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11 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Welcome on Board!

    • Introduction to Content Marketing - Part 1

    • Introduction to Content Marketing - Part 2

    • Introduction to Blogging - Part 1

    • Introduction to Blogging - Part 2

    • The Art of Storytelling

    • Starting with Your First Paragraph

    • Youtube for Video Marketing

    • Video SEO & Usability

    • Writing Press Releases

    • More on Press Releases: 5 W’s & H


About This Class

Content Marketing: Attract and Engage more Customers.


Every 60 seconds there are over 690,000 searches on Google and nearly as many updates on Facebook. For your business to succeed online, it is essential to know content tactics to attract, engage and inspire customers to buy.

This course will help you achieve your content targets. No previous experience is required as the course aimed at beginners.


So...have you heard the phrase CONTENT IS KING?

Most likely you did! Everyone is talking about how content is so important but... have you ever wondered why content is king? Why is it so important?

Let's start your learning journey right here...


Depending on how old you are, you probably remember that 10-15 years ago if you needed to do a research you had to travel to a library to get the information. Why? Right, because the world's largest companies like GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK and TWITTER simply didn't exist.

And thing all these companies have in common is ...INFORMATION.

Today we have an entire world of information at our fingertips. Forget about libraries, just google it. Do you see where I am going? So, now you know why content is king, CONTENT is KING because it's the information age!

You can easily tell your story by way of content; write a blog post with a personal touch, create a video showing your daily grind. By being transparent to your followers, you will likely gain and even greater audience by making known who you are and what you want to accomplish with your business.

So...Content is King because it makes easy for other people to spread your message and share it.

This course aims to illustrate the processes behind a successful content generation. We will show you how to integrate content marketing into your day-to-day marketing. You will learn with this course that when you create content with people in mind and they find value in, they will share it. They will share your blog, your story, your videos etc.

By the end of this Content Marketing Crash Course you'll learn the fundamentals of content marketing and will be able to implement the right strategies for your organization.

Remember! Creating high-value content is good, but creating high-value content strategically is even better!

For more information on how to create a rock-solid marketing strategy for your business hit the 'ENROL' button and start learning content marketing right away.

The course is easy to chew, as its structured in 8 video lessons. Each will take around 5-10 minutes. The entire course clocks in around 1 hour.

P.S. Regards the content sharing...find this lovely quote below:

“In today’s marketplace, knowledge itself is not power, but the sharing of knowledge is.” - Michael R. Hunter





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IMarketer - Liya Bergen

Baby steps in Digital Marketing

iMarketer Training is an educational center based in London. We helped many students in the UK to start with their digital marketing campaigns and now we're here to help YOU. Digital Marketing is a phenomenon of our age. In the current business world, no marketing strategy is complete without internet marketing component.

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