Make Cinemagraphs GIF From Videos Without Photoshop | James Woo | Skillshare

Make Cinemagraphs GIF From Videos Without Photoshop

James Woo, Skills To A Better Life

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7 Videos (16m)
    • Cinemagraph GIF Introduction

    • Installing The Free Software

    • Get Started

    • Adding More Layers

    • Making Adjustments To Movement

    • Save and Export GIF

    • Upload Cinemagraph GIF


About This Class

Make animated cinemagraph GIFs from your videos. Cinemagraph GIFs are a cross between videos and still images. They can highlight a certain part of your image, drawing a viewers attention to the parts with motion.

This class shows you how you can create cinemagraph GIFs from your videos without Photoshop, using a free software.

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James Woo

Skills To A Better Life

I'm passionate about making things better at work, or at home. I enjoy teaching about tools, processes, software etc.

My motto is "Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are."

My website's tagline is to Build a Better Business but it's really about Creating A Better Life.

Outside of business, I enjoy photography, teaching, and connecting with people. Check out my classes here where I share what I know to help you make things better.

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