Make EPIC video intros for free in minutes with BLENDER | Joe C. | Skillshare

Make EPIC video intros for free in minutes with BLENDER

Joe C., Trainer

Make EPIC video intros for free in minutes with BLENDER

Joe C., Trainer

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About This Class

Do you have a youtube channel? Do you create online course videos? Then you might be looking to create a cool video intro to increase your brand value. Luckily this is easily possible with Blender. Blender is an awesome free open source graphic tool. In this course I will show you how you can create epic intros with Blender in just a few moments without needing any knowlegde about animations and graphic designs tool at all.

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1. Part 1: hi, guys. And welcome to the course how to make epic intros with blender. Thank you for enrolling into this course. In this course, I will show you how you can create awesome epics. Awesome video intros, for example for YouTube without having a lot of trouble. And just a few minutes. And all you need is a free software, and that software is called blender. Just type it into Google the lender. Then you will find the main page off Google, where you can down the main pitch off it where you can download the software and it's a free and open source software, so you don't have to war. Spend a single cent for that software. So as you can see this three D creations software, we just quite awesome here. You can don't know it directly, just like here on download and then depending on your computer. For example, if you have Windows on Mac OS 32 a bit or 64 bit, or maybe also Lennox, you just download the correct version, so I will always go for the zipper. Is that fire? You will click on it, and then there are a lot of fire. After that, you can simply extract it. I will show you just a second. So once you have don't know the did Zip file, you will get this file on your local PC. You just simply open That's it. Fire. And once it has opened, you just extract the entire folder, which you can find their out of testifying to your local machine and and you have to fold are for blender, which is right now. The version 2.78 A. And then you can simply start software by double clicking here on the Excel file. Blender thought exercise so there's no installation needed at all. But before downloading off course, you need to check if the software meats. If your computer has to system requirements, which are necessary for the software. Let's check that before we open that software. So where you can find debt on this page futures requirements here right there. So you will need at least the basic users how to wear off 32 bit do a core two gigabyte drum and open GL 2.1 compatible graphics with 512 m. V. Room, so this should be at least given for your computer. So when that is given and you have installed zip fire, you have don't know that is it for and exchanging everything. Then you can just start a software it by double clicking here on Blenda Don't accept which would take a few seconds software load and once it started, then you will see this user interface Which off course looks very complex if you haven't used such software at all before and I didn't. But don't worry, because in the next video I will show you how you can still create awesome video interests , for example, for YouTube with blender without having any knowledge about software or and by using a very simple template also for free. And it is so easy that even I was able to manage it. So don't worry. Just have a look now at software here. So this is Planner Linda. It's used for creating really awesome videos for creating also even animated movies and so on. So it is a very powerful software and it is for free. So download it started. And then in the next video, I will show you exactly how to create the interest 2. Part 2: so before we actually start using the software first, we will go a shortcut, looking for an awesome template, which we can use for our intra. And there's a very easy way to do so. You just go to YouTube and search for blender intro. Once you have done so, you will find several channels, which will provide you with free down over downloadable blender intro templates, which you can use for your own purpose. So there is, for example, one very prominent YouTube channel, which was called I Fresh HD. He always regularly provides new templates, for example, for blender. So you then just hope many off these videos. I have just done so previously, and then we will have a look at all the templates. So let's see. So at the top, you can see there's always a number. So this is, for example, Template 19. Number 97. You can see how this template will look like This is Template 96. It's also very cool animation, and like this, you can watch the lot off YouTube videos by that guy to decide which one would perfectly match for your videos. And there are a lot off those, So I'm pretty sure that you will find a perfect match for your own use. So once you have watched a few intros, then you can decide for yourself. All right. I like template number, whatever. Let's say 90 then you just have to scroll down. And here you can see all the links to all the different templates that were shown in that video. So if you liked template number 90 you just click on that link and you will then be redirected toe a download page where you will have to download the link where you Then at the end, we'll find the blend of file which you can use and, of course, edit so that you can adjust the name. Or maybe the music whatsoever, or you have to do is choose to template and then downloaded. And of course, I have done so already. So I don't ordered the template from top 122 number 98 which will be then at the end, Rafael, And within the Rafay you will fend, find a blend fire, which is the fire which we will use later on in the software blender which we will then edit and finally have our very own video into without having too much effort or without having to learn how to actually use the software correcting. So that is a pretty fast way toe have cool interest. And in the next video, I will show you how you can edit then such an interest. 3. Part 3: So in the previous video, we have downloaded rare five from the YouTube channel. And here is that rare fire. And within that Rafay you confined the blend fire. So this is the template for blender, which I already extracted here. So next we are just going simply to start blender again. Once we have started blender, we just opened that template Now, by clicking here on the top on fire open. And we never get to our photo where we have downloaded and extracted the template file and just open it. Once you open it, we will see the template and the edit mode. And now the magic begins. We can say so. First by clicking here on the button on the play on the button you can play the animation toe. Have a look how this actually looks like. So in the middle, you can see there is the name it's turning around, and there you see some fleshing animations and that comes now a spiral. And that's the intro. And we haven't done anything in blender yet, except for opening a fire. So believe me, I have no clue how tow any make this and I have and still have no graphic design knowledge at all, So everyone can do this. So we have seen the animation. We like it. Oh, we have to change for our own. Intra. Now is, of course, the name so that it fits to our channel, for example. So we do. Is we just scroll a bit forward so we can see the entire name here. So now here on the top, right corner you can see all seeds. So what we have simply to do is to check for the two texts things. So as you can see, there are two text layers. So when is the main one and one is the shadow behind it, and we have to change both. So all we can do all we do is to select the 1st 1 so we have selected it. Then we click here into the middle, then here can see something has opened with click here in the middle. And now this is important because it also has taken me quite a lot of time to figure that out. Once you have selected the text layer and clicked into the middle, you have to press the tab key once you have press the tab key. Now you can actually edit the text on the screen. So now you can see the marker here. And all we have to do is just to delete this neat. And now you can see one text data has been deleted and we will change it. Now, let's say to Mr T OK, we have done this now for the first text layer. Now we are going to do the exact very same for the second text layer. So all we have to do is now select the second here text layer on the all scenes corner here again, click on the middle and press the tab key. You raise all the letters and right here as well, Mr T. So, basically, that's it. We're ready now. We asked. Just save it as a new copy. Andi, save it. Iss? Yeah, Something in our name. Save his blend of fire. Okay, I just over written it, but doesn't matter. So all you have to do is to save it. And once you have saved it now counts the actual rendering. So what you have to do now is to go to render here on the top step and here render animation so this. It is a process which takes quite a lot of time, especially depending on your hardware. So I will, for now, posters because this can actually take up to one hour or two hours or even more depending, of course, on the complexity off your template. So I will let us render, and once that's finished, we will see us again. 4. Part 4: hi, guys, and welcome back. So in the last video, we have edited template and change the text and we started and rendering so as mentioned before rendering takes quite some time But luckily now the rendering is finished And here on the right side, on the top, on the button you can see where the file the output has been saved after it has been rendered off Course you can change the sick ocean before you have started the rendering. But in case you wonder where the file ended, you just have to check out the output section here on the bottom. So rendering has finished. I already opened the photo where the fire was exported. It's an every file and we will now have a look at the export and video. So this is the template we have headed it and instead, off the name. Now you can see our new edited name and there you go. You have now your very own intro, which you can use for example, every time when you create a new YouTube video, so you have some kind off a brand now, you can also use it for any kind of music video or whatsoever. It's really simple. And as you have seen also, there are a lot off different, really awesome templates all there on YouTube, where which you can download for free and edit very easily. So I hope you had fun. So of course, it would be very awesome. If you also know, start using the software and create a project uploaded toe this course and share your creativity with the others so that you just did not consume this new learning stuff. But also now you can apply your new large with blender. Yeah, it's very easy, and I really like blender Off course. It's for free, so there is no reason to not like it. And if you have liked the course, I would really appreciate if you leave thumbs up or a positive review, which would, of course, encourage me to create more courses. Thank you for your attention. I wish you a great day and see you in another course. Bye bye.