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Make Cinemagraphs GIF From Videos Without Photoshop

teacher avatar James Woo, Skills For A Better Life

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Cinemagraph GIF Introduction

    • 2. Installing The Free Software

    • 3. Get Started

    • 4. Adding More Layers

    • 5. Making Adjustments To Movement

    • 6. Save and Export GIF

    • 7. Upload Cinemagraph GIF

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About This Class

Make animated cinemagraph GIFs from your videos. Cinemagraph GIFs are a cross between videos and still images. They can highlight a certain part of your image, drawing a viewers attention to the parts with motion.

This class shows you how you can create cinemagraph GIFs from your videos without Photoshop, using a free software.

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James Woo

Skills For A Better Life


I’ve been an engineer and a business owner. I enjoy helping people with software, videos and online tools.

My aim is to teach you how to Leverage Tech to create Greater Impact in your life. 

Over two thousand people have taken my online courses on Skillshare alone. I believe that anyone can master the tech world with some training and an open mind.

Besides my courses here, there are articles and videos on my website and my YouTube channel where you can learn how to master other software and tools to help you be more effective in your life or your business.

Feel free to connect with me too.



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1. Cinemagraph GIF Introduction: cinema. Golf gifts are a cross between a video and still image. Because of the movement allows you to create very interesting images. There are neither the video nor a photo. The movement, in a way which actually allows you to draw a person's eye or attention to the partner, is moving. In this class. I will show you how to turn videos into a cinema graph gift without using for the shop. I also provide a sample video for used to practice on if you don't have your video of your own, so I look forward to seeing you in this class. 2. Installing The Free Software: Okay, The things that you need to do first, it's actually to download and install the software. The software is free, and the best place you can download it is to head on over to Microsoft dot com, start to download the software. The software is free, and what you need to do is to clicking at the Epp. I'm gonna include links in the North and PdF so that you can no where to download this software and installing. Now if you're on Windows 10. If you click on click the the In those APP store we actually opened on your computer and you can actually click download. Since I have already installed the software, the pattern here is launched. If you have not Stahle, then here would be a patent for you to install the software and just click on install, and the software were installed naturally. 3. Get Started: okay, when you open, bring clip. Let's This will be the screen that you will see. So there's a few menus here, and if you are doing it for the first time, you would just have to open a new video. Or you can have a choice to record a video where you record a webcam and make your clip this from there. So I'm just going to assume that you have your video clip. They also galleries on the Web that you can see and get some inspiration from existing animated GIFs. Someone open the video and click on this menu here, so I'm going to slight this. So when you have this screen open up, you'll see something like this. There will be some boss here. There's a time to start, and there's also a time to end. So when you are selecting a video clip, the maximum that you can use is 10 seconds. So obviously my video is longer than 10 seconds. That's why I see this bar here, this blue bar, which denotes the beginning and beginning of the video and the end of the video. So since my video clip is longer than 10 seconds. I will need to move this back by clicking and dragging it to the spot that I want to using converting a video to the GIF far. Okay, so the one I want is the where the train is moving along. Okay, so this is the beginning part of the trend. And if I move on, this will be the end part of the train, okay? All the video and I'm going to select. So let's say I want to have trained there and move your Ross right up to there. Okay? You can shot in the video clip that you select by moving this bar. Okay, so now this video will be shocked, but there is a mix off tens of seconds. So let's move these to be here. So once you selected your video, you can just click line frames, because when your video, you may have some frames that are actually not properly in line. So the software were actually aligned those frames, and the next time you need to do is just to click on. OK, so the software would actually load the video and allow you to do that next step. Okay, So you will see a scream like this. The first thing you need to do is actually to select a starting point on your video. Still frame a friend that doesn't move. Okay, As you know, videos are combination off our frames from one frame to another, and it is all combined to create movement. This is for you to select a secret frame that you want. Okay, You can move it to select the frame that you want, and this is the one that you actually select. Your friend. Okay, so I'm gonna move my friends on there in the middle. You can do whatever you feel like. You can move it to the end. You can move into the beginning of the video. That's fine. I'm just gonna do it. Somebody here. And once you have done that, the next step you need to do is to click on new layer by clicking on the glass. But on the way there, I'm going to do that, and you'll notice that now my cursor has a, uh, yes. Yellow circle over there. Okay. For this new layer. All right. And this bar here allows you to do some selection. Okay. Where you won your animated GIF to start, so we'll leave it there for the time being. And let's paint or sudden section off the video here when you paint right by left clicking on your mouths and dragging it, You are actually telling the software that you want to see movement in what you have painted over. Okay, so let me just play that by clicking this play button here. You see what I mean? There's no very smooth, But that would be the first sign that you're so obvious. We came probably. And you have an idea off what to do next. Okay, So is there some jerky movements over there? So I can actually select the start point at the earliest age? We have won the train to start in the further point. Okay, so let me just play that again. I find it a little bit too fast, so I can actually slow that down by moving this. Yeah, My dragging is here a little bit. So as you see it as this bar here get wider, the movement will be slower, right? Training with when they will be slower. Let's pause that and you have the option of looping it. Like, what is he doing right now? You can have the option off mirror. Okay, let's see what mirror does. So mirrors also play back and forth. Okay? Interesting movement. You can have play. Which means that the video play once the movement would be just once. Okay, so whatever your painter will would just move from ones. And there are also other options, for example, reversed plea or reversal loop. Let's just do reverse mirror. So the movement now would be reversing the other way around. So the train is moving from here and back and forth. We will start from this point. Let me move. This year you will move from the front point and then move backwards. So there you have your options over there, okay? And you can actually adjust this by moving these bob more. So there's a maximum limit that you can adjust. So now let me just move this part here. Ladies again that this would be a look, a little be start to end, and then he starts back over there. Mirror will be back and forth, back and forth like a swing rocking back for okay, But I say I wanted to be more movement. You haven't trained to move for the longer track before he reverses itself. Let me just pin there a little bit more. And I see how it goes this time. All right, so they had the first part of the video. 4. Adding More Layers: now that I have done one part. Now I want to make the cast move. And in order to do that, I need to add another layer. Okay, so remember that blue by here is where the steel frame is. And this yellow bar is where the movement off this section is. So when you click a new layer, you have another color that comes out. And this time it is a dream. And you're Kresa is now green as well. So again, I can actually paint over the second movements that I want. So now let's say I want to move. The cast are in the cars on the road to move, and I'm painting it over there. Okay? And I can actually use this section here hasn't been painted. I can use this to to have to feel this section in. Okay. So if they see this large section of your screen that you want to paint instead of painting over a large section, you can actually use a buck if you let me show that again so you can see it better. Let's say I'm going to select this paint and I Anything this lying over here if I want this screen, this section to be field, all I need to do is use the bucket and killed the scientists. Empire section is few, and I can actually raise it by use clicking on the Raisa. Okay. And you raising this sections One thing you kind of justice, like the size of the circle. Okay, but there is a tool to undo that if you choose to. Okay, lets. And then there's also you Reza to So I want you raise some of the movement yet a side of the road on the car on the other side of the road to be stationary at this point in time when you select this layer and you said like the green and this boss at the bottom thes sections, actually green section. So you're moving that you actually controlling the green section of it? Okay. So again, I can stretch it out a bit to show more movement, last movement and I can also slow things down. So let's just see what happens on the ladies. And so that is actually the fact that I'm after If I want to need to be more, let's see race So because this movement is pretty fast. You won't notice it. However, in this video you will notice that because I didn't pay in this section over properly. Okay, Some of the costs on the vehicles me. I may be missing her. You have movement that look so natural. Okay, let me show you what I mean. Uh, for instance, you see this lorry here? The top part may be missing. There's a matter because this is moving so fast, and that's just being a with a sigh. And then we just re some of this section here. Let's see how it goes. Okay, so let's say I went to our justice movement of the train. Know that Justice Lee? Yeah. I had to click on this later, and I want to slow down the training later. Be more. I want to see the distinction between something that's moving fast and slow, that that's actually attracts attention in your gifts or your cinema graph, right to see things that are different. And it's your movements of a draw attention to the o. T. I. In order to religiously year. All I need to do is to click on delete selected layer and he will be back to ready. Click us. Okay, so and when you have a layer, when you have highlighted suddenly area, there's no movement, it doesn't matter. You don't have to worry. Then the software would know and know that there is actually no movement over there. You don't have to worry about it, so that would be using two layers in Bring click Let's toe, adjust your gift. 5. Making Adjustments To Movement: so depends on the look that you're after. Where there you are after something natural or something unnatural. You can also move this and by over here. Now, when you move this over here, let me move this part of the day. He just means that this part, the steel frame, will be dead, which is the blue bar. The orange orange color bar will start Means the train was part moving. But this will start moving on you in this point hits this point where there. Unless pleader rates of the class was start moving lead there. Okay, So this is where you can actually online your videos to smooth on a certain path, So depends on the look that you're after. Uh, this is not something that I want for my video. So I'm gonna movie lying it so they start at the same time. Okay, but this is the look that I'm after. All right? If I want to make this train spot later, So I click on here and now I can move the Triton so that you were starting to believe that . And I just think the length of the clip that's gonna play Wait for the software to process in. Let me move this year first quickly. So you see that? Let me move this point over here. The cast was start moving based on the green bar. Obviously the steel frame will always be there and train will start moving, leader. 6. Save and Export GIF: now, once you're done with your work, you can click anywhere here, right clicking your most. You can save changes and return to your home pitch. The Scott changes You can actually actually export this, which is what I'm gonna do now. And when you click export, this software would save your animated GIF or your cinnamon gift onto your computer somewhere. Okay? I'm just gonna call you a lot e train to because I've then the 91. So let me just like this for timing, okay? In order to see the movement off the safe, all what you need to do is now is to go into your cinema graph. And if you click on it, you won't see any movement on your browser, right? You won't see any movement. It has to be under browser. So you gotta take the far poorly and put it on to the idea. A browser like Firefox or chrome And then you will see and you are blue this fall to certain websites. You would be able to see this movement there. Okay. And you can see this year it's a ality is a gift. It's not a video. That's great. to hear. Let's come here. So there's also options to publish and share. If you click, this publish and share option means that this gift would actually be published onto a specific website. Let's click and see what happens. Okay, publish and share. You can share clip, lit or animated gift, and you must looking toe blink. So Darcy are using a Microsoft account, and by agreeing to the so in terms, I'm not gonna do that. So if you want to, you can actually register for account in Microsoft and Apple. You're gifted a website. You can also look that gift onto your website and you will play as well. 7. Upload Cinemagraph GIF: So where can you upload your cinema graph gifts. Right. So I've actually I blow the one to my website here. Okay, This is my own website. As you can see in this block post, you can see this gift that's moving around another site. You can Abdul your gifts. It's actually Tumbler. If you have a tumbler com account, you can actually abduct the gift to that. Okay, so this is my tumbler account. This is just to show you that when you blow your gift, this is what will happen to your animated GIFs.