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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Find the right images for your composition

    • 3. Create your 3D model

    • 4. Adjust your 3D model

    • 5. Customise your screen ( Final Render)

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About This Class

In the digital market whether you are a product owner or
a freelancer, mockups are a very powerful tool to promote your work.

in this course i will show you step by step how to make a 3D mockup starting
from a simple and ending with a professional result that will let your client
say wow that's incredible.

And this technique will allows you to create multi perspective mockups 

for diverse projects .

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bilel Thabet

Never stop learning cuz life never stop teaching


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1. Introduction: Hi, My name is final. Harming I'm a professional designer in this course are we show you step by step, how to make three D markups for your projects. Starting from a simple image and ending with an incredible result Cuisine just foolish. This sick nick will allows you to create a multi perspective markups and give reality and professional look to your product. Whether you're our product owner or a freelancer, you will always need my caps and make advertisement to your product or a brave your for your client. At the end of this course, you will be able to create high quality professional markups that lets your clients say, Wow, that's incredible. So click on the in Lebanon and I will show you how to do that. 2. Find the right images for your composition: Okay, so welcome, everyone. I'm so glad that you're here. So before we get started, I'm going to give you a very short overview off everything we're gonna be making in the section. So in this first section, you're gonna learn how to create your own three D markup on Customize it with your personal forage, and this technique has imaged before is really perfected. If you want to make a branding for your product or service or my own, make a post on instagram and social media and you can also use it to make some extra money by selling your my caps online. So in this video, I'm going to show you where to find the images which I'm gonna yours in the project. And you can also use the images which they have provided in the project section on. If you want to get more resources, click the link on the description to get 10 free high resolution images from other be stock . Okay, so for the background, I Haider command you to yours a blurred image because that will give a professional look for your markup on. Also it will give, or it will make the visitor forgets more on the accountant. So what we're gonna do is go to stock thought, adobe dot com and type blurred background table. And as you can see, there is tons off images that we can use. So choose the one you like and let's start the work. And we also need to download the image off the divorce, which we're gonna put our product review on it. So you condone with a smartphone image a PC or tablet that's up to you and it, and it also depends on their product, which you are promoting. 3. Create your 3D model: Welcome back, everyone in this video we're going to create through the objects from our phone image. So let's get started. So to get started, open up fully shop on, create a new document. So go to file you on. I'm gonna name it three d A. Mike up said the size 1920 by 10 airy on a cake. OK, and now I'm gonna bring my images into the composition. So here is my two files. Just drug. The 1st 1 Drop it into the composition on and did the same thing for the 2nd 1 So I'm gonna organize my layers a little bit, so I'm gonna delete this one here, Aunt rename this one by ground. Andi me swan phone. Okay, now, let's start working in the actual projects. So the first thing I'm gonna do is create a mosque around the phone, and for that, I'm going to use a victor mosque. So what I'm gonna do is click on the rounded rectangle tool, make sure you have bath selected on, and I'm going to click and drag and create rectangle that follows the shape of the phone. I'm not worried about the care of off the edges yet. I'm just worried about the horizontal and vertical lines off the phone on. I'm gonna much them accordingly. So I'm holding the space bar on the keyboard so we can move the bug that have created. And once they have much of the lines off the phone, I'm gonna release my mouse button. Okay, so what to do now is go to the properties panel and Kelly can drug the colonel the corner angle to the left on once it march the curve off the edges. I'm gonna release my my mouse button. Andi, it's going to create a path around my phone. So before we go to the next step, just make sure that you have properly much of the phone, if not girls. And like the path selection tool and breaths Comity on the cable. That's control t on windows. So you can scare if your shape or move it around. Andi, do whatever you want, so I'm going into that. So the next thing we're gonna do is create the mask so hover over the mosque I can and hold down option cumin off the cable that's out of control on windows and click on the mosque I can on. Here you go. So now it's time to create the three D model. So going select with the phone layer on, go to three D new three d extrusion from selected layer on foot a shop. Can I ask me if I want to switch their workspace to the to the 30 workspace on? I'm just gonna click. Yes, because I'm very comfortable with the arrangement of the 30 workspace. So when you're working on the three Demote, you have the three D tools on the option bar here on in the bottom here, and you should also see the ground playing great. And by using these handles, you can control the camera so you can orbit. You can plan, and you can God in the camera. So the first thing we need to do is just the cameras. I would march the ground print off the image on Since there is no real horizontal line, I'm I'm just gonna guests for the good spots on. I think this is This is a good guess. So what I'm going to do is dolly the camera and move it to the right on, and I think this is a good spot for it. So what I'm gonna do is save the actual camera view so we can always get back to it. And to do that, simply go to the view drop down menu on, Click on Safe. Um, I'm gonna name it Final view. So no matter how much you move the camera, you can always get back to this part that we've set. If at this point you're from is looking too small, you can click on it on. You can see this handles here. Each of these handles has three area. You can click on it. We have a tip which move. If the three d object this one here rotated on this one, scale it on wherever asks you're you're clicking on. And just remember these handles control the three D object and right down here, these control the camera. Okay, so what I'm gonna do now is rotate the camera a little bit so we can see the size of the phone. Andi, we're gonna work on the thickness, so we can, of course, coming here and kill it along the Z axe. But there is a better way for the Windies simply go to the properties panel, make sure I can. Or mesh. ICANN is selected and click and drag the slider off the extraction depth to the left on you notice the expression death, the creases and you're just gonna find an appropriate with for your phone. So I think something like that would work. So thank you for watching See you in the next video. 4. Adjust your 3D model: So welcome back, everyone. I hope you have successfully created your three tomorrow and if not, just go back and try again. So in this video, we're gonna just through the model which we have created. So let's go ahead and get started. So the first thing I'm gonna be working on here is the cap of the film which gonna give a bevel to the edge of the film. So what I'm gonna do is rotate it just a little bit so we could see it right about here. Click on the cop here. Andi adjusted with you can see how the phone comes out where you can see where you can have phone going a little bit on. Maybe you can have a different counter. So maybe I'm getting a select account counter first. Okay, on nobody is how that changes. And I gotta go back into the cup hair and adjusted with it might be a little too much, but I'm gonna go back in just a little bit on something like that. Maybe. And now you can see the cab there on the edge. And you can just that however you like. So what? I'm gonna do now is go back into the final view. Can you call the phone and hover over the Y Axis Short eight handle and we can drug it and rotated just a little bit. Maybe something like this. And now I'm gonna add a little bit off reflection on the phone. And to do that, I'm going to use an image based light. So I'm going to click on the environment on I'm going to click on this. I can hear on. I'm gonna edit the texture that's going to open up and your tap. Currently, this is our image based life. If I click on the layer stop or the lace panel, you can see it here on. I want to work with the actual background that's we are working with. I'm going to click on the stop here on I'm going to click on the background layer brightly con it and select duplicate layer on. I want to duplicate that on the default A B r P s D breasts. Okay, then go back to the image based light on. You will see the image here. Unfortunately, the converse is too small, but we can increase the canvas through monster size of this layer by going into image. Reveal all on this gunner, reveal all the pixels inside the document on here it is. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm just gonna let the background layer because we don't need it anymore. And then just in the press command else or control s on Windows to save the document and go back into the image we are working with. So notice that, you know the phone has a little brown tent on it. And that's because the image based light in the environment here is controlling controlling some of that light. If I click and rock on this, or you will see that the phone is somewhat reflecting the environment. But the reason why it's not reflecting it that much is because the reflection is set to zero. If I click on the front inflation material, hold down, shift and click on the last material at the bottom, it's gonna select all of them on. I can adjust the reflection off all the materials at the same time. I'm just gonna increase the reflection a little bit. About 19% I can came back into the environment on which what happened when they rotate. Now it's reflecting more off that background and you can see on the edges how that background is reflecting and you just have to find an area that you like. So I think maybe something like this and now I just want to make a quick Orender so we can click on the marketer or simply press em and just make a quick render on the phone so you can see how how that's working out, and I can already tell that things are looking pretty good. 5. Customise your screen ( Final Render): Okay, so now it's time to get some other screen off the phone. So we're gonna put our personal forage in it, which is gonna be an advertisement, a product review or whatever. So let's go ahead and get started, Okay? So to customize the screen off the firm, we're gonna work on the textures. But the question is, where to find these textures? Well, when Ugo under the phone object, you can see there is a bunch of materials. Each of them has a texture which we can work on it. So, as you can see here, there is the front inflation material, the front bevel material, the extraction material and the bark pebble and inflation material. So noticed that if I rotate the phone to the bark, we also see the screen off the phone on. We want to remove that, so I'm going to click on it. Once on door is how the bark inflation material is selected on what controls the color and texture of the off your three. The object is the diffuse. Currently it's said to great, but Norris is I can hear off a file that means that we have a texture touch to it that Dexter. If I have her over this, I can. You'll see that it's the phone image that's restarted with, so I'm going to remove it. I'm going to click on it on select remove texture, and then I can change that, the fewest color to wherever calorie won't. In this case, I want my phone to be black, so I'm going to click on the black hair on notice the color. Change it, then breast, OK? And I can also click on the extortion here on my phone. This one does not have a texture, but I can change the color to the black as well, and I can rotate the camera around. Now we see our phone and just as a point of reference, in case you want to make some adjustment to your phone. If I click on one off the edges, it gets highlighted on the appropriate material, as you can see here or here. So what we're gonna do now is change the texture off screen, so click on the front of the phone and give to the texture and select, changed or edit so you can see the UV overlays here on I'm gonna bring my image into the composition on. I'm gonna just it with the screen. Maybe something like this and press Calmund s on the cable. If Ugo if you go back to the original document, you can see this cream onto your has change it. And I'm going to do the same thing for the bark and extradition material. So the benefit off the sick Nick is that once you have created your three D markup and will be reusable for any kind of project on easy to customize. Now we just need to find a good spot for the phone and try to make a good structure for our composition. So what I'm gonna do is duplicate the film. So now we have two films. I can move this one behind the original phone and rotated all the way to the box on. Move it out a little bit and just place it wherever, wherever you think looks good. So keep moving it to make a better composition on. I think this is good for this tutorial. So I'm going to duplicate the phone one more time, and I'm gonna laying it down on the table once we've done with that. We're going to make a quick Orender. So I'm going to select the area that I want to render and press em on the cable or click on this icon right about here on. Here we go. So this is my final result. And of course, you can do something way better than that. All you need to do is at more blend effects and more textures. Okay, so this is the end of this course. I hope that it was helpful. And you have learned something new. So enjoy your day, guys on. I will see you in more tutorial by