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Make Amazing Videos for YouTube - Beginners Production Guide!

teacher avatar Michael Suppo, Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Enrol to learn my Video Production Process!

    • 2. How I Film 1080p HD videos for YouTube very easily!

    • 3. YouTube's Video Editor - Not many people know what this can do!

    • 4. How to Edit your Videos, Add Music, transitions & Effects!

    • 5. End Slates - A Simple but Powerful way to capture subscribers!

    • 6. Thank you for learning with me!

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About This Class

If you want to learn how to make videos and edit them without any editing software, you may love this Skillshare class! All you need to start making epic videos is something to record with, i.e. your in-built webcam, an external webcam or your phone. You can then edit your videos with some great effects, transitions and music.

This class is a Beginners guide to making films for YouTube! You will learn exactly how to access YouTube's video editor and how to use all of the different functions so that you can make professionally edited videos, with an outro that can get you more subscribers and views for your channel! 

All you need to do is enrol and you will learn exactly how I got started with making my videos on YouTube.

I look forward to seeing you inside this class!

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Michael Suppo

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1. Enrol to learn my Video Production Process!: welcome, Teoh, This skill share class about my video production process. The beginner's version. My name is supermen. Your superhero on skills, Scher. So I have been on YouTube for about two years now, but is only in recent months that I've really understood how to get lots of use and lots of subscribers. I mean, if we look down at my most popular videos, you can see that I've got, you know, 1,177,000. So I am a pro when it comes to editing videos, and this course is gonna be or about how I usedto edit my videos on YouTube and it's so super simple. You don't need any software. It'll you just need to use you Chiefs Video editor. But you do need something to report yourself with whether that's your iPhone or whether it is your Mac webcam or if you've got a Webcam just like mine assumes you got something to film yourself with. The editing can be done on YouTube itself, and this is exactly how I got started. How I create us of epic first videos like this epic video. I did using my laptops Web cap, and I edited it with YouTube. And, as you can see, here is a very, very popular video. So enroll in this course and you will learn the beginner level video editing techniques that you can use that your video up on YouTube straight away. I look forward to seeing you in the first class. 2. How I Film 1080p HD videos for YouTube very easily!: So what is the software that I used to make my, you know, me courses to make YouTube videos to my gaming videos? The answer is screen flow. This amazing software that basically allows me to do screen record with webcam on. Also, it captures audio. It is a fantastic bit of software. What you're looking at right here is on already finished video. So I simply go to file press new museum, My face that had new right. And then what I do is I select what I want recorded. So do I wanna record from death? Stop. Don't want to record video. This is the webcam Do want record audio And these my setting. So basically record the desktop from the color LCD record video from my hasty pro webcam C 9 20 are absolutely quality amazing HD quality webcam. And then we've got record early. Oh, from the yeti microphone. So this thing here, my yeti microphone um, these are this is basically my set up. This is all I need screen flow, my webcam on my microphone And of course, whatever is I'm gonna be showcasing. So that's how I do. And then all I do is just simply press this red button here, and then it gives me five seconds. It gives me time to warm up and stuff, and then it just goes and I can start going life. So that's how you do it. And this is an already recorded piece off filming. So we've This is how it looks. Once it's finished, you are given your webcam, which you can edit in all kinds of ways. You can make the Web cam picture, yet I appear a small as you want or as large as you want. So look at me. I normally have about 39 so it's not too infringing where you position it on the page. You can have shadow on air if you really want to all sorts of different functions that you got better reflection there as well, which I must say I never use, so you can do all sorts with the actual display. Then you can change the audio. So what you could do you could couldn't remove the background noise of which, sometimes here where I am, there is quite a lot. You can turn down the volume, which sometimes I do, because when I talk, I talk quite loud, so sometimes I turn down the volume. There's all kinds of different things you can do. You can also add effects to your voice. You can actually make a sound like, for instance, you could make a sound that you're in a small room. You could make it look like you're in an echo chamber of large cathedral. All sorts things it's so cpap on. Then you've got a range of different advanced options here, none of which I use. But it's all there if I want it. So there we are that screen flow. So how I use there is as follows. So if I minimize this, let's say, for instance, I was going to do a presentation. Okay, so one of my presentations, this Snapchat, why should you be marketing on Snapchat? So let me show you exactly. So what I would do is I'll go to New and I press record and then I would just click play and then I will be here on the bottom. I'll be I What's up, guys? It's Superman here, your superhero on you to me. I'm gonna be telling you why you should be marketing on Snapchat and then I'll go through. It's got 150 million active users blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, goofy, all the sides. And then that's it. And then I would just stop recording on the way to you that it's just go up here to the top and put stop record and then that's it. And then it's done. But I'm recording at the moment, so that's how it's done. But anyway, yes, oh, screen flow really, really good. You just need to make sure that you are displaying what you want to display. So for me, if I wanted to play Minecraft, I'd simply click down here where it says Minecraft and I'd load up Minecraft I press record on. Then it would just have my face showing here. And that's how I've done my gaming videos. So if we go to my soup Oh, man, Page, you got a few here, which I did like that. So, for instance, this one here Facebook livestream ideas this one here don t d m channel tips how to have a channel like Dan TDM everybody, it's see here and stay. I bring you in video done TV that's how I did it. And then basically, why did was this display here was using my slideshow key night, which I have because I've got a Mac Onda. All I did was simply go on YouTube and screen record my YouTube to show an example of Dan TDM presenting. So then we are This is absolutely essential for me, but there are a number off different types off screen flow. You know, screen flow is for the Mac, but you can get the camp Taser studio for the for Windows and the Mac. And there are quite a few that allow you to do this webcam plus display how I do it with life. And this is available for both Mac on and Windows. And this is free is O. B s. This is live streaming software, but we need to do is just simply record what you'll do it on. Then it will give you the video file, which you can then repurpose or use for, you know, for you cheap or facebook or whichever platform you're going to post your video. So this is so super simple, isn't it? I mean, you can just bash out a video just like that. This is how I would do my screen recordings. This is how I would do my health to tips. This is how I do my you to meet courses. Simply presenting something is such an easy thing to do if you're doing demonstrations of online products or websites or yeah, how's do things? Our new chief, This is perfect. This is great for having that brand recognition of having your face in their whilst. Also showing the action happening on screen really simple to use, super effective on a great way of being able to just create videos just like that. So I hope this is helped on. I'll see you in the next lecture. 3. YouTube's Video Editor - Not many people know what this can do!: I'm going to show you now a tool that I'm not sure a lot of people now about or use, but it's called the YouTube video editor. Now the YouTube video editor is accessible in two main places on YouTube. So, firstly, it's on your creator studios. If you go to create, you have got the video editor down here. The other way to do it is if you go to upload up here. So if you go to upload, it will take you to an upload screen and it will have the video editor right there. So we'll access it on, then. Here we are. This is the place where you can edit videos. So the first option here, the first button. This is your current videos, all the videos that you have uploaded to YouTube under your channel. So what you can do in this screen is you can drag a video in here and you can edit it. Furthermore, if you do drag a video in there, let's let's assume that you have just got the video. The rule video here. We'll assume you have an audio file right here. Where you can do is you can drag the audio that sits underneath the actual video down into this box right here. So here we've got it and we can just drag it down in there, and then the audio will play over this video. Okay, so that's how you CanDo. But we're going to just get rid of this for now. What you can also do is, if you're wanting to a compilation off your videos, let's say the best of Facebook videos and what you could do is you could drag your Facebook videos and make one appear after another that my Fed video here. So this would comprise my Facebook videos. And then you can make an entirely new video with these top three Facebook for the So that is how you can use your own videos. Then we have got this button here. This is the Creative Commons videos. Now, just in case you're wondering what Creative Commons is, Creative Commons Videos is something for a content creator puts on their own videos on offers, a way to grant someone else permission to use their work. So, for instance, if I created a viral video on Donald Trump, if I put a creative Commons license on it, then basically, I'm allowing anybody else to use my content as their own. So that's what Creative Commons Video is on. In my complete YouTube and YouTube ads calls with no filming, I talk about how to create viral videos out off these, but essentially what you can do is you can search all off you achieves 10 or so 1,000,000 videos here to create a viral video. So if I was to use Donald Trump as the subject, as he has been the subject of one of my viral video views on this channel, what you could do is you can look for, Let's say, Donald Trump funny moments, and it will find you a number of videos that include Donald Trump, Funny Moments or it's written in the keywords somewhere. So that is what Creative Commons videos are. These are free to use Frito Edit videos that you can turn into your then here. We've got an ability to add photos to the project, So if we look at my Donald Trump video, you can see there's a serious of photos that I am using before I show any actual video. So these are uploaded photos. So now you can see some actual video showing. But what I had in the beginning was photos on. That is what you can do here. So if you upload photos to a project, what you do is you have the photos on in this area, you can actually access the photos and just drag them in. So I used about five or six photos before there was any video. So this is where you can have the photos, and it's really good for making photo. Over the years, we've got this tab here, and these are the audio tracks that you can add onto your videos. So on the assumption that I mean, let's put this cat video down here. If I wanted to add some audio, basically, I just grab it on. I drag it into this box here, and then it will overlay the music onto the video so you can hear the sound effects of the video if you so want to with the actual music. So that is how you use the music library. You can search these audio tracks, but what I will say is not clear whether these are eligible for monetization because you could end up getting a copyright strike. Now, this video here shows you transitions. So a transition is how you made from one scene to the next one piece of video to the next on the transition can basically ensure a very smooth transition from one piece of video to the next. And I'll show you more of this in a little bit. Then we've got banners here. Now, these are superb for creating title screens on also for overlaying titles on top, off video. And I'm gonna show you how to do this in a minute is also really good for adding end slates . So this is a basic overview off the video editor. Now, what I'm going to do right now is I am going to upload to pieces of video that I've made, and I want to create a new video out of it. Okay, so I created the video file using screen flow. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm going to upload to files to here on make a complete video for my channel using the video editor. So how you go about doing that is you get to upload cause you have toe, have the files uploaded before you can actually move forward with the everything. So you've got to files here, so I'm going to upload them both. Now, what is important to do here is that you set this to unlisted or private. I'm gonna put it as private on the reason why you do this is because once this is uploaded , if you put it to public, it will just go straight out to the public. Whereas if you put it on private, what happens is is that this makes the video invisible. So you can decent edits on it and then make it public once you're done with it. So what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna pull us a video while I let this upload because it takes a little bit of time on. Then when that's done, we will move back into it and we will edit the videos. So I'll see you in a second 4. How to Edit your Videos, Add Music, transitions & Effects!: So both videos are now uploaded. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go into the video editor, and now we will see that both videos are now here. They're both sets of private, so nobody can view it, so they need editing. So what we're gonna do is where you go into drag this one. Because this is the 1st 1 We believe that there we go. Leave that for now. And then we gotta put this one right next to it. So this will make in total a 10 minute, 54 video. So what we need to do first is we need Teoh editor. OK, so let's go into this bet Now look slightly grainy, but this isn't how it's going to look in The finished piece is going to look very clear, but in the YouTube editor always looks slightly blurred. Okay, so what we've got here once we've uploaded a video and we start editing on it is we've got an ability to make some quick fixes to this video so we can put on or to fix. And this is what YouTube things could be fixed for lighting and color. We can also adjust the brightness. In the contrast, if we click on that, we can manually change these. So it's defaulted zero and zero. You wanted to make it brighter. You could do, and you just dragged that across. But as you can see, that makes it too bright. So as far as I'm concerned, it looks fine for brightness. So we're going to leave that. But we can also do is we can add slow emotion if we wanted to do that. No, What we can do is we can zoom in on the actual film so that we can edit smaller parts in detail. Okay, So what we've got here is a load of kind of hesitation. I'm getting ready to actually start. Very okay. It wasn't quite ready yet. The Big Bang Fairy. What this means is what? Okay, so I made some mistakes. Very one video can set you up for massive success on. Okay, so it's fine that you up for mass is the big bang. What this means is what? So 17 seconds is where we want it. Teoh start. So right there, I look ready. So we're going to split the clip on that Separates the 17 seconds where I'm not doing a lot away from when I actually start. So if we click the cross there gets rid of it. Very one video set you up for massive success on This was my big bag. This happened. Okay, so that is all fine now, the rest of it, I'm pretty sure, was quite good. Waken See how it will melt transition to the next video. So I missed the bit off there, so it cuts off their so goods take off that. So I'm going toe split from there. I'm going to cut it while I finish saying three figures double figures to easily in the triple figures there were. So there we are, So that will make it a bit neater. So now we'll go to it. Where I found that big bang. It went from the double figures to easily in the triple figures. Now let's have a look at other Eugene there. Well, that will do. OK, now if we go to the end off the video, let's see how that sounds. I'll see you in the next video. Okay, So I finished there and you can see me to switching off the screen flow. So I need to cut out the last four seconds. You're going to be laughing. I hate that this video has been inspirational to you. And I'll see you in the next video. There were. So once I've said video, we can split it on. We cannot get rid off the last two seconds. So that is some easy editing that you can do with the video editor. So now this is fine to go. So what else can we do? We get back into this bit now that we've got the actual clip sorted. Now, what we can do is we can actually change some of the visual elements. Okay, So what we could do is we could add slow motion in any of the aspects if we want it. So let me just show you exactly how you would do that. The big bang theory. So if I wanted to just slay Momi saying the big Bang theory, what I would do is I would split the clip the Big Bang theory, select that particular click that I wanted to slow motion, and then I could slay move it by make it twice a slave four times a slow eight times a slight. So if we get Teoh twice a slave, let's see what happens s so we will take off the safe motion. Now, this is another really good thing. Okay? What even did You can rotate the videos and this is really good if you have filmed something on your mobile phone, So this is obviously filmed in landscape, and that's fine. But sometimes on mobile phone, a lot of people film in portrait on what it does is it actually makes it look untidy for you chips. What you can do is you can rotate it so that it actually makes it wider for the screen. So irritating is what you could do. So just so you could see that's how you do it. That's how you can keep doing it. There were, So if we put the pan and zoom on this first bit, let's see what happens. What it does is it zooms in for that one second so we can take the pan and zoom off. But what that does is it adds this kind of Ken Burns effect. So it zooms in to the center off the video right here. Now, what you could do, you could also stabilize the video. So let me just meet this. So what you can do is if the if you've taken some shaky video. So if for whatever reason you've been in a car taking video or you've been walking on your taking videos, you're walking. Where you can do is you can use YouTube stabilize option in order to remove any shaky camera motions and make it more stable. Now, in this instance, it won't work, but what you can do it even stabilize it. So when you put stabilize video, you can stabilize it by a certain extent so you can completely stabilize it where you can put it right back to zero. But that's not needed for this particular clip. So we go to this script here, the two minutes 52. Let me show you what else you can do. We can add filters. So if for whatever reason, were not happy with how this looks, maybe we think it looks a bit too bland or it looks too colorful. What we could do is we can apply a filter on top off the video, so we can add a hey hdr filter and look what that does that really polarizes the screen. Okay, If we want to take the application off, we just click it and it goes back to normal. We'll go to old fashioned, so it makes it look this, like the seventies effect. Take that off We can use. Let's use a low mo camera. So if we apply that low mo camera, it gives this almost see Pia look to the felt. So you cannot these filters just to make it look visually appealing. Now, if you were to use a creative Commons video, this would be a good way of making it your own by applying a filter that makes it look different from the original. So that's filters. Now let's move on to text. So this is one of the really cool areas off the you chief editor. So if we go back to the sea Peyman clip right here, what we can do is we can add some text right here. So let's say, for instance, we wanted Teoh ad A So what we need to do first we need to enable text and then it will show you exactly the area that the text will appear so we could put here YouTube secrets. And then there was There will appear now. You can change where this banner shows so you can have it on the bottom. You can have it on the top. You can have it in the center if you really want to, but that is a really cool way of adding text to the video. If you were looking to add some form off introductory text to the video on day, say what the video is actually about so you can change the banner color. So let's be a bit silly and go purple. That's how it looks. Looks actually pretty good. We could change it to like a maroon color. You can really play about with this. We could. Now let's send it to read, because you can also change the color off the tech so it can stay white. Or you could make the text black, for instance. We can change the size off the writing, so the maiming, his medium, we can change it to a large so it's much larger on screen. We can put it extra small if we really wanted, but you can't really see it, Onda. We can also change the font, so I mean, let's just be a bit silly here again. Let's go, Josephine Slab. See, now I've got to say that looks pretty good. So yes, so you can change the fund. You can just basically find one which suits the tone off the video. Now we can also change where appear so it doesn't have to be on the left side. It could be in the center. It can be on the right. We can also change. The pace is if we believe that back to the center. We can make it look very, very dark. So it's completely read. Or we can take the API city right down to folks in so you can barely see it so you could make it a long Bani. You can make it a small banner on. Like I said, you can take the banner off completely on. Just have the writing appear. So it's a really cool way of adding text to your video. If you're looking to a text and if Texas appropriate, if you're looking to have some kind of annotation, then this is a really good way of adding so but we don't really need that. So we're going to just take that off. But that just gives you an indication of what you can do as faras text is concerned. Now let's go to audio now. This is where you can control the volume. Okay, So if you're going to be adding any audio down here, what you may want to do is you may want to take the volume right down so that you let the music take a ver. In this case, the volume needs to be there if you're unhappy with the sound. So if we go and listen to it again So if we go into this area here, you up. If you're not happy with the sound what you condition, just turn the sound up. One video can set you up unless here the difference. Very one video set you where you are. You can hear the difference in the sound quality. So if I haven't made this clear already basically whatever edits you make you are only editing this. Put it the section that you have selected. If you make any changes to this section it won't affect this, and it won't affect that. Therefore, if you want a title banner on this section, you could without it affecting this banner all this banner. So if you're wanting to customize a particular section of the video, you need to split the clip on, then apply the changes. Okay, so that's how you do that. So we'll move that volume back to normal, so it doesn't sound out of sync with the rest off the video. So these are the quick fixes that you can apply to the video. So let's see what else you could do. So now that we've got this bit sorted now it is in the state that I want it to be in. What can we apply? What we can apply first is music. So if we go back to music, this is what we can do. We can add this music now. This music isn't necessarily eligible for monetization, but for demonstration purposes, I will show you exactly how it all comes together. So if we put the sound back up and we'll put let's per the seventh floor tango, whatever that is, less drag that in or alternatively, what you could do is you could just simply click the plus. Now, as you will see, each of these songs have their duration attached to it. Okay, so this is a 10 minute 31 video now, two minutes of audio isn't going to quite cover the whole Ted minutes. So what you could do if you wanted you just Atmore is you could just add the music until it covers the video, and it will just go till the end of the video there were. So now let's see how this sounds when the music is applied actually doesn't sound too bad. Now, if you wanted to make that sound a bit better, what you would do is you would go into the audio. Andi, you would possibly put the volume down quite a lot. So they doesn't increase too much on the spoken audio. So if we go back now and see how this sounds so again, just toe make it sound a bit better if we put the volume up here on the volume Apia. Let's see if this sounds any better. Big bang. Very one video can set you up for massive success on you. This was my big bag. This happened in May 2016. Just a few videos I was bringing out to try and make. My channel gave viral sounds pretty good, actually. So we're gonna take off the audio. But now you can see how it can be added, applied. So this was really to demonstrate how music concerned on top of your spoken audio and how you can edit the spoken audio and music audio so that they complement each other and don't block each other out. So transitions. So we've got this section here, which I played in this section here. So what we could do is we could, at a transition in between these elements cause one bit, I'm talking about myself and in the other bed, I'm talking about other you tubers. So if we get this cross fade on, if we hover it in between the two clips, you will see there's this little blue line here which says, Well, that will go. So let's see if the cross feed works in this situation. You might channel this after a home time of searching was where I found that big bank. It went from the double figures to easily other you, Cheevers. That did exactly the same. This one is really cool. Now, this is how you can add title screens and end slate. So let me just give you an example of exactly how you do that. So we get a center title unless pervert in here. And what you could do is you can enter text and you can make disappear for a sum or short as you want it. So what we could do here is, instead of having the banner on top of the video like we did earlier, we can actually just put a title here. So you tube secrets. If I could spell correctly, you cheap secrets, watch till the end there were so we could put that at the beginning. You can put really whatever you want. So you could put a big bang fairy you achieve is addition. No. Yeah. You put space there, so that makes it look a little bit better. See that we are so you can add a title screen now again, What you can do is you can change this A ban on how it looks so we could put us a pink for instance, or because you choose red, we could make it read. That looks a lot better on We could change the color of the text again so we can change that lets a gray or black or blue She doesn't look too bad. I thought that would be ridiculous, but we could change back to what? We can change size again. We can change the font again so we can even go for something. Let's look at this one. No. My goodness. So anyway, yes. So you get a good idea, really? Of what you can do with these banners. Now, this is exactly what YouTube videos definitely used to look like. Right? The beginning of YouTube. So let's see what it looks like from the beginning. The Big Bang Fairy one video. 5. End Slates - A Simple but Powerful way to capture subscribers!: end. Slates and slaves are brilliant way of getting subscribers. So if we have somebody that gets to the end of the video right here. So let's start from about this bet. I'll see you in the next video. Okay? So if assuming that a viewer gets to the end of the video what they're they're just gonna move on to the next video, you need a way to capture them so that you turn back viewer into a subscriber. If you don't give a call to action, there's almost no encouragement for them to do it. You have to rely on them to make the decision to subscribe to your channel. Now, you don't have to settle for that. You can have more control by adding an end slate. So let me show you exactly how you do that. So you add the center title right to the end on what you put is please like and subscribe. Full move. There we are. We've got that at the end. Or you could just you could probably put it like this. There we are. I looks really good. And again, as you saw, you can change the color and everything like that. And then what you want to do is make this appear for about five seconds. So you give them enough time to actually do the action so you can see if there is. It's running there for a while. That's how you want it to appear. OK, so once you're finished with this. So I basically shown you everything that you can use in here. So once you have used all of the editing functions that you have seen in here, where you can then do if you're happy with the finished version is upload this to your channel. So what, You could put his big Bang fairy. You cheap us in addition. Okay, so yeah. So you've got the video saved. Now. I'm not going to Chiat word. Optimize this. You're probably wondering, Is this going to appear? If people are looking for this under certain keywords? No, probably were not with a title like that, we'll talk more about that later. This is really for demonstration purposes. So we've got our edited video. If you're happy with it, what you then do is you click create video and then what will happen is that you cheap will now in the background, they will start processing this now that the moment is set to private. That's how it will stay. You see day after way about this going public as soon as it's processed. Okay, so that is how you edit a video with the YouTube editor. It is a fantastic tool that a lot of people do not use. I used to use this all the time for my initial videos on YouTube until I started using. I'm evey now in the next videos. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be showing you how I edit my videos in im e v to give it a really professional gloss on. That is the more advanced way of editing your YouTube videos. I hope this is helped on. I'll see you in the next video. 6. Thank you for learning with me!: thank you for enrolling in this class and for learning with me. Superman, your superhero on skill share. My next course is gonna be about video editing the advanced version. I'm gonna show you precisely how I created this video that you can see right here with the editing software that I've got, which is super tree on a really, really simple to use. And you're going to see that in the next course. So I hope you've enjoyed this. And I look forward to seeing you hatefully in the advanced version, See, ever.