Make Anyone Look Their Best in a Picture: Understanding Body Language in Photography | Kasia Banasiak | Skillshare

Make Anyone Look Their Best in a Picture: Understanding Body Language in Photography

Kasia Banasiak, photographer

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7 Lessons (11m)
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About This Class

Hi and welcome back.

      My name is Kasia  I am free Lance  photographer  with 8 years  of experience. I have graduated  on NYIP,  course  in professional photography.

      In my lessons  I would  like to teach you  useful  techniques  and how to apply them. This lesson is a second part to my previous  lesson ''how to make anyone look their best in the picture''.  I was talking about head positioning setting up the light and camera angle is best too shoot from, I've also explained importance of colours surrounding your subject.

     In this lesson  I will talk about body language and face expressions. How to direct posing person to get effects you want. We all subconsciously  send signals to others, I will teach you   how to find the best poses for different types of people.

     In this lesson we will focus on female posing basics.  I will point out the difference  between  flattering poses and those distracting one.  I will also tech you how to pose your subject to make picture more dynamic.

      So don't hesitate and click enrol button  and I'll see you there.


casting in a lesson Xiaolu Guo

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Kasia Banasiak



Hi, my dear students!

Summer is over and we are going to be using studio more often from now on so I thought it will be a great idea to share my knowledge about studio photography with you.

In this lesson I'm going to talk about:

light set up I use in my photography. how do I direct my models regardless of if they are professional or not. what accessories you can use to make your images more interesting. what to do to add more movement to your pictures ...

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