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Make Games FAST and Without Code! [DEPRECATED]

teacher avatar Tim B., Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. Promo3

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Installing gamesalad

    • 4. Assets and Gamsalad Changes

    • 5. Importing the assets and creating the candies

    • 6. Moving the candies

    • 7. Lives

    • 8. Colliders

    • 9. Creating the menu system

    • 10. Publishing

    • 11. Menu System

    • 12. Candies, Gravity, and Bugs

    • 13. Bug fixed

    • 14. Score

    • 15. More Candies

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About This Class


This course explains the game maker Gamesalad. Gamesalad is a fast, easy to learn, game maker.  You'll learn:

  • A quick Introduction to Gamesalad
  • Menu sytem creation
  • Score Keeping
  • Publishing
  • Game Design Document creation (GDD)

Screen shots of the game you'll learn to make:



You can get the assets here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tim B.



Hi i'm Tim! I own ten games on the Amazon, Android, and Apple appstores and have been doing 3D designing and animating for about six years. I also created the game company Bim's games, and have been developing graphics for games. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge about 3D and game development.

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1. Promo3: the game development industry is growing very rapidly now. Indie developers could be just a successful as big development companies. So in order for you to get to the world of indie game development, you need to know the right tools. In this course you learned game, sell the game developing engine that is fast, easy to use. It requires no code and all you jump right into creating your own game, along with good practices for developing and creating. By the end of this course, you'll have the knowledge will need to get the global market of being ability. 2. Introduction: Okay, So in this course, we're going to be creating a game from scratch using game salad. And by the end of this course, she should have all the knowledge you need to make a game and publish it to the Amazon App store. Since you could do that for free, it's probably the best deal. All right, So, so glad you took this course and see you actually dio where we will be installing game salad by 3. Installing gamesalad: hello and welcome to making your first app and publishing it with games on in this video, I'll be showing you where to download games. Sound. Open up your browser and go to game salad. Don't. I can't. - Okay , I give you page someone looking like this, and you can click Make games now on. This will take you to the free version of gave Zod. If you want to get pro features, you can is basically the same interface as you see here. Just you can publish to Android. We're going to be publishing to the Amazon App store, and that's free with, and that is in the free version so you can just click make gains. Now check that I that you are 13 years of age over. Enter your email address and click straight Free down, and that's it. Don't look at the system requirements or developing on Mac. You can just click here or for older down arms and that's it, and you can go right into the next video. If you downloaded that and import the graphics si units with you 4. Assets and Gamsalad Changes: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to point out something new in game solid. And that is gangs out basic. And this is this used to be the free creator is now $19 a month. You can still get the 15 day trial, which is basically gives you all the features of the, um, game sound basic, but you can publish. Looks like you could only publish to HTML, which is okay, cause really no need to publish anywhere, uh, in this course. So that's where to get. That's the newest thing with game. Sell it. Also, I want to point out where you can get assets. That would be you go to the class and in the class project, you can download the assets by clicking on this link in. There they are. Okay, so that's the 5. Importing the assets and creating the candies: Hi. In this video, we're going to be importing the assets from your asset pack attached to this lecture. First, open up games odd. And when you open it up, it'll look like this. This right here is the iPhone resolution. This is what will show up on the screen. So we're gonna be building for the Amazon Kindle because that is what we can do for free. She got a file New Kindle nook landscape in a bit candy smasher. Then in your actor in your library. Over here, click on the media tab. This button right here and push, add images and audio. Now navigate to your start pack and select everything but the's icons. It's like the icon smaller icon, big. And there we go. Okay, So now that we have all those imported, we can now start adding actors and make this game really a game to create an actor or an object that moves on your screen. Just drag in one of the Candies or anything in this right here. Just drag it in to your scene over here, and it will create an actor. As you can see, we have actor one double click rename it green candy. No, this is a little too big, so I'm gonna resize it by dragging it, finding a little corner, that square and your straggled to the size that I want. I've already chosen the size. I want an exact pixels. So I'm just gonna go type up here 161 want ridicu And now we're going to add to can't other Candies. But first, I want to tell you something. This and this are actually different. For example, if I made changes to this, it wouldn't apply to this. What? Because, Like if I drag this on to the scene as you can see, it is still big to fix that we can change the I just didn't believe this for now. Oops. OK, and then go click right here. Going to my actor attributes. Drink here, change the size to 161 52. I'm gonna go through and do this to every single one of the Candies. Relief this and then just keep doing that. I'm gonna pause the video here and just skip to the part where I have you all done. So this is the finished result as you can see, they're all exactly the same size. And now when I drag any one of these in, it's exactly the same, which is perfect, because we're going to be These are going to be flying up from the bottom of the screen, and we need them to be exactly the same. Okay, so now that we have that, you can now move on to the next lecture in which will be actually moving these things and creating the background. All right, See, in the next lecture. 6. Moving the candies: So in this video, we're going to be moving these around where they'll fly up, then slowly come back down and then accelerate to the bottom and then destroy itself at the bottom. Okay, so now let's get started. I'm really dead extra pink when I have. And actually, I'm going to lead every single instance of this. These are called the Instances and these air called the prototypes. We want to change. We want to change the prototypes. And this was we're going to be spawning or creating okay, like changes to the green candy. And then we will copy it to the rest. OK, so we want it to accelerate upward and then stop and then accelerate downward. Okay, let's get started and do that. So cook on your green candy and then click this gear here. This is called. This is where he added the rules or just take their No Thies. This is where you put your behaviors. I'm going to go over here and add behaviors. Caesar, all your behaviors. They have groups, rules, timers, attributes on irritation and a bunch of other stuff. The one that we're going to be adding is timer because We want a certain time for it to fly up. Stop and then come back down. Okay? Right now it's sent to every so every five seconds, it will do whatever's down here. Change that too. 45 seconds. It will do whatever it is down here. And now we're going to add the acceleration. Did you look for your behaviors into and look for accelerate, Accelerate in the direction of 90 or rotate this. It's more precise if you just type it in chintzy acceleration. We wanted to go fairly fast, but not too fast. So changing toe like 300 and change this two for one second. Do that. Okay, so right now what we just did is it says for one second it will accelerate upward with an acceleration of 30 relative to the actor. So whatever the actresses, like the actor rotates, it will accelerate in the direction upward that it thinks is. You can change that to seen just to make it more realistic. That means that the scene determines what What is up in what is down. Okay, so Bali check run to completion. That homes okay? Yeah. Dragon. The instance of to make it instance of the green candy and Chris plane. What do you know? It's moving up. Should stop one second. Okay, Obviously. One seconds. Way too long, By the way, now would be a good time to save your project. It says that Candie's says candy smasher. But what that really means it just exists games. So save it in a folder where every look and okay, let's see if it was just switching because it wasn't saved yet. No, it doesn't look like it. Okay, so let's let's change this for 0.5 seconds. Fly up. That should do it. Okay. It looks like it actually started taking effect. So So obviously, 0.5 is too low. So try point, just go back to one second and change the acceleration to 500. Okay. See if this works. Hm. Okay, it's moving. I think it's so slow is because my recording program is taking up too much ram. Okay, so we're just gonna have to trust that that works. Okay, so now we're gonna add it, accelerate another accelerate right under the timer and accelerate in direction. Negative. 90 or 270 to go down. So after the one second is up. It will do this. And we're going to accelerate downward acceleration 300 relative to see. Okay, if that works. Okay. I think we need a little bit longer on the acceleration upward. See, here we just adjust stuff. There really is no more information you need, because right now it will go up and down. Play it. Yeah, that's a little too. We need a little bit more than that. Rank. Three seconds. I want to save it right now, too. Okay. It's safe. Yeah. Games. Odd saves. It takes a long time. Okay, Now try it. That's more like it. Okay, That could work. If you want. Higher. I think I'll make it higher. About four seconds. Not to save it yet, because there will take You are? Oh, okay. Should probably flee 0.5. That would work. OK, so 3.5. Now we're going to just sit. I'm gonna need this step timer him to call it fly, and it screwed up here and call this one. Okay, so now we can close these edges. Copy it to the other ones. Okay? Right. Clicks. You bet it a copy. Pink candy paste it. Okay, this is the fall they're in. There we go. Yellow candy. You have to click in here and then it paste. Okay. All right. So now we have a fall. We're going to go into the green candy. Make sure is in a prototype to that. We? Yes, you. We didn't do it in the prototype. Okay, so I'm just changing the prototype, because that's we need it to be in the prototype air. Okay, Click on the instance and she at it. Copy and paste it into here and paste it in two. Okay, Now that we have all those pasted, we're actually gonna save it before we continue, because it's prone to crashing. All right, load IDs. Okay. That it saved. Weakened. Now, just let's just test it by dragging in Candies. Probably be best to do it. One at a time for the league. My green candy. Okay, that's good. Okay, so now that we have them moving, we can now move on to making a little bit more random. All right. See you in the next video. 7. Lives: All right, so in this video, we're going to be doing lives and live counting and such. Okay, the way we do that is we're going to have his lives attributes and have it count down every time a candy hits destroy candy actor. Okay? And they were gonna have that display in candy is right above or below the score, and then we're gonna add collisions. And after that, after this video, we will create the menu system, and our game will be done. Okay, So kids started, we're gonna go into a game and create a whole new attributes is gonna be another real We're gonna call it lives and we're going Teoh Civilized three. And they were gonna create a new actor. A quicker way to do it would be a lot drag lives full and whoa, it's really big. Okay, we need to fix that by just the size and a great reciting yet a porter. Oh, I see what it did. OK? Yeah. This is the caution. When you drag things in with the background, it would be good not to do it. Actually, we should actually have created a brand new actor. It saw that I wanted to replace the background image, so I'm gonna just It controls you. Do. Undo that. Okay, Perfect. Let's create an actor. Call it, uh, lies and drag it into your scene. Mm. Scale it down and then go over here to your media and drag your lives full on it. Like that. Took turns. I like blue and skillet size that you want really good. Bit smaller. That's good. Right there as perfect. Gonna put it under my score. Display. Er actually over. It would probably good somewhere. Make room here that drink it up where it's right inside that square. Like they're okay. Perfect. And then grab this. Just plop. It ran under. Okay, there we go. So now that we have that set up, we need to make this. We need to actually have the score working. So we could just go through every single candy and have it if Klein's with destroy candy than minus one from lives. But it would be better to have it in the can you destroyer. And another, faster way to do it will be to create a whole new tag. Now, what tag is is it's basically a group of actors so I could have all these in the tag Candies so that I could also say if, like, uh, if background overlaps or collides with after with Tag candy's, then do something. That's what we're gonna do. We're going to create a whole new kick tag down here. New tag. We're gonna name this Sandy's and drag all I can. Okay. It's not auto scrolling, so I guess I have to scroll down and club it indicate Indy's just gonna do it one at a time . Much. Ah, having trouble with this? Okay, so just get some of a dragon and one by one. I mean, let's switch over here to icon view. I'll probably help things. Yeah, scroll down. Grab green candy. You want to place there? Yes. You could be quite a hassle trying to create the tag, but it's very handy. Trick bring candy Candies. And as you can see, all the Candies. Aaron, this tack perfect. So now we can go into our layers so I can't find my candy destroyer and select the candy destroyer. Now, this is the instance of it, which is very nice. Candy destroyers responding. Oh, don't crash on me. I'll see you. OK, to save it, too. By the way, that would probably be good. Okay, so now it's saved. No, we can go backstage and say re when collision. I was actor with Tag Candy's do change attributes. It's very handy to tribe into it with try being makes things quickly change the attributes . Lies to attributes. Lives minus What? Okay, so what we just done is where it overlaps when you can t destroy overlaps clause with actor with tag Candies. So when it collides with the candy, it will subtract one from the game lives right here. Okay. So, hoping, assuming that that works, we're going to have this display the lives. Okay. So quick on lies responding. Okay. Cargo backstage and a new rule. Actually, that's not really what we want. We don't need a rule. So, um actually, we do everyone Sorry. We do need a rule, create a rule and say if attributes type it attributes to enter if attributes game lies equals three. Then said the image to we're going to change the image change image image set to lives full . Okay. So if if the lives at the beginning of the game. If it equals three, which you will just the beginning, then is going to set it to this image that just ensures that we're not having pictures of just two lives. Even though we have three creating to the rule. They were just in the same thing rule. If attributes attributes game lives equals to then what do we wanna happen? Well, we wanted to change the image. Two lives half or lives minus one. So we're going to change. See? Change, no change. Attributes change image. That image to lives minus one came to say this in case it crashes. You should have saved by now. It's not responding. Perfect. Okay, Say, I'm just gonna copy and paste this and just a tweak a few things and said the game live If game lives equals one, not 14 1 They were going to change the image. Two lives minus to Okay, so now that should work. And let's test that by playing and see what happens. Scroll up so we can see and work. Wow, it works. Perfect. Okay, wait for more Candies. Spawn. There goes to this subtracts one. And now it's just set to zero. And now it's going into negatives. The attributes. Okay, so now we got that we can now make collisions and said it where if lives equals zero, it resets the game. Okay, so we're going to create collisions, which is a bit tricky. You need to create, um I think three more tags No. Four, actually. Okay. And we're going to have We're gonna call this one double click on it. These words greed, candy, candy. Cole lied. Colliders se was this one, this one? Um, pink, pink candy, cool lighters. And then we're gonna call this one read candy Cole lighters. And this one Gilo can do court lighters. Okay, so now we're going to go into the green candy prototype. Since there's no instance of the green candy we're going to say we're going to add a cool, lied, colliding Collusion are different. Just don't you know Clyde is what it'll bounce when it collides. Collusion is detecting a collision. Bouncing. Colliding with actor was tag green candy colliders. Okay, so that's basically getting bounce with everything that's in the green. Candy colliders. Okay, It's rigged this up for the pink candy candy. A collide bounce was actor when colliding. His actor was tag pink candy colliders. And I'm gonna copy paste this and do that for the rest of them. Here comes Okay. Perfect. There it is. And change it to after a tag Red candy fighters. You know, candy. You know, candy clutters. And now we have those rigged up. So? So when it collides with anything with this value, it'll bounce. But so that's basically means anything but itself. But that doesn't really do anything because they have no value. There's nothing inside them. So what's fix that? I'm gonna drag on my Candies where I can see them to go away, drag it down to bow. I don't think that work to someone Have to click on them again, Greg It No. Okay. Come on, work with me. Game, Sally. Okay. Finally. I think we got this. Yeah, OK, so dragged down. Perfect. It's like the red candy Manhattan. Drag that down dragon next to the yellow candy so I can see it. It my computer slowing up CBS and so much different and dragged a pink candy down. Okay, so now we have all these where I can see them, so I'm gonna drag the pink candy into the green candy quarters for that slowed. Come on on. And red candy, too, neither. Yes. Okay. Perfect. And then dragged the yellow candy and like that. Okay, so now I just do this for every single tag, and I'll posit here because it's gonna obviously taking a long time. Okay, so now I have them all sit up. And, um, now, if we tested, they should bounce off each other, see for more of spawn. I think it's slowed up. Yes, probably. What happened? I'm gonna save it to before we go on. And then I'll restarted now. Trade. Okay, so here comes one Candy. Come on. Sponsor more. Do do. Okay, so it doesn't look like it's gonna spawn any, which is too bad, because we need to get this working, but I'm sure it will work. Candy sponsors. He was wrong here. I don't believe anything's changed. I think it's just my computers. Too slow. It's not responding. Okay, so I hope you have better luck than I did. My computer slowed up, but I'm sure it worked. Okay, so I just stopped the video here. She an extra to you 8. Colliders: So we're going to create collisions, which is a bit tricky You need to create, um I think three more tags No. Four, actually. Okay. And we're going to have we're gonna call. This would double click on these words. Breathe. Can the candy cole lied Collide ders Was this one? This one? Um, pink, pink candy court lighters. And then we're gonna call this one Read candy Cole lighters and this one Dillo candy court waters. Okay, so now we're going to go into the green candy prototype. Since there's no instance of the green candy, we're going to say we're going to add a cool, lied collide and collision or different. Just don't you know Clyde is what it'll bounce when it collides. Collusion is detecting a collision. Bouncing, colliding with actor was tag green candy colliders. Okay, so that's basically going bounce with everything that's in the green Candy colliders. Okay, it's rigged this up for the pink candy candy A collide bounce with actor when colliding. His actor was tag pink candy colliders. And then just copy and paste this and do that for the rest of them. Here comes Okay, Perfect. There it is. And change it to after a tag Red candy fighters. You know, candy. You know, candy clutters. And now we have those rigged up. So what? So when it collides with anything with this value, it'll bounce. But so that's basically means anything but itself. But that doesn't really do anything because they have no value. There's nothing inside them. So what's fixed? That I want a drag on my Candies where I can see them to weigh, drag it down to bow? I don't think that work to someone Have to click on them again. Bag it. No. Okay. Come on. Work with me. Games, alley. Okay. Finally. I think we got this. Yeah, OK, so dragged down. Perfect. It's like the red candy when have dragged that down dragon next to the yellow candy so I can see it. It my computer slowing at CBS, and it's so much different and dragged a pink candy down. Okay, so now we have all these where I can see them. Someone in drag, the pink candy into the green candy gliders for that slowed. Come on on. And red candy too, neither. Yes. Okay. Perfect. And then dragged the yellow candy and like that. Okay, so now I just do this for every single tag, and I'll posit here. Presents Got obviously taking a long time. Okay, so now I have them all sit up. And, um, now, if we tested, they should bounce off each other, see for more of spawn. You get slowed up. Yes, probably. What happened? I'm gonna save it to before we go on, and then I'll restart it now. True. Okay, so here comes one candy. Come on. Sponsor more, do Duke. Because it doesn't look like it's gonna spawn any, which is too bad, because we need to get this working, but I'm sure it will work. Candy sponsors. He was wrong here. I don't believe anything's changed. I think it's just my computers. Too slow. It's not responding. Okay, so I hope you have better luck than I did. My computer slowed up, but I'm sure it worked. Okay, so I just stopped the video here. She didn't extra to you 9. Creating the menu system: Okay, so now in this video, we're going to be having it toe where the Candies are spawned from actor resting outside of the screen. OK, so that that's how we're gonna do it and we're going to get started. Okay, So create new actor. Cool it. We're gonna call it candy. No, really, after can be Sponder, which spawned means create so it will create a bunch of Candies. Yeah. Okay, so candy spot. I mean, can you creator dragged into your scene for to come and bam various. Okay, squeeze it down towards like that, okay? And then drag it towards right in between these the inside square in the outside square. Drag it out where it covers to pretty much the whole screen. And then your actor attributes change the graphics in graphics, change it from unchecked visible, so it's no longer visible. Okay, because, well, we don't really want to see that. And then click. I'm gonna move this destroyed candy saying right here. Don't that If you can't click on objects in the seaview, just go into your layers. But I was able to do that. Someone drag it down. Move down the Why about Why equals negative 100? Okay, now I'm gonna go into my layer since I can't see my swatter, click on Candy Sponder for to come and toggle backstage. Okay, so now we're going to have it where it spawns it at different places on the actor. Now, how we do this? Well, we don't want it obviously to spawn in one spot or at this at an even amount of time, Like every three seconds it's wants. We want a bit of randomness, which is that which is a good which is a good time to introduce random. Okay, so at a timer, every now, here's what we add Random click on the and go to functions. Scroll down. 20 Consigned brand of There it is. It will look on it. Are you supposed to specify the minimum and the maximum? Okay, so we're going to have Okay, we're gonna have to create everything. We're gonna have to create a timer for every candy sort. I'm gonna do the green candy right now. So every 1233 toe, 12 seconds. I wanted to put the check mark going to your behaviors. Look for Spawn actor right here. spawn. Actually, it is. Drag that into your timer. Everyone, every 3 to 12 seconds issuing spawned the actor Green candy. Now it's just gonna spawn in a right in the center and just gonna fly up right in the center. That would be a very not challenging game. Okay, so, change to make it a little bit more random, we're going to accept that this is the exposition and this is the white position. This is where it's gonna get spawned in the X, And this is where it's gonna get spawned in the UAE. We want to make the place where it's gonna get swarmed in the X a little bit more random so quickly. E and functions brand. Okay, double click on that. No, From the center, it's X equals 489. So few sago 2200 pixels. This way. Okay, so yeah, that would work. So we go random 200 200 and random. Negative to now, the men and the max. And this doesn't really matter right now. Okay? And let's see if that works relative to the actor. Push, play, Scroll down and we go. There's a green candy There's another green candy. There's another ring candy, and it's actually doing pretty good at random. That's great. Now, O perfect love. How written. And that was Yes. This this will work. Okay, so that's great. At this point, I think it be wise to save it. That's what I do shaving. Okay. No, we have that saved. We can no copy this and do that for all the other Candies and make it look a marina. And it Copy at it. Paste and it paste. And it paced. Now we should have four timers. 23 for Okay, there they are. Now, we're gonna change the time instead of by the way to edit this, you have to click the E again, and we're gonna have it. So this will be the red or the yellow kitty. So every let's say 52 15. Okay, so every 5 to 15 seconds, it was on a not the background. The yellow candy. Now we're gonna edit. This is a little bit, and we're gonna go. Mm. Let's say 300 and then this should be negative 150. Now, at this point, it's really just how you would like it where you would like your yellow Candies to be spawn and where you'd like your red Candies to be spawned. So just wherever here, it's really just to suit your liking. I'm doing it because I want to be able to more random. Now, this is gonna be the pink can down Have those spawn I want to to noting make sure to include the car or otherwise it won't. You'll just need is one number. Okay, Scroll down and changed the random. Probably just to 1 50 and negative 200 that works. Spawn actor. I think candy. And with all these timers, I think would be good to name them. So this is gonna called big green spawn. Er, and this could be called read spotter. Okay, now we're going to do this word I wanna have random. This is gonna be the red candy. Every camera. Make this a little bit longer. Every 7 to 12. Let's get me for out too. So 400 too negative. 3 50 Spot after red candy and save it cause gave sounds prone to crashing when you have a bunch of stuff on it. I didn't do take a little while it's save it would dio Okay, now we test it, scroll down and see the bottom and for load Candies as a pink candy in perfect question is is it counting our score? It is perfect. Okay, so that's great. Now that we have that, we can now move on to having lives and making collisions. Alright, see the next video? 10. Publishing: So here's the great thing about game salad. As soon as you make a game, you can publish it to really easy to just gonna file, file, publish, and then you have log in. You would create a profile from games out. Then you create a whole new app at game Shelagh dot com. Just push, create new, and then you'd fill out the Kindle form or anything else. If you have pro and then you go to once and then you'd feel of the form for ah Kendall. And then you would download the ap k generated. And then you go to Amazon developer. It was under the upper consul. And then you just go to Amazon developer portal, And then you would drag your A P k right here, and you could make it free, and you wouldn't have to do anything with your account. But if you have, you have to create a merchant account to have to start making money. Okay, so that's it. And now you have all the knowledge you need to create the next hit game on the Amazon App store. 11. Menu System: Okay, so in the section will be making a game. But this will be the Mac version. And the reason we split it is because there's, uh, a difference in interface between Mac and Windows. Okay, so let's open up game salad and is create a new blank project. No, we can call what we want. I won't name it right now. It's just call it. Uh huh. Check the platform. Two games on arcade, and that's OK, cause are we publishing it to the web for this time? You could choose any of these if you have, if you want to publish to that. But I'll just published two games out. Okay, so let's Ah, As you can see, this is it's This is the interface on Mac. This is called the home screen. This is, uh you can get your scenes in your actors and your tables, which is you can see is for in app purchasing. So this is how you And then if you were to go into any of the scenes, you couldn't get back to that screen by clicking home. All right, so let's get started and import the assets to do that Tweed abrupt the scene and good images and click the plus button button. And I have it on my desktop here and just and import. And the image backer of the P and G is too large to safely use in game salad. Uh, it's just resize them, and there they are. Uh, yeah, okay, that's perfect. So it's create the background now, and the way you can do that is just dragging in. That's pretty good size. I think this is the camera overlap, but depending on screen size, if anything were to happen, we'd have a little bit of background outside the screen, which I think is a good idea. So we've got that. Now it's, uh, we'll start off by creating the men you've seen. So this is the place seen. Let's add a button soaking just for navigation. They could do that. You should grab one of these images that play or the restart, whatever. It doesn't matter and just drag it into your actors now. The reason you shouldn't drag it in like this is watch. It's decides to make the background image to play, but an image so that's no good. So it's just, uh do this play button and right here this is the prototype of the button. And when I drag it in here, that's the instance of the button. Anything any code changes I make here will not apply to the instance here and this. The reason they have it set up like that is you. This is they have it. Product prototype, it instance, is because you use prototype for spawning enemies or, in this case, play buttons or coins if you're making a platformer game, so it's very handy to have prototypes and instances. So let's, uh, at the prototype, so we can just drag it in and it'll be all the same. So let's create a rule. So when actor receives event, this golden actor touch, touch or clicked is pressed When touches pressed, we wanted to change the scene. And so what's just down? Scroll down here. This is called your behaviors, and this changed and we want to go to knit next seat and obviously, uh, enable advertisement. Um, I believe that someone for pro, it won't work in the creator Eso right now we've got a button that says witness. When it is pressed, it will go to the next scene. You can also change it from next scene. Two previous scene at index and this will be like even do. Number is the scene or initial scene, and the names of the scenes will pop up here. Let's just do next scene to make it work for all scenes. So let's go back into the initial scene and Dragon Deploy Button. Now this is the play pressed, uh, but so we would change the images. Go delete this and say when it is pressed, we not only want to change seen actually would change the image to be plays, not Crist or wait good. So we want to change. We want to change non alleges that seem to change the image, said image to late pressed. Okay, And then let's change the size first. Well, let's just see what right? See what a good sites is? That's back toward scene. And let's, uh, double click on this till it gets the attributes of this. And let's set of size. Actually, let's resize this to make its right size and want. That's that looks good, but it's no one to its size. At 1 76 and 97. So just goingto other play button or chase with 2176 on a 97. Okay, so that's perfect. Now, if we go back to a scene and let's delete this, we drag it. And as you can see, it's a perfect size. So that's great. Let's add some more scenes. First off, save this and I'll see that. Yeah. Can dispatchers okay and see that? Okay. Perfect. So let's, um, go back to her home screen and scenes and plus icon and drag it because this is the order. Go this one, This one and then any of them. So if we have But Mrs next we wanted to be here. It'll go to the next scene. This will be the start Street. We wanted to go here in the Q. Right? So it's rename this to starts, then you and then we can go to it. This is the start menu on, um, it said the start record. That's pretty small. Swartz resize it. In this time, I can't have any overlap. Well, I can have very little, but she's here, There. Okay, that looks good. Let's drag in the play button and here. As you can see, it's kind of big, so we can just resize it and we won't make any changes to the prototype. Okay, Perfectly safe. That and press preview play. The changing image doesn't seem like it's working very well, but that's okay. And so we've got a start menu and an initial scene that we could navigate through Start Menu to the initial scene. But you could play. But now let's create a lose she are yet and just it's in the right place we wanted. After the initial scene, we call this you and we'll go into that one, and I call on deep background. Scale it, right? No. And then this travel just had to restart button. So you change it. That's he, uh, you need to start. Yeah, we start pressed. So as you can see, it's really big. That's shrink. Its there was fine. Let's attributes, doesn't look on it and took a size 1 44 and 73. So let's go back with little type and since size, too. 144 72. Perfect. So first off, let's go back to our scene and let's it's delete this because we want to edit the prototype home. Let's get the prototype quick on that. Animals create a rule when actor receives event touch. It's like the play button, too. Change. See? Go to next season and I'll just go to the back to the beginning. Well, basically go. And they continually when you next jealousy that scene. Yeah, And let's dragon do you restart. Okay, so what Street? So here we are. You lost perfect. And we'll add this This this is not going to triggered by a button will be triggered by lives. It'll be up here. Okay, so we've got a nice many system here, and that is all for this video. 12. Candies, Gravity, and Bugs: Okay, so great. We've got a menu system set up, by the way, that's the first thing you do whenever you're creating a game, because it is easy to jump right in and just start making it. But it's best to create a menu systems, or when you're done creating the serious part of it, you'll be ready to publish it. Okay, so first off, I don't like the size of this restart button. Yes, give me trouble. So if you're having trouble selecting anything because the background or anything else, you can go to scene and layers. And as you can see, here's the restart button. Let's resize that. And it just occurred to me that we don't really need a prototype of this. Um, almost It were like I continue, but we don't even really need to play. But But, uh, it doesn't matter. We'll just keep it like that and let's go into the initial scene and start creating. Okay, so the kind of game that this says it's reflects. Candies come flying out from the bottom of the screen. You're supposed to tap them before they get to the before they fall back down. And as they? If you let them fall back down, you'll lose a life which will be displayed appear. OK, so, uh, let's start off by accelerating basically faking gravity for these kids. So what's just doesn't matter Whatever candy she was just drag it'd and, uh, dreaming because you can see this is really big. So let's resize it. You ever since, Okay, uh, cooker way. Let's just double click on it. That will take us to the, uh, instance attributes. Which is you can see right here. That's such the set size, too. When it squares, let's just do 100. But on I was too strong. No, actually, that's perfect. So, uh, remember, it's keep the candy size to 100 actually, um, you know, I think I'll shoot it a little bit. It was pretty close, but as you can see, this is the camera view. And if we were to preview this Yeah, that looks pretty big. So let's go back. We'll just do well said it go was the along with that, and that's that much better. Look so well, remember that for the prototype, because it has to be in the prototype. Okay, we're gonna be spawning these, and it's not going to spot from the instance, but from the prototype. So we need to make sure we have a prototype set exactly to this game. Extreme testing. But this is only for testing to make sure we have everything set. Fine. This is not going to be in the game like this. So let's let's take a look at what's at some solution. So let's ad that cell rates behavior or sol right in this direction, upwards direction will just degrees upwards directly upwards. And let's look at that. As you can see, it's slowly sorry upwards. Let's make it a little bit faster, too. That's better on that's That's good with it. So we don't aren't we obviously don't want to always be exactly so Let's, uh, I'll show you something really cool. What you do was this. It's called a Who is it? Well, timer perfect, and we'll drag you the behavior in here and we'll say four one seconds. So for one second it'll accelerate upwards. Actually, let's, uh, let's go back to our scene and place this at the bar there. That's pretty Okay, so you can't tell if it's stopped or not because it's accelerating. It will take a while for it to slow down. Let's adding another. Okay, so let's Ah, as you can see, a little celery up. But what happens when it's done after one second? What happened? Little slowly. Well, stop accelerating it, but it'll keep moving up. That's not what we want. So let's add another exhilarating. And this, um, we would so write down Words will be basically faking. Grab it. That's 200. He's okay. Ah, let's that should work. See? Perfect. OK, but obviously that was a little too long. So let's set this to your 0.5. Set the acceleration of downwards. Build it faster to 400. Now it's preview. Okay? Obviously, I can't handle that. So it's just respect war. What's going on? I think it's too powerful. So it's just said it regularly. That should do it. Okay, so it is basically cancelling out what's going on here. So setting upward acceleration to greater Yeah, Okay, that's good. I think that is pretty good. Let's we consider this 250. That's okay. So that's working. What's now? This is just all personal preference here. You could make it accelerate farther up or not as far, but they are just depending on the certain type of candy. You can separate farther or slower whatever. So you could customise this and make it your own, making excel right towards the side or something. It doesn't matter. So that's how you make the Candies. So it lets, um so that's great. We've got accelerating. But it's only the instance. Speaking of instance, by the way, we need to sit with prototype, so it's just replicate what we did. You need a prototype. So it's the timer for one second we share. So insulation 400 on so that that perfect. Okay, so that's the prototype. So that means we can just elites instants. What's now what so created to where hell spawn. So we have to create a new actor called This Candies and let's drag it to sea right below the screen is this. This is what will spawn Candies, make it licenses right there. Perfect. So we don't need to edit the prototype because this is this is where is the only place that appear. So let's double click on it. Let's say it's a timer um, now every five seconds, they really pretty steady. Let's have to be a bit more random when it response things. Let's do. You can click the E. It'll insert the function random, and here's the minimum and the maximum. So I think the minimum should be three. The maximums be, uh, it'll be nice and perfect. Okay, so now we need to spawn the actor Candy Green in the direction. I believe it doesn't matter. So it's just this. Try it. Okay? Something. We didn't do something like this. Spawn. It's in a port direction. You should be. And I don't see any candy. So let's find out what we did. This is the instance. And let's sure, Yep. Looks like it. So Oh, at position 00 So be spawning right in the center. Now that looks good. Let's see. Maybe it's something to do with the candy. So it's just, uh, go back into candy. Just drag it into the scene and see what happens. Okay, it's going upwards. Perfect. So everything should be sorry. That's actually tried you and see what happens. We get that candy. What about the other one? Okay, so it's obviously not working and, uh, all right, So we have a bug, find out what is wrong. And in the next video, I'll have the answer. 13. Bug fixed: okay. Did you solve the bug? Eso I This is the way I solved it. This is a good a good debugging strategy. So first of all, I brought the candy spawn er up to where I could see it, and then I had it spawned something right when it came into the scene right when the scene started, so I just basically, drug dragged that out. And so if this doesn't work, then we know that it is, um and in fact, actually had it's form of play button if this doesn't work, and there's something wrong with game salad because this should work. So let's push play. And yeah, it's bar on the play button right there. Perfect. So we know this spawned afterwards. So then I decided to drag it in here as if you remember this was random. So then I had changed this toe once, every every time, every time a second passes, it'll spawned the play button. And let's see, response played 1%. So we know this is working, you know, the timers working. So the problem waas the random. I think it was too big of a number. So 7 to 3 seven. That's good. So, uh, this often work? Now? Let's change it Intended green t o do you candy green? And as you can see, I tried to I was experimenting with position, and I'll just set this disease because we figured out the problem. So not three plates. Nothing is appearing, but it will. Okay, so it's obviously as you can see something wrong with the random. So let's make it just steady with two every two seconds. So 12 als Perfect. Perfect. Okay. No, it's pretty good. But it's going in the wrong direction. And, uh, it's because respond the direction here to 90 degrees has changed too. So should sponsor trader. There it is. All right. Perfect. Okay, so let's try to randomize this and see if the random works. If it's just one in three present. Yeah, Okay. How much did so Let's, um, go back to our scene and drag this down, by the way to lock it on a certain axes. So what doesn't slide around? Well, downshift and drag up, down or jackets. I decided. Just so let's just move this down and I'm going to make this invisible change double click on it changed the graphics to and graphics. Okay, so that should all work this play birthday, all right? And obviously kind of spawns and goes It doesn't go high enough, so we can always just change that in the candy green prototype aren't so congratulations. If you got this, if you figured out the bug before this video, that's great. If you didn't, that's okay. Just, uh it's just remember debugging strategies. It's very good to know so many good debugging strategies. All right, good. 14. Score: Okay, so great. We've got We have got a good We've got a good spawning and acceleration system. You can see here. Perfect. But if you noticed we could try to tap them. Nothing happens. And also, they're kind of slow, but that's Oh, that's not a big deal. So how do we make it where when they are destroyed, we when they get tapped a disappear that, uh, we do that by going to the prototype of the candy green and let's at a rule. Also, while I'm here, I might as well change the acceleration upward to get faster. The when actor receives event touch we want when we want it to happen, what we want to happen. Well, we wanted to, um, uh, disappear. How did we do that? We go to the behaviors and look for destroy. As you can see, here is the description, and we want to destroy this actor. So that should do it. Let's see, flight from bottom of screen, we debit and it disappears. And I should be more g o perfect. All right, so that's good. But we need, um So we've got that, but ah, we need kind of a way to keep track of how many we've destroyed like a score. And we do that. This is where we do. This is where it gets really interesting, is when we use we're going to seeing if we use things called attributes attributes basic. Basically a variable with, uh, here's an attributes. The name is initial scene, and it's a text attributes and this Ah, if you're used to code, this would be a variable string, not a text. But what we need to create is a score. Yeah, right here to the time you need a riel and a rial number, which is basically like an imager. You do? There's no points or anything like a is basically what you can count on your fingers. Like if you would count, uh, on your fingers, that's what. A manager and a realist. So what's at a attributes? And as you can see, we have bullion Text manager riel angle with index. Uh, Boolean is true. False text is like a string like this name. Attribute imager eyes. What? I just said Imager and Rio. I don't know if they have much of a difference, but we'll just use real angle is which, uh, like a 360 degrees, 90 degrees and index is what you'd use for a scene index, stuff like that. Okay, So, uh, let's choose Riel, and we'll name this score with value zero. Every time a candy gets destroyed, we need to plus on the rial. So let's do that. Let's go to the candy green Kotal tight when it is destroyed. Uh, we want Teoh change attributes. I'm not so sure how the call order is if this gets called before this, if you drag it up if this gets called for this. But just in case the latter was the case, let's, um, played it on top. So we're gonna change the attributes. I would go. We click on the this living. Here we go. Game, huh? Where is it? Game. Obviously, uh, I believe we added the afternoon in the wrong place. So let's go back to the scene and let's go to see Okay, here's where we're supposed to add to score, so just get rid of that. Will go to game here, Really score. All right, so there we go. Let's go back into the doctors and let's change the attributes their score to and then we cook the little e and we drop down game. Is that you increment. You score plus one. That's how you do it. So every time it gets destroyed, we're gonna change the game dot Score attributes game. That's a game that score plus one and now. But we won't be able to see debts attributes actually being used if we don't have a scorekeeper. So let's have a new actor. We'll call this score this play and just drag this into the scene and put it wherever you like. I think I'll put it right there. Scale it down that way. Don't need to edit the prototype unless you were well, suppose you know, um, actually, it would be a good idea to, because I believe will have this in Lieu Street. So let's do display text right here to say missile, This is, um when you see the B, that means persistent behavior, which means it doesn't need a rule to be active. It just is continually going. So we want to display the attributes score. As you can see, we just press little Egan, and let's change the color. Actually, look at first, so it's not really displaying, is it? Um oh, I know you're It'll catch you if you're not, if you're not careful. See, I was editing the prototype when I wasn't when I was supposed to be added in the instance. So just remember that Edit the prototype? No. So it perfect zero. Let's see if this works one to three. Perfect. But it's got that weird, uh, outline in the way we fixed. That is, it's really simple. What's just at the instance this time, let's change the graphics blending mode to multiply. That might be a little bit hard to understand, but as you'll see, that's just the way you do it'll. It's kind of, as you can see, it's just rendered without that weird box, but you can still see the text. So that's how we would make a score system 15. More Candies: Okay, So in this video, we are going to create more Candies, and we're going Teoh, add, uh, a collision system. As you will see, it's quite necessary to have this. And so we'll just start by, uh, more Candies. Well, just dragon in here. So and, uh, read. So it's just drug these in here. And remember what we have to do with the candy. Yeah. So remember what we did before we did, but not the position size waas actually. See what I'm doing right here is editing the instance, which is no good, because these are spawning, which responds from the prototype. So we do not want to edit the instance. We want to edit the prototype. We want to change this size. Teoh 75 with 75. Okay, so we've got to think working. Now, let's go back to this. And, uh, we just need to do that for the rest of them. Okay, so that's good. Let's get red. Actually, it's not even just Oh, I see. Let's go through some. And by the way, shortcut. If you double click on it and you go to the sighs, just click on this and just do. 75 Tabs 75 hit, Enter on and Let's Now we've got the Candies, but we just need to add it where the they get spawned. So let's go to our spawn er and look at the right. Can you smoke? Let's add some code. What's really not code? It's just, uh, behaviours. So every random wanted three seconds. We want to spawn the actor Green at a 00 position that first off, I'm gonna change this to be a bit more random, where it's not always spawning in the middle. But, uh, if you'll notice we don't want it to be random, upwards and downwards coordinates. We want to be right and left coordinates. Let's, uh, and sort of function random. Let's set the minimum to be negative. 50 and Maxwell 50 actual. That might be too much stuff. 25 25. All right, so we've got that. That should be spawning random positions. But let's just check to make sure. Okay, looks like it's spawning and basically the same spot. So let's just change this up a bit. Let's say 50. As you can see, this is play testing and tuning. That's what this means is so That was a little bit different. Yeah. Which, like its spawning random enough. Let's, uh, let's make it a little bit. Do negative 100 Bositis 100. That should do it. There's one for Get this set up weaken Just, uh, copy and paste it to all the cameras. So that's why we do it. Okay. Well, yep. Perfect. So it's spawning randomly. You can make it more random if you want, but in fact, you should make this more random to just make it, you know? Yeah. Perfect. So let's, uh let's copy and paste this. That's stuff. Copy, maybe Cannot copy this run. So that's kind of well, so? Well, I was just able to copy the Spawn actor. So it's create a not a new rule we made you, Tyler. Let's get this and behaviors. It's mine. Yeah. Okay. So every random I'll have this little bit different. We're end of 3 to 7. Yeah, Okay, that's good. We will do this. Just paste that there and sport. All right, so just copy and do this only down for every single candy and, uh, randomize it a little bit. So here for instance, this I was sent to 1 50 Suppose a video right now. And just do what? What I said as I continue to do this. Okay, so here's what I did. I just made it, uh, like the green one. And then I made this from 3 to 7, I think one. And then the read one. I made 2 to 4 spawning. And it's maybe 1 75 100 And this one too negative to positive. And then this one I did negative. 50 50. Okay, so, um, if we press play now, you obviously see, uh let's just do it anyway. It's not gonna look right. So you're gonna have the green ones flying up. Perfect. But I see Just stay in there. So let's fix Snips. Let's go to soon. And we would just basically copy and paste the green toe. But as you saw before, it didn't look like you would do that. But just try. I don't think it will. It's just track. Well, looks like it. Oh, that's right. Okay, so let's just go just select the law. A copy. And it's true that the initial scene to get the actors and we will do that to Can you think when will sets, Uh, just see if we can paste it? No, it doesn't look like it. All right. So let's just, uh actually, here's what we can do. Um, here's what we will do. Just duplicates this. Can we duplicate it? Do you? So let's just, uh, do this for every single one. It looks like, uh, we're gonna have to. So, uh, do you like you did in the green one and make it a bit random. A bit different from the green one. So it's not exact, like a less acceleration of words or more exploration downwards or whatever. I'll see you in the next video, See if you've got that set up.