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Make Fan Art with your Favorite Characters

teacher avatar Douglas Butner, Artist and Maker of

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your Assignment

    • 3. What is Fan Art

    • 4. Where Can I sell Fan Art

    • 5. Partner Programs Spreadsheet

    • 6. What Type of Art to Make

    • 7. Make Captivating Fan Art

    • 8. Finding Elements to Make Fan Art

    • 9. Easy Fan Art Ideas 1: Silhouettes

    • 10. Easy Fan Art Ideas 2: Advanced Filters

    • 11. Easy Fan Art ideas 3: Stylized Catch Phrases

    • 12. Easy Fan Art Ideas 4: Character Patterns and Mandalas

    • 13. Easy Fan Art Ideas 5: Adding a Character

    • 14. Submitting your Fan Art

    • 15. Class Review

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About This Class

Fan art has always been fun to make, and for the first time, artists can sell fan art legally through a variety of partnership programs. Let's make some fan art that fans will love!

What is in this class?
In this class, you will learn the ins and outs of these programs, how to make art that fans will love, and I will also show you 5 different techniques in Photoshop and Illustrator you can use to make high-quality fan art quickly and easily.

I'll also show you how to get the elements you need to make the fan art, including creating your own vector of a character from a screenshot.

We even made a spreadsheet where you can check out what shows are available in the partner programs mentioned. 
Spreadsheet Link:

Why fan art?
Fan art has an established audience and market, meaning you have a very high chance people will want your work for a shirt, sticker, or other product. 


If you are just looking for a fun way to create, fan art gives you a chance to combine your creativity with your favorite characters.

It's a lot of fun, and the results are pretty cool. So press that play button and I'll see you inside!

Class Requirements
Following the example techniques for making Fan Art requires a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Douglas Butner

Artist and Maker of


I love to learn and teach. I am a free-spirited creator, and have been traveling the world as a digital nomad for over three years. My courses focus on selling art online, energy work, and music. I teach what would help a younger me, including the strategies I used to sell over 20,000 copies of my artwork without paid advertising, energy techniques I have learned to unlock human potential, and tips to help musicians.


My Life

I grew up in Maryland, and I am currently slow traveling the world thanks to selling art and teaching online. I plan to keep traveling, creating, and learning from this amazing planet as long as I live!

My purpose on Earth is love. Love is the greatest teacher, healer, and creator. I believe when the individual chooses to... See full profile

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1. Intro: uh, hello, fellow artists. My name is Douglas, and in this class, I'm going to teach you how you can sell art incorporating intellectual property of your favorite TV shows, books and movies. Legally, you can now sell fan art without worrying about copyright complete and make the same money you would for a completely original work. In this course, we will learn how open partnership programs work. These programs allow you to sell, are incorporating characters from big companies like Disney, Marvel and shows on Cartoon Network and many, many More. We will review all of the programs. You can submit your van or two right now and even give you a spreadsheet you can use to quickly see what shows books movies are available. We will also look at how to make art that is sure to strike a chord with fans, and tips to make quality are quickly. Finally, I'll walk you through the process of submitting your are two apartment program. I was inspired to make this course after my very first red bubble partner program Upload ended up making me over $120. The crazy part is, I simply added pickle Rick to an order piece of my work, meaning that I made $120 for only a few minutes of additional work. That was literally one piece of our Imagine if I uploaded 10 or 20 instead of fighting against the biggest sellers, why not join forces with that and bring your favorite characters along for the ride? Who alive? I am a teacher, Web developer, rapper and artists who has sold close to 20,000 pieces of my artwork today felt paying a dime for advertise. I also teach several other art and our marketing classes, including these sell art online master class, which goes in depth into monetizing your portfolio. When I'm not teaching, I'm usually making art or music or working on a Web app I built help artists get pre exposure called C XY music, all the while traveling the world with my girlfriend. Are son fixing? We're currently in a burqa. Lopez, Ecuador 2. Your Assignment: uh provides you the opportunity to combine your creativity with the characters you love. It's also a great opportunity for new artists to start making good money with their art and genuine exposure for their portfolios. In this class, we have lots of fun and also make something that is a good chance of making not just a few sales, but a few sales every day. Your assignment for this class is to use the techniques you will learn to make your own fan on and then submit it to a partner program. We'll talk about multiple ways to make fan art and the easy fanar ideas less to choose. One of these techniques were even combined them to make something truly incredible. The best part is you get to choose what characters you want to work with. So you're someone you love and get excited thinking up ideas that enjoy yourself, experimenting and executing these ideas in your favorite creative medium. Let's get started creating 3. What is Fan Art: What is heart Van Art is artwork created by fans of a work of fiction and derived from the Siri's characters or other aspects of that work. Part of program is a term coined by Red Bow to me, an agreement for the artist used another person's creative property in There Are other websites may not use the Trump Partner program, but they have programs that do the same thing. Part of programs are usually focused on fan art but can be for any other use. Copyrighted materials such as low Bruce slogans and more. Let's go through. A Short History of Banner has been around since the first bar told the first story. In modern times, people create and self and our paintings, Prince and more. With the advent of the Internet and art, marketplaces became a big problem for companies like Disney, especially on the emerging art market. Places like Zazzle Cafe, Press Red Bow. These companies saw illegal designs as cutting into their profits, but they had trouble removing all of the offenders, especially when new designs pop up overnight. Copyright complaints became a time consuming and temporary way to combat a problem. Today we solve this problem with a three way partnership agreement involving the brand owner of the intellectual property manufacturer. Like Red Bow actually prints the products and the artists who creates the images that goes on the products. At the same time, copyright complaint mechanisms got more advanced. Companies can now search whole Internet were infringing images and words in titles, descriptions and tags. And marketplaces like Red Bubble now respond to blanket copyright complaints, removing many artworks at the same time instead of dealing with each one as it is received . Because of this, you should be extra careful. Your works aren't infringing anyone. Even using a trademark word or phrase in the title or description of your art is grounds have it completely removed from the website. So what we have now is a balance where artists can create the art. Using many of their favorite shows, movies, books and brands and companies, you can have more control over their intellectual property. Let's look at the best places to self in our online legally 4. Where Can I sell Fan Art: where myself in on the number of part of programs is growing every day. Let's go over the best ones and what they include. We'll start off with a red bow and Red Arrow is such an amazing company. I talked about it a lot of other courses, and they're really pioneers of the partner program. You've got all kinds of brands and shows here, so take a look, see if there's anything you like. They have a lot of cartoons, so if you love cartoons, you're gonna love red bubble part. Next up we have designed by humans and designed by humans, is just getting started with their program, so they only have five featured brands. But they do have Assassin's creed in Star Trek. So if you're one of those things, check it out. Next up, we have Amazon now. Amazon is a little bit different. You have to actually apply to be an artist. But the cool thing about Amazon is you can actually apply to be a brand as well. So if you have a brand and you're building up, it might be something that you can use to reach a wider audience and have other people's designs be helping out your brand as well. It's definitely the most exclusive off all of the options, but I had a huge consumer base of Amazon customers Think about and last, but not least, we have castles Emerge program. You'll see that they have just a few things here. Transformers, organ, Black Outlander. But they have some interesting things that aren't necessarily shoes. You can design things for the armed forces as well as some colleges and even an artist who passed away Mexican artist and four. So although there's not as many things in Zazzle program, you can see that they are pushing the boundary. By incorporating these brands, thes artists have passed away as well as colleges and even the armed forces. I imagine that in the future is, as was going to have a bunch more brands and more things incorporated in their family. For now, when you're looking at Zazzle, make sure you don't get confused with the officially licensed merchandise. I did at first, but I got pretty excited because I thought that you could design for all of these different things. But unfortunately these designs are all designed by the actual in House designers for the different brands and different companies here. Hopefully, in the future, they do open up a lot of these different brands in their family for fingers crossed. Now there are some were wiring in limitations that you're going to need to be aware of when you're applying to these partner programs. First off, it is crucial that you do not post your art on any social media or anywhere else on the Web before submitting it to the party. These programs are going to search the Web to see if your image is an original piece where if somebody else took it, if they see that you already opposed to it, not only are they going to be upset that sure using their stuff without their permission, they also might think that it's somebody else who created the art. Either way, you're only a short have image rejected. What's your average? Gets accepted to partner program, go nuts shared on social media and be sure to link back to the original product so people can buy. Keep in mind that each one of these brands has her own guidelines, so you're going to need to review those before you even start designing. Also, remember that each of these programs has an actual human being side, which designs given where designs don't make the cut. You can search the site to see what designs get approved because all the designs you see have already been approved. Make sure your art is high politics and shows the brand in a positive light because otherwise, why would the company want to collaborate with your art? And like any other Arthur, you're putting up guidelines of the marketplaces, like Brent Bubble or Zazzle still hot. Each program has different rules for submitting your heart. Check out the epic use to find out what they are. It's usually a simple as checking check box or adding some tax during the upload process. For example, on Red Bow, all you have to do is add a few tax. And whenever you add specific tags, Red Bubble is going to say, Hey, let's put this in the Q and have reviewer check it and when it except that it will go up on the regular red bubble site as well as the specific Partner Program section of the site 5. Partner Programs Spreadsheet: uh, we wanted to make it easier for you to find out whether or not your favorite shows are any of the partner programs. So we put together this spreadsheet and what it has. It has different sites, brands that are allowed a link to the partner program as well as f accused or other links that you might need to quickly search for your favorite shows. Go over here to find your thing and either click all or these three little lines making an upside down that first off, we're gonna have to clear everything because first of all, everything is. And we're gonna see Rick and Morty right there. Actually, I'm gonna go back because I want to cook this one because it doesn't have the PM. So I want to make sure that I get and then hit, OK, and you can see only the results will show up. And then you have that bubble tea public and Amazon all offering Rick Good morning in their partner programs to reception spreadsheet. Just go back to select all it's okay and we're back. Partner programs are relatively new thing, and I anticipate a lot more brands in the very near future. If you discover a new partner program or that part of the program has been updated and this this is getting old, go ahead and shoot me a message or just leave a note on this class and I will quickly update a spreadsheet, sure that all of the students have the latest information. 6. What Type of Art to Make: what type of art make Choose something you love. You know the most relatable characters in best moments from your favorite serious movies and books. Of course, they will have to be in the program. Checked a list to see if your favorite shoes are there. Look at the demand. If you're unsure, check Google trends to see if the show is popular and to compare multiple shows, movies or books. See what's already out there. The easiest way is to search Red Bubble or another site with a partner program. Usually the top selling artwork will come up first so you can see what people are buying, including the characters, the art styles and the products that they're selling these images on. Finally, when creating, are safe all elements in one place, like a AI file or a folder for each show movie book, etcetera. This makes it super easy to create more art. Later on, 7. Make Captivating Fan Art: May captivating van are captivating are brings a viewer back fond memories they have with character or expands of yours associations with the character into new rounds. Here's some ways we can do that. Tying together two characters on the show into one character, tying together two characters in different shows into one character or situation. You can blend together any character from works in the public domain, such as characters from very old shows. Movies. Miami is a classic example of a character you can use. You conserve for other public domain works or, if you're unsure, just Google to see if the work is in the public domain. You cannot use two characters different partners programs, as you could only submit to one partner program for each piece of work. And remember, you cannot use copyrighted work that is not in the apartment program. Make the characters look like they're in a different show. For example, putting them in the animation style. Another show, like South Park or The Simpsons. Remember, you can't use trademark words when marketing your art, so if you do this, you'll have to admit the show title in the titles, tags and descriptions time together. A character with a passionate Mitch, a passionate niche is a subject with raving fans like coffee craft, beer, sloths, cannabis yoga and ugly Christmas sweaters. For example, you could make a label for Rick Sauce, a beer with 99.99% alcohol. You can Google lists of passionate niches to get more ideas when deciding on a passionate image. It's best that your passion is well, because you will be able to make the most relatable designs something your peers will love . Inventing adventure for a character playing on names, concepts, locations, etcetera. Combining with art you already have. If you made a piece of people love and maybe is already selling, you can simply add character to it and apply a blend mode if necessary. This is fast and can create bestsellers that also bring in people that are interested in the rest of your portfolio and for specific product types or groups. Always keep in mind the final products. PNG images with transparent backgrounds translate well. Shirts and stickers, rectangular images about transparency, translator, art prints, tapestries all over print clothing and more shirts and stickers. Someone but tapestries and art prints make more per sale. If you know what you're designing for, you can tell your art to look great on news products. Keep it simple. Keep your art simple in terms of the concepts and elements involved. Make it recognizable. It should have an immediate impact and bring people back to the feeling of the character immediately. Also, be sure that the other elements of the design matched the feeling or energy of that character show, movie or book. For example, Pickle Rick is bright and exciting, and so is the art I used to combine with it. Here's some simple ideas to get you going, our characters in common expressions or during times of extreme emotion, catchphrases or even better, the character saying Catch rates, immortalizing important moments and memorable situations. Keep in mind that your art can't be true sense. It does have to have some modifications that you made as art. You can't just sell a screen capture of the show and expected to be accepted by that was creating a partnership program. We will look at more fan art ideas in the next left 8. Finding Elements to Make Fan Art: finding elements for. There's two major ways to get the Ellen's for your family. You can either create something yourself or repurpose something that you find. If you want to make something new, be it a character, logo or location from a show book. You can draw yourself. You can paint it. You can make a vector drawing. You could make a drawing on. I've had You could do pretty much anything as long as at the end of the day you end up with an image that is at least 6000 by 6000 pixels. Even if that's just a photograph, something you did. I are up this second and much easier way is just simply we purpose something that found what we do. This is you screen cap and vector rised the actual show itself. Do you do this? You want the stream or ideally down the highest quality version available that show. If you do download high resolution copy, you can use DLC to take a really good screenshot. Now this seems easy, but when you're going to do it, you might spend a lot of time just scrolling through and seeing what's a good friend So what I like to do is google the show ahead of time and then find other people screenshots that I like and then go back in the actual show itself and find that screen shop. Then, you know, you get the highest resolution copy available. If you're using a screenshot, be sure that your file artwork doesn't have the same aspect ratio or else it's going to be pretty obvious that it's simply a screenshot and frankly, unappealing to the custom you might be. I want to show you how to do that very quickly. So here I have Rick and Morty up on the screen and I want to get a picture of Professor Booby bottle. So right now I'm getting close to where I am. I don't want this exact frame. What I can do is hit the e short cut And don't just bring me friend, my friend. That way I could be sure I'm getting exactly the friend that I want. So getting close. Let's see if I can find it. Yeah, I like that for So what you do is go up to video and then snatch. Go ahead and find where you'll see has saved that and then open it up in a nubile she you can right click open with and we're here. There's a whole range of options we can do to get out. Just Mr Grouping bile. We could use the magnetic lasso tool. We could use a simple mental to come out. But what I do is I'm going to use in its tricks. But just clicking this button here, I'm going to go to window image trace. So I get all the options and I want to do this. Not quite high color, Not quite a little color. But go ahead and do no color for now and see what? Okay, so that actually looks pretty bad, so I'm gonna try. OK, so this isn't really bad, but it's not the best either. So I'm gonna play a few sentences and see what I call. If we were spending more Thomas, what we could do is take a photo shop first and cut out. Just cared that way. Whenever we bring in the image trace, it has less things to do. It takes less time and you get a better result. The next thing to do is hit expand. Now we'll see all of the vector shapes. We're gonna go ahead and go to the direct selection, tool the white out, and then we're going to start the meeting stuff and we're gonna keep on the leading things . Tell me, only have the character. One thing you can do if you are finding you have a bunch of these little dots everywhere and you don't want to go through and click mall is click one and then select sand. Fill color and it will select the budget roll, and then you can just delete them very quickly. So here we have our character and it's not looking the best. We didn't do the best job here. You can see the concept, and you want to do it better. You know, I said before, you can profit in photo shop, but if you want to make it even easier and even more accurate, you can use something like a magic wand. Pool can select just Mr Peabody or whatever character and then save him out as the highest resolution peons. You can then take him into El Shater, and it's going to be even more accurate when you go to victory, but by far the easiest way to find high quality art. Repurpose. Is this simply Google the name of the show and then vector? You can see I looked for Rick and morning Factor here, and I got a ton of results and just looking at their pretty high quality. Here we can see there's Aton of Brick and Morning art, including Pickle Rick and the lesson where we talk about making easy faour. I'm very sure how to take a vector like this and make it into something really memorable, something that resonates with the audience, something that is easy to make here. There's even more so. It's just a gold mine of Ricky morning content out there on the way, and there should be just about this much content for pretty much every show in a partner program. So no, not downloaded. All save it for later. We're going to use this 9. Easy Fan Art Ideas 1: Silhouettes: uh, easy Fanar ideas. Let's talk about some easy ways to make fan art that fans will love. This lesson is an extension of the make captivating art and the finding elements lessons. So if you're jumping around in the class, make sure you watch these two lessons before taking this. We're going to talk about silhouettes, filters, stylized catchphrases, character patterns and dollars. And I didn't care. You still are. You already have. I'll walk you through most of these methods quickly so you can get a feel for the work clothes. Phillips. So it is a recognisable shape of a character or important object from the show. We're gonna fill in the shape with an image to make a cool piece of art very easily. First, you need a vector shape, which you should already have from defining elements. Lesson. What can you use for the image to put inside of the shape you can use your art? You could use Doc Todd. You either bought or found on a free stock photography site before you could even use streaming shots of this show to create a piece of original looking artwork using only found elements. Make it so you're going to need a vector. So and I made this one by using this vector image, which I found. So once you have a civil, it would make sure that it is a true silhouette and a true civil. Let only has one color. The other piece you need is a piece of art or a screenshot or something that you want to put in there. And I'm going to use a NASA image that I modified what you have in there. Go ahead and click bed and then we're going todo object have ever made. I'm saying, and then we don't have to do anything with pattern Just click done. And now we can delete this because what we just did is we gave ourselves a swatch, and that's watch can be a Phil, and we're going to fill this entire image with the image that we just put it there. Now we already have a space out morning. And if we want to rearrange where the images were going to hold down the till day and then if you want a precise it go over here a scale cool, make sure that only transform happens is click and then we can pick. Besides that we want and it's easy is that we have a very cool piece which will make a great sticker or 10. Easy Fan Art Ideas 2: Advanced Filters: uh, advanced filters. Advanced filters can be good on screen captures as well as images of characters. You can use the filters and further shop. You can also overlay pictures or other images and then use blood moves. Get all sorts of effects. You could even use phone or tablet applications, and here are a few good ones. You check when you're using a phone or a tablet. Make sure that you can say about the image in a high resolution. With then are you want the shortest side to be at least 6000 pixels. So let's look at doing this shop. The first thing we want to do is crop the image. So I clicked Crop over here, and I'm just going to cut a little bit off on this side and go here. Remember, we want to do that just so it doesn't look too much like a screenshot. And there we go. Now the next thing you would normally want to do, but I'm actually going to skip is to up sample this image, and the reason we're doing this is this is not a high resolution image. It's a screenshot, but I'm actually going to skip this step because is going to make it slower when we add the effects. But you do want to do it, and it's not going to affect the end quality because the effects are going to make it not so. What we're going to do is we're going to go up here to filter and then filter gala and in the filter gallery you can play with a bunch of these different effects. And for this piece of art, I like this glowing edges fact. But I want to make it a little bit brighter, and I think that looks pretty cool. So once we're back in the image now it's time to add some adjustments and the 1st 1 I want to do is the level suggesting and I'm going to take this latter and drag and what that's going to do is it's going to take this little bit of information. It's gonna make it stretch over the entire spectrum, so that gives us a lot more brightness and a lot more balanced image. So it looks pretty cool. It's pretty second down, but I want to change the colors, so I'm gonna add a hue and saturation layer and then I can just change. Wow, that's really cool. I can change the hue right here and ban in, like, such a short amount of time. We already have a pretty cool piece of fanar. And keep in mind if you do the up sampling, you're not going to get all this fix elation. So here we have it are finished art. I call it Sanchez on LSD. 11. Easy Fan Art ideas 3: Stylized Catch Phrases: uh, stylized cash phrases When you get a catchphrase and then apply some cool styles to it, you could make a top selling piece of art with the left. Everybody wants to shirt with catchphrases from their favorite show. Try to find a font used in the show like the title. You don't know what this is you can google it for. You could also use one of the many tools online to help you find out what the name or if you want to get a little bit more artsy, you could do the letter by hand. And there's a lot of really good classes on skill share about fact arising your hand letter . Here's another idea I saw researching this course. You can define words that are used only in the show and create a T shirt that looks like a dictionary entry that's mixing. Catchphrase are It's super fun. Super easy Now. I couldn't find the correct fought because my Internet just cut out. But any old fossil work you'll need Adobe Illustrator opened up and then another image we're going to put inside. So go ahead. And how about the catchphrase in here and make sure that space in is what you want. If it's not good to window pipe character and then show options and you can adjust the colonel, I like to use optical and then set it, which once you're satisfied, go ahead and then you can right click and go to create outlasts. Now we have a vector image of our type, and what we're going to do is we're going to change the fill to an image. So first of all, we have to get that image in there. Should go ahead and drag your J Peg or Keagy directly into Adobe Illustrator. And once it's in there, click in bed what you have embedded in it. You could make a pattern. We're gonna go to object. How make and you going to do anything with pattern? Just get it done, and then you could actually delete this image because we don't need it anymore. It's already over here swatches, and there we can size up our type to the actual size that you want. Next, make sure you have the fill selected. Go to your swatches and click the image. You just hold down the tilde key and then click and drag to reposition the image within the tax. I think that's pretty cool, but I feel like it needs a little bit more to make it pop. So I'm gonna go over here to the appearance panels and then I'm going to go to FX, then go to stylized and just add a nice little job. And in just a few minutes we have a get 50 desire. 12. Easy Fan Art Ideas 4: Character Patterns and Mandalas: character patterns and handles. You could make patterns using different characters, even a single care on red bubble. You can emulate a pattern while you're uplift, meaning you don't even have to render out. But that only works on making a pattern is super easy and be illustrated. We have our character here, and I have to do is go to object, have make all right. So there's a few different options we can choose. I think this is a pretty good option, although for this character I also want to make it a little bit higher. Give it a little bit more space, but not too much. And with this particular character, just this happened right here is it's pretty interesting, like it really grabs your attention. And I think it might be something that somebody would want on a shirt or something like that. So I'm gonna go ahead and done so once we have a pattern, it's gonna be over. Here are swatches panel. In order to render out a piece of art, we've got to use this as a fill, so I'm going to create a rectangle, and I know how big the art board is 11,000 by 11,000 pixels. So I'm just gonna put that in there and this full size get really line up with the align panel. It sure, its ally into the art board her thick and now we have to do is click the Phil and this watch. Click right here, and we have a super high resolution vector pattern. Pretty crazy. If you want your pattern bigger or smaller, go over here to the scale, toe double click it and you pretty much always wear a uniform and you're going to click off . Transform objects of all you have is transformed. And then you can click the pretty view and go ahead and scale it up or down until you're satisfied. And it's a simple that you can easily make $9 by replicating images around a central point . Or you can use other techniques you could find you. Let's make I'm in dollars very quickly and Adobe illustrator So we're starting out with the moment that we created earlier. This is a character from working, boarding call Mr Peabody, and the first thing we want to do is we want to create a center point, so I have the ruler shown here. If you don't see the rulers go down command or control R and then go ahead and drag, it doesn't really matter where we put this. I'm just gonna put it right down here just a long as we have a center point that we can rotate this character around. So we're gonna go ahead and select him with the regular selection tool and get him about center, and that's good. Now, with our characters selected, we're gonna go over here and hit the rotate toe or just click the arm. We're gonna go down to where our guidelines meat. We're gonna hold down the option key. We'll see three little dots by crosshairs and I was just going to click in the very center and they have to choose. You wanted to do something that's easily visible by for 60. I like to do 33 60 degrees sometime, so we're gonna go ahead and copy, and then we're going to hit Commander Control de until we are all the way around. So in this case, it's 10 more times, and now we can see we have already pretty nice first layer of this man. Now we can have a little fun. We're gonna hold down option and take out a new copy, and then go ahead and do some fun things with. So this time I'm going to use the rotator will again. But I'm going to go on his hat and I'm gonna do 60 copy all the way around. And I'm going to use this full element as one thing. Group it with Maggie scaled down. And then I'm going to use this just like another element that I'm going to put all the way around here. So within selected, I'm going to go to the rotate to again. We're going to hold down option again. Click in the center. This time I'm going back 30 degrees copy. And it goes all the way around nicely. And go ahead. Keep adding layers to your mandala is great to do all the characters of the show. If you have the elements for that, you can always just do one care. And here we have a simple little Manella. I'm sure you could do a better job. And when you do shared in the project section, I want to see 13. Easy Fan Art Ideas 5: Adding a Character: uh, probably the easiest way to make Fanar is TUC awesome. Are you already have in your portfolio simply at a character toe? One year pieces. You can then apply blend modes, drop shadows also said different effects. Get your image blended in with the character and make the character feel at home in your piece of art. And, of course, you can simply draw pain or create your art in any other way and makes you and this is really easy to do. We just need a piece of art opening photo shop and then the image that we want to put on top. And it's really great to use vector here, So I'm just going to copy and paste directly from Adobe Illustrator into, and I'm going to choose Smart Object, and then resize and position are holding that option to keep it centered. Now I usually like to use the blend. It makes the character go into your I like to use this group, usually overlay soft like a really nice effects. We'll see that software. It is way too transparent. What I like to do is go ahead and make a few copies of your hair and then you can apply different blood moves to get some really cool sex. You can see that the heart is now blending through our care. It's also good to play around with some layer styles. For example, in outer glow or a drop shadow often works really well. It looks pretty good on this piece and there we have it. I call it in Latin Professor movie, but 14. Submitting your Fan Art: uh, now we have are you? Only thing left to do is let's go over uploading a brick morning design to read bubble tea public before it gets started. It's best to have your meta information ready to copy and paste if you let some tips for creating this information in the cellar Master class, I go over everything from research has to write descriptions that people love Everything is that before your upolu make sure that you read the guy lines and your artists and plant which my artis also be sure you know what you need to upload your are and both of these programs. So wake up. We're going to make sure that way and shoes file. And while uploading go ahead title. First thing I'm going to do is topping ace necessary, so we don't now go ahead with the rest of it, and it's so easy when you have information. So we are there now. I just have to select media collections as well as its not next shoes that devolve you because this is a full square image and it's going to look great on a lot of pressure. I'm gonna go ahead and use that you have a better sticker on your shoes. Now way. Go ahead and enable or disable whatever products like you can see this turn up free. Well, but I'm realising that the graphic T shirt doesn't look super good because he gets called. So I'm gonna go ahead and change the people. You and I like the way the scar folks. So many use that. And I were ready. Todo we're gonna see work. Well, process in the guidelines, you can see we have to simply frickin morning, which is actually already in my med attacks. So I don't have to do any. We're going to choose a file of blue and then they are. People have issues with not stay March files, but I actually have been in contact with them. Hopefully that changed this. It's pretty ridiculous considering Brembo you could do any size image that is 300 wish here . They only which 2020 is pretty ridiculous. Anyway, that's what copy and paste more and say some time by going over here copying title, we can see it says work is published. Although reality it's going way and we're going to finish now. This left is choosing what products wanted on and clicking that conditions. And it said, we must choose the people color, which again, I'm not a big fan of this offloading process. But we're gonna go. And it says that our design is pending review for official license, and that's it. You'll see that it's not much different than uploading a pot. Now we have to do is wait to get an email saying that we were accepted into partnership. 15. Class Review: uh, you made it. You finished the course. Let's review what we learned. So it's six right up there. We learn what? ISS Fan art, What are part of programs we looked at? The current thin are programs available online today, and we talked about making art that connects with fans on a deep level, we learned where defying elements to use our artwork and how to make high quality are quickly using those elegance. Finally, we walked through submitting to these programs and got our art accepted and put up for sale . Thank you for taking this course. I hope it gets you very excited to create some new are if you're looking for more tips to sell your art teaching in depth masterclass it is available on sculpture called Sell Art Online Master class. You can find it in my profile and what you made some awesome art. Don't forget to post it in the project section. So I and other students in C