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Make 4 Quick, Easy and Healthy Dips

teacher avatar Madhu Goyal, Home Chef

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Class Project

    • 3. Beetroot Dip

    • 4. Cucumber Dip

    • 5. Caramelized Onion Dip

    • 6. Creamy Carrot Dip

    • 7. Hope You Had Fun

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About This Class

All of us, especially mothers, have faced the problems of trying to get our kids to eat their greens. My younger daughter still ends up binge eating chips at night. To overcome this, I started making healthy dips for them. These dips are loaded with veggies and do not have any oil or cheese in them.

They are extremely quick and easy to make, very healthy, are perfect accompanists with all sorts of chips, nachos, crackets, breads and the best part is: They taste amazing with raw vegetables!

So join the class, watch the video, download the recipes and start cooking. I have attached a pdf of all the recipes alongside for you to download and print.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Madhu Goyal

Home Chef


Madhu Goyal is a home chef and entrepeneur from India. She has loved to cook since she was a child and now takes cooking classes at her home for students. Mostly self-taught, she loves to experiment with her cooking. She is an expert in various cuisines but Indian cooking and Indian desserts are her forte. You can always contact her on

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. Welcome to my class on how to make for quick, easy on healthy dips. I am model oil and I am a home chef from India. I teach cooking classes at my home, so I think I'm gonna address a problem. Not a lot of us have only phase. That is to how to make our kids eat Hendy and to eat a lot of vegetarians. It not only our kids, a lot of us when we go diet. This is a very big problem about having just draw budget tables. So in order to do something about this, I came up with solution making some healthy dips to have along with the vegetables all the dips that I'm gonna teach you in the class. He was Greek yogurt as their base teach. Yogurt is extremely healthy. That has a big would want is over other bases. So the reason that you should go ahead on Drew for the class and learn these depths are that number one. All these dips sell bacon. They are extremely easy toe make. They're very quick to make the very healthy the ingredients used in this a very easily available on the best part. These dips are completely loaded with better tables. You do know I need any sort of chickens to make them, and you do not need any oil to make them. So trust me, they easy to me. So I'm the thing is that these dips work really well. Withdraw budget tables with all sorts of breads with soup sticks with chips with satchels. The chicken nuggets off vegetable crudites on these Dave Small over can also be used as a spread like you can just put some on a bread or have it on that can even be used as a salad dressing, etcetera, etcetera. Come on, guys, and wrote for the class. And let's learn something new to this. Thank you. 2. The Class Project: Okay, so now that you've and really for the class, let's quickly discussed the class project for your class project. Simply watch the next four videos select any one of the tapes on Make it on. Just upload a picture of her. You can further right about expedience, anything you experimented with, making the depth, anything that created the problem for you. Anything that you wish to ship. You don't need to take any notes during the video to make your job easier. I have attached a pdf off all the next piece along with the class project. So do check it out later. So we've remaking Ford it in this class on their ass follows the caramelized onion ended cleaning carried Did hell baby to did on held a cucumber? Did I just explain you the basics offer. So as the name suggests, caramelize on your lip uses caramelized onion, so this has little amount Jewel oil on sugar that has been used for caramelizing the onion . Ah, but it's an extremely sweet on tasty dip. It works really well with chicken Momentum's. The creamy Karen tip is, as the name suggests, clean meal, because we add some fresh stream toe while making the creamy guarantee. We will explore some additional options to make our dip a little more cheesier or creamier the hell be through death, which, according to reach the most attractive dip uses, be true and as its base. My only advice is it's not good for diabetics. As beetroot is sweet. The Halik a commodity which is the healthiest depart of all thought of this basically uses grated cucumber at its base on It's really nice. Okay, so now let me give you a quick tip about what to do if you do not have dick yogurt so you can always use hunkered as a substitute. Rugby Kilger, in order to big hunkered or you need to do, is to take some normal car, put it in a Muslim clothes, die the plot from the top on, just hang it above about something so that the water from the normal court seats out of the Muslim thought collects in the bottom on after two or three hours just opened the Muslim clothes on. What you basically have would be hunkered. It is as good as a Greek yogurt to you. Okay, so that's it. For now. Let's learn how to make our dims 3. Beetroot Dip: So in this video, I'm gonna date to how to make a healthy be true. So let's start with the ingredient. So you need to take your good or hunker some beetroot based. Some finally job onions, Fresh coriander refreshment for garnishing some garlic. Be side people. Some job green chilies I can optionally on. This is what your final different look right. I know it looks really tempting and trust me, it is that amazing. So the basic method for making the deficit I simple. We just combine all the ingredients together in one about on the news refrigerated differ happen out through serving in order to meet the beetroot. Did you decide The beetle based you simply take some boiled be truths and then you chop them and then grind them in the mixer on This is the place to get on. You can just add some to your deep to get away. Nice hanging on sweet taste. Um, the solar on pepper is according to your taste. At some garlic tastes grew by good like a very good tank on some job onion, some chopped green chilies, which is completely optional. I'm the new term at some coriander or mint for garnishing you can after you make your dip like at seven days and then value so tiny garnish it with some of that. It is as simple as that distance can be stored up to two days. Even your beetroot based can be stored for 2 to 3 days on. This can also be I didn't play your good to make the truth code, which is also really of me. 4. Cucumber Dip: Okay, guys. So next time, this is the cucumber dip. So I'll just give you an untrue of the in credence you need some creek yogurt are hunkered being. Then grated cucumber job onions, fresh coriander offish, mint, some Gallic piece sold pepper job. Green chilies. Andi left stuff. So so the basic process is the same. You mixed the all the ingredients in on. Just simply refrigerate your default half now, before so now, usually the dip. You need to add a good manners cucumber in it to make it into a motel. Still the communist completely optional. So is the green chilies on the soil, and the pepper can really according to your preference into comparative. Sometimes created cumin powder on much better tasting better, but then completely depends on where you staying. And if it's available or not, the coriander or the mint can be added. Bidding the tip, or can we all saved this? Garnish it on. You can refrigerate the step up to two days. It is that simple. So now let's move on to the next step 5. Caramelized Onion Dip: officer. Let's begin by learning the caramelized onion dip, which is by far my favorite So food if the ingredients that you need are some Greek yogurt or hunkered, some caramelized onion sold I'm pepper selects. Begin by learning how to caramelize your onion in order to re caramelize. A mean to take around two teaspoons of oil in about add some onions and start to sautee it around 8 to 10 minutes to near onion gets brown. When it's human, notice that your onion starts getting around. Keep doing it. Keep make it more brown till you need to cook it for around 7 to 8 minutes. Once your onions browned at some sido vinegar or apple to go to. If I usually before adding a consider to my onions along with that at the same amount of brown sugar toe to give you dip away. Nice brown color. Also branch of gets the caramelized onion Extremely nice color makes it. You also need to add some soul to it, so after you've added your sugar, your vinegar on your soil, mix it for a little while and then let your caramelized onion cool before we can add it. to the dip. So this is the color your caramelized onion will probably look like. Okay, so now let's learn how to make the dip. So you have your Greek yogurt at some salt and pepper into it on. You basically idea kind of lives onion. This dip has very nice sweet taste on. It is amazing with chicken products, especially chicken nuggets, So let's move on to the next day. 6. Creamy Carrot Dip: Hello again. Sonal atone. Hard to make the cream. We carried it. So the ingredients you need for the cleaning carried dip our you need. Greek yogurt hung good. Some created Garrett, some finely chopped onions, some job capsicum, some fresh green, some options that you can add to the dip to make it Mochrie of a dream. You are munis or cheese or milk selectively on the units, um, soiled. And now let's learn how to make it so you add all your ingredients. Toe the hunkered on the new Axum sold for taste on Dunnigan Axum cream to make the decree. Me. Oh, like the names, is creamy. Garrod it on. Like I mentioned, you can add some great cheese to it. Are some moves or about one tablespoon Melanie's on. Perhaps if you want to make it a little sweet, you can also add little sugar. So that's about it. The deep Ah, you should refrigerated for Italy alive for serving on It is really, really well with briefers and chips and makes for a very nice party dip. So let's head to the next dip now 7. Hope You Had Fun: Hello again. So now in your class project, all you have to do is to make one of the dips on upload a picture off. To find the recipes off all these dates, simply go to the class project. Tap on. Look down where you will find a pdf gold recipes handbooks just downloaded. And you have the police cards like this on surprise. Surprise. Instead of four recipes, I have included five recipes on small notes for you over there. You can print on the two pages and keep them. Or you can simply cut them into this small handy note on Keep them for yourself. So I hope you had fun. Please try the recipes and I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you.