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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Make a Lighted Topiary Tree: Introduction

    • 2. What You Will Need to Make a Topiary

    • 3. Step 1

    • 4. Step 2

    • 5. Step 3

    • 6. Step 4

    • 7. Step 5

    • 8. Final Touches

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About This Class


Brighten up any room in your house with a lighted topiary tree.  Create a lovely topiary tree, with flowers, twinkle lights, ribbons and embellishments. I will show you what you need and step by step instructions to make a festive tree that is decorative for any season or holiday. Add a little charm and twinkle to your home and come create with me.

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Pam Phelps

Creative Homemaker, Foodie, Artist, & Crafter


I am a creative homemaker, writer, foodie, recipe creator and crafter. I love to cook and create, and love to  inspire others to cook and be creative as well. I have been teaching, writing, blogging  and sharing recipes and crafts for over 20 years. My recipes and crafts have been featured in House Beautiful, Country Living, Good Housekeeping, Woman's World, Chow Hound, Luvo, The Hoot, Side Chef, Cut Out and Keep, Food Gawker, Craft Gawker and more. You can visit my blog by clicking on the little "world" Icon next to my profile picture, and find more recipes and crafts to enjoy.

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1. Make a Lighted Topiary Tree: Introduction: Hi, guys. It's Pam. Today we're gonna be making alighted topiary tree. I don't know if you guys are like I am, but after the holidays, I always feel a little sad when we put away our Christmas tree and lights. So this year, I decided to make a lighted topiary tree to bring that same charm that a lighted Christmas tree brings into the house. And yet this tree is not Christmassy, so it will work perfectly any time of year. For this project, I will show you the supplies you'll need and then how to create a lighted topiary tree from start to finish. I'm gonna be making my topiary tree with colors and embellishments that have a rich winter feel, since it's winter time while I'm creating this. But you can actually make thes with an emphasis for any season or holiday simply by changing out the flowers, colors, ribbons and embellishments to suit the season or occasion. So hit the enroll button and let's get started 2. What You Will Need to Make a Topiary: So here's what you're gonna need for this project. And if you want, you can go ahead and pause the video right now and write down the list of everything you'll need and then started up again and I'll show you. Ah, visual of all the items. So you have a good, clear view of what it is that you're gonna want. First of all, you're gonna need a nice, sturdy pot. And I got this one from Hobby Lobby on sale. I got it on clearance, actually, and it was a good price to me. At $6 I really like the style of it. And I liked how sturdy it was. And that's what you're gonna need to keep in mind when you're making that you want something that's really sturdy and camp toppled over easily. And next you're gonna want to get some Styrofoam that will be able to fit in here and you can buy one like I did that happen to just fit almost exactly into this, Or you can get him a little bit bigger and cut him to fit. That's gonna be for your base. Then you'll want a Styrofoam ball, and you kind of decide by judging what size you want. They have a couple of variations in size and then a towel about 14 to 18 inches long. 1/2 to 3/4 inch work thing. You'll need some sticks or twigs. These are actually from a grapevine brief that I broke apart. And I'm gonna use Thies to go around the dowel and it'll make it look like an actual branch that gives it a If this looks nice, you want some craft paints and already painted one of these one coat and course that brush to paint your dowel with make it look more like a really piece of wood. And next you're gonna want some Spanish moss. Just get a bag of it enough to cover the ball and have a little base, and then you're gonna also want your flowers. I happen to buy a big bunch of flowers that were half off a hobby lobby, and I'm just gonna be cutting off the flowers from the base and using them. And you also want some embellishments, such as the leaves that you can use from the bunch of flowers that you buy against pine cones. I bought some bulbs that were on clearance from Christmas, and I'm gonna add those two it to For a little extra sparkle. You'll want a glue gun, and you're gonna need some floral pins. These are going to be part of what you'll attach your items with their great for attaching the Spanish moss and the lights. And you can also make thes if you've got some wire. My hubby made me a few of these to begin with, and then I bought a whole bag of him. But he had some wire fencing wire, and then you're gonna need some great fine wire, which I love This stuff. It's really it's really cool. It looks like great, fine, but it's actually wire. It bends and wraps around, and it's It's another thing that you'll be able to use. And then you're going to need some twinkle lights, a set of about 50 many lights. You can get the's in the holiday section or in the wedding section, and then last. You're going to need some ribbon on, and I happen to get this on Clarence. I think I've paid 80% off on the Christmas clearance stuff, so keep your eyes open in the clearance sections, and you can find some really lovely items that you can use in this and just use your imagination and gather your stuff and let's get started with Step one. 3. Step 1: way. Okay, first step, we're gonna go ahead and paint dowel, and I've got the craft paint all ready to go. It's just a and acrylic craft paint, and I painted one coat already, and it absorbed it really quickly. And so I'm going ahead with the second coat, and I will just cover everything completely until it gets to the color that I want it to be . And I will just let it dry. This'll way. It'll look like a nice branch, and it'll blend really nicely with the twigs that you're gonna put around it. And, um, when it's all completely covered, just put it over the little bold. Let it drive for about 10 minutes, and once it's dry to the touch, it's ready for the next step. 4. Step 2: So now we're gonna go ahead and place are Styrofoam into base and secure that, um minds all ready to go. I don't even need to cut it down. It's just right. But I'm gonna add just a little glue for now, this won't be the permanent, but it just helped stabilize it while I'm working on it. And at the end of my creation, I'm gonna go ahead and add glue again on sides to keep it very secure. And I'm gonna go ahead and put the dowel straight into this. Give it a great strong push and, um, that's ready to go. And then you can add a little blue to that, but it's pretty stable as is. Then we're gonna go ahead and do the same thing with the top. I'm gonna just keep pushing on this until the Dow will go then. Oh, about an inch. Maybe two inches into this, if you have. If you're Dowell, seems extra long. You want to push it in farther. You could do that. I'm gonna glue this, and so it will become more stable once the clues in it. And it's dry. So, um, that's just judgment call Um, like I said, you can. You can bury that dowel deeper into the head of this Styrofoam ball if you like. So go in there. And then I'm gonna also add a little extra glute around the base to secure it and let it dry so that it's it's nice and sturdy. And at the end of a lot of these projects, I'll add glue again to stabilize anything that's a little loose, and now it's on to the next step. 5. Step 3: So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and add are great fine twigs to the base of the Styrofoam and from around the the stem, the dowel, and it's it looks kind of funny purse. But once you get it wrapped on there, it makes it looks, makes it look like it's ah, Riel branch. And so just take these one by one and, you know, push them into the Styrofoam and balance them around the dowel. Four or five of them will work just fine. And then you're going to take your grapevine wire and you're gonna put the bottom piece. Well, first, let me wrap it. We're gonna wrap it a little bit, and then we'll put the base in with the twigs into the Styrofoam and just begin to wrap around the twigs and pull them tight into the dowel. So you have a nice looking stem. Looks like a branch. And, uh, so did you get your top on this? It just really looks sharp. It looks kind of funny right now, but it looks really sharp once you get the top on. So give it a good squeeze and it'll be nice and secure, and then you'll be ready for the next step. 6. Step 4: So now it's time to go ahead and put the Spanish moss onto the Styrofoam ball, and we're gonna use the hot glue gun initially to lay that down, just take hunks of the Spanish moss and spread it around till it's It's fairly even over the ball is doesn't have to be perfect because we're gonna be putting other things on top of it. But it will be the base, and you just want to make it somewhat, even around the ball. And then, after you've used the glue gun to secure it, go ahead and use the floral pins to make it really secure on that ball. And after we've done that, we'll go ahead and attach the twinkle lights on this, Um, just pull him out of the box and stretch him out so that they're not all crimped together and starting at the top, you're going to take the base plug and your floral pin and push the floral pin. Put it over the top of the cord and into the Styrofoam ball. Just make sure you don't nix your cord with the floral tended to do it because you don't want open that wire up that would be really dangerous, but it's easy to do so. Wrap it around some put tightly around the ball because you'll have quite a few of these lights. I had to adjust this several times to get it, so it was even. And even after this demonstration here, I adjusted it a couple more times. So, um, take your floral pins, wrap it around so you have a barely even distribution of the lights, and then what's left you're gonna take and you're gonna wrap around the dowel and on to the next step? 7. Step 5: So now we're gonna go ahead and add our flowers to the topiary base and I've got the lights place just how I want them. And I'm gonna begin to add flowers. Now, Initially, I will just add them loosely, a little bit of glue to hold him for now. But I am going to rearrange him a little here and there because I'm I'm just designing a little bit as I go and they come right off of that Spanish moss really easily. And once I have it well established, ordered the way I like it nights. I know that this is how I'm going to keep it and I will go back in and add more glue toe Hold the flowers on and there will be really secure. And another thing you can do is add some floral pins to the leaves or to the flowers where they're soft enough to pierce with those floral pans, and that will secure it really well, this as well. So, um, keep adding your flowers and your leaves until you filled in most of the gaps. I like to go ahead and put leaves here as a little skirting around the base of this, and I just evenly have distributed them around and it's beginning to fill in. And then once I've gotten it to where I like it, I'm gonna go ahead and add some pine cones and also the ornaments that I got and I'll glue the pine cones. You could also wrap wire around him and push the wire into the Styrofoam or used floral pins to secure them as well. And I used the floor, opens for the ornaments, and I just slipped one, you know, pin through the little hook, a little loop in the ornament and pierced it right into the Styrofoam. And it holds it real nicely. So you have to worry about trying to glue that and just keep working it until all the gaps are filled and re glue anywhere that anything is loose. Make sure you don't glue the the lighting wire. You don't want to melt that wire down and pull off all the little spider webs of flu as you go, and just keep working it until you've got it. How you want it. Okay, so we just have one more step after this one, and that will be in the next class. I'll see you there 8. Final Touches: So now it's time for the final touches, and we're gonna go ahead and put a simple bow at the base of the topiary ball. I'm just gonna work with it until it looks just about right. I've trimmed off the edges of the ribbon and I'm ready to go down now to the base of the topiary tree and put some extra glue between the Styrofoam and the pot to secure that, I needed to get some final blue there to make that nice and sturdy. And then I have also added some Spanish moss to the top of that, and I have glued it and also added some floral pins to make that nice and secure. And then I added another little pine cone and a little leaf, the Spanish moss at a nice little finishing touch to it. And now it's time to plug it in and light it up. This little tree has just brightened up our dining room, and I hope you have enjoyed creating this problem. This project. Please post a picture of your project and let me know what you used to create yours. And that will be the class project for this class. And thank you for enrolling. I look forward to seeing you next time