if I have English and financial year for longer differences if I click it, actually, he did that help. Okay, I d have the enemy. Doesn't happen here. I for good here the i d. I forgot the shop. Okay, so we're gonna gonna under shop here. Okay? So, like, it doesn't Okay, don't forget shopping, okay? I gotta do it like this. Enough Like this. Okay. Shop lost t plus. So if I say that, Okay. On depression, for example, we have financially if I click. So the class activated. So we should remove all the class active true. Before we add the classic. So I gonna remove the class. How? We don't know this like this, like that. I copy this line here. The previous video, I remove the class access to to do or the enemies in the right side. If I say now, so my financial if I click Oh, we have ended here. So like that I had a fish, for example, Out of if I connect, we have the class after you so ourselves. Okay. How do you realize? Ok, so, no, you gonna gonna transform here, gonna transform or death to a variable? Because here I chose language. Okay, But we want to transform, or that's environment. So I'm gonna do this or that. No, Again. A surf. I'm going to take the idea off the estimates. That half question one. So, for example, I gonna give him the idea of one. Okay. Equals to what? So the elements that have the active class at the club active one her I d ok, her I d like that on the seventh day. Gonna be done. The same thing for the Can I give him the i d to for the class active. Too active. Cool. Okay. I d okay. No, when this I could big the first thing. I cannot change this. Okay, so the it emits. That's how I'm gonna start basically shop by t. Okay. I'm gonna change the left side. Okay. Thus, the enemies all have the idea began. Start with TT in on Haiti for on T ara. Okay, so, T sir tee shot for the i d. If you don't understand that, I'm gonna But I team like that. Okay? Plus, what's blood animal in the left side is each December 1. Okay. Ht one. Okay. Dr. Now she and Juan, That's it. Okay. God. Active too. I don t Okay. So active too. Okay. Before we should remove the class active tomb like this. I got a cookie compete. It's from head the right side. I can remove the class active tutto the animals toward animals. Okay. No, no. If I see if I save here, self example would help out of here. Okay. So the enemies are changed If I have finance. For example, if I have to have finished, okay, finance fast. No, I gonna work in there. Left side and the other side. We have not to t but removed t. Ok, remove t for example. We have here, for example. We're happy we have here in emits, For example, we have emits angle it, for example. Okay, that have the idea off T only because it is a right side. Okay. Like if I removed t, you're gonna be the i d gonna gonna be hungry. So what? The enemy does have the idea. Hungary is already here. Okay. Like that. So the first thing I'm gonna take off the idea to know I'm gonna do a commons here. Gonna give him the nimble change the the rights right side. Okay. No, again, the change did lift. Okay, Like a doctor. Comments. That's very important for to understand your cool. You're good. Okay. No. The first thing I should do is to remove this tea from the idea to because here, for example, if I have Francie, we have Chief Alanssi on the right side. You have to remove the city. How we can do doesn't is I'm gonna replace. Get a removed t Okay. Like that. So I d I d to I did too. Move. I didn't shoot with a place or a phantom. The place the blessed e by nothing. Okay, okay. No, no. I gotta serve like we have done here. I gotta shares again. It could be like this. Okay, again. A source here imports. Not a friend. Left side removed. Last active. One had actually won. Here we have not I I d could just They were the problem. Like that's okay. You have to. I just did. I did like that's if I say here we have a problem. He now how we have this problem. Not good. If I save, Go back in. No. When I started Oh, the removed class. So input and I removed. Actually, one Okay, Teoh this this idea to daughter place too? I did too. Okay. You're gonna give him, uh and you Are you off? I d to the propriety. No, I see. Okay, under fresh year. Okay. So for example, we have financial here if I click so the language are twitching, okay? And I have financial on Arab. Okay, so we have out of here on financial, so that's is okay. Just stop the video head. I'm thinking about it a little bit, okay? You're gonna understand. So see you in the next video. 14. Deleting and count: Welcome back. And this with you we're adding the function of the the list icon here. Okay? After we were making the number, that's where it comes. How many details we have in our text area? What? OK, so I'm gonna start with the minute icon here. It's very simple. Okay, so So what's happened? What's happened? So the evidence here is they did. I can't receive the click. OK, on this. If you're gonna give interesting to the text area, it's simple. Okay, so there, exogenous Want to know the village icon? I can hear What's her I d So the this icon and it's about Okay, the idea that dipstick that Okay, it it I would give him Hey from he's the next that this I No, the intimate. That's hard. You dead received the click like you want it? Sanction affection. What's I want to give? Have you you off interesting to this? Okay, so you have the i. D. Again. Six area. Have the idea off text are Okay. Six, six, six. That's right. You were going to give him sitting interesting like, Hey, we're gonna just mention that we don't use the function issue member to take Celia. Okay. Use the function. It's like a same thing, OK? Saved up back in kind of fish. I you know, if I could take you, you have. Thank you. Okay. No. So now we're gonna put too the second thing, Ok, Did the numbers that we come many detested. We have. And if we have Hello? Okay, he comes home. It's just we have here. Okay. Okay. So how we can do this? Okay. Like gonna count how many digits in detect area, But even here waas not declare when I use it. What? What? I six Actually, these affection the no is gonna know they can execute affection with a user when I use it. What? I inditex any like this? Okay, here. I gonna say like Siddiq the intimate the text area because the Evans here be this for our cummins. Hey, and just give him None comes like that. No. Okay. And we have a user right into text. Idiot goes in the nothing execute like that's okay when I use the type. Okay, so we have in the 60 year gonna select the text area like this ticks on. Yeah, I d Ok, when I use it when I use it. All right, in the and this six year. Like, Okay. When I used start writing in the text area. Okay. I want you to execute this thing. Okay? What? Execute? I want to know first. How many visitors have been detected? Okay, I gotta do like this. This this intimate? Always. When I read this, I refer to the sediment that's received the events. Okay, Remember this when I e like this? Hey, I write this Mr the first of the enemy that's received the events. What? The event here. Okay, get up. Okay. No, again. No. How much? Only this is. Well, in this intimate like this, we have the value. I want to know the value. I'm length. This is the function for spring. Okay? No, I gotta sort him like the bottom number. Six year the bottle example. Yeah. And if in a project I have here, for example, okay. No, but I have no okay example. Just gonna make sure that okay, I have alone the body off six area. Okay. I want to know the left lens is ah, a middle off is a property off off strength. Okay, off the objects. Hey, Now what I want to do is gonna replace I gonna replace this elements here again in the place de zero by the number. Okay, so what? This Sediments to the indicate that issue. Okay. Sentiments have idea off this to come. Okay. Uh, no. Again, Sadiq, This intimate, like dust go. Okay. You okay? Guts. I'm gonna give him this year. Okay, I can adjust. Likely. The enemy's okay. I'm gonna give him the number. Okay. Last old us. Okay. 200. Okay. Did I say you know? So I see you now. Number Okay. It counts. How many letters we have here? Okay. Hello, Work. Thank. So So I'm gonna have k was We have them in the and this takes a okay when I used it, that's typing in the victory. I want you to start typing when we want sentence. It runs from the centers to javascript. Okay. Up dysfunction that's executed. That's is your Goodwin. I use this type and a 60 year. Okay. First thing I gonna know. No. What? How we needed to have been detected. Okay. Like this? I saw this number in a warrior. No, Okay. I'm gonna replace the zero here. Zero in a it's zero. I can replace him. The zero again to replace him additional. Okay. I'm gonna replace him by numb the number off the letters plus slash bus to this. Is this constant? Okay, that's Hey, so that's it for this video. 15. Button of other languages: Welcome back, guys. And this would you were making this icon here work on the final project. Now this icon What? Okay, so always we should understand what's happened if I click this icon. Okay? The same thing for this icon. Okay, But now I just work in this left side, OK? After we just copied the code on plastic. Okay, So what's happened? Events when the high court received a click? Ok, I mean, this icon, what happened is if the Dave off other languages I mean, this didn't what happens if the diff off other languages I mean okay. I mean, at the language here in the ESPN. Okay, It just didn't have the class class hate them. So it's Heitmann. They had the class hiding. That's half the property. Incest. Is this plight now? OK, we will display the Dave of other languages and hide the median on the photo. Exactly what's happened here. If I click noting that if I click the text every year on the icon so the median is I didn't on the future aside also, okay, if I click again that if I click again that the hide the day off other languages. Okay on him. Make him stick. Here, display this. All right. Display the median on the photo. Okay, so think big about it a little bit. Okay? So go to go back to the corner here, and job is getting done. Okay. Here. Space death. Okay, so we were sitting the icon. I can hear you have the name off bitch out. I give him but one on here and the right side. I give him the bitch, too. Just like a lot can give him the name. What you want. OK, so here and descript just saved us. I would create affection. Okay. So function No, just like that's not I wouldn't ask. You use a function. Okay. So if the box hopes one received the clip, I want you to get the kids this function here, this after action here. I want you to know if they do, you know, if the other languages have the classified it or not, we would What would it use affection or J equity? He had, like, doesn't. So I've been land one to give class. Hey, what do you mean? But what I mean by that is the struggle. Class We'll see if the other lung which have the class Haydn who will remove it and he f nuts he would address Okay, if the other than we just have the clothes off Hayden, he will move its total colossi would remove it on if nuts It didn't have the class. If you don't have the class, I didn't. They will add its OK, so soon. Side something for for medium. Okay, the last 1,000,000. Okay, what's here? Median is like loss for the light on the left side on the other side. Okay. Me? I want to just, like, let side here. So go to median median here. I would give him the idea, for example, to meet one. Okay, that's the one. Okay. On the future, I would give him the idea off which everyone? Because we have to future. Okay, i d I leave. It's one his does. Okay. What's one Okay? Like it does okay on here at the languages media. I would give him the idea of me. Okay. Under here. The foot to you're gonna understand later why I could eat this future because they would contain the the icon, have examined the nothing a product. Hello. We have this icon off would copy. Okay? They exist in the foot. Okay, so go back to the head, but tell me. Yeah. What's toe like that? I see. Could you scrape? That s on here. So mid one? No. Took a class to get it. Tell us. Hey, didn't force him. Hey, then. And here for the food. One ports, one two glasses to get a plus. If I save now, I'm going back here. Like to hear you. Okay. What's happened here? They have just something here for June. The end. Meet one. So if I save here, that's not about one boat. Okay, Okay. I think that now I have just a hair. But what? I changes here we have. But for the let's I don't have just boats, boats, boats, and that's one. Okay. And here we have put one. Okay. And here so is the boat out in the left side. It's collected toe plateau. If I save now and go back here se, they finished. Okay, You work. If I could. Even one time, he displayed the languages and hide the media and the fortune. If I could look like licking the second time, you will hide the languages and displayed the median underfoot. Okay, we would make this for the for the right side. Just copy that. Gonna be simple. Okay. Here. But which one here toe his to here, too. And here's to very simple. Okay, well, but now finish. If I click here like that, if I take it like a nets, so not just for this video. 16. The functionality of other languages: Welcome back, guys. This is the final video off this section. Okay, so in this with you, we're adding the functionality to our language. So if one off the other language here received the click, OK, I want to replace the language that I received a click in this position here. I want I will not judge language and our friends. So this is my my choice. Okay. Hey, gonna not amply ends to the functionality off our product. Okay? I just This is my choice. Okay, So I were replaced the language that have received the click, for example. Here, I want to place him in the position tree. OK, so I have distinct that we should do in this video. Okay, So, Evans here when a language of the in the deep off the other land, which is a picnic. Okay, so we're gonna use clicking like events and our jobs created or equity steps. Take the limits on the enemy. Does received a click on the replace him in the position three. Okay. On at this sentiment, the class active one. Okay, this is a simple OK, but how I know this intimate how I cannot know to replace the sentiments that received the click in this position here in the first case, we have out up, but after we have not add up. Okay, So I'm gonna show you this video something maybe new for you is you're gonna add a new and you think toe our list that's contained Arab. Okay, so go back. Even if you don't understand what I took him. I was now just following along. Maybe when you were maybe you when you will see the result. Gonna understand. OK, so go back to the Arab here. I will add a property here later. Okay. Data Ok. Oh, you can add a class my But I went I want to show you something. You're OK. Data you get to today like position tree Okay. On for the other for the other languages and the rights. Okay. And the right side. Remember, I would add here data equal to T t. OK, so no, go back to his job, has got it. Go to the JavaScript. Okay. Here. So when the other languages the events here when one off the other languages, that's half odd. The London one received the click, so that evens here is Nick. I want you to execute this function, okay? This function what to have to do? OK, the first thing I would take the item that have the position to be here in this case, Arab, but not always. Okay, so, enemies, how can it take the enemy that's have this This this position, OK, it's simple. They're gonna do like this so I can a story in the valuable So like forced tree like this, for example, equal to what equal to all in a mentors have the position to be like this. Okay, so like this no data equal to Chile like this. Okay, I want to take her text like this. So this variable post Cherie continuing the intimate that's half tree in this case is Arab Her. I spoke a hard test. Um, okay, so the old sentiments we take the all India here. Okay, so go back in job. We take this intimate on, we would take Also, the Dementors have a citic leak. A lot of for example, the city had, like, this one, for example, like this. Okay, He could to this one of because one off this other languages received the click. OK, it had Here we have way. Okay, so one off these sentiments, the city click. So this element, the animals. Okay, that's how Pacific click this dot html. Okay, so now we have the enemies in the position, Cherie. Okay. And we have the immense the language off the live that's contained other languages. That's the city click. Ok, so now I want to replace to replace the elements that have received the clicking and this position here. Okay, So I gonna take pause today. What city dot Like that day, she Amen. I gonna replace him again. I replayed in this position, and that's a shame. I will replace him by 01 Okay. What? I know we're just So we would just replace this intimate position three off the one like this one. Okay. Okay. And the opposite. I want the other language to replace him by the enemies that tap that in the position tree . So opposed. So of one. That's a question from you're gonna replace in, but but pause, Tariq. Okay. But the intimacy it's already changing here. So what assured No dough. The position here is a really chest I want to calculate the animals that have been in the position. Children. I already I already the place the position. Sherry. So I want like this. So I gonna did him for now. In this position Said this. We say that we want to replace the pediments and the position, Cherie, but the sentiment Okay, I want more socially piece. That's okay. When the enemy is clinic, for example, here when our enemies ischemic Okay, I give the class head into the to the to the content of other language. Okay? And I would display the footer on the text area. I read the piece Death for here. Just like this controversy control G say you three place so I would just replace the enemies in the position to me here. Not a position tree, because here is the issue a man. Okay? And we can add html Is Jamie Okay? Okay. Gonna have if I if I were a position? City is like I write this line, I I add Hmm. Hmm. OK, so just I right here. Enemies in the position tree. Let's go, please. This controversy What are we see? Okay. Saver one. We should result here and see if I click here. Ironically, kid. So we have our languages at a place here. Okay, But the problem in the language that's half the position that have been in the position today is necessary place here. Okay, so we have a problem here. So at the one. So I don't know, I have done the same problem here. So I add issue in virtually Sherman. I just right here. This okay, This this If I say no, If I save, I liked it. Spun yarn we have out of here. Okay, So if I click to Italian, we have Italian here on Espana. Okay, It changed to disposition. Okay, so now we want to disclose Active to be here in the position, Terry. Okay, so the first thing when the sediment is correct, I want to remove the class, access your ordinary moments in the So we have here, I think remove the class. Act severe. Okay. If a Nemo input, we haven't ended input. We have Now. We are indeed. Let's I Okay, so like this, uh, when the sentiments it's going, I want to move on the cloud that's give the color blue. Okay, active one. Okay. And here and here, I want to. So that's a okay. Just organized. And it's a It's okay. So now I want to to give the class to the enemy in the position. Sorry. Okay. So ah, enemies in the position. City is data equal to city like a desert 61. I see one like this. Save now. Save now go back in. Go back in. And this if I click here, why did not? Ah, it's you se Well back now. Problem here in this class. No, it's once I just line should be here after we removed the club. Okay. Okay, then the last thing we do is ridiculous. OK, you have a problem here. You know why the government's been data Chitti active? One can do this one. This this enemy that I have received the click when the place you give him the class. Uh, I don't want to hear. I have just done a roar ahead. Okay, you would like this. It was like this. So not remove this bracket there on this brackets here. Okay, Like this. See? Guba care. So we have other languages work. Okay, Pathetic. So no we want to do this empty and the rights, but Okay, so we have just to cookie the same thing when our so like a distant copy. That on change or the animals courts are me. You have other languages, too. Here. We have not important have to you today, my friend. Right? If then here at the one. I wouldn't give him two had position city. Okay. Well, did you studied anything that's half position today? What example? Like giving position city to, for example. That's a problem. Okay. Here, naturally. Tree teacher. The okay. Here. D Cherie here at two. Hair post. Cherie too. Okay. Okay. Now you're t t. And here, here. Active too. Here. I will remove it. Hit it Would competes from moments here. Okay. Like this Front or C Dorsey. Controversy safe. Remove this line for man. I saved. Now go back. If you have a problem, we would see. So we have our languages work. Okay, so that is for this video and the common section we were start the fantastic work about We will talk about hijacks would talk about the prediction. Okay. Here, for example. For example, if I change the language here. Example. Hello. And you know, they would suggest him for for me, the language. Okay, so we were talking about a lot of thing here. I can could be the text here. Okay, So this icon head off sexists if the if the translation are sexy. OK, so see you in the coming come. 17. The role of ajax: Welcome back, guys. So this is the final section off the our project. In this video, we will talk about a checks on the comparison between PHP and JavaScript. So I need your math, the maximum off your attention. Okay, so imagine that you need a service. So you goto on office, for example, on you find them. Now you will tell him I need this kind of service. No, he would tell you I can't do the half off the service now. But my companion need all the day to complete the other half off the service. So you need to live on going back after the first man is the shelves on the second man. Is PHP on the action off? Leaving on going back after is the refresh off the page is have a script. Can order work without a refresh the page. Remember that we have done all our events without definition. The page. This event here is even off the beaten off the reading, the text. Okay, without a refreshing the page. But if you want to do event, you even Evans by Ph. B. You really baby HB, you need to refresh the page Okay, So, Jarvis, get it. Can the orderly the work without monetary free the page? The problem with that, we can no do events Like when I use a trick to about on where I used to start writing in the text area. You can't do that. But javascript do. But JavaScript also can not get data from the database, for example. And we need to him. But we speak, but each be do. So we need. I wanted something to will make job biscuit and PHP work in the same time. Like a team. Okay. So as Jack's can Ajax can do this can make javascript PHP work. So the PD video, Anyone gonna understand that they come in with you? Well, I would explain more how, actually Ajax work. 18. Understand the functionality of ajax: Welcome back, guys. And this video will talk about how objects really work. OK, so and our project, we have the language selected on We have the world, for example indefinite project. Okay, so BHP need the language on the word that you have to translate. Okay? How we can get the language and the world that you have to translate is by John was gonna so javascript by Dr Montas get sediments by i d. Some some stuff like this you d material from our page. So we were by hijacked will send the material to PHP without refresh the page. We can do this by PHP. We can get the material by PSP but we need ah form on. We need to replace the pitch. Okay, but by javascript we do all the work without refresh the page so But I extend the materia toe PHP id be now, but I may have They have the language for example English and they have the world. Hello. Okay, so we will get data according to this material on you will mean age it. Manage it it and he was sent definitive data pay Ajax as well. Centerville, your data to Java Jobless claims they will get the final data after the teenager after PHP gt two from the debit from the database on you were saying definitive data toe our paint. So this is how actually Ajax work. So be focused on doing We would we would understand that. Okay. For the San Tax on how we can use Ajax, we would say it and when we have to write the code. Okay. But this is important, OK? It's important to understand. Okay, so see you in the next video. 19. Create our database: working, but guy in this video would create our database. Okay, so go to this link. Look and hope. Okay. Carl on 8090. Okay. Slash each Be my men. Okay. Actinic. Okay, so here we you will see all your databases. Okay? Cake here to you. New database. I would give him the name, for example, but I think the addiction throw like this. Okay. And here is important. You were changed the kind off your character because we have a lot of language, for example, him. Give, for example, Russia. We have language that's have the character of special. We will. We were Tuesday in search you Teoh. If we what you have each here e c general. OK, and click create. So here I have just one column form now. Okay. So name I would give them constant. Okay, Like this content go. So it is that the base were easy production Perot. Okay, the debates. Okay, go, Davies. No one content. Okay, Go. So here. So it ahead. I would could eat I d like this. Um What? The uncle in MENSA go. Okay. I had for that 61 Go. So I did the first, So I will go to the final project. Okay, look, beach fee, I admit like this on. Good. I will go to the final product in a project here. Content. Okay, so this is the final database. Okay, We have the i d. For example, Off each word on, we have the world in each language. For example. Ugly head. Hello from Sydney. You are okay, But you have You have to make attention that this name off languages is the same in here. Okay, on here it the same. Okay, so here I would create cities. The I d. Automatically. Okay. What example? Here we have the language. The idea automatically. It ended it on today. Know how bar chart takes here, for example. Game hit. Okay. Here. I don't see like this. And here, Robin. Okay, for cologne's go. Hey, we have a spoon. Your okay? Should be the same. Okay. And here, Italian, he told the young here, Texter text digs Teoh text are so on hit next. Also, critics also here you have and we have here You okay, so Hindi click. Save here. Okay, now we have I won't tell you, but ok, so I would answer it the first. The first line. Okay. Had I d Just let him 20. Okay. Hungrily, for example. Hello? Here. Frances is here in Ottawa. We have not have I like this. Okay, I just took the three languages. Okay, but right up. Don't see. Okay, Head. I don't know. So it you can copy this cannot copied this from the Venus Project. Example Here. Opiates. You can just search in Google their addiction and the good real good. A contradiction. Hello and Espana. Okay, I passed it here. Okay, so him, huh? In the Italian. What could be its from here? Go on. Here. Show on from Hindi. Okay. Have special character. Okay, here, on and go. Okay. If I go to content and let's go, we have the first line. Okay, We have the first night here. Here. I know why you have cool here, so just go to structure. I will go to the addiction project and went to the structure off the table here. I'm gonna go to okay, so I just listen, Cove and that's a problem. OK, so So we have now the first line. It just like this. Of course I will not create or the line might. But I have. So I have. Of course I will not create or the lines. Okay, so I will are important the fire in the final project. Okay, so I need you. Well, did you ah, file the addiction? That s key here. So just put take it and put here and each day docks in the production project. Okay, But here, like this. Okay, so on, go to the addiction. Pro Click, OK, click important on gig. What? She Okay, Joes fight and just having in English project. OK, they're on. Go to HD docks in each day, Doctor, Like this indication looks, um on go to production project. I clicked to the five per addiction. It's fine. It's clear. Okay. And click. Go. Okay, so we have our table here content the top or the fine. I just gonna believe this, Miss Kenton. Okay, go to production. Go to tradition. Pro to the structure. I was gonna delete this. Okay? Okay. And we have our I will attendant our table, can't it okay for just not wasting time? They have. I have to you how to incest values in the octo create the debate on and said the body goes into to the base. Okay, so see you in the next video. 20. Start working with Ajax: would come back, guys. And this would you were start creating collecting toe our database. Okay, so go to define that in each detox. Well, we have our project and create a fine even the name off, for example. PHP like this. And despite who creates another fine. Now go to go to To bracket or your editor too. Good. Okay. Save it. And at the addiction project and PHP like, for example, that would be okay. Save this, like, Okay, so now we're connecting to our data bits I would use in this project Mycoskie year. Okay, so the first thing is it be okay. Our code. Okay, so now I will connect to our database, so I would create a very about con. Okay, equal to my biscuits are five connect. The first argument is the host, and my case is broke up. Most look at me. The first thing is the user. I haven't make a Cerruti. The password is like, this is the password Is nothing on the database. This is important. Okay? Our database is our data days. Is Radha Kishan pro like this in here? It's really important. Okay, Uh, the addiction she for like, just Okay, now we have our database. Okay, so now we're studs. Our could ph be according to the skin. Okay, so it's a very beautiful. Okay, so we have the first thing to do with job. Our job is correct. OK, it's get the material from our page. Okay. Specialty cans work. I can't give the can give you data without know what the language was. What? The world that we have, you have to translate. Okay, so now get data from them. The material from our place in the five JavaScript. Okay, so go to keep that gs here. Okay? So, no, we need to get the data. What's need? What we need here is the language selected. So the element that have a class active one on on the word. So the audio on the word here, for example. Hello. The value off the text idea on the class active on the intimate that have across active toe because I had it is a difference. Finance or English. Okay. So you don't understand. That's just following along. You were okay. So here I wouldn't. For example, here we have our five years. So what? For example, active, one equal to the elements. That's hard. The club active one I want which the inner like this. Okay, the fuck active too is intimate here. Class. Okay. The intimate that have the class active too. The collapse active too. I put it to I want also still. Okay. I want support from the text area. For example, I would give him about six, uh, equal to I went back to indicate that issue. And you know what you have. So we have here text Are you have idea off. Fixed are Okay. I will get this element tics. Heidi digs. Okay. I want her body you because a where young men with you takes area don't have issue and don't click the middle The issue to fix area. Okay, now we have the material that BSP need toe. Now how we can transfer this worry over toe. It is to be nowhere. Starts biting the Centex off Ajax. So, like this that a six like this, but this is okay. Like Okay, the first thing to do so The first thing to do is the page that we will send data toe. Okay, So the patient will That we will send this data. This material, like I call it, okay, is Google. That would be okay. This this We were sent this material to fight, but I speak OK. Like this Gamma. Okay, now, the second arguments, we would send our data, so they, uh, our material okay? Data is, like object off JavaScript. Okay, so the first thing I would send the active one, like, active one. What's this? Lend me. I will send the active one at second arguments Here is the type off the How I was sent on my date. Okay, so, type. It's I okay. Staved off. Transfer of data, remember, In ph. You have get to have post. Okay, So in this line, I mean that I will transfer this active one this intimate, actually, one here. This elements I want toast way, like are very But that's had the same name. Active one. Okay, you would understand that. Okay, so here, comma, I would do it like this. Done, huh? Active tomb active, too. Active to it on the last mystics three takes, uh, six too active. Six of synthetics. Thanks. Okay, so now we have transfer data to this page and then on the type of transfer is post. Now how? I will get our data. Okay, So go to boot. The PSP? No. So, if so, the first thing I would give him the same active one equal. The type is post. So I will. I will use the supper Global and PHP bust like this, plus the case Capital. OK, I'm Steve one. Okay, because it had the same name here. Okay. In this line, I say I will send this valuable active one head. I would give him the same name. He active one. Okay, so we have two months for the first. Valuable. Okay, I would just We'll be done. Said she had to Here, too. Yeah. Yeah, thanks. I would give him the same name off JavaScript. Okay. Dicks, huh? Here. Okay, so now we have transferred our data. Now I will go in the second in immense. Okay, imagine that we have get data immune agitated, okay? And send the final date. Okay? Now how we can send the final data. OK, so for example, this variable post here, for example, active one. Okay, I wish. Send it. Imagine that this valuable active one is definitive. Okay, we have manager. We have get the data from database. We have so definitive. So if I don't equal here, it's like a display in like parents in JavaScript is displayed. This sediments Okay, I concede one. Okay. Like this. Like do you want? So he would have the last thing is sexist Sanction result for example Result on here like this. Okay, I forget you like this. Okay, result. So this sex dysfunction is this result Is this active one? OK, are just gonna see Onley? What's in here? Ok, I have here a scheming for this. I just would we see the final data here? Okay, if you know they on a Texas function, this result in the same besides this week. Okay, So name again. For example, I have done equal name. This name is equal to result. Okay, you're gonna understand that Now go to screen. Dodgy isn't for example resort. Okay, let cities here, for example. Okay. So save this. Said the booth. Speak and save scared. Duchess, I have been error here. Have PHP clash like this fight British people. Good. If I know if I save, go back to here if you refresh, we have only here because actually one is only so what we have done here. We have sent the data or this data here and we have just okay, equally active one. So in this equal, the enemies in this equal involvement in this equal will be the result here in dysfunction . You have to be intention to it. This result is we'll see only what we have in this equally. Okay, so let me go. For example, Here we have active one. What is are actually 1/2 an hour in our project. Our project. We have hungry. Ok, well, today. Okay. How only so I sent only two Ph. Me. Ph, we just done nothing. But it just equal. It doesnt do nothing, but he just equal this company. Okay? This hungry were sent to this resort. We have resumed on. We have a let the result. Okay? It's simple. Okay. Okay. Now I would complicate for example. No, I win. For example, I was done just for example here. If sentiments off this talk off this languages here click. I will alert the language that you have to be OK. So for example, here I would competes from. He had language nous on language. This input here, which I Okay, I was served and put it. Okay, so here, that's clicking Sanction. Yeah, I lived Result. Okay, so enough, I say if the enemies off the top languages head off our language, our language is here. Have received the clicker. I will live the active one. Okay. Remember, this result is according to this equal here on in this active one, we have just sent actually won and equity Okay, So safe. Go back to here on refresh in. They actually came finish. What's happened here? I think so. Go to indictable issue to see if the demons that we have in So we have a fortune. How is he? Okay, so it's two room received a click function alert. Active se Go back here. So we have only the okay? No, If I could kid, you have a problem, Because what? He does it. What? The reason it doesn't work, OK, because we send data before this event here. Okay, so it will not change if I click announced. Okay, So what I can do here is way. Have these Ajax here. Okay, so here, for example, I will. I didn't that I would create a function. So Thanks. Thanks for going up, for example. Agents like that Ajax French like this. I would put on the Ajax here between in this function. Okay, So sexist are left. So here are left results the results. OK, so now we have our function here. Our function here with these spaces. Okay, space this little bit like this. Okay, we have this our function here. So I would execute dysfunction if there one off and i the elements, the languages, like, sanction What? I have done exactly the sanction. Jack's fun like this. So I said if one of the languages here have received a click, though, dysfunction this want to What we're gonna do is it would firstly send the active one after the clinic. Okay? After the quick, it was sent active. One active to ask me. I own a result. They saw what Israel is out here is just beside this equal. Okay? Is actually okay now if I save and go back, I would Okay. It's like a kid now, only OK, but if I click here, we have a problem here if I see the component here. So the body I always see it happened to you. You have to kill us. Actually, one okay me on Hear this? Very birth should be here. Okay, because you would change after the kick. Okay, Now, if I see it's business, if I say lots of the collection after the clicking I say go take this in him in the top, active one and send to him Send him to a book that I speak. OK, The patient. Who could that be? I speak and I received the variable actually want actually to active And you would ico It's OK, so when he rejects, you will see this valuable on. Hey, will Defection Success. He would do alert toe. Okay, so now if they say they finish if I could Kid, we have financial. Okay, If I click here, we have a lot of okay. For example, if I click here well, it's one. Okay, so So that is for this video 21. Continue working with Ajax: Welcome back, guys. Today we will start something. You okay? So we have done. If we have sent three variables and we have here, send back active one. Okay. Here and this result. OK, now imagine that. I want, for example, Yeah, for me. I should be sent. A lot of variables were not active. One, for example. I want to send, actually want an excuse to, actually. Okay. And start are, for example, I once sent. All right. Okay. If I want send a lot of valuable I want. All right. For example, I want that would create a variable here. All right, OK. You have a name on, for example. Ah, for example. Name first and then. Oh, I associate for them. We have here name like this to see more, for example. Okay, for example. Okay. Unless name lost him. Yeah. Have the value off, for example. George De, for example. My last name. Okay. Here. First name. Okay. Who's good name? Okay. We have this arrive. On what? You send all this value where I want to. First name and last name. Okay to sent to javascript. Okay. To be in this result, remember? What is in equal. Here is the result here. Okay. Always. Okay. What if I wanted that? Okay, so I want to transform this Are I to object? Jobless crypto Jason. Okay, so we're gonna understand this later. I would equal Jason. Jason in good like this. What? I yeah, for example. Okay, so I have a schema for dissent. So hit objects, Okay, We have equal Jason and could awry. So they are right is the result here. Remember this? All right, but this I have are multiple worry about okay. How can, for example, see, like, this first name? Because all right. And that's only variable help. It is a dry Okay, so how can civic this first name? So the first thing is I cannot transfer this right? Like adjacent public. Okay. And after I were, for example here, a little resort, that first name, because awry that first name is the same thing. That's resulted. First name because I have transferred the the right toe adjacent off. I saw a resort first name, for example. In the same thing that I will ask for example here if I would like what I Hi. I like first name first name in descending If I was on a first name is seem okay if I waas here and JavaScript I write, for example, Result, That first name is the same thing that's here. Okay, but we have to add a simple line here in this data. I would either since I they that okay, that that type he could, too. Jason. Okay. Day Seven. Like this. Okay, what I have done he but the problem here they did this line. I wouldn't. But it's here. That simple line. Okay, that Try that. The attack is Jason was like this. Okay, I'll see if I say, you know, safe also in PHP here. And I go back to here fresh like any kid. I have seem okay. They have so go to booking to be asked. You have here the first name is seem and I where I have transformed, right? You're a Jason on. I will remember that This are I. This is the result, the same thing. But is this resort this? The only difference is the result is object. But here is a right. Okay, so I result is the same thing that all right, so result that first name is equal to to this To arrive first name. Okay. For example, if I want to come contain it here, go to script that Yes, I want also the last name. So concatenation here. Space, for example. Plus resorts dot Plus No. Okay, save the flesh. If I click here, let's hear in this fight if you if you have I want too much of something. If you have a problem in one browser, just change it for some time. The agents on PHP between ages and javascript. Okay? Doesn't work on all, brother. Okay, just change it. Toe Firefox, for example. Okay, so we're suffering, for example. Okay, so if I click here, I have seen majority. Okay? This data has come from PHP. Okay, So and he come here, for example, without refresh the page. I get data from the database, and I used to be okay, so that our that's it for this section. I was that you have learned hijacks. Okay. So indifferent. A section we were started adding the functionality to our project. The prediction, the suggestion here. Okay. This suggestion here, for example, if I type hello, it was secured the language here. Okay, so we were at this functionality to our project. Okay to you 22. Translate a word: Welcome back, guys. This is the final section off our approach. It Okay, so now we're make the translation the functionality off the translation work. OK, so I have this schema here. So when a user the event here when I use the right in the text area. Okay. I want to translate the value off the text area, pay and play on post the translation in the diff tra in the right side. Okay. Their data is here. This def here because we're here when we have here where? Where? We will put the translation. Okay and did. And the index dot a shame. And we have this dip area here. Okay? In the median off the right side. Okay, So the first thing I would go to a PHP book the ph b. Okay, after other. Our line Very important here because we have a lot of kind offsetting. Okay, we have two other line here. My SQL my risky. I sits, Charlotte sits. Okay. The connection on you have It's okay. Like this is very important. Good. So no. So now I was stuck. We will start the first thing I was start selected the contents here we have. Our databases will have to lift up the table Constant. We were sitting in the class active, one active too. In this case, for example, if I have like this, we have the class active. One is English. OK, so the table is English. I will say it all the words in English and here, for example I have plus active to is Francie. I was civics all their the world. And this is property Franti. Okay, so like this, I were for example, it's gear. Okay? He could chew. Cilic said leg. I would say that active one active one. Okay. Uh, we were select here. I would concoct the Nice because I have valuable. Okay, I will select like this. I was sitting active One actually one like this as I would give him Aaliyah's Okay, I give him a name, for example, that under here like this of active, active your body. But Okay. Okay. I see you as active one comma space. I'm and I would on active too. I see to come on active. Active too for home. Get them. Okay. Wrong can't. OK, so now we have selected the first call on his English in this case, because we have active one. We have active. One is English, John. Well acted to its village. So I will select the active one here on the actually one here. OK, I have all the world and I have all the wood now. I would fit you data. Okay, So the first thing I wouldn't clearly like this and you could see my it's clear I really the production. So our database on its key OK, so, no, Why look to fit all the lines. Ok, Why, for example, a resort, for example? Okay, equal to my Yeah, I beach. I, uh, like this. That's up. All right. Okay. No, we have to get data. According to this query. Okay, now open entities. Okay? No, For example. Now I want if I want to you now, I will compare. Okay. The there I would compare it. The air, for example. Active one you will understand. Okay. Active one. If actually one equals Equals to what? To detect area. Okay to fix. Uh, it does. I would create a very But you just did it. That that it does also with them that now. Okay, so No, I would create a river here, so I would give it to him, for example Here. Um but he is. All talk is equal to nothing. For now, Resort, this is all equals to what? To back to you to You're gonna understand that now. Okay. They were just right. It's okay. Actually, we're gonna tick. Okay. Result on here. I would equal result Record the body. One that I have done. Heroin here. Result on Dhere. Okay, Cygnus, go back to school. Dodgy s. I would did it. That's where definite that now. Okay, that's also just commented like this. Ok, so we have sent. Okay, So no, what this line mean? Okay, I will select the Koran. Active one language. Okay. In this case and this case, I was sitting in English and French, Okay. Active to its finance, active one Anything angry to have all do on. If I have done this, Why, okay. For example, this active one active one. What? I mean, I don't care of him. I see one. Okay. Okay. What? I mean, this line. Okay. Hey, would look all the values you will look all the funnies. English, for example. Hello. Hey, the further value is gonna be hello. After. They were gonna be good after I know where I am today. Okay? It will pass all the value in color language. Okay, Because we have selected or the values we select active One actually won his English in this case, it is Kate. Okay. From Kent. Ok, well, only one table in our database tradition. Okay. If I see if one off this values I say if one off these values is equals to the value that the user have righted, For example, if if the user right hello and district are, for example, on this element on is hello, they were fined. That's one off the world in this current is equal toe Do the value that the user right it they would give the value to this result. It would give the active two okay, so he will give for example, if you find a good okay, it detects area is good. Okay? They were search it detects area is good if I want to hear for example. Good. Okay. Here. Ok. Who were such? It would loop all the bodies in English. A pass. Hello. But the first value is the helo Okay? The first value Macedo they were fined. Hello? It's not been called to good. Okay. Hey, you will look again. Hey, find too good is equal to good. Okay, so who will give to resort the value off active tomb? So he will give him the body off a bomb in financial. Okay, so I would complete the work after going to see the result. Okay, Sexism here. I would put the result in the day after the murder, I would put their assassination and different the right. Okay, so I was elected deft around. Do you? Uh okay, Issue. I would give him the result. Bring them okay on here, not the click. OK, if if the users start typing, okay, remember that we have You have to use it. The Evans Get up. OK, so if dicks Huh? Thanks. Uh that k up. If I use their start typing in the text area, I work Teoh to educate this function. Okay. I want you just to execute this function. Here are expansion jacked function. Okay, we will see if we have errors. Okay, Save. See? And no, we are problem here. OK, not worry. We have born in my future. Expected him to be my s clear result. Okay. And the beach being resort here. If here we have here resort, why am I? I have to query. Okay. So you should add spaces here. Okay. Space here. That space is on like this as our soon And here or so as actually one like this. Like a distant like if you save it now. Okay. If you save now, we have Hello. We have hid away. If I changed your financed example, I type Hello. We have been Joe. Okay, We have in the same line. Hello. When you okay If I change to out of example. Hello? We have the same line. Okay. So I would keep what we have done here. Okay. Who? We have selected the first car loan. That's have the language. One. Okay. It was sited. Active one, actually. One in this case. What is English? OK, it was said it's OK. OK. On. This was a game also active to okay. Like active. Okay, in this case is French. Okay, for example. Okay. No. Now he would fit to the data off this column. Okay, they will get the values and we will use. We have used white look so well. Bus first value, fifth row. Okay. You were just here because selected English and finish We will bust or only in this towline . Hello And OK, because we have active one is English and active to It's okay after it would compare the air active one. So he will compare hello or on the first time after they would compare good outer to what they were compared to detect area, for example. Here we have helo. Okay. He would compare hello to hell. Oh, so and the first time we have sex is it Would the company will return true. Okay, you have if they're called so f Hello You found here equal to detect area. But what you should do who would give and the same line we have active to is going through to this result. Okay, so now result equal to boo. Okay in Finnish is the translation off? Hello. Okay. And he would eco resort remember when he will equal object Here we're catch the result here . And you will You will issue number to this day after. Okay, so like this. That's here. If now I gotta finish. For example. I have this funny of here, and I have Hello. Hola. Okay, so but we were stayed this after. Okay, But you have problem if I click space have nothing, because you would compare here low. Hello? Space to a fellow? It not Because Okay, we have to fix that after. Okay, see you. 23. Translate a sentence: working. But guys, today we will continue on our patrol. So if you not IQ Well, like Nick. Hello? For example. I have been through here. If I could in my cube or space, it would delete why? Because he compared hello with the space with the hello into Davies and not equals. Okay, so we have a problem here. Okay, then. If we want, for example, and different project, I cannot. I tell the work. Okay, but here I can't because I comport one word. Okay, So now we will find a way to transform a sentence to a city off. Words in awry, for example. For example, if I want I have here a word, I would divide the sentence in two words between each word. I have space. I can do this with PHP, so go to bacon burger That hp So the very birds that I have to divide it is takes. I okay, picks up. So here I would specify. For example, I give him space equal to he it like this. If I specify this space here, Okay. On here. I would create the I give him the name of Allah. I Oh, the city of words sits Words okay? Equal to what they could show affection in PHP called simple, please. Like this. The first argument in this space because he space in the valuable space on the second argument is the sentence. So this it takes. So now this sits off words this valuable sit or force. This is ah, for all right. This is all right. Contained the words in the sentence between each word we have. We have a space. Okay, so now here. I don't want to compare the world off. The whole ticks are I want go for each, for each sits off Words like this valuable fits off words. Uh, word. Okay, I will do all this and what I would compare. The translation has the translation would I would be a compare the values in this column because we have English. It will compare the values off each element in this sentence. Okay, now, I would compare him off each element here. Work. Okay. Okay. But here But here, we have to specify are right now not like this. Okay, So go to result. When we have our result, I would give him the body off hot I on each time. This translation has success. It would push I who's pushed the value off active to the translation. Active to the translation. You were pushed its and the r I and and the result. Okay. And they're raisel save if I go back. So my translation. Okay. Hello. I have a problem here in line 43. 43 Equal resorts. Yeah. Go back here. All right, Push. Expect women to be a awry. What I have done here, Uh, I'm versus Okay. Push in, Basil. Devalue off. Yeah, I've seen too save active. Okay, if I said I go back now, I have a simple girl and 40 Cherie are registering convention. Ah, hey, I can do ICO result, for example. But I should do is convert this resort to and Jason in court like we have did in the previous section. OK, because I have I can't equal. All right. Grab a lot of a lot of items, Okay? A lot of value in this. I would give him the body off results. No, you shouldn't have a little him. Hello. We have a helo. Okay, that's a problem. So I gonna change this language him. Hello, world. So we have our section. Okay. We have our eye. Yeah. Okay. So for example Hello. I went. Go. So that's it for this video. The common section we were organized. This the form that we're gonna display this elements. Okay. See you guys. 24. Translate a sentence 2: Now, where would fix it? Did the translation Okay if I removed the but I make this data type Jason work. Okay? Save and go back to our project. Refresh. Hello? I have, you know, work. Okay, Now we were stayed disturbed lifter addiction. Okay, go to decide that. CSS on developed on here. Okay, who creates Devin for this day? Okay. For this def. Here. Okay. I was saying I'm a little bit okay, So give them I win off 14. 104 180 Fixers like this Give him a hate one. 140 pictures. 40 pixels like this. Okay. On the border now. But the no well done now on the form signs were importance. What size basis? Save. No. If I go back to our project and no, I have a problem here. So if I I specs elements. Did you I give him Want size. Okay. Good. On the color is good. Good. Okay. I have problem in their addiction lift. Okay. In this time, uh, you do leave so it didn't work here. Gonna just copy this. Okay, copy. This time on goto index dot is jamon on the left Addiction here and they did the production . What is it here? So this is the death of our production. Have the idea of the production that you would give him aside last time? I would give him I'm bust on this side. Okay, So, like this and he will save now I desperation. Do you have our words? Okay. The national. Okay, I would I would change the class active by default. It would be infinite. In the English and the right and the left by de force, I would put in the rice in financial. Okay, so go here. Active, too. Mm. I will give him by defaults in financial. Okay. Save. No. It would be in financed by defense. Okay, Now low for it would change. Also the color to black. Here's cooler corner. Too black. It's like this safe. No, we have our production. Okay, so now I will space this sediments. Okay, So go to scream. Dougie s, for example. I have resort here, so I wish base in, like this like this. I would add off each item this space Go. Now. If I finish, we have here hit up. Usual. Morning. Okay, So now. So that it's for this 25. The success icon: Welcome back, guys. And this video will make the the Texas icon Okay, this icon here. Okay, so this icon will show only if the translation has sexist. Okay, so go to look at that speed. PH Meanwhile, Kari is here. Another body. You in a valuable Okay, is sexist. Okay, I would get him. I thought you off fourth, but if the translation here sexy, I would give him a lot. You off, We'll give him the value off. So it's sexism. True, Is 60 variable, huh? So, no, I will. In this result, I would transform him to on our I another right. Okay. So I would trust because we have to think here to push. We have the icon on the translation. Okay, So you gonna understand this just for going along? OK, so the first is I would change this resort to, for example, solution who I would can result days old. So the first is the translation. I would change this to bronze. The relation Oh, just the wrong. Like a distant. The first is strong in the all right that's contained all our I like it is on the second. I just give him the name off I corn. I call sec icon sex is ok. I would give him I would in journalism by the force is gonna be okay. So this is the time and the result here results here. Okay. So I would push the I Ron, I would push I I will push the result here have results. Okay, go The man. I will push the translation in a right around but to Teoh go to this. Elements will have to bus first like results. Okay. No, I go here so on defined off this loop because I want I don't want to push the icon off. Sexist each off each word. Okay, so here I would who are condition if is if it's sexism equal to true. True. Okay, I would push How? By that's portion, I will push in result the second in women's. So I I I already pushed or the value in the translation in this room. It is a right, but I would push in this icon second the value off Aiko sucker the value I would push him this body. I would push him or the spun that's gonna contain our icons like this fun. Fun. Okay, I would use books that up with this, I will give him the glass glass off. This is a glass class off the wrapper. So now I will I would use like this. Okay, good. If I can believe fight like on. Okay. Like this concert in Booster up Levi can. Okay, okay. Sign this grief icon here. This good if I can Here. Ok, I would make it here. OK, so sign. Okay. Sign. OK, like this Save now on. Go to script IGs. No, I would put their results. That's we have two values name under. We have to judges in this results, we have the throne that's contained or the values off the translation. Okay. And we have the icon off. Sex is ok now, so yeah, you have not attributed to push. Okay, We have just because I can't have sex is not OK, So I would change this through p equals like this. And they need that like it's okay. We have just one value. Is I cough Sex is okay. Just this value. Okay. Save this and go to the script that gs the result that Iran Okay, order values off translation plus the icon plus results. That's Michael. That's I suck Like this, I think. Uh huh. Equal stuck. Look at this. Now we see if we have errors, go back. What? A finish here can hand no problems here, So go to move it. That PHP a close second. It's sexist, equal to true. If it's sexist equals here we have equal equal. Okay, Safe. Now we will see and low We have a roasted Okay, result we have. If it's sexists, so is wards. It is six is equal to true Have here if sexy sixties equal Teacher room puts this. Ah, here. Results saved. Now this. Hello. Now I would see What is the problem here? Result is Texas. It's normal. A developer to do it. Okay, so here we have not a problem here is Texas six is equal to force. Mm. I call six Here. Here we have value like this. It's all right. I look like and PHP the basis off BHP Okay, I will not explain the basis. Ok, hello. Like this and no word. And we have this icons here. I have a problem in the I think in the way have a problem here. They said, Well, if I gone, believe I got saved now and I think he worked. Okay, we have our icon. So that's it for this video and the common did you will make this suggestion for our project. OK, so see you guys. 26. Suggestion for words: Welcome back, guys. And this we do You will make the suggestion for our work. Okay. For example, it on when I type Hello? I have This is just important this world. So the idea here is I will compare this word I could compare, for example. Hello. So each word and the column off the language directed in this case, angry English. Okay. And look out. Both impeach me, my Adami. Okay, Okay. So in the production in content. Okay. So I would compare this world, for example. Hello. I would compare him. So each word here I will compare the later off the left off the world here to this ward here to the little in just water. In fact, this is on a function in PHP court if the airport distraction is compared, the letters on tours, for example. Okay, So go to Google. That Look at that. The three now. Here. Big space. Okay, we're gonna compare each word off the sentence. Remember, we have a sentence here Much work, a sentence divided on the sort and and, uh, and then sits off words, okay. And we have each word here, so I gonna see for each word I would compare f if What if the Air Force like this? I would compare What if their position off words words on Once I would compare the world but to active. Okay. TV one like this. Okay, I would compare this word are active. Have active here. Whatever. OK, hit him like this not equals that's not equal. So forth. Not equal the fourth mean that this word have the same nature's in the Not the same, but Okay. Hey, close to this world not equal to afford. So I will create another valuable because I will push another viable here. Okay, in our resort in our result, when Izzy and these are the result result here. Okay, So our results our creates another valuable is is gonna be are also okay Is gonna be, for example, stupid Yes, work Because I would have also suggesting for language here. Okay, if I click here, I have suggestion also here. Okay, we'll make it ended. Coming video. Okay, so here I would give him a body. You off. I empty like this. Okay, so if I have the same litter, the little close off the word that the user type in the text area to do word that do the work that I have in the colon, the language indexes in this case, I have hungry. Okay. So I would do what's I would push that I push it. What's what is the I is results sig work. Okay, Like a disease. I would push it. I would push a list because in here and if in a project when I take for example, I'd say hello. I have it in college. Okay. Hello. I have a list. OK, I have 80 here on here, off each one. Okay. So I will gait like this on the aside. Him I would done gonna detonate like this. Okay. Like this. Mm. I would concur, Teammate The valuable. I've seen one. Okay, this valuable because he is close on this world. Okay, So active one. Okay. Here, like this. Okay, so like this to save on. Go to get it done. U s here. We're puts in there. This difference that's in the right side. In this Deaver In the bottom off, I would go to the index that ashamed. And so here we have. And the median we have the text area and we have here this beach to here. Okay, That I have I give the idea about like this. Okay, so here I would give him eat like this. I were stuffed. My like this. I will give him the idea. For example, off second work se war. Oh, suggest Okay. Second words like a distant. So when I I will feel I will feel Teoh Beach be so here. I would feel this e repeated in this and especially here. Okay, so go to script. I was sitting here. So in this resort for space, like Disney. So if I have what's segment words and I decided I would put some HTM are like this We put Watson. Is she? Mm results that what's and boom. And did BHP we have today We have two alone ecosystem. We already used this to values Sugg War. Okay, that second for leg. Okay, here I was saved, and here I was safe. Now we will see if we have errors is normal. We are never look for us. Okay, so I'm not so here. Okay. And low, huh? That's where I'll upload them here. So if I type pedo, for example, I will see if in the key elements I will see if I have six area like this in this like this I have nothing here. For example, if I typed here so go to Burger that I speak. If I take something not dynamic for example, I would die. Who exactly I would type here. Hello like this to see if this work. Okay, go to save now. No, I would open another brother here Sometimes you have a problem in the brother. Okay, Look are hosting addiction project and no. And I will see if I have this. Weren't here. Even fig warts. Security. Dodge s seek war to help here. Secrets. Okay. Problem in this. Okay, so go back here in the book of the PSP. I would I will remove this very safe. I would go to if I had a finish. I see. I see you have the problem solution for debts. I would create a out. I Okay, let's contain or the words off language off the class Active one. So I will create here in the variables. It was species this for like this. So this is the variables that we have that would create ivory. But here I would give him all the words. Both then quiches, banquets. Actually, one like a decent With which units like this world. No language up to one. Okay, good to you, for it is long, but sometimes it is a necessity toe to understand. OK is out. I okay, I and this All right, I will. And this for each. Okay, every space or that's okay. I went push. You had I I push. I will push Or the values off the colon. Active one. Okay. Here. They would push for the values off English had a good eye. When I am, I would put him in a right. Okay. And these are I would compare it worth off this out. I will compel him to do the word that the user right in the text area. Ok, so All right. That's push. And what the other is. This area is very long, but like I said it sometime, it's the necessary. OK, I would push the value off. What's I would put it in the value of Adam back to you. Okay, One. Okay. So now with space. So no, if of this elements. I would did this. Well, I would let him. Okay like this. I would compare each word. Four. What? For? Each for each pediments off this. Okay, has, For example, I give him the name. I have one here, for example. Dwight's gonna do for I would give him, for example Ah, and work. And like, this wird accident like this were acts like this one like this. Okay, I would copy descent goingto X in here like this. Okay, so now I would compare the world the word in the text area with the item off the takes a write it off the item off the whole world off language active one. Okay, So I would compare him home. Were world acts one like this war act one like this. So if I save now on, Go back. Lo, I have this. Hello? But I didn't hear I would add a vacancy. Okay, say no. Here. I don't have active one. Okay, now, just the world. That's that is sexist. That is close to a word. I will add it to the taste. Okay. To the suggestion. OK. War. What? One like this? Graham, The second think what I'm gonna do here ahead. I would understand. I would compare the world Dr One with words like a desert your base even know. So we have helo. Okay, You have this this long list. OK, so we have this suggestion for our language. Okay? Yeah. So we're so we'll find a solution for this repetition. 27. Suggestion for words 2: But guys, now we will fix this repetition. Okay? It's simple. So this is our Iook this that I have the name off. I'm looking that May I speak? Have the name off. They don't say existent word. Okay? And this Okay, this are I will be object in javascript here this ago. OK, so I will wear right online off like this. I would give I would create a body. Even, for example, not the teats segue were said. Okay, like this, this valuable is gonna be like this. Don't worry about the form, but it's a minute off Jason object to filter that. I would prefer to object. So we don't have the voluntary petition like this would help have the repetition off the items in this object. Okay, so, like this, uh, or I like this dot For Rome like this, you sits like this since you have it's like this since it's happening here. Okay, Hunt, we copy this variable here. This object off cigar Okay. Like this. So this valuable. And that's the piece, Tagore. It will contain the vote or the values off this awry. The suggestion work. That's not a reputation. Okay, so here. I just you know, right this very but nuts like this. If I save now, go back. If I typed Hello? I have just tour now. We were fixed. Okay? Who fix a bunch of things? I would figure the position off this. So I will fix it like this in this. What's happened here? This baltsun. Yeah, that's responsive. I will give him then That's up in here. So I would go to another brother. Okay, So I would fix him here if you have. I always say that if you have a problem sometime, it's gonna be in the brother. Okay? Just change the brother. It would work OK? Like this. I would expect animals. I would think the position off this elements here, for example, Here. Position for later. Okay. Bottom bottom. Example. 50 fixers They were not disposition would figure the position off the he but e give him. I just give him the this list have been I d this each to have the idea off back. Okay, so go to this, Sidebottom going to a fine but like this and we have I for sit inside this day since we have fix it Okay, So I will fix is here. That's a problem. OK, so and did you are okay. We'll give him a position. Position off related. Okay. So bottom exist like this. Maybe 100 fixes 120 pieces like this. Okay, so I would copy this this side. I would buses and state That says this in this. Okay, I don't get by. This are here. It would change the two values here, Not worry. Okay, so I said, if I save now, I have the same problem. I don't No. Why this either? Okay. This is this is I have ah, I should give him a safe or for the so just space. This e sure to give outside special a special style for the element here. The sentiments off cigars. Okay. Said quartz like this. Second awards like this and I would bust this while you here. Okay, Now he will work. No. Hello? Mm. If he didn't work, I wouldn't give him. Decide Here. Let's up it over them. Okay? It's a side copy. Doesn't style like a distant like this I saved now. No, we would work. OK, so now we were fixed a bunch of think. Okay, so if I take head Oh, and I have sex is I should have this suggestion here, so I don't want does. Okay, so no, in these values here. Okay. And, booger, that PSP if is sexist. So I will change the value off. This result This is this suggestion. OK, this suggests word. I will give him empty. Okay, So if I have sexism, I would change. I don't like the succession, but because I have sex is I have the same word. Okay, so resort what result? There's a segue word I don't remember. Segway Gate three deters it. You're a week or two. How'd I empty like this? Now we will see if you are or not. Okay. It doesn't go back here, so hello. Okay, you work okay. If I have said sex is the world is despaired. Okay? We haven't the suggestion off our one. Okay? If I have, you know okay. No, I have a problem also when I have no relations. Okay, so this is simple. I would fix it just like this. And so this wide or this wine? Okay, I will do or dysfunction did if takes all day. Okay, if the text are not empty. Okay. So if what you see fix the value of this. Uh, like this, I would open up rockets like this I would take or the values here off this for each control eggs commonplace in Michael saved it like this. Go back in, save. Hello. Now you say go. If I say I have Helo, okay? He despaired. And I if I didn't leave their letters, I have nothing. OK, so he work and the coming video, who will start in the coming video or start creating the suggestion for our words here. Okay. See you guys. 28. Suggestion for languages: Welcome back, guys. And this we do women make the suggestion off our language. Okay, so here, for example, in the final project, if I choose financial and I'd side hello, it will make the suggestion. This is the life language. That's French. Okay, So to make this the idea here is I will compare this world off all the words in order languages. Okay, I would compare this work on detect area with all the words and all the language. And if I found I find if I found this word and language, okay, if I find this world and on languishing so I wouldn't been in kids hit. Okay, so, no. So now go to Toby. That HB now we cannot. Okay, so it we were stopped. Well, here. Okay, so this is the first wine. Okay, we're gonna delete this. This space is good. Okay. Here. So here, I would create another white. Okay. So I would create a ski out of two, for example. Risky. A head gear to Okay. It was select, all sitting on from dental, all the languages. Okay. Like distant. Okay. Another wide. If Why here to, for example, equal to what to a blood No, I should do equity to here So we have a query and she quicky we re too query True Pecota Watson My is key here I my cue I Kui to me what's happening here? Queen Pretty like this I will replace him This kid I would give the condition on s que and to like this and here in this way That's what could the cynical here goes for PHP Canopy was gonna be for with you? OK, so actually it what's happening in we have it's true my escape I Fitch What? I like a distant Onda quitting to like this to So now I have off the values and all the languages. What's I gonna do now is going to create a week creates just really win along languages language like this So I have how much language I have here. I have Hong today like this financial butts the same I don't see you won't understand that just flew in a low They for all say a rather it's No, I think it should be the same in the database. Okay, find your without e So it is Spaniard Italian. I think like this community. Plus like this. So we have four months, which is until the same, I think. Does not he d on Italian? It the same. Okay, so this R I like this. OK, so for each hit just going along for each item off off for each language here. Okay, for each, for each language. Thank which US language. Foreign languages as language. Just like this. Okay, I would compare what I would see if the idea here f air to London. Okay. Just for example, in the first item. If it were complete this on after, I would explain it. Not worry. Okay. If Finnigan much nuts, let's be fitted. Ok, I would explain this like this, like this What is to like This is he had e and here we have that's like this. Okay there. To what? To land the bar even now like this? If if putting much if this this value is exist in the text actives what I'm gonna do, I would see after so I will explain this. Okay, so we have in this language we have order language, just the world over the language. So for each item for hln which here, for example, and the first time we have today, for example. Okay, it break much this function. What is gonna do is going to see if this world is this value. It exists and detect. Are this volume in what's air to land here too? We have here to what is a right that have all the values in content. But if we go there to London London the first time, for example, we have hungry. So, er Tolan contain all the values in Hungary and in English. Okay, in this work. Okay. And the first time we have air to London and the first time we have hungry OK, or the world in this column. Okay, for example, And detect our for example, we have in the sticks are like this. Next we have Hello. So he would we have Halo, for example. We have, for example, two day and it six area we have today. They would compare their values off air to land on the first time. He have only okay. They were compared the values off only. Okay. Hello. It would start by hello If you know hello is exist in text area and not. We have today the second value. The surf value after after you win. They were fine today. Okay? And you would we would stay. What's we would create another in the and suggesting here. I would create another value here. I would give him the signature sick lamb suggestion for languages. Okay, I would give him about you is not a I just a 2nd 1 language. Okay, so like this. Okay, so here, when my head they would push. That's not nothing. Okay. And the results in the results sig London. I would give him the value over then. Okay, if you, uh if you'll find if you're fine, This word in the text area, if you're fine the world the word in the colon one you can start by the common one. Okay. If you fight the world off and the colon one off the English, you give this language you would give him to this. These results are gonna okay, but the second condition Okay, but the second condition here is indefinite project. For example, here if I type hello, he will not give me the suggestion because then language selected in the same Azlan. Okay, So I will add another condition here. If bring much dislike hit on like this, I would I would give him planted seeds here like this. Like this. So here I would add another condition on the language selected on the language directed on Dhere nuts or on the language Selects did not languish that I found the world in. Okay, so on the language this land does I found the world in London. Not Igor too active one. It's a little bit complicated, but think about it. You're gonna understand. Okay? Not goto active one. So you know, I go toe, I save, I go. I would go to script Js okay. And I will the place the value here and this suggestion here in this suggestion I would go to indicate that issue. And I have to say to know what is this suggestion? Is this this class saglam Okay, it's good to justice Segar. It's a classic Segev London I would push and it's the audio off kitchen like this. The value off second off results the results. That's second. Now we would see if we have errors. Okay? Like always, we have mirrors save now If I type in. Hello? I have a problem. Okay, it Sure. So go to booking BHP Now we will see what kind of problem have here. So here I will like this. Okay. If I save now, if I say is break much big much. This practice is not so okay. We have this like this on like this and I will add like this. Okay, so this Mm. So this is the first about you Like this. Now we are OK if I go back on the reparation. Hello? Yeah, OK. Hello. But he gave me the language here so head I would to see. And so and Budapest BHP active one. You have a problem here? Not equals here. Okay, That's equals the language Directed not the language that I found the world. OK, say no if I say hello. Yeah, I have a problem here in Russia. Yes, I would release it. Okay, rush for now. Safe. I did it for now. Save Hello. I have no problem. Ok, Hello. If I type a word off French born, I have Francie. Okay. So I would have kept it. Okay, so I will repeat the explanation. Okay, so in this valuable languages. I have all the world off the the language. Okay, Just the name like this. Ok, so I see for each language here, For example, if brig much this function off ph being will say if the first argument first arguments, for example, this value it like this, it exists in the text area, for example. Hello. If hello is exist in the text area. If Hello, it's exit, for example. I type Hello. You will see. For example, Bom bom is great in French. Okay, So bone indifference in the second going okay, you would find born in the text area on the language selected it not the same. So I find I found Boom. I found the world bone in the ticked area. Okay, When I put toe the second column, it's Francie and their language. He likes it. That's active one. That's Francie, for example, Incorrigible rose. So I would give this value. I would give this long which selected in this sick. Okay, so if you're not we have a problem in this, Francie, because off Java script I to issue Okay, deduced this issue in here. Okay, so here I will attend. Safe. Not a shame not to replace all the elements if I click Hello Now. Okay, if not to worry, we have friends here. Okay? We have this France here. Okay? We were saying it is a little bit after. Okay, so this is all for this for this video? 29. Copy icon: we're going. But guys. And this one day in this video, I will make the icon here the icon off. Copy. Okay. And we will make its work, okay? And in different. And in the end of the video, I will I would fix a lot of problem we have here, and And this is a project, OK? And this suggested spatial. Okay, so now I would create this icon here. Okay, So go to to the future and the right side onside. I would create a foot, this icon, this icon it nuts or booster up. So we will link to two phones. Awesome. Okay. So, no, I would I could eat. It's like when I would give him an idea off. Copy. Okay. I would give him my claws a special class for front house. Okay. Far from okay. Like this. Okay. Safe. And I will I would sit here, go to google dot com inside phones some c d. And like this. Okay, that's ones are so like this. Okay, we would link the folks in decide. This is ah, a fantastic website for icons. Okay, copy or this link like this. Okay. Front blessed here. I save you Now Go back. We have the icon here. Okay? Now I would fix it. Did this time. So go to the copy. Copy like this? I was said it's a little bit so I would give him a phone. Size 30 picks is and I will give him opposition related. And I wasted side him according toa disposition. Okay, it's a little bit. Okay, so go to you got cited here. Okay, So aspect it emits, and we can state it here. Okay, So go to this icon and click here. Okay? Position related bottom. I would give him. I speak from the bottom 100. Fixture 46 is good. Okay. So kooky or this, obviously. I see. Okay. Oh, come on. See in mark Buses here and safe. Okay. No, If I ever finish, we have this icon here. Okay, so now we will make it work. OK, so go to Google. That go to script that G s hair. No type function. I would give him the name off. Stay. Doctor said Nick fixed like it is sediqqi fixed. Okay. I wouldn't give him my arguments. I give him the name off mother like this I don t Okay, Pope Francis is here. Like this. Okay, so, no, I would create the enemy. It's not the intimate. That's the weirdest addicted. Okay, Documents, that's that's pretty. The victim. No, no. If documents, that's about the documents. That's body that's created. That's like this. I will doing death. But what is mean, document that's about that created engine isn't the immense here. The final project. When I type ido, it's from here to here. The dun is from here to here. That's what did it mean? That's lunch. Okay, so now if document that body, the created image, I would create a vengeance Constant Vanja According to a documentary, that's that body that's created. Okay, Like this. Okay, so, offender. Okay, so, no, that's moved to move to No, to move to the mountain. No, to India. MENSA like a desert after eating mints. Thanks. Okay. Not move to in momentum. It's mean. I mean, does it? You will move to that to the final text, okay? Or the text. In this case, we have text book. Okay. Now, I would continue now. I was addicted. Okay? That Siddiq after when I was evicted, I will compete like this copy in JavaScript. We could be like this. X. Come on. Go like this. Okay, so, no. Now here, I would add another condition here is ever When does this gets addiction? When does? Doesn't get seduction, Okay. Just condition for Iraq's. Okay. Addiction, the addiction addiction. Equal to window dot Good seduction. That's a good prediction. Okay. No, I would create. That's something. Is the same thing that that here. Okay, but we're using this. Okay? Don't see. Okay. No control, OK. Controlled. Created engine here. That's that's see leg being elected. Not the I love, not contents. This metal to here. OK, number six. Also, that takes not the I would give him, like, a argument here. Kind of the same seduction that's moved to addiction. Dots moved to elemental addiction. Don't remove Lynch. Okay, Election removed. Manage. Run. Okay. So removed. More than a selection. That village connection. That's I would give him that was like I mean, okay, on the final thing is copy also. Okay. The same thing here is here. It's like a condition for the difference on the window on documents to sit in the enemies on your case is Okay, so Exactamente, go look up. No one would see. This is our sanction. Our function. Okay, but im open spaces and I will space this. I was space. It's a bit Okay, So never see if you have Earth or not. Okay, so now I will exactly defection. I would create a variable here collectible. Can a kid like a distant documents? That's really selector. I will select the icon. Happy if its commitment Okay, I can copy. Have the I'd copy. Okay. No, I will. You have the events click. Ok, that's good naked that I would use javascript here the first time in this project. I will use JavaScript at events land circulating like like this. Nick and I would executive function the function like this. I would execute defection dysfunction, and we're siddiq. Then I would use this section here. OK? Select civics. Okay. I would give him the arguments here off our intimate It's predicable. Okay. No, I was like the text. What? I was saying the text and did lift. Okay. And this defector Okay. Okay. So go back here and the dead. I have no idea help in here like a distant if I say that now? I would see if we have error sale. It's an old one again to have a roast low and this is nothing up. Are you OK? Hello? Not worry would fix the convention here. Okay, I can take care. We have no sand. I would see we're problem here. Here. That's about the okay. Don't that's created. If I save now, I go back. No. And the iconic I have. If I had the tradition project, If I concern V, I have the techs, OK? And I can't and I can take you here. I have ordered the sentencing. Okay, so I would I will repeat. I would recap what we have done here. So if you commit this body, this orient takes not ranch. Okay, is is that function a little bit complicated in Jarvis Case? But you should take it like here. Okay. I would create advantage. I will all move toe the elements moved to order texting from the beginning to the end. I will select the takes after I will copy it. Okay. Like this. Okay, so now we were fixed. A little bit of what we have here on provinces 30. Final touches: welcome back. So this is the final video off our project. Okay, so in this video, we're fixed a little bit. What we have on problems in our product. Okay, so the first moment we have this Hello here. Okay. The suggestion in the top off our Tector. Okay, It's simple. Go to index toe State that sex is I knew you were station second words. Okay? Or in the end, if you publish a man, I was surgeon Sig work. I want this both young like this. If I save now, I have low. Okay? We're facing the second thing when the suggestion for our language. Okay, if I type head over example, I have this only here and I iconic. I have nothing. Okay, so we'll fix this now. I would go to and like that issue under sedation on, and I would create here in this suggestion for our languages Suggestion for our language. What is he here? It re creates another word. Okay. For the language fun. It would be in the same line bun. I would give him the idea off. Second language. I of I I think second. Okay. I was sitting him. Okay, I said, Okay, I was still in that state that sentences on the bottom here. I would give him at all London like this. I would give him us that color off Zero? Yeah. Is it? Ah, shoppin there for to each for 50. It's each for FTD. Okay. I would give him a phone size. I want to sighs of 20 big substance. Okay, on the position. Up foods. It's a position position. Absolutes like this from the left 50 pick says I give him 90 fixes. Let's fix it from the bottom. About 10 on fixtures on the coast of want thing want now, which is I would say here and I will seven undergo teaching on this script. Js here he notes that saglam append that I would I would to like this the i d sank lang. I heard his chamber. Okay. And I go back here. Hello? That's here. I have already here. Okay, second thing. Our our I was saying it doesn't work. Why? It's gonna john okay or not. Okay. Why don't you are under this issue Spun? I deseg love. Mm. So if this did not work, you can take you to like this. The antiques that issue. I would like a business in this time. I would just copy. Like it isn't. He should work. I think you know, I ball. We have our friends. Okay. This color. I don't like kids. They will go back here. It's what is he? Thank you. Collecting this zero. I changed this in the state that s is here. Okay. I think this cool this guy. Okay, The ending that e j man here, se go back. I'll go back here long, and we have our Francie here. Okay, so that's it for this project. I wish that you have learned a bunch of things. Okay. And this project, if you have a question or something, you don't understand. You didn't just That's let me know. OK, so thank you.