Make Extra Income Writing Short Stories | Susan Palmquist | Skillshare

Make Extra Income Writing Short Stories

Susan Palmquist, Author, Dream Inspirer and Writing Guru

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13 Videos (57m)
    • Welcome

    • What is a Short Story?

    • What Makes a Great Short Story?

    • Mistakes of the Beginning Short Story Writer

    • Researching the Short Story Market

    • Plotting Your Short Story

    • Characters for your Short Story

    • Dialogue

    • Point of View

    • Narration and Pacing

    • Setting and Time

    • Markets for Your Short Stoies

    • Class Wrap Up


About This Class

Have you ever thought about writing but don't feel you're ready to tackle a full length novel or maybe you just want to learn the basics of writing before you dive into a longer project.

More online publications are springing up daily and now with the opportunity to publish your work on Amazon, there's never been a better time to be a short story writer and earn some extra income.

In this class i'll take you step by step on the skills needed to write a great short story.

I'll be covering-

Mistakes of the beginning short story writer.

Creating characters readers will love.

Developing a plot in this short format.

How to create perfect dialogue.

How to choose your point of view character.

Pacing, narration, setting and time

And finally I'll be telling you about some of the possible markets for your work.

So I hope you'll take this first step to earning some extra money as a short story writer.






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Susan Palmquist

Author, Dream Inspirer and Writing Guru


I’m Susan Palmquist and for the last 20 years I’ve been an author, freelance writer, editor, blogger, teacher and tutor, (and before that I was a publicist).

It feels like I’ve squeezed a lot into two decades and it’s my tips and experience that I’ve learned along the way that I’m now happy to share with you here at Skillshare.

I’d like to show you how you too can write for fun or even for a living whether it be fiction or non...

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