Make Games from Scratch (No Coding!) Part 1 - Getting Started with Unity

Brandon Wu, Founder of Studio Pepwuper - a Game Studio

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18 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Download Unity, Basic License vs Pro License

    • 3. Unity UI Quick Overview

    • 4. Grab Tool

    • 5. Positioning, Rotation, Scaling Tools

    • 6. QWER Tools Review

    • 7. Local vs Global Space

    • 8. Light Camera Primatives

    • 9. Material, Texture

    • 10. Photoshop (PSD) files

    • 11. Asset Store

    • 12. Build Settings and Building the App

    • 13. Pivot vs Center

    • 14. Wrap Up

    • 15. Extra – Skybox

    • 16. Extra – Animations

    • 17. Extra – Particle Effects

    • 18. Extra – Project Walk Through Demo

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Project Description

Set Up Your First 3D Scene in Unity

Hello everyone! In this project, we will create a 3D scene in Unity using our new gained knowledge! Setting up a basic scene in Unity is the first step to understanding making games with Unity. This project allows you to learn the basics of the Unity editor interface, and how to manipulate game objects in your game so that they are the perfect size and at the right locations. By the end of the class, you will be ablw to create interesting 3D scens in Unity, using some of the brillient assets on the asset store, and be ready to start adding interactivity into the game!

A. Create a basic scene inside Unity with primative game objects and objects from the Asset Store in various rotation, scale, and position.

  1. Create a basic scene inside Unity with primative game objects in various rotation, scale, and position. 
  2. Create and position camera and lighting to adjust the look of the game.
  3. Add materials to objects to give them a fresh look!
  4. Try out the asset store and download new assets for your scene

B. Build your first app and sharing it with the class

  1. Build a PC/Mac app or a Web app from the Build Settings menu
  2. Share your projects for feedback (see B1 and B2 below)
  3. Link to post your project

B1. How to share your game on the web

  • Register an account on and you can directly upload your web player game on the site. Afterwards you can simply share the link to that page.
  • or sign up and download Dropbox and share the files via a link. If you create a web player game, make sure you share both the html and the .unity3d file.

B2. How to post your game on Skillshare

  • Head over to the class page and click on Add Project
  • Write a short description of your scene
  • Upload a few screenshots of your new scene
  • Post a link to your game hosted on the web (see B1 above)

C. Provide feedback to other student projects

  1. Give feedback and comment on as many projects as you can! Creativity feeds off of one another. You might find your next #gamdev partner here! :)
  2. Link to projects

Links and Tools


Please also give me some feedback on the videos and the class in general (email me at: [email protected]). This class is for all of you and I’ll do my best to customize the course for this group of amazing talents!

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