Make Felt - 3 Ways | Soosie Jobson | Skillshare
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8 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction Make Felt 3 Ways

    • Preparation

    • Three stages of felting

    • Method 1

    • Method 2

    • Method 3

    • Shrinkage Rates

    • Class Project


About This Class

Skill level - Entry level beginner
Previous class - No
Next class - No Sew 3D Felting

There are as many ways to felt as there are felters!  And as long as you make good quality felt it doesn't matter.  But where to start?  In this Class we will discuss the Three Stages of Felting then learn three different methods for those stages.

Once you have mastered them you can chose which ones suits you best and then develop your own techniques as you go.

Learn how to make felt using three different methods:

  • Traditional Hand Roll & Toss
  • Sand & Tumble
  • Roll & Tumble
  • Plus download Recipes & Choices

This Class is a great start for beginners or those who have dabbled but would like some more technique and is a stepping stone to my other more technical classes like the Felted Cactus Garden and The Reef Dwellers.







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Soosie Jobson

Felt Artist, Teacher, Author & Historian

I'm Soosie Jobson a Fremantle based, felt & textile artist, author and historian. I have been an Educator for 30 years holding a Bachelor of Education, and have taught all kinds of things in the business and tech world but now I love to teach creative arts. The path through my creative life has taken me through many different media, but my main love is felting.

For the past 15 years I have dabbled with all forms of felting winning awards and prizes along the way, but I alwa...

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