Make An Animated Logo Intro in PowerPoint: Gamer Channel style | Andrzej Pach | Skillshare

Make An Animated Logo Intro in PowerPoint: Gamer Channel style

Andrzej Pach, Animation all the way!

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15 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Warm up - Selection & animation pane

    • 3. Your assignment

    • 4. Prepare the template

    • 5. Create the rectangles

    • 6. Pour them In

    • 7. You Spin Me Round

    • 8. Grow the Animation

    • 9. Work on the Timings

    • 10. Insert Logo and Design a Connector

    • 11. Animate the Logo

    • 12. Making a Cool Fade-Out

    • 13. Add Free Music and Done!

    • 14. Using the template - Add Your logo & export to video

    • 15. I'm honored to have you here!!!


About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to prepare an awesome looking logo intro reveal in PowerPoint! We start from an empty PowerPoint file and fill & animate it until we have the animation you see in the preview. You will prepare alongside me a fully working template to export to video and use for your projects, Youtube channel or simply to nicely animate a logo.

  • Did you always want to create impressive logo reveals / video animations like the "big guys" do?
  • Do you struggle to learn advanced animation software like After Effects?
  • Do you upload videos on Your website, Youtube channel etc. and need to have it branded?

I got you covered because now animations like that are possible and the only software you require and have to use is...PowerPoint. That's right! In this class I will teach you how to prepare outstanding logo reveal animations without the need to learn advanced animation software like Adobe After Effects, 3DS or Apple Motion. Everything, including placing the sound, animating the logo and export it to video will be made only with help of PowerPoint 2010/2013. 

Some of the cool things in the class:

  • We will prepare together a ready-to-use projects
  • You will use uncommon animation techniques
  • Learn how to substitute After Effects with PowerPoint
  • Attract more business with unique design
  • Learn and make a fun project!

We will work on and complete the logo reveal project - together!

Join me in this class if you are searching for a shortcut to surprisingly awesome Powerpoint tricks and learn effective graphic design using this wonderfull tool. YouTube, video marketing, video content it is all growing rapidly and everyone needs high quality animated material on a daily basis now