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Make An Animated Logo Intro For YouTube in PowerPoint: Corporate style

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your exciting assignment

    • 3. Selection Pane & Animation Pane

    • 4. Middle circle and the logo

    • 5. Shine through effect

    • 6. The donut-pulse

    • 7. Circle around the logo

    • 8. Fade out

    • 9. Add free sound FX to finish it up!

    • 10. Using the template - Add Your logo & export to video

    • 11. Thank you for Your time!

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About This Class

Design an animated logo reveal in a corporate style for any type of business! Have fun working with video editing and animation.

This is the second class where we will be designing an interesting logo intro reveal animation in PowerPoint. This class is intended to leverage the identity of any brand with a nice video animation. Every possible brand that wants to use video for their marketing, wether it's starting a youtube channel, making a promo video for a website or adding it to a presentation should use animation to look professional. In this class I will guide you through the creation process of this intro, I will share the template file with you and will answer any question or help if you get stuck anywhere in the process.

Prepare yourself and enroll in the class so we can start working!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: video editing and animation is becoming more and more important. I'm sure you already know this. And this is why I would like to invite you to this class where we'll create an animated local intro using part point in this class will prepare a corporate spy intro So we'll take a sample logo. We'll make an animation in PowerPoint template, and we'll export. Inventive it. Let us prove you know what we will be creating here in this class. Yeah. So now you know exactly what we will be created. If you plan out to start on YouTube, you need to worry about branding about animations. And the better they look, the better the chances that you get more subscribers and overall growth video business. If you are interested into something, police enroll now in this class, and I would like to start working with you right now. 2. Your exciting assignment: hater. Your assignment for this class will be fun. You have to use this template either the sample logo odor logo of your choosing, if you will be done with everything, just like I said before Goto file export. Create a video. What you created a video uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, and you can go inside the school shirt class under home that you have. Start your product, click on, start your project. Fill out the information and you can embed the media here. I'll be really happy to see how you use it, and you can use the template as you wish. So it's your choice. I don't be very grateful. If you're char ready, do help you see you soon. Any did benefit from this class? That's the most important thing. 3. Selection Pane & Animation Pane: Hey there, Welcome. I want to share a few basics. You need to know before you enter the lectures through the lessons, we will often use the selection, pain and the animation pain. I want to show you what that is. Let's say you have a few objects in the presentation. If you triangles, I copy them over the selection. Pain is a container. You can open it by going to home. Select selection pain where all the objects that are in the presentation are listed. You can rename the objects, for example, to triangle blue, and you could shut it down by clicking on the icon. This is very handy when working in Power Point and you will definitely use it. The animation pain is the same thing. Only it goes not for object but for animations. On those objects, I go to animations and open up the animation pain. Let's say I make information for all those objects. I want them to flow into the presentation. As you see, older animations are called Isolated Triangle because this is their name. The only triangle I renamed Triangle Blue has the animation named a strangle blue. So once you were named them. It is easier to work on the animations because you know which animation work for which object. This is the basic and ground work you need to know before you enter the lessons. If you do not know this options already, please open a PowerPoint. Open up the selection pain, open up the animation pain, work with a few objects, and you will be ready and prepared to continue with all the lessons. Thank you for attention in this throat introduction and let's move forward and continue. 4. Middle circle and the logo: welcome in the corporate's local revealed intra will be making in Power Point. I'm ready if you are. Let's not waste at a time and jump straight into it. I will begin with a circle in the middle. I go to insert shapes. I select a circle here. PowerPoint. They call it oval, so you just grab it. And by holding the shift key, you make a nice, rounded circle. I go to drawing tool so I see how big it is. And I see it's a bit too small, so I just go ahead and precise it a bit. Remember to hold the shift key so it gets the same proportions and it should be just above 10 10 centimeters. So right now it's quite OK. Maybe it it's smaller will make it 10.5 on both sides, so we have a even number. Now. Just go to shape, outline and select a nice blue car. I go to more feel colors because I don't quite like the original one. Maybe a bit deeper, maybe closer to blue. Okay, once you have something adjusted a few times when you have a nice color that you like and go toe a line a line center and align align middle. This way, we are sure that the circle is completely in the middle of the presentation. You can also go to view guide. The guys will also help us a little bit. We have the basics off our background. Now I can insert once again a sample logo I prepared. I go to my project files. I copy over the logo, and this time it's a more corporate style. So it's a white logo and the circle will be a background for us. So of course I make their local smaller. I place it in the middle of the circle. This will be fine. We can always work on that. Later. We can go straight into it because we will animate boat to circle and the logo the same way I opened up the animation pain. I select both objects. I goto more animations, more entrance effect, and from the moderate animations, I select the basic zoom for both off them. The basic zoom should be really quick, so I go to the timing section. I make it 1/4 2nd and of course started previous, so it will start automatically. The next idea is, once the local appears, we want some motion in it. So once again we go to at animation and we use the grow shrink animation this time also with previous I delayed a bit. So it starts after the those to zoom in. I double click on the zoom animations and I change the size because this time logo should have one motion. I only change the value to 90% this way, once the local fate in it slowly goes to the back. Well, this may be too short. So I make it 3.5 seconds because this is the approximate amount how long the intro last. Maybe we adjusted later, Make it a bit longer. But for now, please make to animations one a base exhumed for the Logan Circle and at a Grocery Inc animation, which will be 3.5 seconds and I think without any delay. So just make it zero seconds hit it play from. So we don't need the delay right now. I will. This does look good is we are leaving it at this state, and this is the first less We made a circle. We inserted the logo in the May 2 animation for them. Please replicate those steps. And once you're done, please open up the next lesson and we'll continue with the design. Thank you for your attention and see you soon. 5. Shine through effect: it wouldn't be as corporate if he wouldn't underline how great our logo actually is for this. I want to teach you a nice effect you can achieve in PowerPoint which is using a simple object. Goto insert shapes and from the basic shapes choose this little fellow. Make it make it bigger than the logo. Maybe a bit wider. It could be adjusted to about that. I take this object and I place it right over the logo because I wanted to cover it up. As always, I go to shape outline. I click on the outline shape fill You want to fill it with white. You want to cover up the background off the logo Just a little bit. Let me head over to home. Select selection. Pain. I should also rename the objects. Sorry, I didn't do this before. So, Mitt, Mitt Circle This one is the logo. This will be our shine True. I name it shine and the logo should be above the shine. So now let's work on this object. You click former shape on this object. Maybe close off the selection pain We don't need to know. And we wanted to be very transparent to about 90%. So now it just has a slight effect on the background. I move it a bit more towards the middle, and once the animation appears, I wanted slowly to move towards the middle. So as the shine would go through the logo for this I go, of course, to animations. And at first I simply hit fate because I want to shine. To fight into the presentation, I click with previous health a second. It's fine, we can continue and we want to add one animation to the shine Effect Goto at animation and select line as you see his ghost now down. So this isn't quite what we want to achieve. Goto effect options direction right? That's closer to what we want. But as you saw, I told you, we want it just to go a little bit. So by holding the shift key, I replace it toe about this degree, Third comes from left to right just a little bit. What you want to make now you want to make it a bit longer, so I grabbed here or I go to the duration and they make it exactly the same duration as those animations before. Let us preview the effect be achieved off course. We didn't make it start with previous. I was already wondering what's going off? Yeah, now it looks better. Maybe it's a bit too intensive, so I hold the shift key and I make it a bit mortal left. So it isn't so attention grabbing in the logo. It should just fly in from the left and doesn't bother anyone but just make nice effect. I again see some errors in the information. I don't know why I go double collector effect and as you see, the lines has a default smooth start and smooth. And we do not want this in this animation. This in nation has to have one exact motion at the time and now it looks really better. Do you see the difference now? Want the logo appeared? It has one study motion, and it just underlines how great our logo raise. You can only adjust it a little bit. Maybe it should have a stronger angle. Go a bit into the middle, make it wider. I hope you did like this trick and will use it in your future products. For now, that's it. Let's continue with the design in the next lesson. And I see you there 6. The donut-pulse: If you're hungry, I have the perfect lesson for you. We will make the doughnut post around the circle, so let's head over to it and go toe. Insert shaves and from the basic shapes, select the donut circle. Now I place it over the middle. I wanted them hold the shift key. I drag it over. So PowerPoint tells me where is the middle? I have this little yellow icon here where I can adjust how fat this doughnut is, so you should make it about this size now by holding the left old left shift and left control key. You can make it smaller. Let's make a bit off spare space here in the middle because we won't hear another animation later. But right now we have the doughnut. Make it a little bit bigger, Phil Homer Simpson could eat it. Now change the colors. Make the shape outline, of course, to none. And with the shape Phil Goto eyedropper and select the same color you selected for the middle. You could follow your logo. Brandon's here. You could do several colors, but I'll work only with the blue now. It is very simple. I copy it a few times and they make it bigger, smaller and later on transparent collector First doughnut control C control V To copy it. Place it in the middle, just us before and now once again by selecting the left, shift left, old and left control Make the donut as big as you like. I had just the wit to be a bit bigger. I like albeit once again in the middle. Bigger so it won't take so long. I make it really big. I want to have about five off those donuts. Sago once again in the middle. Bigger. Maybe this one. It will be a bit smaller. So you have a nice port effect because the pools will be growing smaller on the end. And the last one really a huge one to cover up the screen make it big enough. Resize it and not we already. I opened up the selection pain to see what I have. As you see, I have five doughnuts and now you can have some fun, right? Click on the first doughnut and work with the transparency. The trick here is to remain with the colors and just work with the transparency. So for example, I go here for 60 for the next one I go to about 80 The next one Let us have a stronger color so I will remain at 50 and the big ones I also make around 75 90. It doesn't really matter. We just want to have slight colors around it. OK, I close everything up and we are prepared to animate those donuts. We will make this all together so I select everything. I go to home select selection pain I d select the logo shine and mid circle. I want to add animations toe all doughnuts at once so we don't waste any time I go toe animations I hit fate and I go at innovation Also fate now As you see, we have 10 animations. Both fade in and fade out by selecting them in the animation pain by clicking on the 1st 1 Clicking with the shift key on the last one. I go with previous and I reduced their duration. They should be really short. So I make them 0.15. Now I only have to shape them and work on the timings. I want them to really appear and fade off one after another, so I'd take the donut. Nine. I delayed by 0.15. Let's preview now. What would happen at this point? Well, we have one big flash on the screen, but if we do those but if we delayed for 0 15 seconds, they will go one after another. I select on a 10. I make it with previous, so I don't have to enter it by hand, and they select the faith out animation for Dona 10. I make it zero tree with previous copy over 0 45 The 12 wit previous and 0 60 and the last one with previous and it should fade out. Zero 75 Let us preview what we did achieve here Goto animation pane to the first animation and hit play from, As you see we are getting there, the logo disappearing, the circle comes in and the circle is releasing a post effect around it. I just work with with some circles, I faded them in and faded them out. Very simple and mation yet very effective. And it looks like a dude be made with expensive animation software like aftereffect. I do want to preview it one more time. And, yes, I am very satisfied with the FAA. I want to continue with the design. We are really close to getting done. So repeat all those steps, enter the doughnut, work with the colors, work with the transparency, and simply add some fight in and faith out animations. And this is it for this lesson. Thank you for your attention. Repeat the steps we've taken here and continue with the design in the next lesson. 7. Circle around the logo: we want to finish up this animation with a nice circle animation going around the logo. So four days I once again go to insert shapes and answer a doughnut. I make the doughnut in the middle. I place it correctly off course shaped outline none. Shape. Phil. Select the color from the middle and make it really, really small. I make it bigger so it goes over the I make it a little bit bigger. So goes over. And I were Name is right now. I make it middle blue. I copy. At one time I selected I press control C control V to copy it and I rename it to middle White. The white is here to cover up the blue on, so let's make shape, Phil. Take it to white, make it a little bit wider and spread it out a little bit. If you have trouble selecting it, trench the color for a moment. Grab it, resize it so it will entirely cover up the blue on which is in the background. Now I go back to the colors, make it white, and I can create the animations. Goto animations Open up the animation pain at first, we want the same grow shrink animation so it will follow along the middle local. I select boat off them. I go to grow, shrink with previous double click on them and make them 90% just as we did before. And as we also did before, they should be 3.5 seconds long off course. No delay, so it doesn't matter when they are visible. We want them to go exactly like the original logo through the entire animation. Now let's at the second animation. We want to go it in a circle. So I goto at animation and I select wheel as you see what wield us. It goes around the original logo. Now we need to work with The timing's a bit. Once again, I go right click on it with previous and I want the middle blue to start appearing exactly as those donuts disappear. It's a bit too long, so I reduce inspiration to 1 25 I make the middle right after it. I also reduce it and what you need to do, because right now the stripe would be very small. Let's previous for a second. Well, actually, the white one doesn't cover it up because we didn't change its size. I'm sorry for that. The blue one. Yeah, we have 1 50 here, 90% off course. You need to adjust both. And let's preview it again. Well, as you see, the stripe is now very small, so I simply take the middle wide. I delayed just a slight bit. Now let's preview the effect. Yeah, it's going a bit fast, so I double click on the animations. I make them 1.5 seconds. So we have a bit off a longer animation and you can adjust it to your needs. I will stick with the 1 50 Let's preview it one last time and now I like the look and feel of the animation. We are nearly done with this animation. We just need a cool wrap up to close off the animation and some sounds, and we are done. So I really hope you like this adjustment. And let's continue with the lessons 8. Fade out: Hello there. Welcome at the finish and let us fight out the animation. I'm going straight into it. If you are on the same spot, have everything done. So let's now proceed to the fight out. I select the mid circle and the logo. I want them a bit bigger and then they disappear in the background. For that, I go at animation once again. I use a simple grow shrink. Make it this time after previews. Maybe so it goes just after those animation finish, and I make it really a short one. Quarter a second is completely fine. I double click on it, and I just wanted to be 110%. I do the same for the 2nd 1 110% And now, as you can see, just on the end of the animation, they're growing a little bit now. They could disappear and you have a nice complete motion in there. We only have the middle elements disappear, so you select once again metrical shine logo poultry of them at animation and maybe go to more exit effect and select the basic zoom now hit with previous, delayed them a little bit so they will start after the grow introduced their duration. Now I believe you already. Maybe you should not use after previous, just with previous, because somewhere here will input a sound effect. So make them after previous and delay them to 3.5 seconds and the last ones to 3 75 This way, we'll have no problem. One, we enter a sound. We can preview the complete effect now, and the information itself is done. I really hope you fold along and you have older animations in there. Let me show you where I found simple sounds you can use. But I wanted to show you a completely free way of completing such an animation without having any legal issues or troubles with copyrights. Thank you for the attention here and see you soon. 9. Add free sound FX to finish it up!: hello. Back again in the design and in this lesson, I wanted to show you how I found free sound effects. And I added them into the Power Point presentation to match the animations itself. There is a website called free sound out, or where you can find completely free off charge. Sound effects. If you're heading for a higher budget product, simply go to audio jungle or upon five and purchase some sound. But if you need something free, you can search this website. I, for example, entered I wanted a swish sound, so I simply will hear when the animations come in and come out. You can preview the effects here or as you here, There, you can hear them out. And I'm definitely sure you will find something good in here. And the best thing is you can select it to have the creative Commons zero license. This is a great license where you do not have to credit the outer so you can simply download the sound, say, for example, thank you in the Commons and use it for any purpose you want. Let me go back to the design now. As you see, I have two of those sounds here in the music tracks. So I simply dragon over to the presentation or one is a weird format called a I F f. It doesn't matter. PowerPoint converts it. I just want to check out which sound comes first. Which second? Yeah, where this is more often exit effect. So I place it here. So I remember where it was. And this is more off a infrasound. It will also go great with the animations we have. So we select sound one and some to and hit play in the background. I know that sounds too should be played with previous goto animations and delaying for example for now, just to this amount. Now let us get preview and start working with the sound effect. As you can hear, the first sound effect doesn't require us to do anything. It simply works good with the animation we have. And since this is a free sound, I will, of course give you this sound in the template I provide. Now let's work on the second sound. You okay? It went into quick. I delay it a bit too two seconds and let hear it out again. you. Well, still too fast. Delayed 22.5 seconds. Yeah. Now it is re perfect. But on the end of the animation, I heard the first sound is starting to play again because this is a short sound. So I only need to have one adjustment. Goto playback and the select the loop until stopped options. Now we are completely ready. Toe, insert our logo on export the animation as a video. Let's have a one less preview here. You And yet this is it. I am very satisfied with the design. I hope you really like the lessons. And you learned how to do such an animation. Please follow along and do such animation on your own. You will be definitely happy about what you did. 10. Using the template - Add Your logo & export to video: Hello there. I want to show you how to use this template when you have a different logo, a different color and how to mix everything up here. If you want to replace your logo, right, click on it. It changed picture use from a file and use a file you would like to replace the logo It. Let's say you have a dark logo, not a white one. It will cost some troubles, but it's not a big problem. Let me start adjusting the template I go to home select. I opened up the selection pain. I want the last donor to disappear because I want to edit the background. That background needs off course to be the same color as they logo. So I go for my background. I select the logo with the eyedropper, and I select the same color as we see The shine. True is visible. Now we need to get rid of that. I select the shine. The caller and I used the same color I used for the background. Enter. Transparency is remaining. So now we made this invisible as we see the next thing to adjust its the white circle, which is also too visible. I select the white circle. It's called Middle White. I go once again to color, and I select the color from the background. Okay, we are getting closer here. Since the logo is a dark logo. I wanted to stand out more. So I select the middle circle. I go to drink ALS Schaffel. I make it white this way. Our logo is greatly visible and we have adjusted nearly everything. Now we need to make a trained in the doughnut. I select older doughnuts, all four of them, for example. You can select him here. I even select the last one. I won't go in depth for each single one. I just get a black color because this is a dark logo and I make some transparency. Well, anyway, a chief, the polls effect. This is no problem. Now we are nearly done. The really last thing we need to adjust is the little line which is going around the logo. I select d select the middle White. So I see the blue line and I changed the blue color. Let's say I wanted to be white this time. I make everything visible and I believe we are ready with the design. Let us preview the effect. Now, As you see, we change up this template toe work with a dark logo. So it isn't that big of a problem. Just recall er everything. Especially that doughnuts in the background and you're ready to go. Once you have done that, goto file export, create a video. It creates a video and you can save it to a ready and before file. But you can use a noodle or on any off your products. And this waas how you can edit the template and export with s a ready video. 11. Thank you for Your time!: thank you for taking the time and putting effort into completing this course. Video animation is becoming more and more useful and important. Any shouldn't leave out. We were working in Power Point. And as you see, it can be used as a video editing software, and I really encourage you to use it. It will make easier for you in the future to make YouTube channels, make video animations, make video editing. So it all comes together toe useful skills. Thank you once again. And I really hope you did like to spend time with me on learning because I really try to make those classes good. And if you are satisfied, please leave me a review. You can rate discourse with stars. And I would be really grateful for that order that I can invite you to my other classes. And I hope to see you soon. Thank you. Once again