Make Easy Handmade Ceramic Pottery Dishes Without Fancy Tools! | Cindy Guajardo | Skillshare

Make Easy Handmade Ceramic Pottery Dishes Without Fancy Tools!

Cindy Guajardo, Mixed Media + Ceramic Artist

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11 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies + Tools

    • 3. About Clay

    • 4. Roll an Even Slab of Clay

    • 5. Texture Clay Slab

    • 6. Cut the Shapes Out

    • 7. Format and Print Text on Clay

    • 8. Make the Pottery Dishes

    • 9. Free Form Pottery Dishes

    • 10. Final Steps

    • 11. Thank you

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About This Class

Skill lever: Beginner

Pottery has never been more popular and now you can make easy clay dishes at home without having a pottery wheel or any other pottery specific equipment*. 

Join me in my home studio where I will demonstrate how to make slab built dishes in different shapes that can be impressed with texture, personalized text, special dates and more.

When I was a beginning clay student, the pottery wheel was super frustrating to me. After learning a few hand building techniques and best practices for working with wet clay, I had instant success. It was just enough to keep me going to enable me to graduate with a degree in ceramics.

Keep in mind, that a degree isn't necessary - just a willingness to try and you can be on your way making pottery to keep for yourself, gift and even sell.

Warning: Clay is very addicting!


* I use a cone 6 white stoneware clay body that needs to be fired in a kiln to approximately 2232 degrees F for durability. If you do not have access to a kiln, many community pottery studios and/or private studios will often fire work for you for a small fee. Alternately, you may use air dry clay and acrylic paint or polymer clay, but these materials are not food or dishwasher safe.