Make Change Without Authority: How to Redesign Your In-House Company Logo | Annie Riker | Skillshare

Make Change Without Authority: How to Redesign Your In-House Company Logo

Annie Riker, Creative Director, Illustrator, Designer

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction: Make Change Without Authority. How To Redesign Your Company Logo

    • 2. About Annie

    • 3. Start With Why: Clarify Why You Want A Change

    • 4. The Logo That Got Approved

    • 5. Make Your Case: Addressing Colleague Fears Through Education

    • 6. Road Bumps: What To Do When Hurdles Arise

    • 7. Final Words

    • 8. It's Your Turn: Final Project


About This Class

Make Change Without Authority: How to Redesign Your In-House Company Logo

This class is made for in-house designers (in other words, designers who work for a company or organization instead of an outside design firm or agency). Working as a creative person in-house can be very rewarding and comes with great opportunities… but also many challenges! In the six and a half years I’ve worked as a designer in-house and spoken to other in-house creatives, I’ve come across MANY common challenges.

I’ve noticed that one of the biggest sources of frustration for us in-house folks is not having as much influence as we’d like, and not feeling heard or valued as a design expert. Specifically, a huge pain point is our own company or organization’s logo, and how much resistance we get about trying to change it.

That’s why this class is focused on how to change your company logo. (Literally—you don’t like your current company logo and think it should be redesigned).

I’ll be sharing my personal story with you about how I successfully convinced my organization to redesign our logo… after half a CENTURY of one style. I’ll offer you plenty of tangible tips along the way, which can be applied to any other type of change you want to work on making in your company—even if you feel like you have no power or authority to do so.

We won’t be focusing on any design techniques or logo concept development. Instead, I’ll be walking you through a process to help you build trust and respect from your colleagues, and to work toward an effective change.





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Annie Riker

Creative Director, Illustrator, Designer

Hello! I'm the Creative Director at the National Parks Conservation Association. I love to share ideas, and have spoken about in-house design for HOW Design Live, AIGA, and more.

In my spare time, I like to draw things and write about design, creativity, and a bit of zen on tumblr. I sometimes 'gram, and rarely tweet. I love bicycles, breakfast, and observing the world.

Check out my full portfolio here:

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