Make Deals that Matter: Biz Dev & Partnerships for Startups

Alexander Taub, Biz Dev Builder at Dwolla

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18 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction to Make Deals That Matter

    • Unit 1 + 1.1 - Introduction to Business Development and What is Business Development?

    • Unit 1.2 - Different Types of Business Development

    • Unit 1.3- Networking

    • Unit 1.4- Digital Identity

    • Unit 2 + 2.1 - Introduction to Partnerships + Understanding Other Companies

    • Unit 2.2 - Four Golden Rules Of Partnerships

    • Unit 2.3 - Prove It

    • Unit 2.4 - Partner Feedback Feeding Into BD

    • Unit 3 + 3.1 - Rejection, Tools, More and Rejection

    • Unit 3.2 - Finding A Champion In A Company

    • Unit 3.3- Following Up, Reaching Out, Corresponding, Favors

    • Unit 3.4- Tools I Like

    • Unit 4 + 4.1- Pipeline, Pitching, and Closing + Building A Pipeline

    • Unit 4.2- Getting In Front Of People You Don't Know

    • Unit 4.3- Pitching

    • Unit 4.4- Closing

    • Final Project- 30, 60, 90 Day Plan


About This Class

This class will teach you what you need to know about introductory business development and partnerships at startups. It is designed for beginners with no experience with working in business development or partnerships.

What You'll Learn:

Unit 1- Business Development Introduction

  • Video Lecture 1.1: What Is Business Development?
  • Video Lecture 1.2: Types Of Business Development (B2C, B2B, B2B2C)
  • Video Lecture 1.3: Networking
  • Video Lecture 1.4: Digital Identity

Unit 2- Partnerships Introduction

  • Video Lecture 2.1: Understanding Other Companies
  • Video Lecture 2.2: Four Golden Rules Of Partnerships
  • Video Lecture 2.3: Prove It
  • Video Lecture 2.4: Partner Feedback Feeding into BD

Unit 3- Rejection, Tools, And More

  • Video Lecture 3.1: Rejection
  • Video Lecture 3.2: Finding A Champion In A Company
  • Video Lecture 3.3: Following Up, Reaching Out, Corresponding, Favors
  • Video Lecture 3.4: Tools I Like

Unit 4- Pipeline, Pitching, and Closing

  • Video Lecture 4.1: Building A Pipeline
  • Video Lecture 4.2: Getting In Front Of Someone You Don't Know
  • Video Lecture 4.3: Pitching
  • Video Lecture 4.4: Closing

16 of 21 students recommendSee All

Good short course for the very basic principles of business development.
Great overview of the basics in Business Development and how to organize a plan going forward. It can often be hard to get it down in writing or even to have an idea in mind of how to go forward.
This class was perfect for where I am currently at in business development. While it was brief it provided me with essential information to help me move forward.





Alexander Taub

Biz Dev Builder at Dwolla

Alex Taub leads Online Business Development and Partnerships at Dwolla, a payments startup based in Iowa. 

Alex previously led business development and partnerships for Aviary, a NY startup that provides a photo editing API for web and mobile devices.

Alex is on the board of NY Venture Community (NYVC), started the Digital Learning Series with Startl, is a NextNY Fellow, and advises early-stage companies. He has been featured in Business Insider as one of the “Top 20 Under 25” in the NY tech scene. Alex writes a popular blog called Alex’s Tech Thoughts, has been published in The New York Observer, The Next Web and Venturebeat, teaches Business Development classes, and has been quoted on many tech websites including TechCrunch, Fast Company, The New York Times, Business Insider, Mashable, and PC Magazine. He is also a bi-monthly contributor for the Forbes Entrepreneur section.

His other past experience has included leading Business Development at Media/And: a platform to monetize online video via e-commerce, New Business Development at Viacom/MTV Networks, Leverage Finance at Credit Suisse, and Private Client at UBS. Alex holds a BA in Economics from Yeshiva University. He is married and lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with his wife, Liz.

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