Make Games Without Programming using Godot | Alfred R. Baudisch | Skillshare

Make Games Without Programming using Godot

Alfred R. Baudisch, Jack of All Trades

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19 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Godot?

    • 3. Godot Quickstart: Let's Make a Game!

    • 4. Creating and Getting Free Assets

    • 5. About our Game and Downloading Assets

    • 6. Godot Fundamentals: Interface

    • 7. Godot Fundamentals: Nodes and Scenes

    • 8. What are and why use Tilesheets and Spritesheets?

    • 9. Godot Fundamentals: Atlas and AtlasTexture

    • 10. Godot Fundamentals: TileMap and TileSet

    • 11. Godot Fundamentals: Visual Scripting

    • 12. Make a Game: Draw a Tilemap, a Coin and the Player

    • 13. Make a Game: Player Controls with Visual Scripts

    • 14. Make a Game: Coin Pickup

    • 15. Make a Game: Door that Requires Coin

    • 16. Make a Game: Movable Camera

    • 17. Make a Game: Animated Character

    • 18. It's Your Turn!

    • 19. Conclusion and Next Steps

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to make 2D games and art experiences without programming, using the free Godot game engine with its drag and drop Visual Scripting features.

You will learn basic concepts of programming logic, fundamentals of the Godot Engine and the Godot Editor, Godot Visual Scripting and how to find or make assets for your game.

You don't need prior experience to follow this class, the only requirement is a desire to make games and fun experiments and a computer with any operating system since Godot runs everywhere! This class is aimed at those who are looking to get started in game development or those interested in learning Godot.

First, you will learn what is the Godot Game Engine and what can you make with it. Then you will learn the different ways of how you can make a game with Godot. After that you will learn how to find assets for your game and a brief overview of how to create your own assets, from art to music to sound effects.

Then we will dive in straight into Godot's Visual Scripting to create our game!

Learn how to make levels with tilesheets, how to move a character in 8 directions, how to add pickups, how to add and detect collisions and how to animate a character!

This is a hands-on class, so without further ado, let's get started!


- Class music music from, by Kevin MacLeod (
Licence: CC BY (
- Game art assets by Kenney -