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Make Edison Wood Block Lamp

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. 1 materials

    • 3. 2 preparation wood

    • 4. 3 sanding

    • 5. 4 preparing wood for drilling

    • 6. 5 drilling part 1

    • 7. 6 drilling part 2

    • 8. 7 drilling part 3

    • 9. 8 conecting wire

    • 10. 9 last step

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About This Class

In this training course, I am going to teach you how to make a edison wood block lamp that is used for home decoration and beauty, and you can make this at the lowest cost. All construction steps are taught in full detail and you do not need any background. I hope you enjoy watching this training course and make your own wood lamp and be surprised by the result

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1. Intro: Hi, I am jam sheets. Welcome to my terrain in courts. In this training course, I am going to teach you how to make your wood lab that's used for home decoration and beauty. And you can make these at the lowest cost. All construction and steps are taught in full detail and you don't need any backgrounds. I hope you enjoyed watching this training course and make your own woodland. And be surprised by the results. 2. 1 materials: first and most important material needed is would Here we use a piece off followed boot with dimensions off approximately two, any by 15 on, cut it into rectangular cubes, way wire and cable light switch, depending on city power lamps took it, which is ceramic and has two screws to conduct the wife. The Edison lab that used here is this really called bald and be tested inside the lamp circuit. 3. 2 preparation wood: in the section because the Mutsu face by a car, Venter or ourselves with a flat band. So to make the AIDS off the boot vertical in the next step, we cut the corners off the vote in a curved shape, which we have already marked with a marker. - You do all their steps carefully. Then, using electric sending, we send the entire surface off the food. Two prepaid for manual sanding. - These were the initial steps off preparing the wood with Imagine way, the next step way will send Sufis off the wood by hands. 4. 3 sanding: using sandpaper number 100 or 60 sand the entire route chauffeurs toe s would devote service. We do these carefully and patiently. - Scotland should be completely removed. - Way after finishing standing with rough sandpaper, we use a softer sandpaper such as sandpaper number 360 to send the edge off the boot and the inter surface off the road. - Sand until the surface after food is this foot. 5. 4 preparing wood for drilling: in this system, we're going to mark the place off the circuit and the light teach on the wood for this purpose. We first marked the middle after boot with a ruler. On drawing a line. Draw a circle on the marks dimensions, using a shaped ruler on the marked line. Measure the diameter off the light switch on mark the place off the search on the vote, according to the video. 6. 5 drilling part 1: using a real number 10 or 12 really hole in the boat, not the whole to the end. Off the boat. We turned the ball over and marked the place off the search on the back off the roof so that the bottom off the light switch is inside the wood. - Next , using a four centimeter wood boring drill bits with really hole in the boat that we had already marks on the road, - we do not pierce the end off the boat. 7. 6 drilling part 2: After drilling the hole in the producers step, we also drilled the sewage hole Onley until it reached there would sue first with thickness off about five millimeters from the food service using the real number eight or 10 really hold. We do all their steps, according to the video. - At the end off the drilling test this ticket in place, hold on the light switch to make sure they are in serious condition. 8. 7 drilling part 3: at this estate we deter mined the place where the wires enters the food using a drill and really hold in the next step, beating the voyeur from their floor off the boot to the bottom, off the lamp on mark the place off the worst with pencil and carving it using a chisel way . 9. 8 conecting wire: In this section we are going to teach you how to connect a wire to the switch. And then the lab suggests, first we carefully separate the why of commerce. There is no ground wire. You can cut the green wire. We covered the cutoff, the cable shoot using hits shooting 2B. This speech must be in the path of one of the wires. Race the lamps, ducats. For this purpose, we use blue Wij. First, me posted warrior through the little hole in the root, and then start working. We cut the blue wire according to their warrior people. Start worrying and connecting to the sewage. First you connect the wire to one-off their sewage and continue the wire to the next, end up the search. We use the cuts good. Nyu. Glad. You've had for all the steps carefully so that no accident IQs using the polar connection. No wires predict key in place. The next is that we've passed their wires throughout the whole of the lab socket and fasten the wires under the UFO stuff that makes sure that the punch does not pass through the wire so that the electricity does not pass during the connection. We separate the oil curse and connect them to the lab circuit, which has two screws. At the end of the circuit. You must first lose them screws. And then it said the wire into the hole and tighten this group. After finishing their work, you've put in place the lamp inside this circuit to test it. Steps are done correctly, connect, deployed to the poverty and tear Mandela. 10. 9 last step: In this section, using a soft distill mood or sanding number 800, sand the surface of the wood to remove their alliance created Underwood. Then to make the food more beautiful, we covered the ruled surface of the root using linseed oil. Linseed oil, vegetable oil that is not harmful to the skin. And you can also use a branch or a piece of gloat. After covering the aboot surveys wipe off the excess oil. We the tissue and olive oil to penetrate the mood. After 30 minutes would lab is ready. And you can use these handmade device and enjoy.