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Make Easy But Powerful Social Media Graphics: Canva |Stencil

teacher avatar Kristen Palana, Professor, Award-Winning Artist, Digital Do-Gooder

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (1h 41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview of What You Can Make

    • 3. Introduction to Canva

    • 4. Choosing a Template and Finding a Quote

    • 5. Working With Text

    • 6. How to Work With Images Like a Boss

    • 7. Make a Transparent Logo in 4 Minutes or Less

    • 8. Finishing Your Canva Design and Icons

    • 9. Downloading and Sharing Your Images

    • 10. Some Useful Canva Pro Features

    • 11. Using a Post Planner -Buffer Mini Crash Course

    • 12. Stencil Introduction

    • 13. Make a New Stencil Design From Scratch

    • 14. Finishing Your Design and Icons

    • 15. Extra: 5 Easy/Free Tools For Making Web Images, Animation, and Video

    • 16. Extra: Create Your Own Online Shop With Your Designs (Part 1)

    • 17. Extra: (Part 2) Create Your Own Online Shop With Your Designs

    • 18. Thanks For Taking This Course. Please Review

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About This Class

Learn simple, effective techniques to make beautiful social media & web graphics using Canva or Stencil in under 1 hour.

Are you ready to take charge and learn quick and easy methods for creating and editing powerful web images/social media graphics like a professional in just 1 hour?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, content creator, teacher, author, or social media maven, over the last few years it has become CRUCIAL to know how to do a little bit of everything online. 

With this course as your guide, you'll learn how to confidentially and professionally create and manage your OWN unique images for your website, blog, eCourse, eBook, presentations, or social media pages.

-No design skills required. 

-No expensive software required. 

-Beginners and busy people welcome.

Save time, money, and sanity by learning how to finally make your own images without having to always pay someone else to do them for you.

In this course you will learn:

  • Easy and quick ways to create professional web & social media graphics in minutes using free online tools
  • How to take your regular logo and put it on a transparent background in¬†four minutes or less
  • Learn the most essential and useful tools in Canva
  • Learn the most essential and useful tools in the Canva-alternative, Stencil
  • Absorb the most important design principles as we work together making real social media graphics for a real client
  • Understand how to better choose and organize type, images, colors, and layout in your designs¬†
  • See how to schedule and deliver graphics through the free social media post-planning tool, Buffer.
  • Get a birds-eye view of the design process from concept to final product.

This course was created especially for complete beginners as well as people who fight with technology who want to gain new and valuable digital imaging skills that can be used every day. You can watch and follow along with me as I show you through case studies for an actual client how I make professional-looking social media graphics and web images using the free online tools Canva and Stencil.

I'm a practicing award-winning multimedia artist and a former tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media and Program Director of Film & Digital Media at The American University of Rome (2006-2016). I'm currently an Associate Professor of Digital Media at American University of Myanmar in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). 

Since 2000 I've been teaching students all over the world using my tried and true custom approach (turning complex information into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount of time as possible) to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be applied immediately.

New bonus lectures and resources will continue to be added and timely design advice will be provided in the discussion forum. I love to help and always respond to inquiries and discussions ASAP.

Empower yourself now by enrolling in this course and join our growing learning community! Let's get started building your new image creation skills using Canva and Stencil today.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kristen Palana

Professor, Award-Winning Artist, Digital Do-Gooder


My goal is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

I'm an award-winning artist and educator helping empower ordinary people around the globe to communicate effectively and tell their own extraordinary stories through a variety of media. I have created dynamic content for clients including UNICEF, The United Nations Population Fund, The World Food Programme, Children International, The Aid Myanmar Society, The B-52s, and The American University of Myanmar.

I have 19+ years of experience teaching digital media and creating innovative programs and courses for secondary, undergraduate, and postgraduate students as well as adults and children with no formal education in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. I've also been teaching tens of thousands of onl... See full profile

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to this quick and dirty course that will have you making professional looking social media graphics fast. You don't need to have any art or design skills. You don't need toe own expensive imaging software, and you don't even have to be good with computers or technology to benefit from this course . This course was created for complete beginners, design novices, students and people with little time or money to make professional social media graphics that you can use for your business, blood, website courses, books and more. Join me as I work on graphics for a really client, and we use the free online design tools Can va and stencil through several case studies. You learn how I make professional graphics for social media, which tools I use. You'll get my top design tips and life saving hacks for making the best images quickly and easily. I'll also show some behind the scenes in sight for fixing up logos so that they're on a transparent background and how I use Post planners to send out my finished graphics. So are you ready to get started? Let's begin right away making professional graphics for social media. My name is Kristen Polana. I'm an artist, educator and author, teaching thousands of university students around the world. Since 2000 I've also been teaching online since 2014 to tens of thousands of students. I specialize in helping ordinary people do extraordinary things through simple, clear explanations and baby steps building upto larger things. How can I help you today? 2. Overview of What You Can Make: Hey there. All right. So I'm going to take you through a couple of easy freeways to make social media graphics for your business for ah, friend for anything that you need to do concerning social media. And I'm gonna be using a business that my friend runs in Miami, Florida called healing hands Therapeutic massage. And I've been doing these, uh, these social media graphics for her for the last few months or so, and they're very easy and quick to make. And I've been using canvas, which many people will go there right away. And actually, as I'm talking, let me show you some of them. So this is a holiday one. And basically, they're very easy to use their easy templates. We're gonna work with royalty free imagery. Ah, lot of times when you're making social media graphics, they're just really captivating image, a logo and something as simple as an inspiring quote. So because this is a massage business, um, we're doing things that have to do with relaxation, inspiration, indulging self care, self love, all of these things. So I'm just quickly going obviously not all of these air social media graphics, but something like this you can see clearly has the logo on it. And when I post them for her, I'm posting them on Twitter. Ah, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google Plus and I usually include Hashtags to increase their reach and also a ah link back to her website. So even though these air going out worldwide, if anyone is actually in Miami, Florida or in Southern Florida, then they can go to her page. And hopefully they're inspired to become a client. But really, her social media graphics are not so much about getting clients, although that would be nice. It's more about increasing her brand recognition, people understanding what her brand is about and just connecting with her target audience. So these air a couple of recent ones and you can see if you've ever taken any my other classes. I like to do things with color psychology. Um, where I'm working with complementary colors. Lots of contrast, etcetera. OK, so you've seen a few examples. Let's make some together, so we're gonna use can va and we're gonna use stencil to free tools that will allow you to easily make thes graphics. Even if you have zero design experience. Seeing the next lesson 3. Introduction to Canva: Hey there. OK, so where At Cannes, va dot com. This is usually the first stop people make because it's such a popular free tool you don't need any design. Experience is just templates, templates, templates. So, um, you may know that I teach design how to use photo shop illustrator gim all this other programs. And of course, you can create thes same graphics in any of those imaging programs. But actually, even though I know how to use a lot of those programs, sometimes I just don't know what I want to make. And these template programs like Canada and stencil actually give me ideas. So and they save me time because, you know, if I do these in photo shopped, for example, I have to have an idea. I have to figure out, um, how I'm gonna place things, whereas can va has all kinds of little templates and things. So anyway, just even though in the last lesson I showed you some of the images I made these air a few more that I've made in Can va. You'll see that you don't have to have a picture at all. It could be all text for example, and Kendra is great for picking out your color palette for you, your funds everything. And you're just swapping in your own message. So it could be really, really as easy as that. So you don't even have to know about how layout design works, etcetera. Probably my biggest bit of advice. Um, actually, this is a one that I really like as well. This one is. Well, my biggest bit of advice is make sure please, whatever you do in Canada or stencil, make sure when you put text don't put too much text that's too little. That would be difficult for people to read, So try to keep it simple. As they say in journalism Kiss. Keep it simple, stupid. Um, and make sure that your, ah your text if its light is on a dark background and if it's dark, it's on a light background. It's actually easier to read dark text on a light background than vice first. I also try to avoid a repeat try to avoid putting text over a busy background. So, for example, in this one, I have text. If I had moved that text over the sunset or sunrise, whatever that is, it would be very difficult to read. You want to put light text on a dark background and if you have ah, busy background, move your text to a place where there's not much going on. So, for example, in this one, you see the light sky and the dark text, and I just moved the text so you can actually read it. Same thing with the logo, right? Okay, So before we can get started in Canada, you'll see that I'm actually lugged in already. But if you don't, if you've never used can va before, please pause the video and go to Canada dot com and just very quickly sign in and get a free account. Once you do that, if you come back in, you should have a screen that looks like mine where you're signed in and you have a big button called Create a Design. So this is where we are going to start. Okay, So in the next lesson, we will start our very first design and will make something new for healing hands. And I'll walk you through the process and all the options see, in the next lesson 4. Choosing a Template and Finding a Quote: all right, we're back. So let's make a new design. Before we do that, though it's probably a good idea to have an understanding of the different social media platforms and dimensions, etcetera. We won't get overly complicated. In fact, I'll I cheat. And usually I just make Ah, so in can va I'll choose either a template from social media or social graphic, anything that's a perfect square. The reason is that those tend to work best across the most number of platforms, so it will look fine and Twitter will look fine in photo shop and especially an Instagram and Instagram. It has to be a square. I've had a couple of times where I made something a bit more rectangular, and then I went to go put it on Instagram, and it gets cut off because it's not a complete square. So now I just avoid that problem completely. I don't like to make more work for myself if I'm gonna make a social media graphic. I wanted to work in the most number of places as possible, so I personally will go for a complete square. But as you see, they have ones. Ah, that maybe look even better. And Twitter, um, ones that really, really are suited for Facebook. So if you're only using Facebook, you might want to go with the Facebook post. If you're only using Twitter, go with the Twitter post. I use a lot of things, So I'm gonna go with a square social media graphic, and, ah, by the way, in the resource is section here. I'll put some resource is where you can see the different dimensions for the different platforms. We don't actually use Pinterest at healing hands, but having a square will also work there as well. Um, linked in etcetera. All right, so, uh, yeah, let's go for it. So I'm just going to click to start on a template. Social media and it's going to give me Ah, whole bunch of sample images where I'll be able to customize and drag and drop and put my own stuff in there. So sorry. My Internet is a little slow today. Now you'll notice that. See, you can actually see some of the ones that I used when I was just the very beginning. I was just playing with Kendra for the first time. I used this one which we already talked about. He probably saw already used this one as well. Ah, one thing to keep in mind. If you're just using can vote for free like I am, then you can only use the templates that have the big word free on them. So if you scroll down, you'll see some are free. And if they don't say free, that means you have to pay for them or upgrade. Here's another one that, you see, I've already used etcetera, and actually, this one is very simple one to use because we just start going to swap out this image, swap out this image, put our own text in, may be put in a logo. So maybe we'll use that one anyway. I just want to see if there's anything new and exciting in here. So you have to be a bit creative and figuring out how you're going to customize thes for your own, hopefully good not evil purposes. But this one's really easy for a quote. Um, very simple, in fact. Yeah, let's just let's use this 10 sorry. It's paid. Okay, let's use this one. Okay. So any way you choose a template that you want to use and did, Ah, it automatically comes up over here. And then all we have to do is think about what it is that we want to say. So, um, you'll see that you have different backgrounds, different elements, things that you can add in there, what I usually do when I'm in Can Va. Actually, you stencil more now than Ken, Va. But this'll is really a good way to start is you can actually go and search for an inspiring quote. Maybe we'll do one for you in this course, somebody who's trying something new. So maybe we'll do something inspiring. So, um, let me just have a look in ah, for inspiring quotes. So I'll just, uh, make a new temp. I will do a search. It's trying something new, maybe. Okay, let's start with brainy quote And now, in brainy quote, we have to find something that we want to use. I like to use one quotes that are very short because we don't want to put too much text on our social media graphic, right? So I'm going to have a quick search and they'll select something. So just a moment 5. Working With Text: okay, so I don't I actually sped this up so you don't have to see me searching, but it actually takes me a while sometimes to find what it is that I want to do. I see this quote is good. It's about trying new things and it's not too long. So I'm just going to click on it, and hopefully yet it'll allow me to select it. So we copy it and then we bring go back over toward design, and we're going to definitely have to change the size of this. Let's put it in here. It's gonna be way too big, so we'll just make the font size smaller. Oh, okay. And actually, when you copy it, it's automatically gonna give you this link. It's automatically going to give you a link so we can take that out. For now. It comes from brainy quotes. We know. So you saw that I copied it and I put it in, and I over here, you have your fund and your fund signs and here because it's all squished. I'm going to to this. No, I think what I'll do because we have two colors here is I'm going to select. Oops. Here you go. I'm going to select half of it. So let's make it so that I want to keep trying something new All the time is one color, and I'm just copying, and I'm gonna delete that part, and then let's take this nice, peaky text. Oh! Oh, Okay. It Ah, it actually switched over to the other color, but, oh, when I click on it, it gives me the document color 2nd 0 really? Okay, so that time it worked. Um, and we will put those two quotes together and that's what this is the name of the person who said it or wrote it. And let's see if I'm trying to remember, Can va? I think it's stencil doesn't allow you to have different font sizes within the same block. Let's see if it'll let me make the name just a little bit now it doesn't. Okay, so this is one of the downsides of thes template programs is that the don't let you select an individual line and make it smaller because it's all in the same text block. So if I wanted to do that, I'd have to put it in another text block. But that's OK, so this is fine and we can stretch it out a little bit. So there's more room, and I'm actually going to use my arrow keys. It allows me to place this a little bit more. And if I wanted to select everything and make this even a little bit bigger, There we go. Ken va allows you to also type in a number that may not be in the presets. So let's go with 29. Just wanted to be a little bit bigger and, yeah, there we go. Okay. You can also control the spacing over here. So here's the line. Hate line, height and spacing so can adjust it just a little bit. You can also adjust your letter spacing if he wanted to. I wouldn't play with that too much. So I want to keep trying something new all the time. It is the only way to grow. I think what I will dio is take this out for now and we can decide if we're gonna put the quotes in here as well. Action isn't a firm for the quotes. All right? No. Ah, I would like to put the name of the author and there as well. So you can click over here for a new text. Bucks it. Let's just a little bit of body text. So this is the name of the and we want to make sure that all our funds are matching up as well. This way it leaves more room for the text. And, uh, you are also doing something called Hierarchy, where your So you're basically telling the viewer what's the most important thing to read? What's the second most important to read? I wanted the quote to be a little bit more important than the person who said it, even though they said it. And one thing you should always, always do in all of your a graphics is make sure you're using the same fund throughout so that it doesn't if you start to use too many funds, it becomes a bit amateurish. So I'm going to select that, and I think it was called the League Spartan. So I want to make sure we're using the same, and we can also choose a color. Perhaps that matches are Maybe if I let's see, does it give me more color choices so we can add a color here. Right? So I can use that peach color as a starting point and maybe come just make it a little bit darker, so it's a little bit more distinct. And there you go. I like that so far. Okay, so we're coming along here. Thanks for your patience. I could make this really quick, but I just want to show you a little bit my thought process. Okay. Great. So, yeah, pretty happy with that, And I'm just gonna adjust the spacing just a little bit. Okay, So we have our text on we're not going to use this text. So we can just, uh if it lets me delete the whole thing or if I just have to select all the text and delete it. So we're going to get rid of that, and we're gonna get rid of that. So these are just the presets. You decide what you're going to use and what you're not gonna use. All right now, I could actually just ah, end it here and use this default the these default images, because they actually go with the text. I'm going to I'm sorry. I'm a little bit fussy. I want to just move this over a little bit more. I feel like, Oh, here that this is what's bothering me. There was too much space between this quotation mark in the period. Oh, there's much better. So the other tip that I have for you is whatever you do, okay, Of course you want to make sure that your text if it's on a light background is dark enough . In fact, this peach is actually a little bit too light. We probably would be good for us to go in and make this just a touch darker again. You just click on it and, uh, actually, let's use this one. And then I'll change this bottom one to something even darker. Maybe you're just a slightly different tone just to a different differentiate a little bit . So make this one maybe, like, a little bit more. This color. Oh, yeah. Okay. I like it. See, because it actually blends in with this image here. Now, we don't know yet if we're gonna put in our own image is. But this is looking pretty good right now, right? Okay, So everything's the same fun we're using hierarchy. So we have some text that's a little bit bigger. Some texts. A little bit smaller. Great. Make sure there's no typos and we're good to go. Okay, so in the next lesson, we will work on our images and will start to add the logo. See you there. 6. How to Work With Images Like a Boss: Hey there. Okay, so we are in good shape here. We've got our text. And if this were not for healing hands of massage studio, I might leave the these images. But let's make something because I'm doing this for a massage studio. We always have to keep our end user in mind. Um, we can swap out this imagery, so I want to imply that trying something new could be something related to getting a massage or meditating yoga any of their services that they offer in their studio. Right. So over here, um, you're going to see a button. So we already played around. We added a new textbooks to make this smaller text here, and hopefully you find this all very intuitive. You can change background colors, etcetera, but I'm actually keeping it very simple. I'm using as much of this template as possible, and then I want to just add my own pictures. So if you click on elements, you'll find a whole bunch of things that you can add to your illustration. And this is all illustration your social media graphic. So if I want to use a photo, they have a bunch of free photos already inside, and we can also do a search. So, um, let me do a quick search and see if I can find maybe someone doing yoga because they offer yoga at the studio. All right, there's all people doing yoga outside, so I don't want to imply that it's, uh, outside yoga, but yeah. So basically, we want to look at the ones that are free versus the ones that are pro on. And it would be great if I could find an indoor shot, as, uh so these are the kinds of shots that I want to find, the ones that look like they're inside a actual studio as opposed to being on the beach. And I want to keep this course where your images are being made for free, free, free. So I'm not even gonna pay a dollar, even though a dollar has a very good deal for many of these images, So can I find anything else that's free? Is the burning question. It looks like the mori scroll down. The less chances there are of free graphics, the dollar is actually very cheap. But Okay, I'm gonna search something, Elston. All right. I'm gonna use this foot. I'm all about the foot massage. So let's do something new. Let's get a foot massage, so I'm just gonna drag it. And today, uh, you'll see that it shows up automatically. Now you'll notice that the color is a little different, and that's because this particular template has filters on it and you can click on it and it will allow you actually to move some things around. If you double click on it, you can reposition it. I believe if you want to resize that you can, but you can't really resize it too much because it's already fitting to the side there. So let's just bring the foot down a little bit. So we get a little bit of the hands on the foot Cain that would click click over here somewhere, and that's what we have. That's OK for now. I'm just gonna keep it for now, and you can always swap some things out. And you know, if I want to just really finish this up quickly without being too much of a perfectionist, and may even just put the candles and as well because that's a very colorful I would like that so we could go with this. I'm gonna pause to be a perfectionist and see if I come up with anything else. So just a moment. Okay, So if you're like me, I actually, this image is fine, just as it is. But let's say I will have my own image or I want to use a royalty free image that I can't find in canvas. So I looked already through canvas. I can't find ah free image that I want to use. Well, data. I just happen to have a huge list of places where I can get even more images for free. So I'm going to put that in. The resource is section Ah, my link of places to go. And in the meantime, I'm going to go to one of my favorite sites. Let's go to pixels dot com. There's pixels picks obey. Greta saw graffiti. Ah, so many websites where they have public domain images. And so, yeah, you don't have to rely on can va, even though they have lots of free images, I decided I really want someone either stretching or meditating. Let's see if I can find someone stretching spell it right. So we're just going to do a search. All of these images air free. So this will help you learn how to upload your own image to can va If you can't find what you need from in there, I need something that's gonna work within a rectangular, uh, page. So something this would be perfect if it was just a bit more rectangular. Who? That's nice. Okay, so let me find something, and then I'll show you how to download something from a site like pixels, and then we'll upload, All right? I see one day, I think could work really well here. So I'm on pixels, and I'm just going to click on it. And it actually comes from picks. Obey. So, um, from pixels. So they have a free download here. And because I'm just making a web graphic, I don't need it to be too big, so I'll just say small I'll download it. This is a creative Commons zero license free for personal and commercial use. No attribution required, etcetera. So I'm a big fan of thes websites, and again you can use any of the ones that I'm giving you. So once you download it, which I've done. We go back over here and we're gonna use what's called the uploads. But in so anything that you need to bring into can va you click on this button? Let's upload. These are some of the images that I've uploaded in the past. Let's upload another one. Okay, so I just downloaded it and hear it. ISS So it's going to take a moment to come in. Okay, it's ready to go. Let's see if that works over there and again. Very rectangular. So it could be a bit tricky. All right, it's OK, but I don't really like the positioning off it, so let's double click on it. Let's see. I don't know if we can really use this one. She's There's just not enough species. Okay, so trial and error I like that image, but it's not rectangle enough. It's not really gonna work. Um, just to show you you have these options here. We can control the spacing of images if you want to. But again, that doesn't really help me. Um, it also allows you to crop, but since we want a perfect square, then that's not really gonna help me, so I'm going to fast forward through my process and I'll see if I can find another image that I like, but and then I will upload it. But anyway, so that's the basically how it works, working with, ah, predetermined images that are already in can va and uploading your own. So in the next lesson, I will have a the images that I'm gonna go with, and we'll work on adding our logo, see in the next lesson. 7. Make a Transparent Logo in 4 Minutes or Less: Hey there. So before we get back to our design, I want to answer a very common question that I get all the time. Which is how do I make my logo on a transparent background? Well, the way that I usually do it is in photo shop or gimp. You basically bring in your logo. You put a transparent background behind it in a layer underneath. Then you select with the magic one tool, the area that you want to make transparent. You hit, delete, and then you export the image. But for some people, that's a bit too much other people who still want to do it free and quickly. Without Photoshopped and gimp, there are lots of tools available. Let's try this one Luna pic. Okay, so first we upload our photo to make transparent. Looks easy enough, browse and okay, so here's our image on a white background. It's gonna upload. You can also do it from the U. R L. All right. Let's see if it'll do. If I just click one time on the white. Look at that. Look how quick that was. And it's pretty good, right? So yeah. Ah, let's see. Optional adjust transparency. Threshold. Okay, Note. That looks pretty good to me. Wow. So, yeah, that that's the quick and easy. And now let's see if it will let me download it. So, what do I do? Save or share on Facebook? Tumbler, etcetera. OK, let's see if we can save it. Wow, that was fast. Okay, so now if I go back to my image, You see, I put in a new image over here, and my logo is gonna go here now. I already have logos here. Please don't mind this really bad images of me from last summer. You to me live. Okay, so let's, uh let's upload the image that we just put in and made in Luna pic. So we downloaded it. Wow, that took less than a minute. Here it is. So it's going to upload. All right, it's ready. I click. And here it iss So here's my logo. Now it just goes in the middle of my image here, so I'm going to resize it, and I'm gonna move it to where I wanted to go. So I'm trying to make use of this, uh, negative space here and there we go now This is almost ready, but my image has too many colors in it. The logo doesn't really. It's transparent now, which is great, but actually would be great if it actually tied in with the rest of the image. There's no green anywhere else in this image. Now, obviously, you have to make sure if you're working with a business, if they don't mind that you take their logo and then you make it a different color for certain purposes. Um, Anastasia, who owns healing hands, doesn't mind. This is her regular logo, but then I tend to tend to other colors to go with certain graphics. I can make it black and white. A good logo is versatile, and a good business owner will understand that a good logo is versatile. It's not that you change the logo. It's not like I'm putting it in a different fund. But just to change the color, ah shouldn't be too much of an issue. So in the next lesson, I will show you how to work with some of the filters that allow you to change things that you have, such as a logo, so that you tend to them or put in effect on them. But, yeah, we're making progress here. Seeing the next lesson 8. Finishing Your Canva Design and Icons: all right. Our graphic is almost ready. So we have our text. We have our photo We have are transparent image. Great. So let's just finish it off, shall we? So, um, you know, again, you've been following along with me. I haven't used all the tools in Can va in this course, but you can explore those on your own if you want to add your own grids, Frames shape so far wanted to, for example, had shapes to my design. I could So each thing that you want to play around with Ken fa is very intuitive. So for whatever reason, if I wanna put a giant circle in my image like a bullet point, whatever, you just grab it from shapes. I don't want that. So I'm not going to do that. But same thing for frames. If I want to put a frame around everything I can their free ones obviously ones that you have to pay etcetera. So if I want that so what you can do is if you want Teoh, you can just experiment with things, plump women and know that if you mess up, you just hit. Ah, Commanders easy to undo or you go off here under undue, and you get rid of it. Okay, so we don't want frames. We don't need pictures. But anyway, that's how you use all of these things, right? So we're all set now I'm going to just click again on my logo and you'll notice here that we have filters. And I can, for whatever reason, I can adjust the brightness, so actually doesn't need to be a little bit darker so that we can read it over the background. And, um, you have advanced options over here. It's even make it so that when I'm doing this, I can actually see what I'm doing. So advanced options so I can still see what I'm doing over here and here. Other advanced options. You can play with the saturation. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna drop the saturation so that it becomes practically black and way, and then I contempt it. So once it's de saturated, it's done very easy to give it a 10 more that you d saturated. The more that the tint shows up. So I'm gonna try to match one of these purple lee or in sorry, purple, pink colors, um, in my logo. So from wanted to look more like the candle or maybe just a little bit more pink could do something like that. You have other options here as well. There's a vignette which kind of brings in some shadow, but we don't really want that X process. Not really sure what that does. Oh, I see. Okay, this is just another way of playing around with the tinting, but I'm not gonna do that. And yeah, that's pretty much it. So that is basically how I'm going to do that. And just to show you what it looks like, let's zoom back out again. All right, that's my graphic. Now, maybe I want a light in that up a little bit. I just go back to filter, and I can make it a little brighter. And you notice you also have these different effects as well. Um, when I do that, though, I have to go back to normal. So actually lost everything when I did that. But you have these different options for epic edge intensity, so it gives you all of these different things. You can make it gray scale nordic. So it just makes them cool or warm, etcetera. So these are your options. I'm going to undo and get my nice Rosie one back. So this is not the perfect social media graphic, but it suits my purposes, and yeah, I'm pretty happy with it. So the only other thing would be Am I happy with the positioning of that? I can use my arrow keys to select it and then decide where this is going to go. Yeah, I think we're good to go. So in the next lesson, we will download this and we're ready to use it. 9. Downloading and Sharing Your Images: All right, we're back. So this is our finished image of the one that we're going to keep. And again, just also, you know, you know, you can play around with all of these elements in can va. That's very intuitive. And if I didn't get to every single tool, I apologize. It just wanted to show you the ones that you most need. Aziz, you're working. Um, and in particular elements is a very useful one. So shapes, icons, etcetera. But okay, So I did everything I needed to do using the template. And you'll see up at the top here. I can share this graphic. I can download it. I can order prints. I could make it public. So many options. So I'm going to download so that I have it on my computer. It recommends a ping file, I find. Actually, the J peg is most versatile. If you did something, where has transparencies? Then you would need a ping, but mine does not have transparency. So I'm going to download that. And now today I I have a new social media graphic that I can upload to the healing hands, social media pages. And it took me a little bit longer to make than usual because I was walking you through it . But when I'm just working on my own, put on some music in the background and it's a very quick process. So, uh, yeah, save and it will be in my downloads folder and then I'll go and copy that into my drop bucks so that she has it. It says your design is ready and downloading, and I can post it. Aiken treated, and I can email it. I like to actually have the graphic on my computer and then I use, ah, Post Planner. Some people use Post Planner, Um who sweet I use Buffer and I used the free plan, and it just allows me to post my social media graphics across different social media channels all at once. It allows me to schedule them, and basically I set it up in advance 10 posts in advance, and then it goes and posts for me. That's a whole other course, but I highly recommend, you know, because social media can take forever. Can you imagine if I had to go if I had to go and post to every single social media channel individually, I just do it through buffer. I'll show you that in another lesson. Okay, so I've downloaded it and it's ready to go. Your share options are here as well, so you can collaborate with other people. You can also share on social media, right? From can va. You can get a link, and you can embed. So again, Ken Va is free and it's powerful. And there's a lot more features to it than I have showed you. So I encourage you to have a look for yourself. All right. And the next lesson. Let me show you how I'm going to post to, ah, to healing hands of social media pages. I'll show you just a quick preview of Buffer. See you there. 10. Some Useful Canva Pro Features: Hey there. So in this course were 99.9% of the time. We're using the free features of Can Va but I've actually found the I that upgrading to the paid version has been well worth my time. Just in terms off make my life more sane at work. So I'm just showing you this page that has some of my artwork that have been doing for U N F. P A. Malawi. So they had this campaign back in ah couple months ago. I have these these different portrait. They're all different sizes and dimensions. So one of the very best things that you can do in Canberra when you just pay for the monthly version is it allows you to take an existing design and resize it automatically for another platform. So, for example, and that this is absolutely crucial when I'm working for U. N organizations because sometimes they don't know what they want when they're asking me to make something so they'll be like, Oh, yeah, we want a poster and it's gonna be vertical. And then I go through, You know, all the trouble of making the artwork and doing the Leo and then come to find out three days later. Actually, we wanted to be horizontal, which means I have to re flow everything. And then I find out Oh, actually, we need, ah, one for Facebook, and we need one for Twitter. And the dimensions for those are completely different. So let me show you. So, for example, here's the campaign. This is a Twitter one. Okay, so now it's properly looted. Um, anyway, so this particular one is set up for Twitter with Twitter dimensions. But if I wanted to, I could take this design and I could say resize. And maybe I wanted to go on Facebook just a za Facebook post or something. So you just choose. So you see, Facebook is crazy. Look how many different dimensions they have for whatever it is you want to dio, that's hard to keep up with. So that's one reason I like can va because it figures out all the dimensions for all the various social media platforms and everything else for me. But let's say wanted to make this into a Facebook post. You just, uh, copy and resize. And because I'm no, I'm paying for converts. I think Just a couple of dollars, Uh, a month so well worth it. So now you see, it's ah copied it and put it in this dimension. But obviously, now I need to make some changes, right? So I would probably spend a little bit of time just moving everything around, re flowing everything so that it looks proper, but you get the idea, right? So this is one of the most useful features of, um of Canada. And obviously, depending on your dimensions, you'd have to move stuff around a little bit. I'm doing this way fast just to show you, but yeah, you You know, this is a lot quicker than if I had made a new file and brought everything in from scratch . Right? So it's just, ah, easier way to speed up your work, flip. So that's that. So, um, another paid feature that I think is quite useful. Let me just go back to my designs. All right? So I'm just going to go into one of my previous work areas. Where is making some collages off the tom be characters from that I created for you in FP Malawi. And this one has several pages and they're a little bit. I mean, they're pretty much it's just was me changing the the layout around, but, uh, this would be a good candidate for me to show you just some of the features, other features in canvas that you may or may not be aware of. I believe these are paid features because I started using them, and I seem to remember I had to pay to use them. But it may be that they've made them free now. So just check because you know things on the Internet and can VA and haps are always changing, no matter how much I try to keep up with them. So, um, okay, if I'm ready to download this, then ah, it's asking me how I want to download this as an image. But you also have the ability to make a video out of your pages. So, like a slide show, basically or on animated GIF for you Web designers or ah, Web marketers that like to make animated GIFs banners. You could do that. So let's do this to video and I'll download it. We can tell it to do just pages one and two or all pages. Let's do all pages will say download. Okay, so now I'm gonna open it. There it is. There's my video. Doesn't really allow me to adjust the timing, so I'm not sure if there's some settings to that, but it basically made a slide show. So it just it's a nice, easy, quick way to take 12 images or whatever you have in terms of pages and make a video as well as an animated GIF. So that's another feature of tan. Voda is incredibly useful. Um, you probably already are where you can make power point presentations you can export directly to Facebook and Twitter. Um, and then it's this download tab that gives you all these other options. So if we do make a video, if there are options for you know how fast it's gonna be, it would be in here. But I don't see that, and I think it's the same for animated GIF. It just basically gives you the option. But if you don't care about that, if you don't need the control, I need the control. But if you if you just know that you want to put a bunch of images together in a slideshow . Then you can do that. All right, so those are some more things you can do with canvas. I hope this was helpful seeing the next lesson. 11. Using a Post Planner -Buffer Mini Crash Course: All right, So, uh, in my downloads folder as predicted, I've got my image. So Ah, probably first thing I want to dio is give it a new name. So it's blah, blah, blah. I don't know. It's basically took the whole quote. So we'll just call this growth dot j peg and that will be much easier. And I'm going to copy this and now go in my drop bucks, and okay, And I'll just, uh, had this in the folder, and there it is. So now she has access to it as well. Growth doubt J pick. And now I am going to also post this to buffer. So buffer is a free ah social media posting tool. I can't get into all of the details about buffer, but I definitely recommend you look it up and sign up for a free account and hook up your social media pages to it So you can do Facebook Twitter linked in Google. Plus it doesn't owe it actually also lets you do instagram as well. I tend to do instagram a different way. So now I'm going to log in to buffer. So just a moment while I go do that. All right, I'm in buffer. Let's Logan. Okay, I'm inside. So you see that I have Twitter, Facebook and Google, plus Google bless. Connected in my own personal buffer for my stuff. I also have Lincoln, and you have a way to connect it. Now again, I'm just using the free buffer, um, with a paid buffer, which is the awesome plan, which I'm very tempted actually to sign up for. You can also do more. I believe you can also do Pinterest, etcetera. So that's it. So I am going to click to add some new content. You see, the I have Twitter, Facebook and Google Google plus all hooked up. I'm going to add my image. Select my image. So where's my image? All right, this is the one from today. Have a lot of images. Okay, so it's going to take a moment for that to come up Now. I need to figure out what it is that I am going to say, and I would actually like to just to post the quote so any to go and grab the quote from Kendra Trick and just steal by copying and pasting key. Let's get the name of the person who said it. Copy and paste. All right, so we're in. So whenever I do these social media graphics, you see, this is the image that they're going to see in Twitter, Facebook, Ang Google plus okay. And I'm gonna put also the link to healing hands, which I have to go get copy and paste. So that's going there. So I'm going to do that when I put a Lincoln Buffer gives it on its own sort of buffer link , but that goes to her website, and it's gonna ask if I want other pictures in there, but I don't. I just want my original picture and then we're gonna use some hash tags. Um, if your social media maven, you already know what Hashtags are, but basically they just expend the potential reach of your post. I know she's got a couple of 1000 Twitter followers, just a couple 100 Facebook followers and Google Plus is almost dead, but actually Google plus increases your S C o reach. So even though not that many people use Google, plus, it's more likely to come up in a Google search, so it's still worth doing and all of three of these use hashtag. So I'm going to use a local hashtag for Miami just in case someone from Miami happens to be coming by. Um, we'll go with, um uh, no, Let's go. Let's use growth. Let's go with inspiration. Something like that. Um, it's recommended, usually from social media gurus that you don't use more than three hashtags. The ones that have about three hashtags tend to perform the best, and that's it. Now I could click on customized for each network. So, for example, when I'm using my own social media and I have linked in and hear linked in does not Have cash tags so I would clink click on the link 10 1 and take those hashtags off. Or if I click on Facebook, I might want to add a hash tag or whatever it is, so it allows you to go in and customize. And then, when you're all set, you say add two Q. And it will add my posts to my list of things that will be posted over the next couple of days. I usually check in every couple of days. So, for example, today there's a Black Post, which is meant to be a bit funny. Ah, how to get a massage without being touched by people top five ways. So that's one of her blood posts that I've put in there, um, some of these air linking to her other things. So if I scroll down, I will see Here's the one from today, and if I want, I can move it up in the order so it posts on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. I could move it to the top, for example, and it will share today, and it's also showing me which times it's gonna share. At 11 46 and six PM there are many articles online about the best times to post for your audience, depending on the Social Media Channel. So that's how those times were chosen. And Buffer also gives you tools to set a schedule. So for a Twitter, we're posting two times a day. But for example, if I click on her Facebook page, it only posts once a day, right, So I'll go here and we can post this one today instead of waiting, and that's gonna post at one o'clock PM. It also depends if It's a weekday versus the weekend, etcetera. So if you're new to all of this Ah, don't worry. I know it's a lot, but you can find some also post. Some resource is in here as well. Some links to help you with posting times, with all of these posting tools like Buffer, Who's Sweet and Post Planner, etcetera. So that's basically it. No, and just again to show you from the back end of things. So I'm just set up the post. But if I wanted to analyze other posts, it gives me a tab where I can go back in and I can see how different posts performed. So on Saturday, this one got zero retweets legs, etcetera. It did reach about 3000 people, but not so good, right? Just so. So that's because Saturday's tend to be a little bit more quiet. Let's see if we can find one with more. Okay, so, for example, here's one from Wednesday it was one of the social media graphics. It was re t reach. We re tweeted three times, had three legs, one click and reached 23,000 people, so that would will beyond her 3000 followers and ah, yes, So Buffer is really useful. For this reason alone, it will let you know which tweets are performing best. So here's a link that got different retweets, etcetera. So some of these are doing better than others, and that's totally normal. You just have to see what works and what doesn't. And Okay, okay, so I actually reuse the social media graphics because the thing is, if I post on February 4th at 11 46 there's still a whole bunch of people who might be in another time zone that would never see it. So it's perfectly OK and Twitter to repost different things. So that was the quick and dirty rundown of Buffer. Just to give you an idea again, Buffer would be a whole other course, but hopefully this gets you started and you start to realize some of the possibilities. So in the next lesson, let's do the same thing instead of canvas, lets you stencil. I really like stencil. See, there 12. Stencil Introduction: Hey there. So I hope we're on a roll now so we know how to use Can va. We know a little bit more about making good social media, graphics and some design tips that will help you make them look more professional. We know more about posting those graphics and sharing those graphics. So let's use another tool, which you can use instead of canvas or with together with can for like I do. So this is called Stencil. And here's the link. Get stencil dot com and you can sign up for it. I'm gonna log in. I have a free account again. I'm cheap. I just like to do everything for free because yeah, money. Aziz Ben Benjamin Franklin once said, A penny saved is a penny earned. I like to keep my money because, you know, people are paying me to do social media graphics. I don't want to be spending a lot of money on that. I want to use. The resource is I have right all right, I'm logged in and it's showing me the last image that I made in stencil and you'll see because I have the free account. It says I have nine images left this month. So you get 10 free images when you use the free account, and you may notice some similar features as can va. So one thing that I just tend to do now, now that I have an image already made, I, um I can just use this as a template, and so I can just select the text and put a different quote in cans. Put in a different image, and I just change the color of the logo. Very easy peasy. Right now. Here's a couple of differences, so if I go to use templates in stencil, you'll see you get featured templates, and they give you all kinds of business celebration. Colorful, etcetera, e book, blah, blah, blah, lots and lots of templates. Ah, see one. A scroll down quote social media. So if we click on social media templates, it'll give us those toe. Look at now. Here's the thing. Everything that has a star basically means that when you click on a Lego, I want to use that one where you can't you have to upgrade to use it. So this is one difference. Can Va has free templates? Stencil as's faras I know does not have free templates. However, it's very easy to work in stencil without using a template. You just need to put down an image and put down text and put down a logo very easy. So, um, to get a photo, they actually, thankfully have a bunch of free photos. OK, so if it has in this case, it has the star. It means that you can use them. However, if you scroll down scrolls girls girl, you'll see if it has a lock on it. That means you can't use those. And what I like to do is I like to search, so I don't know, let's do another ah image on. Well, we did on trying something new. Let's do something. OK, now that you've learned so much in this course, we can relax a little bit, right, because, you know, just take it easy. Now you've You've already done so much. So I'm again. I'm just thinking off my client healing hands. So I'm just gonna type in relax and see what free images I get. All right. And here are my search result. Well, that looks familiar, right? So some of these you've already seen? Um, Let's see. Okay, so I'm just gonna choose something from here, Or I can go to one of my royalty free whip sites and choose an image and upload it the same way that ah, that we did in Canada. You see, there's an up loads, but And over here, you just upload your image. Ah, let's see. So these are all locked. So let me choose something that is free, and we'll go with the simple outstretched arms one nice, Okay. And, uh, one kind of interesting thing about stencil. So if I, uh, click on my type here, you see the again options for the type I get my funds appear just like in Cannes via text size, line height, drop shadow, etcetera, bold italic underline text color. I have a background color, which I can decide is full width or not. We can move this type around wherever we want it to go. So actually, that might be nice. Let's put the quote up here. I'm gonna put my logo down here for now, will make sure that it's dark enough. All right, So, anyway, one nice thing about stencil is that if I click on quotes, actually has a bunch of suggested quotes already in here. So they have 100,000 quotes. I don't need to leave stencil to find a quote, So let's do something about relax. Let's see what comes up in the search. All right, Now, remember, we don't want too much text because it's going to take up the whole image, so let's see if we can Oh, I like this one. Relax and be free. You don't have to prove anything. I love it. All right. I'm gonna use that that Ah, DoubleClick. And look, it just pops in automatically. So let's get rid of I just, uh, deleted the other one. Get rid of that. This is the name of the person who said it. And now that the text is in there, we can just double click on it and we can change the color. I do kind of like that purple, but we already used purple. Let's go with, like, I don't know. Let's say this is like, you know what? Yeah, it kind of has to be purple again, doesn't it just to kind of go with the ocean and the mood. So, yeah, you just choose the color that you want here. Make sure that if you're against a light background, it's nice and dark. Let's make it Ah, little bit bigger. So the bigger it is, the easier it is for people to read. Let's do something like that. Remember, you can just like in Canada, you can adjust that lovely, Okay, And then we can also make the text size a little bit bigger. There's They made the fund a different fund here, but that's okay. Well, we'll just keep it as it is and move it down using our arrow keys. So this is the world's quickest of social media graphic. Let's get rid of that. And, uh, yeah, looks good. So in this particular case, I don't have a background color, but you may have noticed before Ah, when I did, here's a background color. So if I did want have a background color, let's say one. I have, like, some creamy background color I could, and it shows up here. You can also decide if it's gonna be, uh uh, it's gonna be transparent or not, so I can have a background color. It's actually going over my, um, name here. Let's say I just have a background color and it covers up the other thing that could do that. Bring my name over here like that. I don't actually want to have a background color. You can make it full width or not. So if I wanted to just give it a little pop, actually, kind of like that. Okay. So yeah, so far so good. And move that up there. All right, so and then here's my logo. Now with my logo. Ah, if I go under uploads, you'll see that I just uploaded my transparent logo into here. There it ISS, and it's sexually the original one with the green and everything else. Ah, whom? Let's see. How does it look? Oops, I think because I just dragged it on top out. There we go. Okay, So this is the original logo. I think that once again, I'm going to go with a tint instead of the original. So let's get rid of that. Where we gonna put it? This one's a little bit awkward because I don't really want it against a busy background. See if we can do something like that. I think I'm actually gonna do the opposite of what I was doing before. I'm going to. I don't want to cover her up. Okay, let's keep that there. Let's also put it in quotes and we'll put Keeling hands over here a little bit bigger, and I think we'll have to make it darker against the background. So it's not ideal. I don't really like busy backgrounds will make it just a tad smaller so that there's some space, All right, but now here we go. So just like in Ken va, you have all of these different filters. So if I wanted to, it could make it black and white. But do filters now. I've already actually put a cover overlay on this one in the earlier image, so I could just say no color overlay. And then here I can do black and white of also need toe dark in that light in. So all of these things are on their defaults, and you have lots of different filters that you can play around with. I am going to actually just keep it to no filter. We're going to do the color overlay. Thank you very much. Oh, yeah, I like that. And let's go with a color. Let's see Blue. Uh, we need to make sure it's dark enough so that we can see it against the dark against the background. And we can also, as I select the image itself I can put I can actually like in the image if I wanted to, as well see, even if I like that, though it was too late. Maybe just a touch. All right. And there we go. So that's one image, and the next lesson I'll show you another way to work with stencil. So this was just a quick and dirty make a quick graphic. I'm not sure, actually, I'm going to keep it like that. I'm gonna play with this one a little bit more. But that's just the quick and dirty rundown in using stencil. So you have your photos, you have your quotes, you can upload your logo and you can go to town. So whatever you click on you're going to get options for. So if I click on the photo, I'm going to get those options. If I click on the text, I get text options, etcetera, right you also have different options here too. Resize your canvas had new text box if you want to. And if you do that by accident, you just get rid of it. Don't need to keep it and we can create a new image. See the next lesson? 13. Make a New Stencil Design From Scratch: Okay, So, uh, in this listen, I'm going to show you how to make a new image. But before I do that, let's say that I'm happy with this, and I want to download it. Then you can save your image, and it shows up over here. Now, I have only eight images free images left this month, so I can actually always go back to that. So these air actually, other images that I've made in stencil I'm very happy with, um, if I am happy with this one and I want to download it, actually not too sure about having this other fund here, so I may, uh, get rid of that. But let's say I want to download that. You have your same options, Justus, you do in canvas. So I'm going to download this, and we'll just call this free dot J. Peg will save it as a J pig, and we'll see for digital will download it. And now we have it. And we can use that in our social media posts as well. So we'll call this an extra one. It's not bad. I'm just picky. Don't mind me. All right, So now we've downloaded it. And of course, you can preview in share, just like in, um, just like in Canada as well. And, ah, it allows you to, uh, actually share on different social media platforms, but, yeah, let's make a new image. So create new image. Click. So now I have a nice blank canvas, right? And what should we start with? Let's start with a picture. Um, I don't know. Again going along with the themes here. Let's do a meditation one. So after all this e learning, I think we need to take a break soon. Right? So I'm gonna go with meditation, and these are the free ones. The ones with the stars are okay to use. I really like the colors. And this one, it's very relaxing. Did, uh okay, so there we go. So I have my image and hopes I just double clicked in. It gave me automatically some text which it didn't want. I just wanted to click on the image and again, You know, you have your different filters here for your image. So if you want some kind of funky look, if you wanted to be, well, I kind of, you know, What kind of like that. Let's say that I want to do a design that has a nice orange blue contrast. I'm going to just go with it. I usually hate filters, and I actually like the original image. But let's go with that right you can choose. OK, so here's my filter and we can decide, you know, if you want it to be lighter or darker. If we wanted to be a little bit transparent or blurred, etcetera, color overlay, etcetera. And unfortunately, it doesn't allow me to adjust the intensity of that filter like you can do in Qin, Va. Uh, OK, so that's the image that I'm gonna use, right? And now, if I wanted to add text or quotes, let's just see what kind of quotes are available again. So this time, uh, let's to I don't know. Let's see if there's something to do with meditation. OK, daily meditation results in peace, peaceful calmness of the soul. That looks nice. And it's nice and short, right? Oh, okay. This is perfect. So click. Here comes my quote. I really do like this fund, but you can change it to something else if you want to it allows you to preview all of the different funds that it has again. Don't look, don't go too crazy. With all the funds I recommend, use only one fund to at the very most. I'm going to keep this one, but I don't like the fact that my text is centered. So let's click on it again. And instead of having centered text, I have an option to left, Justify or right? Just to find that let's do left and let's see if we can make our text size a little bit bigger that's better. We'll move it up to the top like so I think we're gonna have another problem here with the whole logo being on a busy background. So maybe what? I'll dio iss Let's keep it like this, Okay? And I'm gonna give it a background color. So let's make give it a lighter color. Uh, that shows up maybe, like a nice peachy color. And I'm gonna drop the opacity so we can see some of the background, okay? And we can do full width, and that gives us like a nice little strip. And I like Teoh have just a little bit of the original orange showing through at the top. I like that. I'm gonna take the name of the person who said the quote, We just kind of put it over here like, so That is very pretty, right? Very relaxing. Oh, uh, I just realized I didn't do what I said I was going to do, which is put the blue over the, um orange, but kind of like the black over this. I don't think we even need the blue. Maybe we could do something with the logo. Okay, so yeah, that's that. So, again, we're not using the template. Were just using our own a nim ege from their stock of images were using a quote from their stock. Oh, quotes. You can decide if you want to actually put quotation marks or not. I don't know. I'm just a quotation purist, if you will. And yeah, let's have a look at our uploads. Let's pull up in our healing hands logo. Make it a little bigger. I think we might be able to get away. Well, I don't know. So text heavy. I think this might be a case off. I really would like to have the logo. This'll is really a tricky one. It's very It's nice without their logo. To be honest, if you do something like that, what if we I'm just kind of playing around with balance here. Tricky, Tricky, tricky. Okay, let's go with a color overlay once again. Oh, it looks better, actually, with the black. Let's see if we can, uh, do some nice dark blue. Oh, yeah. Yes, I like it. Uh, I'd like to d century that just a little bit. All right, but we're where we gonna put this? I know the answer. Okay, this is what I'm gonna do. So this is a mitt Ray I'm gonna get rid of. That was just one too many elements here. I'm gonna put healing hands over here, and I'm gonna incorporate. So what was it a minute, Ray? I'm gonna have to look that up later. Now, here's the thing. If I wanted to make the text size smaller, it's going to do it to the whole thing. So it would. Okay, this is what we're gonna do. We're gonna get rid of a mid range for the moment, King. We're gonna keep that there, and I'm gonna just double click to get text. It's gonna give me the front that I had. I'm gonna put in a mid range. Um, it Come on. Um, it Ray, let's move this over a little bit. We're gonna make this smaller. Yes. OK, now, we don't have so many funds competing against each other, and we're gonna put it I think I'm gonna do that. So I'm gonna group. This is ah, design print principal called Grouping. Where you put elements together, I'm gonna group healing hands with our meditating person. And because it's not, uh, too busy of a background, I think it's gonna work. I you know me. I have to just maybe play around with the positioning just a little bit more, but I think that's gonna work. Yep. Let's do it. Okay. And then, as far as this goes, No, It looks better over here, and it's overlapping a little bit, so let's just move it to here, OK, so here's our social media graphic and then we can decide. How does this look? Him not in black, but maybe, like a little bit of a dark blue. Does it look like Yeah, it's not bad. Actually, I kind of like the black. But I also kind of like the Navy blue. So let's get our cake and eat it, too. Let's do like a really dark blue And let's do this a little bit lighter. Maybe. Anyway, I don't want to bore you. This is just my process when I'm making something, So I just think about hierarchy, you know? What do you want them to see first? We didn't want the author to be as important as the quote itself. We wanted healing cans to be somewhat prominent and there and yeah, so here's another social media graphic that we can use. So hopefully you're finding stencil just Azizi to use as well. And, um yeah, and the next lesson will just go over a few more features. Take care 14. Finishing Your Design and Icons: Okay, so I just wanted to show you, you know, I couldn't let it rest. I wasn't happy with it when, in the last lesson. So I played around with it again, and I added a different filter. I added a different filter. I changed the colors around a little bit, and this is what I ended up with. And I love it. No, now I'm happy with it. So I'm ready to download that and use that for healing hands. But one last thing I wanted to show you in stencil. So you see, there's actually less features than in Can Va. But I think it's some or intuitive. You know, again, whatever you click on, you get the options for that. And, ah, here's the icons. So for whatever reason, if you wanted to have follow us on Facebook and you needed the Facebook icon they have, is that a 1,000,000 royalty free icons that you can use? So if you want to need, if you need a little illustration or something, you just select the one that you want and you put it in and again very intuitive. You can resize you can roti, etcetera. It's all very, very easy. Right. So we have our little icons there. Now, I can Adah linked in if I want to. And yeah, super easy after course. Now I have to make them the same size and actually lined them up. But you get the idea, right? Beautiful, professional. Easy. So I hope that you go crazy playing around with Ken va and stencil. Now, please don't be afraid to ask me questions. I love to help and show me what you're working on. I can give you some tips and tricks and advice to make your designs even stronger. And yeah, So after all that learning, after all of that growing, I think it's time to take healing hands, advice and relax a little bit. So after you take this course, maybe take a break unless you're so pumped up that you can't help but be super creative now in any way. It's so Yang Yin and Yang, right? So be creative and then rest. So, uh, thanks so much. I hope that you're charged up and ready to make some designs of your own. And let me know if there's any questions you have 15. Extra: 5 Easy/Free Tools For Making Web Images, Animation, and Video: Hey there. So hopefully you're starting to get more and more ideas and ways to kind of break through your creative block. But one of the very best ways is to just start making stuff using free software, free tools, free images, free video and pre music. Because if you are just sitting around staring at a blank screen or a blank canvas waiting for an idea that's gonna freeze you up. But if you start at least thinking about Oh, I want to do something with animals and you start looking at pictures with animals or start working with templates, etcetera, and you start putting something together, you're gonna get ideas as you're working. One of my very best creativity boosting techniques is going toe one of my sources for free images, music and videos for your project. I will give you the link to this block post on my website, and I will talk to you a little bit more about copyright law and what you can and cannot do when using other people's images. But I have here the whole list of places where you can get free creative Commons images that you can start working with as a base. So some people, maybe we'll take a picture of a rocket ship and start tracing over it and throw out the original photograph in Boom, you have an illustration. Other people want to make photo collages, or they want to go into a free program like Can Va and put images together, maybe even ones that you took right. So there's all kinds of places where you can get free professionally shot photographs and illustrations. Uh, online. So this is my big list. There's also an area if you are someone who wants to play around with video, our animation. There's places where you can get free royalty, free music and sound effects that you can put together either in an audio project or as the soundtrack for a video. Our animation that you're making. And then you also can use free videos. Many of you maybe want to make a website, or you've seen websites that have video backgrounds. These are great places to get free, professionally shot video that you can use in your website projects, but also in your video and animation project. So I highly recommend just browsing this resource and then let me show you. So this is, ah, glug that I have with my students in Yangon, their secondary students at Talon International School. And here's just four samples these air grades Ah, six through 11. And many of them have absolutely zero design or our experience and what we did in the classes. I had them go to those websites, find an animal of their choice. And then we brought the photo in a free program called gimp, which you can download for free. I'll only building for you, and then they brought in their photo. And then they used the drawing tools in gimp in a different layer to trace over. The photo made their little tweaks here and there, and then they threw out the original photo and they were left with different kinds of illustrations. So these are for just a different example. So some just did a black and way drawing like this one with the elephant, and she really played around with the different thicknesses of lines to get those wrinkles in the skin. And then others were kind of more colorful, more blocky. The student used a big fat brush, almost like a paintbrush to draw around a dog, and you can actually see remnants of the original photograph in the background here. So that's another way that you can start making stuff without worrying so much that you're completely on your own. So my other suggestion are going to a great website such as canvas. I'm already logged in. Chan va dot com is a great website because they give you all kinds of templates. So if you don't have an idea you can borrow, you can borrow an idea and just start putting in your own text in your own words. So if we were going to make a Facebook cover, for example, and just, for example, that gives you all kinds of kinds of templates, obviously you want to use the free ones and less pay to use it. But let's say I don't know. We choose one of these right? So can Va gives you a template, and then you anything you quick gun you're going to get, uh, you're gonna get settings for. So flip this. You can change the position. Usually I start with the text, so anything I click on allows me to click on the text and I can change the fund if I want to the colors, etcetera. I apologize because I don't have so much time to go into every single program I want to show you. But I just wanna, um, give you a taste of all the free tools out there where you can use templates to get started . So I wanted to change the image. Ah, in 10. But you have the elements section over here. And if I wanted a picture of a tree, iCal has all kinds of free photos and graphics here. So if I wanted to and bring this in here, surely right. With photos, you can replace this photo with something else. Okay, So anyway, it lets you drag in any photos that you want. And, of course, if you have your own photo, you just upload on image. There is of some of my students from Mendel A in Inler mentally teaching a social, of course, and there we are. Right. So anyway, just to an example in canvas, obviously then when I'm happy with this can go and I can download it and use it anywhere I want. That's just can va. Uh, I have a full course on this, by the way, I should mention, But you don't need a full course to get started, right? There's other kinds of tools besides can Va. So if you want to make a website, there's wicks dot com, which also is very easy and intuitive. You just go in and I'm obviously I'm logged in. But you go in and you can create a new site. And you just say, What kind of sight do you want to make templates for portfolio on CV? No, it'll actually make one for you, but if you choose a template, it's the same thing as can Va. You just go in. Let's say Let's say like this one, you just go in and you start editing. All right, so here's my Templin. It same thing. Um, and there's ah, bunch of help videos. Toe will be with me if you get confused. Anything, just like in Camba G. And anything. I select have settings, writes congee. Um, I can change my funds, the color richies. So we have that I can change pictures if I want to change image so anything right click on it gives me settings for have a bunch of money images in here already, But you have the same option and wit when I wanted to say, Is that basically Wicks, just like Can va gives you free images that you can use from input did Ah, there it is. So I know it seems a bit overwhelming just coming in here and starting off, but basically, that's how it works. You can click on anything, start changing it. You have buttons, um, up the top. Here you have pages. So right now we're on the home page with manage pages and there's actually a resume page. When I click on it, I am taken to the resume page and edit that as well. I can get rid of pages or add my own. And then when I'm done, I can preview my website and publish my website, and this is all for free. So that as the world's quickest introduction toe with, uh, yet again, I'll just say it once. I don't have to say it for each example, but I have a course, a larger course for every single one of these tools that I'm gonna show you. But anyway, so that's weeks, man. What else did I want to show you? I wanted to show you, uh, power tune. So platoon is just like can va, just like Wicks. I'm not going to get into it here. But you sign up, you go in and you have templates, and then you just swap the stuff around. You can have your own animations. You can put your home music in. Ah, you can write the text and determine the story. And if you follow a template, it's much easier than if you're just trying to do everything from scratch. So there's Pau tune, okay. And then there's stencil. And so one thing I like about this one is you just grab in the image, whatever you like text here, which light if it's gonna be on a dark background. But then the thing I like about stencil it's just like can va But they have a bunch of quotes here. Broom creativity is a gift. It doesn't come through if the air is cluttered. John Lennon. Thank you. So anyway, you can well stuck around, but it just makes it really easy. Teoh Macon Inspiring quote that you can share on social media that took me, what, two minutes? And then you basically can download it or share it right on social media. So that's that. So there's a bunch of free tools that you can start using right away. Plus, you know where to get free images, free videos and cream music. So now you really have no excuse. So if you still are not feeling creative, then maybe you should just not worry about it and just start making stuff instead and see that helps give you it. All right. I hope this helps see you in the next lesson. 16. Extra: Create Your Own Online Shop With Your Designs (Part 1): Hey there. So are you in between clients at the moment and you're not sure what else you can do? Well, aside from constantly improving your portfolio, your website, your web presence and social media, letting people know about your work. There are a number of sites where you can put your work up and basically build a gnawed E ins's and send more traffic to you in your work. And the best part about it is, is that you make the art. You put it up there, and if people like it, they may decide to buy it. Or they may go to your website and contact you to make something custom for them as a client. So it's a win win situation. So in this lesson, if you look under the resource is I will give you. I'm giving you a block post for other websites like this. But I'm going to start with one of the most popular ones, Society six, and I just recently started with this website no more than about 12 days ago. So this is their website, and this is their home page, and you'll see that I've gone in. I've set up an account for myself and just to show you what my shop page is looking like. Okay, so here's my page and I basically went in, and I think they have about seven digital images in there right now. They come in randomly. Ah, once you start to apply them to different products and you could be someone that only wants to put your work in as art prints, and that's it. Or you may wanna put your stuff on shower curtains, rugs, wall clocks and ah, iPhone cases. So whichever you decide you put it in and it will show up here and then actually made a collection. So my original idea was to put in some of my digital artwork that I create using principles of color psychology and color therapy. So I went in, and I just put in the art prints in this collection. And so if I click on this one, this is my first image of 2017 called Resilience, and I use a special blend of color psychology and color therapy techniques to create, um, feelings of strength, confidence and resilience in the in the viewer. Also a bit of columnists as well and you see a bit of inspiration from Myanmar. This is Napoli Beach from a photo I took in Napoli Beach in Myanmar back in October and ah , woman wearing her long G. But anyway, so I put this in, and then you concede that I've applied it to other products as well. And it also will show other artworks in here. And yes, I basically been on the site for about a week now. I know that most people will set up their work and then immediately want to click on my earnings. I will be full disclosure. Have not sold anything yet. It's only been ah week. And honestly, I don't care. Um, I will care. I guess at some point would be nice to sell something, But at the moment I'm actually having so much fun putting my work up and having people see my artwork. Click on it, leave me comments and basically become followers. So the way to get started on any of these websites, whether you choose Society six cafe press dot com is one of the oldest ones I have experience on that one as well. Um, the way to get started on these sites, just like with the fiber that I was talking about before. You can't just put something up and then leave it alone and expected that is going to go viral overnight. Maybe it will. There is a 1% chance that that could happen. And I do hope that does happen to you. But for the rest of us, you have to put your work in there, and then you have to go and make friends become part of the community. So what I did is I put some work in there, and some people did just randomly find it and start liking it and following me. So I've been on here now for just over a week, and I have 97 followers. Um, some of these are from, you know, when I last checked in. So you'll see with the green check mark. Those are people that I followed first or already following back. And so these people, I need to go in and go follow them back. So it is a good practice. If people start to follow you, that you will follow them back, and then on this particular site, it's also good. So for example, let's go click on this user. Okay, so, no, I'm in their page. I'm going to click to follow them back because that's just good practice. And then I'm gonna look for something that they've done that I think is cool that I can promote. So what this does is this drives traffic to their image, and then you'll find that the more you do this for others, the more they will do it for you. Also assuming that you have work that people want to click on. So, um, I don't know. They have a lot of nice stuff here. I'm just going to click on their iPhone and iPod cases, and now I'll get to see some more of their artwork as it pops up. So I like a lot of this stuff kind of like this. This is a bit Corky. It's got some tones of gold and browns and very neutral eso I'm just going to click to add a heart and I'm gonna go and leave a comment. I'll just say, uh, lovely work, No for your colors. And I had comment. So this is something that I genuinely like. I'm not being fake, and this helps demo. And then if I go to one of my pieces. So this is a new image that I made a couple of days ago called abundance. And, ah, if I let's see through 33 people like it so far. So that's good. You can imagine how those are gonna add up every week, every month to a year. So the more hearts and follows and all of that stuff, the more traffic my stuff gets. And then the more that the people who want to be my future clients as a freelance artist are gonna find me or worst case scenario, they don't hire me, but they buy some of my artwork and I don't have to do anything extra. Woo. Okay, so look, someone's left me a comment recently. Very nice tones. Dd d dd Oh, that's nice. So anyway, I also learned that when someone gives you a comment, you should also think them so my magic rose. Okay, so let me just give a quick thank you. Make sure I spell that right, and by replying to comments, you're also adding to the total number of con comments, which then generates more traffic to that page so that you're more findable, more discoverable through search engine optimization through the site. This is a site that has lots of people combing through it to buy different things. So you become more visible on the site. Okay, so this was the quick and dirty rundown on society six. It's another option. Another place for you to display your work. And you can also link up to it from your own website. Okay, so in the next lesson, I will show you how you can use your online store or stores if you decide to have multiple stores, which is also good because it makes you more discoverable online. Um, let me show you how you can then link that up to your home page and social media, social media pages so that you become even more findable. People who already like you and your work will then go to those sites from your pages as well. So there, finding you on those pages and coming to your website. But then vice first, as some people may go to your website first and then discover your pages on these ah gallery websites. Okay. See, in the next lesson 17. Extra: (Part 2) Create Your Own Online Shop With Your Designs : All right. So here I am on my website, and just to show, you have put in my slider as the second slide because it actually brings the user the visitor to my website to my online store. And so I didn't want that to be the first slide, dumping them already out of my website, but my second slide. So this brings people to my collection soul colors, therapeutic wellness images using my special blend of color psychology and color therapy. Thes images help promote happiness and well being. Art prints, tech accessories and more available. So if I click here, it then takes people to my society six page. Now I'm not 100% happy with this, because I do need to make it so that this store pops open in a new window so people are still on my website, but that can browse the shop. So I'm having a bit of ah, issue with WordPress at the moment where it's not letting me do that, but I am pretty sure I'll be able to solve it at some point. So for the moment, that's the issue. But it's also leading people to my society. Six page. So going back to my website, other places that I have put this so it's in my slider and that will pop up in a moment. But I've also put it in my main menu. So under my portfolio, I've added soul colors, therapeutic wellness images, and it takes people also to my society six peach. So now it's available on my website. People have a chance of discovering my artwork that they may or may not want to buy. Or they may like my artwork and want hire me to do something in a similar style for them, in which case they can then go under my services page or they can contact me. Okay, so let's have a look and see how we can further get the most use out of our new society six page from our social media pages. Okay, so I'm on my Facebook page and apologies for all the messages popping up, but, um, on my Facebook page and, um, in my Facebook page, I actually have albums and photos. So when I create a new artwork, I like to put it in my galleries. And I actually made a new gallery for this new Siri's. It only has two images in at the moment, so I do need to add more. Okay, so actually need to add to this album. But every time I put an image in here, I get like like like like like like like show, show, show, show share, which is great. I'm not even necessarily trying to sell anybody anything. I'm just sharing the digital version off my images, so I've put them in this album. You'll see that in the description I've added the link to my society. Six pages of people want high rez or print versions off this works. Then they can find them there. You also have the option if you are a Facebook page owner to create a shop. So what I've done is I've gone in and I've created a shop and asks for a description. So you put that in there, and then it gives you a think up to 10 featured products, so I'll just click on. See, also, you can see them all together, and I do have to go in there and create an individual listing. But I just link them to my society six page and they all show up in my store. And then if people So people like a photo on my artist page, they can go to my shop and they confined these images. So if I just click on one, it will take me to another page that has product details that I feel in etcetera. And then if people want to buy it or see more versions, they just a click on Checo on website. So these are some ideas for you. I mean, if you think about it, everything you ed related to your artwork, be it to your website, your social media pages, your shop, they all feed into each other. So for social media pages, you link them back to your website or your shop from your shop. You link them to your social media pages and, um, and your website. So think of it as, ah, lovely full circle where many people from many different places with many different purposes are going to find you, and you will begin to attract your fans and your future and repeat clients. So, uh, this is just on Facebook, but I've also shared my work on Twitter and, um, going to finally get and get my get my act together and start instagram account as well. Ah, but yeah, you can shared also on Pinterest and linked in wherever you see fit. So I hope this is helpful. I hope you get lots of ideas and Oh, by the way, if you do set up a society six page, please follow me and I will follow you back and promote your work as well I always do on if you get started with other sites. Do let us know in the q and a section how it's going for you. And if you have any tips or tricks for other sites that you can share with me and the rest of the class. All right. Thanks so much seeing the next lesson. 18. Thanks For Taking This Course. Please Review: thank you for taking this course. I hope you found my tips and tricks helpful, clear and easy to use for yourself. Please remember, you can always ask me a question by starting a discussion or by contacting me through my website or Facebook page. If you did find value in this course, please do take a moment to leave a rating or review. Your feedback helps me best provide a high quality course experience for you and your online classmates. I also look forward to giving you personal feedback on your project. Click the project, but and under the video lessons to start. Thanks so much for being a student in my online classroom. I hope to see you again soon.