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Make An Animated Logo Intro in PowerPoint: Gamer Channel style

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Warm up - Selection & animation pane

    • 3. Your assignment

    • 4. Prepare the template

    • 5. Create the rectangles

    • 6. Pour them In

    • 7. You Spin Me Round

    • 8. Grow the Animation

    • 9. Work on the Timings

    • 10. Insert Logo and Design a Connector

    • 11. Animate the Logo

    • 12. Making a Cool Fade-Out

    • 13. Add Free Music and Done!

    • 14. Using the template - Add Your logo & export to video

    • 15. I'm honored to have you here!!!

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to prepare an awesome looking logo intro reveal in PowerPoint! We start from an empty PowerPoint file and fill & animate it until we have the animation you see in the preview. You will prepare alongside me a fully working template to export to video and use for your projects, Youtube channel or simply to nicely animate a logo.

  • Did you always want to create impressive logo reveals / video animations like the "big guys" do?
  • Do you struggle to learn advanced animation software like After Effects?
  • Do you upload videos on Your website, Youtube channel etc. and need to have it branded?

I got you covered because now animations like that are possible and the only software you require and have to use is...PowerPoint. That's right! In this class I will teach you how to prepare outstanding logo reveal animations without the need to learn advanced animation software like Adobe After Effects, 3DS or Apple Motion. Everything, including placing the sound, animating the logo and export it to video will be made only with help of PowerPoint 2010/2013. 

Some of the cool things in the class:

  • We will prepare together a ready-to-use projects
  • You will use uncommon animation techniques
  • Learn how to substitute After Effects with PowerPoint
  • Attract more business with unique design
  • Learn and make a fun project!

We will work on and complete the logo reveal project - together!

Join me in this class if you are searching for a shortcut to surprisingly awesome Powerpoint tricks and learn effective graphic design using this wonderfull tool. YouTube, video marketing, video content it is all growing rapidly and everyone needs high quality animated material on a daily basis now 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: how older My name is Andrea. I live in Poland, and I focused my work on video editing and animation. In this culture class, I would like to teach you how to prepare a great looking local river intro in PowerPoint. If you are using YouTube or would like to use YouTube, and if you are interested in animation, this class would be perfect for you. I will show you from a blank presentation file towards a finished and ready in the nation to export how to prepare such an animation. Let's preview now what we are going to create exactly here. This was exactly the animation we are going to create. I will, of course, also the template with you so you can use for your own products, and I will show you or to find music for you. Over the years, PowerPoint has grown to be one of my favorite tools. So if you would like toe enter, get your feet wet In the video editing industry, this would be a perfect time, and I would like to invite you to discover last. If you are interested priests and roll now and let us start working 2. Warm up - Selection & animation pane: Hey there, Welcome. I want to share a few basics. You need to know before you enter the lectures through the lessons will often use the selection, pain and the animation pain. I want to show you what that is. Let's say you have a few objects in the presentation. If you triangles, I copy them over the selection. Pain is a container. You can open it by going to home. Select selection pain where all the objects that are in the presentation are listed. You can rename the objects, for example, to triangle blue, and you could shut it down by clicking on the icon. This is very handy when working in Power Point and you will definitely use it. The animation pain is the same thing. Only it goes not for object but for animations. On those objects, I go to animations and open up the animation pain. Let's say I make information for all those objects. I want them to flow into the presentation. As you see, older animations are called Isolated Triangle because this is their name. The only triangle I renamed Frankel Blue has the animation named a strangle blue. So once you were named them. It is easier to work on the animations because you know which animation works for which object. This is the basic and ground work you need to know before you enter the lessons. If you do not know this options already, please open a PowerPoint. Open up the selection pain, open up the animation pain, work with a few objects, and you will be ready and prepared to continue with all the lessons. Thank you for attention in this throat introduction and let's move forward and continue. 3. Your assignment: your assignment for the sculpture class will be to use the template you have created, change its colors, used the logo you have and export. It is a ready video. I will show you step by step. How to do this in the upcoming lessons. Once you have finished the design, please export it to video uploaded to YouTube, Google Drive, photo bucket venue or any other video sharing website and share the link with us in the projects. Files insight off sculpture. Simply go to the class project hit. Start your product and you can submit all informations there. I really appreciate this and it will be interesting to see for what products that you use this template. I'm really confident you will complete this project. Please head over to the lessons and we can start working under design. 4. Prepare the template: Hello everyone. I'm really happy to open up. The design will be preparing together the logo into reveal for the game or channel. I will try to move slowly so you can follow each single step I'm doing here in the design. Go inside Pyre Point, Open up a new presentation. Click to other slide, delete everything which is on the slide because we will be completely redesigning everything you work from scratch The only adjustment we need to make. We will work on one slide, go into transitions, Hit fate so the entire intro won't enter so quickly. Once you hit fate by going to the timing section, reduce it to health a second. So it will be easy for us to count because the faith in us half a second and we'll know how long the presentation actually lasts. One less thing we need to do uncheck that on mostly select after and now there was something important. This means how long the video will be Once we are completed with the design. If we have, for example, five seconds off animations, the animations will end and the video will end only after a certain amount of second half past. So if I make it 10 seconds once I export everything to a video, the video will have 10 seconds and half a second off their fate. In you will know everything once we already start preparing the design. But for now, let's get seven seconds so the entire design will be less than 10 seconds. I think seven seconds for local reveal is just about right. Because people get bored if introductions are too long. So they should be short, crunchy and just work as an eye candy for the viewer, not as a information. So this was the first lesson. We have our template prepared and we can continue building the intro now. 5. Create the rectangles: in this lesson, we will create rectangles, which are a very important part off. The entire animation opened up the template you had goto insert shapes and select a simple rectangle. Click on the rectangle, and by pressing down and holding the shift key, you can have perfect proportions on. The rectangle will create five off those rectangles, so I select the 1st 1 Now I want to align it completely in the middle. I go to align, align, center the line, align middle. So now the rectangle is completely in the center. I wanted to be a little bit smaller so I can do this either by hand or by going to the size section and making it about 9.5 centimeters. Now. With this 9.5, I make sure it is still aligned on the center. If you are not sure about the position off the rectangle, go to view an open up guide. This shows you exactly where the middle is, and as you see, the rectangle is now perfectly set. Go again back to the drawing tools, and as you see, I have a blue rectangle 9.5 centimeters and it's exactly in the middle. If you are in the same spot, you have a ready rectangle. Please select the rectangle, go to drying tools and change its color. I made the first rectangle, which will be completely on the bag to a great color. You can select any color from the grayscale, for example, a dark one like that. Now there is something important which you need to do through the entire designing process by having selected direct angle. Go to drawing Togo's Open up the selection pain and renamed the objects you have selected. It will be easy for us to remember what we are editing. If you name all objects, I will name this object rectangle gray. So now I immediately know which object I'm editing. The only thing we need to do now is repeat this step four times. I select the rectangle I click control C Control V, and as you see, a new rectangle has appeared. I see there's some blue outline, so I go to drawing tools, shape outline, no old line. Once I've copied dis rectangle, I go to drawing tools shape Phil and I select a bold red color. I place it in the middle, so it covers up the gray one. And remember, you need to rename it. I name it off course rectangle. Rhett, if you are not certain which object is selected, you simply press the I icon here. Now we have no trouble, but if there are more off those rectangles, it will get a little bit messy. I go ahead and copy direct angles. I select the red one Control C Control V. This is perfect because PowerPoint automatically puts the rectangles above each other. So this will be orange because we'll have a orange logo. I once again select no outline because I'm not sure if the outline isn't there and I select a nice orange color here. Control C Control V. We are nearly done. You can off course select other colors, depending on on your logo. But for this design, I wanted it to be colorful impactful, and it has to make a nice impression. So I select very contrasting colors between each other. Once a blue color is revealing, a orange is following up. You really see the difference and see the power in that I rename it to blue and now something important. The last rectangle needs to be the same color as the background. So I will use a black background Saigo shaped Phil. I make the rectangle black. I include this here. I put it over, and now I select format background solid Phil and I filled the background with a black color wants all the colors appear. The last rectangle needs to be the same color as the background. If you will go with the white background, you just recall er this last to a white color. So now we are done with direct angles. This was a slow lesson, but I really hope you're following along and please do open apart point and prepare for five rectangles just like I did. If you do on other colors, there is absolutely no problem. You can always de select them, select the right object, go to tryingto and change the color toe Any color you would like. Let's go to the fun part now and start animating the rectangles 6. Pour them In: okay. I'm really happy we got here. Now comes the fun part of the design process. We will animate the rectangles and let me show you something. At first I go to insert Do not repeat those steps. I just want to show you something. I take two shapes just quickly. I click on both. I go to animations and I make them both fly in. I opened up the animation pain I make them with previous and now watch what happens. I make it longer as you see both off. These are going from the bottom As I use flying, I make them two seconds and I want to show you something which will use in this design. I double click on the animation I go to effect. And as you see, we have some tools here which, not often people using PowerPoint and they definitely should. This makes the animations really better, more smooth. And as you see, it's even called smooth and and start. And on one animation I make a totally smoot and and now watch what happens as I play them. This one goes with the same speed through the entire animation. And this one goes faster and at the end it slows down and it enters up smoothly. This is something I went to use in our design and we'll go right into it now. I delete off course the rectangles and let's work on our template. I have my selection paint open. If you lost it. Goto home. Select selection pain and it will open and I make the last rectangle visible. I select all five rectangles because I know they are here. I goto animations and I use a fly in animation as I used before. Now, as you see, five animations have appeared in the animation pain. I select the 1st 1 I make it with previous. Now I click on the 1st 1 by holding the shift key. I select all of those animations and I make them a little bit longer. For example, one second I will preview now the effect we have by making play from and we obviously can't see anything because the black one is covering it up. We will play with the timings later on once we have all the animations complete. But for now I will just extend the duration by quarter a second off each of those animations. I think it should be shorter because this will be a really slow animation now. But this is only for us. So we know what is going on on the presentation. Now let's play it and see what happens. Okay? As you see, there are all slowly coming in. I double click to check it out. I forgot to set the smooth ends. You can off course, do that in book by selecting all of the animations. Double clicking on any of them and just making a maximal, smooth and power point will ultimately get adjusted, depending on the length off the animation. As you see, the longest one has two seconds and I previewed once again all right. It already looks nicer. As you see, they are flying quickly in, and once they are in the middle, they are smoothly appearing in the middle. So to recap, everything we did in this lesson I selected all of the rectangles. I made a fly in animation, so they fly in from the bottom. Afterwards, I made the animation a little bit longer by selecting its duration and by double clicking on it, I said the smooth and to a maximum amount. This is how the animation in this design begins. I hope you are following along. You are on the same step and let us proceed to the next lesson because you will really like how the animation goes when you add some effects up to it and they aren't even so complicated, you can really easy replicate them and use them in the future as a template and as a guideline for all designs. You may I hope you did like it. See you soon in the next lesson where we continue to make the longer revealed in true number one. 7. You Spin Me Round: hater and welcome back to the local intra animation we are doing in PowerPoint. So I hope you did follow along all these steps You have direct angles. You have the first intimation. I will turn the background again to white so we see better. What is going on? You simply have to select solid Phil and change the color. All right, Now we see the rectangles again. Select again. All five of them. As you see in the selection pain. I did select all of them and we will add a new animation to direct angles. It will be a spin animation. We can click it here. We need to goto at animation and selected from this pain. If we would select it here, it would simply replace the original animation. Since we want several animation to be attached to those rectangles, please go toe at animation and select spin Once the animations are alive, right Click on the 1st 1 Select with previous So all the animations are going together seamlessly. Once again I select all of them. I double click on them. I go to effect. And now I want them to start smoothly not And one other adjustment we need to make is to adjust the amount of the spin. 3 60 degrees is way, way, way too much. We need to make it 1/4 spin. So it's 90 degrees and hit. OK, now, as you see, the rectangles make 1/4 off a spin. Okay? The animation is way too slow now. Please select all of the animations and reduce its duration toe One second. Now what we have to do, we will play with the exact animation timings later. Let us preview the effect now, Okay? The rectangles are coming in and they are turning it should this would all happen simultaneously. Who? I go to the animations once again, and I delayed them a little bit. I believe we'll need to change them soon. But let's preview the effect we have now. Okay? This is going in the direction we want to achieve. We want the rectangles to go and spin one after another. We are complete with this part off the animation. A quick recap. I selected all rectangles and I did at I spent animation. I also double clicked on the animation and made them a smooth start and 90 degrees clockwise. Please apply older changes, and we will be one step closer to finishing the design. This was a really important animation and in the next step will do. You will know really more about PowerPoint and how to prepare such a design from scratch till finish. I want to invite you to the next lesson, and let's continue with the animation we are making. 8. Grow the Animation: Hello there will come back in the logo. Intra design we are making and we have one last animation We need to add to the rectangles . This will be a grow animation. First we want to preview what we did. So Goto animations Open up the animation pain, Go to the first animation and hit play from As you see, we have the rectangles flying in and they spend a clockwise 90 degrees round. It's all perfect. Now I need to select once again all objects to be certain. I go to home, select selection pain. So I also see the objects I'm editing. I go to animations Once again, I press at animation. This is because we want yet another animation on the boxes so had at animation and make it a growth shrink. As you see, this animation makes the boxes bigger. So now I hit once again with previous by holding the shift key. I selling all five of them, and I reduced their duration toe one second, just as we did before I double click on the animations I go to effect, and I make them start smoothly. The last adjustment I need to make is to make them much bigger because I want them to spin and to cover up the entire screen so they somehow introduce us to the logo. They reveal everything, and the logo will appear after that. So I go to size to custom, and we need to make here about 800%. This will make sure that those rectangles will be really big and they will cover the screen entirely. That's it. OK. And as you see, just as I wanted, they are getting really big. If you are in the same place, you have all animations ready. Now, go to the animation pain and put the same names near the same animations. So it will be easier to edit because we want them to grow and spin simultaneously. So I just put the red near the red, the orange near the orange they blew to the blue and the black should start in the same position I hit with previous, so I don't have to work with the timings. And now we can preview what we actually did. Okay, this already looks interesting. I personally feel that the animation isn't a smooth and as crisp as it should be so will alter the timings in the next lesson. But for now, this is what we wanted to achieve. We have two rectangles going in, spinning and growing over the screen. Now I can turn the black background back just as I had before. I just get I just right click on an in place in the presentation. I go for my background and I select a black solid field. Now I want to preview the effect once again. So I have more insight about how am I doing and what is going on with the design. We just need a little bit more speed motion and we will be ready with the animation. I really hope you enjoy making that because that's the most fun part of the entire design process, where you can really preview the effect and alter it a bit, and you see that it is getting better and better. I close the background panel and now we can proceed toe work on the timings. So I am closing up this lesson. Please repeat all those steps make this animation make a 800% grow with a smooth start at the beginning, as I was showing you and put the animations next to each other, so it will be easier for us to add it. Thank you for your intention in this lesson, and let's proceed with the design. 9. Work on the Timings: Hey, again, we continue to work on our logo intro, and we arrived at the place where we can finally adjust the animations and their timings. What we need to do now, we need to preview the effect a few times to get an idea off what we want to change. I simply hit play from, and I immediately noticed that the black rectangle he stays here in too long that the two seconds we made is way too long. Now Direct angle is flying in. It is stopping for a brief moment in the middle, and it shouldn't It should go up, and it should immediately start spinning and going off the screen. I will change the time of under animations by going to the timing section and clicking on the animation, and I'll move them really only a bit. This animation is intended to be really quick, maybe for a game of channel, and we need the animations to really work seamless and Flo quick. So I shift the times to be really close to each other. I make 1.10 1.15 and here definitely much, 1.20. So now the spaces between the timings are really sharp and clothes. And let's preview what has changed well, still not satisfied with the effect, the rectangles are flying in one after another a bit quicker, but the grow and spin animation now is has too much of a delay. I reduced to delay Toby 0.1 between each other. And remember, you have to select two animations to do that. I select the next to, and I make them 0.2. I make the same for the next animations. Sometimes this is a little problem with PowerPoint because we need to make this by hand. You have no shortcut here in Power Point, where you have to hope that you will get it right on the 10th time. And you need always to preview preview previous until you got your perfect animation. And I think the times are really sharpen close. Now let's preview the effect now. This is a nice animation. Now I am very confident that this design looks perfect and sharp. Everything is smoothly going out of the screen, and this is exactly the kind of animation we wanted to achieve to quickly recap what we did . The first animations the flying animations are 0.5 between each other. So we have to go manually to the timing and set them to such a timing. The next ones are going 0.1 delay after another. As you see, I select both animations. 0.20 point 30.4 What this does. The whole animation takes 1.4 seconds to complete. As you see, this yellow one is the most to the right. I can select this. This animation takes 1 20 this 1 40 Now, I am sure that the first initial reveal takes less than two seconds. This is ideal because we want a really quick intro, which won't be boring for anyone. So a two seconds animation at the beginning is just perfect. Keep in mind that we want to start to animate the logo before the rectangles actually go out of the screen. So everything goes really seamless. It's like a opening for the logo. Power Point allows us to combine several animations, but we do not always have ideas how to merge them to a nice similares animation. And this is what I wanted to teach you. You need to know a few patterns. A few templates. Once you know you have them in your head, it will be really easier for you to create such animations. So I'm happy to complete the animation and let us proceed to enter the logo into the design . 10. Insert Logo and Design a Connector: Hey there. Welcome again. We'll continue now with inserting the logo and making a nice looking straight connector, which will underline the logo on the overall design. So I grabbed a logo. I just made a sample logo out off A. I can add some text. In case you wonder how I did that. I simply took an icon from I confined dot com. And as you see, you can find files here, which are completely free for commercial use, and you have no copyright issues. You simply when you search for icons are for some other designs. You go for free and you type in the license for commercial use, and you can find, without any trouble, much nice graphic files to use. Okay, we have a sample logo, and once I added so logo, I immediately rename it two logo, so it will be easier for us to edit it. I felt like it's a little bit too plain. There's not much going on on the screen, so I designed a nice straight connector, which will underline the entire logo. And you can do this, too, if you have another color of her logo. That's no problem. I will show you everything. How to do this. Go to insert shapes and simply select a line by holding the shift key. I make a straight connecting line. Maybe it's a bit too much now, so I hold the shift key. Once again. I make it smaller just to fit under the logo somewhat like that, and, like right click on it and go to form a shape by close of the innovations. So we see more. And now listen what you can do here I go off course to a grade infill. I don't like the basic reagent, so I make three colors. One. I position it in the middle. I select off course with the eyedropper, the exact color off the logo, so it remains consistent with the logo. I have just the wit to be a bit bigger, maybe dewpoints. We have a nice big line, and as you see, it's a bit too bright. This is because we have a wife color here and the blue collar. Here. I select the white color on the left, and I make it totally transparent. I do the same for the right color. Also remember to change the direction to make three colors next to each other. So now, as you see, the left and right side are beginning to fade out. Well, this can be all adjusted by hitting the brightness level. The most important thing is that it works. And once you adjust the brightness to be less, you see the opacity moves to the left. I select also the left color, and I turned down the brightness heavily. And as you see, we have a nice, transparent straight connector which only underlines the logo. I hit the arrow keys. I see it's a bit too white by holding 2 52 not replace it. I make it smaller. It should just be under the logo. I hit a few times the arrow keys, and as you see, we have a nice underlying off the logo. It really adds a bit of design into the project, and I also wanted to show you those few PowerPoint tricks sec. You can work with Grady int, turn up the transparency and make transparent objects. That way you can do the same by working with shapes. You have a shape, you call it with ingredient, and you can really you make no old line. You can get really interesting colors by using the transparency on the left and the right off course. These are a bit intense. They should be white transparent, and this already looks more interesting. So always keep in mind that these options are here and you can do such designs in PowerPoint. Now we will go slowly towards the finish of the design. Please proceed to the next lesson to learn how you want to animate the logo. And please repeat all the steps I showed you here in your design and we can move forward with completing the template. 11. Animate the Logo: hater. Welcome back and let us continue with the design. We need to animate the logo. So it goes in nicely into the entire animation. I opened up the animation pain a preview once again what we have and all right, when the black rectangle is finishing to grow and spin the local ship pop out, I select the logo. I check out the animations. I even go more entrance effects. So see old apartment effects There are and I want to select Zoom, go ahead and click on Zoom Hit Okay. And the logo animation is zooming in off course You had to hit with previous because it should start automatically. I also want to animate the straight connector. It will be animated in the same spot where the logo it will have just another. I think the split animation will work definitely better here and it shouldn't split towards the middle. It should split out off the middle, so it kind of opens us to the local. You just have to hit effect options and select vertical out. Now the straight line is going to left and right I make with previous and we can start to work with the timings. I know that I want the loggers to start appear somewhere about in the middle of the spin or a bit closer to the end, I said, like both the logo on the connector and I delayed toe one second. I check out, How does this look? Well, kind of nice. It could be a little bit faster because now it's a bit too late. So I hit the delay and I make 0.9. I check this out. Yeah, it looks pretty nice. It just goes in every too fast when it comes down to the duration of the animation. I hit both off those animations and I make their duration of it longer to 075 I preview our effect. Okay, this looks kind of interesting. I I don't know why, but I feel it's just a bit too long, so I reduce the duration. 207 There is always some back and forth with the duration, but now I'm happy with the result. We need now to bump the local because it's too simple that it's simply zooms in. Nothing happens with the local I select boat, the logo and the straight connector. I go toe at animation, I press it, and we need our old friend the grow shrink animation. Well, that's definitely too long. I want to show you another trick off course hit with previous double click on it, and there's a quilting called auto reverse. Normally, the grow shrink makes that the local growth or shrinks. If you select, however, the outer rivers, it will grow and it will go back to the original size. So now I could preview it, as you see is gross and it goes back. That's the outer rewind. It's far, far too long. I want it to be just a close bump. After the animation finishes, I click on the previous animation and I count I have 09 delay and 07 duration, So it's 1.6 seconds when the animation finishes. This is exactly the spot where I want the bump to begin. For I go to DeLay and I do want this animation only to appear for a brief moment. So their logo on Lee bumps one. It's already there. Let's hit the first intermission. Select play from And what? What we have done now. Oh, I forgot something that's way too much. You need, of course, to double click on the animation, go to size and reduce it to 110% or 115. Also, of course, the second animation should be the same. I could select boat, but I made a small mistake. Okay, We don't need any smoke. Start and let's preview it again. Yes, this looks much nicer. We do not need anything else. This is how the animation should look like. And we can start working on closing up the presentation by making a nice and effect. Please get over to the next lesson where we'll wrap up things and finish this design. And hopefully what a finish intro. Thank you for your attention here and see you in the next one. 12. Making a Cool Fade-Out: Okay. Welcome back. In the local intra design we are making, we need to make some cool fate of transition. So you wrap up this entire animation and for this I will use a nice trick with rectangles and animations to cover up the screen. I go to insert shapes. I select a normal rectangle. I make a really big one. I go, of course, to no outline. I select the shape, fill the eyedropper, and I want the first color to be exactly like the cargo in the logo. And now I begin to rotate it so it covers up the bottom side of the screen. I believe I need to make it a bit bigger. I move it towards the middle and I start the rotation. Well, this needs some back and forth until I have it done. But as you see, PowerPoint is helping me a bit by holding the left bulky so it doesn't snap to anything. I move it precisely and I check How am I doing? It's still a bit wrong. It needs a bit more of irritation Now. We are close. I need to go a bit down. I check it once again. Okay, It's TUNEL perfect. I make it a bit more. I rotated a bit. Okay, Now it goes a bit down. I move it towards the bottom with the arrow keys. And I think we are done now. I know it has a good angle and they move it towards the bottom. I press control C and Control V to copy it and I move it entirely on the top. Now I can start working on the animations. I go to animations in the nation pain. I select both of those rectangles. I hit more animations and they select a line animation. As you see, they are already slowly coming down. But I need to change this. You need to select the object and work with the red arrows. Won't you click at the Red Arrow? It shows you where does the animation finish? I need to grab the Redpoint and pointed to the place where the animation should end. You need to make sure it covers the bottom side of the screen. Going from one corner to another. It doesn't have to be super super perfect, but it should be. I select also the 2nd 1 I go with the red one. I cover this up and now I believe they both connect together in the middle. Now the animations should off course once again start with previous. We need to make them way, way slower. It needs to be one second oration. And as you see as I selected boat, they are recovering each other up. The last animation will be very simple. It will be a exact copy off the object. So I copied the objects and now I place them on the left and right off the design. I select the 2nd 1 I copy it as well. I put it down a bit more to the top. I replaced the limit. The one new discoverer, this one a bit more down. And now I can alter the animation. I select the end result. And just like before I place it to cover up the screen. Well, it's not too precise. So I selected. I lower it a bit. I take the end animation and I adjusted. So now it will come in more straight. I select the 2nd 1 I do the same. I check out the animation. Well, this one went better. It's already good. And we are most likely prepared to work with the timings. I want the orange one to come first, and the 2nd 1 will cover them up with a black core, which is exactly a color off the back room. So I go to drawing tools shape full. I make those black and those black roots to be the last animation. Okay, I take the orange ones, I go to animations and I start delaying it. As you'll remember, We wanted this animation to have seven seconds. So now we have one second oration. I make it maybe four seconds. Delay. This one will have a bit more of a delay, maybe 4.5. And as I hover my mouse over the animation, you see, this animation ends at 5.5 seconds. This is perfect, because we can have two seconds spur time on the back. Now we have 1.5 seconds spare. If we do the transition for seven seconds long, the animation will flow. And let's preview the end effect we are achieving here. And if we need to change something, also remember that the black ones roots Toby on the top in the selection pain because they need to cover up everything. Once you've done that, you should also rename them to, for example, black transition just to make it easier or something you like. And now let's preview the end result we achieved here. Now, this looks very nice and promising. Now we only have to add music in the animation. And I believe we are ready. I really hope you are following along. You made those rectangles. If you have any trouble, please go and download this template. You can even copy those from my template to your template and you can work on those so it will be a bit easier for you. 13. Add Free Music and Done!: the completely less step. What you want to take here in this design is adding some music. You don't have to do this, but I wanted to show you what I did. I don't hold it. A music track from a channel called No Copyright Sounds. This is a great channel because they provide music you can use for YouTube. You have free downloads. You only have to copyright the copyright artists, and you can use the tracks in your channels. I will, of course, not include this track in the template. You can do this yourself by downloading kit really show you how to insert a track. Inter PowerPoint. It's super simple, easy, at least in part. By in 2013 I go to my project files, and, as you see, I have my music truck already downloaded. I also tried another run, but I didn't quite like it. So I select the music track. I place it in, and you have to only click One thing. It's playing in background. What this does It goes to animations and it inserts the music essay. Animation. Yes, the first playing animation. It loops until stop is placed across slide in its hides during show so we don't see this little speaker. A last little adjustment you need to make is to make a nice faith in faith out and select the point off the song We want to play because the beginning before so I will play around with it. I'll find the spot I wanted to play. This is also a bit back and forth, depending on the track use. The truck I have selected has its dropped about here I go with the transition and I hit a five to preview defect. Okay, the music enters a bit too late, so I go once again to trim audio. I moved a start time a bit forward and a preview. The effect once again. Well, it's still too late. I make it until I have a perfect spot and see you soon with a finished design. I believe I finally got it. It is It's 33 seconds 330.2. I hit. OK, I have a nice fading. I have a nice fade out. Maybe it could fade out a bit longer because, as you remember, we have 1.5 seconds spare time on the end. So This is exactly the time you want to use to fate of the music. Now, once I export, they're designed to a video. I will have a seven seconds video with music with animations with my logo, and we have finished the logo Entra animation. I hope you did fall along all the lessons You are on the same spot you have finished just now as well. If you have any troubles, download the template file and use it to as a preview. And there's a guideline, and I believe you created even better design and well used his knowledge for all your future product. If you are finished with the designer girl preparing, I have one favor to ask you. Please go inside this culture class you are enrolled in Click on the enroll button, and I would really appreciate if you leave a review. For me, writing a review is really quick and simple. You just get yes or no and tell in a few sentences what you did like about this class, and this will really help me grow as a designer, and I really appreciate it. I will be very grateful for that and thank you for a time, listening to me and see you in the next lessons 14. Using the template - Add Your logo & export to video: Helder in this lesson. I wanted to show you how easy it is to use the template for your own purpose. So let's say you have another logo. What is a great feature here in Power Point is that you can change images, so let's say you want to change this for your logo. You just right click on it. You go change picture from a file and you're select your logo. Let's say this is your logo. It's just a simple icon I downloaded, and you would like to change this template of it to suit the local better. You see what colors it has I go to home select. I opened the selection pain, so I trained a few elements under colors. At first I want to change the end transition. I select the left rectangle and the writer rectangle with the shift key. I go to drying tools shape Phil. I dropped her and I use a color from the logo. Now I want to adjust the line. I also go right click on it, form a shape, and I changed the orange color to another. The same tea one I used for direct angles. The last thing we need to do is to change the color off the rectangle in the background. The 1st 1 is black. I want to leave it the next on his blue. I want to leave it as well and I want to change the orange toe. Also the teal ahead. So you do the same. You select the orange, you go to drawing tools. You already have the shape, the color selected and I adjusted the entire interest. And I adjusted the whole template to work with the new logo. I opened up again the objects I d selected. I close everything and I can preview the effect. As you can see, you can change up the template with a few simple steps if you do not have a logo and you would like to use text instead of the logo, this is also no problem. Goto insert textbooks. Let me write something here. I make the text white so it will be visible. I make it bigger, and now you have to select the logo. Goto animations to animation painter and paint over the animation so it has the same animations as they logo. I dragged the animations where the locals. I delete the original logo. I replaced the text and the only adjustment I need to make is making the text under those rectangle boxes. So the text should be about here. So the rectangles, when the fate of this happening will cover the text up, let us preview the effect. Yeah, and this is it. You can replace the logo with an image you have. You can replace the local with the text. This is absolutely no problem. It is really easy to use the template, and I hope you'll use it for your products. Now, if you have it, replace it. You can simply export the file to a video to do this, goto file export, create a video and just could create a video. Once you hit that, you can export and save it to a video file, and you're ready to upload it to YouTube because you have a ready MP four file. So thank you for tuning in. And this is how you used a template and export the animation to a video 15. I'm honored to have you here!!!: I am personally really happy that you arrived at the end. I think this was a interesting class, and I hope I was able to teach you as much insights and PowerPoint animation as I could. If you did finish the class, I would like to ask you for one favor. Please go inside the class your and rolled in. Click on the enroll button. And please leave honest review about the class. This will be the best possible. Thank you can give me and leaving a review is really important. And it helps me as a designer. Thank you for attention and your time spent on this class. And I hope to see you. An order off my classes as well. It was a great honor to have you here. See you in the next one.