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Majestic Mountains - Painting from Reference Photo (Beginner to advanced level)

teacher avatar Dhritikana Nath, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Everything you need

    • 3. Color Blend

    • 4. Exercise 1 Snowy Mountainscape

    • 5. Exercise 2 Rocky Mountains

    • 6. Project 1 The Mysterious Mountains

    • 7. Project 2 Evening by the Mountain

    • 8. Project 3 The Mountain Cliff

    • 9. Afterword

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About This Class

This class is all about watercolor painting from reference photo suitable for any beginner to advanced level artist. It covers the entire study of mountains - perspective, size, shape, color, limited palette starting with sketchbook exercise and moving onto three A4 size projects. A detailed study on how to establish a dynamic painting by mixing warm and cool shades to create an impact on the viewer. Incase there is an urge to study landscapes in more details this might be one of the best suitable classes as it covers 5 different mountain landscape. Easy to follow instruction and any material that is available can be used to understand and level up your paintings.   

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dhritikana Nath

Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hello Peeps, I am Dhritikana Nath an artist instructor, teacher, content creator from Delhi (India) and from the time I have started painting landscape was the subject that I did fall in love with. Among landscape painting lights with vibrant colors is my favorite. Overtime I am smitten by the beauty of water, clouds, sea, animals, flowers and everything that is there in Nature. I keep exploring all these subjects with different mediums like watercolor, gouache, markers, soft pastels and more.

I am a strong believer of the idea that anyone can paint if you put an honest effort and for excelling in painting there are only 2 rules practice and frequency of painting. I did start my journey in 2018 and I would say it’s been calming, meditative and even helped me a lot to improv... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. Science pretty good enough. An artist and instructor from Delhi, India, I have bean into watercolors for a few years, and from the time I have started doing watercolors, Mountain remained as one off the very, very difficult subject to explore. But with time, once I gotta hang offered, I thought to share all the dip Centrex with you guys. I always love toe pain from real. Photos on this class will help you to learn how we can paint five majestic mountains, capes each from or reference photo selected from a copyright free website. Anyone at any level off their watercolor journey can explore the possibilities off painting beautiful mountains. Start by discussing the materials required to colors that we will use during each and every painting. I would keep suggesting you the order native colors on it is not at all necessary toe have all the supplies that I would be using today. So go ahead, pick up your pink, pick up your brushes on what color people toe pink along with me. There are two sketchbook exercises on three final painting, so let's start with our first lesson 2. Everything you need: uh, interesting parties to discuss the supplies with you guys hand. I would start with my ceramic palette that I would be using. You can use any other pallet off your choice. This is Justo, a normal ceramic palette with two different sets where I can put my paints under. Then I would move onto my brushes. I would you size 46 size on eight sides of a black well read brush along with it. I would keep a flat brush for laying my even goat off. Wash for the sky and batters. Ah, Princeton, half an inch brush the people researchers 300 GSM. I want to stress upon it that the people iss one of the most important aspects off any other watercolor painting. I always stress upon the spark that you can use any colors. Kenny brushes off your choice, but try to use 100% Corton people. We would be using Majella Mission gold watercolors to complete this painting nine or thes things are important. You can also use off Fabbiano paper. If you don't have arches, you can go for honeymoon. You can go for any other people off your choice. We will keep our tissue on toujours off water. One for the clean supply off water and another for taking off the X droppings from your brushes. I have ah, Hannah Melis. Exact 300 GSM sketchbook. I have already sketched a few paintings on this. On day, I would be doing my sketchbook excites on the SE five size sketchbook paper. Now you can have any other landscapes. Eyes off sketchbook for doing the paintings. The last would be the two tapes that I'm using. I have taken one inch tape as well as often in shape. You can go for any off these up to you. 3. Color Blend: 4. Exercise 1 Snowy Mountainscape: the force to exercises will help us to set the background off all the three class projects that we would be painting later. As we progress in this loss, I have taken on Hannah Molise exact sketchbook. You can go for any other sketchbook off your choice, preferably Anne. Five size off people else. Any other landscape size paper for step will be taping down our paper formally and then doing a rough sketch off the mountain that we will be painting Step one off painting from any photo is understanding how you want to break the photo so that our proportions and perspective is absolutely correct. I usually try toe break my photo into four equal halfs that us. I would divide my photo in tow quadrant 1/4 to quarter and three and quarter and four. And then I would try toe see the proportions off each off the mountain scape falling into each of these quarter. Since I have made the sketch of only two mountains, one that is in the background and another isn't the foreground, I have taken permanently low deep to paint my sky janitors and absolutely flat wash that I'm applying as it does a warm color on my mountains will be more in the cool shades. So to strike the correct balance between the warm and the cool colors, I chose to sky Toby more warm, asked for the photo. You cannot so transparent sky. But Sky always sets the mood off painting. Therefore, the sky remains one off the most important. Confident on character off any watercolor painting. Hey Cody, Brown shade, if you don't have it, makes a bit off in to go with you when I k Brown like I have done. In case none of these colors are also available with you. Just go ahead at some black with your brown to get a similar shade. I usually love the tip off the sofa black velvet size four brush and I would be using the same brush for making my mountains. I make some random strokes, starting from the left off the paper on going towards the right of the people. Painting from a photo might look difficult and intimidating if we have the intention off replicating it. I have always made it a point to consider or photo just as a framework and use simple techniques to come up with a watercolor painting, which looks similar to the photo. Do remember to leave the white spaces why we make the random strokes make some bold strokes when you reach the tip off the mountain. This is unlimited politics size, and later we will be introducing more colors and are painting, keeping it simple and easy so that anyone who is even new toe watercolors can give it a try is the major idea. All the colors that I have used is easily available in sets or ALS. Go ahead and use the open it of colors that I have suggested. - Now we have ranged to stage where we will go ahead and paint the crease, which is really small, so try to make only street small lines with the tip off your brush. I have always seen that pine trees, a pure in a plotter or a bunch on his spread over a bit often area. So keep making these small Bunches off trees in the foothills. I love to use the white spaces off the people most of the time to paint my mountains rather than using why wash or white color paint unless and until it is necessary, adding a mix of bold and 10 long strokes to complete the background mountain, I would like to know, divert your attention towards creating energy and life in a painting on. It is really important to hold the attention off your spectator. The energy or the excitement is created when I heard the movements and it is done only with help off the lines that I add in tow. A painting the horizontal lines gives the idea that atmosphere is come, whereas the slanting order vertical lines. That's the energy. Second important point is how I perceive a photo can never be set by rule. But it is how I see this photo and set the contrast off the colors. Contrast of the colors is always the most important way. Our human brain bull distinguishing between different objects like for the sky. We that set an auto Kahlo where is while the mountains we have said and other color. Even if you plan toe paint this photo in monochrome, you have to change the values off the color so that we can distinguish easily between each of the competence, so you can either play with a limited palette, or you can select even a monochrome to paint this mountain scape. - We have to now complete the four Crown Mount, and Sunday there are two major aspects. One is painting the pines on. The second is painting the hills. Since this is the foreground, we see more freeze and less off snow capped a tedious. This part is more simple, as we need toe only make more off straight lines to depict the trees. Now he have approached the last under final ladles that we would be hunting in terms of the pine trees for our foreground hills. They are longer, straight lines compared toa the shorter straight lines that we did art. Polio make these lines Hospitalists. Put small, small, intersecting lines as horizontal to show the shape off a pine, which is comparatively, me or to you. - Island shadows is the last part off the sex size. We need to take some clean water. That's one of the reason for suggesting to jurors off water one to clean your brushes and another for using the clean water. When required, you can use a size six brush or a size four brush, whichever is debatable with you for this technique, But first, let the strokes dry out completely. After a few strokes with the clean water, you have to wash your brush, dab off the extracting on the tissue, and then again apply some strokes with only the clean water in the brush. This technique will be the petered off you times like 5 to 6 times after that, half a final look at your painting and let it dry completely. Since this waas a square shape, I did select a square area toe paint. You can always use your tape to define the areas you want to select for any kind off painting. 5. Exercise 2 Rocky Mountains: I'm so black toe. See that all. If you have made to the second next size where the sketching proportions, perspective and rules remain the same as we have this cost on the 1st 1 people first divide the photo into roughly four equal house market with help off your scale. The only change will be in the techniques we will apply to create the mountains and the pines. First start with the rough sketch of the mountain and the mines. The mountains are a bit cooked and rocky, and you will see that the mountain starts from the bottom but ends in the first half. Off the paper. The tip off the mountain is in the middle. Off the paper, the binds will be very simple. Straight vertical lines. Either you can sketch it now, or you can sketch it. Once we have painted our mountains, start piling and even coat off, wash for the sky area and then select the colors that you will be using. Sky is a very small area for this one. You can always go ahead and use any blew off your choice. I'm using a beautiful peacock blue from the Mitchell Omission. Goldwater colors. You can go ahead with any other group that you like, like the warm or the Gruebel's. But before you apply the color, just tilt your sketchbook by placing or tape underneath like you are absolving. Now gravity will do its own work. The colors will flow towards the bottom off the sketchbook. There are a few areas which I have left in white, and there will be only a few areas where I will be. I like my colors. I will be a school in Leo's. First, I would go ahead and apply some light of values, and then I would hard some knuckle values on top Off it. This guy is all about adding some random strokes and making it loose as well. A simple, not caring much as whatever do its own work. Having fun and partnering with this medium is always my intent. Now be half come down and we would be applying some bones. See enough for our mountains. This is meat early doing on dry brush stroke start from the bottom on, then take it to the top or ALS. You can even start from the top and take it to the bottom it is adding some textures for my mountains. Dry brush technique works really well on textured paper, and I would suggest you toe take even your sketchbook people as rough grain or core breast . To get the best results, I will make some van Dyke a brown with India Co. Or else you can even take CPR ass portal reviewable colors with you and start filling up the few areas with the doctor shade for driver stroke, there has to be very less moist paint on your brush. Always try this dry brush stroke or a rough people before applying it on the final people - departing thes dry brush strokes Do we have about 10 to 15% off the mountain space left in white on dressed. All the space would be covered with the dark and the light shades always remember to leave the space in between so that the boat sienna color can also be seen one off. The important reason for including sketchbook practice is that it helps to gain the confidence we need for carrying out the final projects, and even if they go wrong now, we do have the chance of getting the final projects absolutely correct. Finally, on some blues on long strokes, toe the mountains and let it dry at the bottom. Add one or tow horizontal straight lines so that we can see the grounds as well as the snow . - Before I finished the mountains, I would add some more deeper tone sentence again. Allow the people so dry you can use any of the brush is available with you, Edo or size for by or six. After finishing this, I can see that the lines that I draw in the big name to depict my pines is no more. See so you can go ahead with your pencil and make some vertical lines. These lines help us to build more confidence when we would start. Painting are pines. - There is no preferable technique to paint the pines. It is a very simple process. We will first off so far pines on the right in tow, the reference photo that we have and then try to use the similar shapes and sizes toe paint it in our final painting. Again, my suggestion would be not replicating. What, me off soft in the photo, I see the border media off the hill until the middle of the paper is covered with the pines , and that's the only thing we have to keep in mind. Bynes will have a center, which is the tree trunk and random leaves on the left and on the right. Just don't make all the pines of the same height. Do wall toe the height, shapes and sizes. Some should be more pair, and some should have more leaves. - Keep filling the spaces on the left and on the right with the pine trees. This is just a practice peace on the sketchbook, so don't worry and let your creative juices flow. All the photos are uploaded in the resource section. I would request you toe down, ordered and keep it for your reference. The reference photo always Selves as a guide for the painting if we have it by our side - while you keep painting the pines, I would like toa address off you good on best practices, which I did follow during my watercolor journey. It might help you toe improve a lot in your journey toe. The force to still position position means that whether you are sitting or whether you're standing, if you are sitting sometimes that it's possible that you are unable to cover the entire people while you're painting or your position gives some kind off restrictions and you are unable to paint spontaneously with impact. Now you can always stop, aren't think at that point in time. The second is to be in peace when you are painting. Having minimal distractions is in particular, I would say, keeping the conversation with others to minimal. Some people like to work and pin drop silence, and some want to enjoy the music while painting so you can choose how you want to keep your distractions, toe the minimal level and still be able to paint freely. The third important aspect. Why are we paint? Is that whether you work on a single project or you work on multiple project? So for me, I would always like toe come up with multiple projects. Now, sometimes you feel stifled or restricted. When you are working on one single project, it happens that my first project does not going well, and I'm thinking that Oh my God, I am unable to give the particular results that I'm expected toe. At that point in time, I would say that Keep that project aside. Start with the next one, and when you return to the 1st 1 with that fresh mind and thought, you can always achieve the result that you want. The fourth would be using those same techniques. Now, if you are a person who was doing watercolors and using the same kind of techniques like wet on wet or wet on dry in particular, you might not be able to achieve all the possibilities. Or you might not be in a position to explore all the possibilities that is there in watercolors. So I would always like you to go through in parlor like wet on wet, wet on dry, using the drivers technique, using the loo, strokes and all off it for one single or for 45 projects in total, so that you can explore and partner with this beautiful medium that it's watercolors. - Now we're on to the last and few final details before we complete. The painting is starting the white course, or you can take some white color Orel somebody poster colors, whatever is available with you. I would take that on under it at the bottom off my painting onto the grounds has a few loose trade strokes for showing the snow. The second I will use it to highlight a few spaces off the tree trunk. It's a very simple small, and short lines that I am Harding on the tree trunk are not in a continuous way. It iss just breaking those short short lines and then adding it on the trees. If you also over closely now it's time toe removed the tape on have all final look at your painting again. This is our landscape size painting that we did the 1st 1 waas square shape painting that we did. So let's have the final look and we're done with the two sketchbook excises for now. 6. Project 1 The Mysterious Mountains: and we have reached our painting the projects. Now, this would be our first project on. We have to make this mountain peak. You have to divide the people into four equal Hafs on. You have to start from the third quarter. You have to always are Mark. The third Quantrill at it is the left lower. Most warder that we would be using for starting are drawing or sketching. There will be a few weeks that I need to make the exact placement off the peaks you have to keep. Ah, photo. Bio side will be more precise and even divide your photo into four equal halfs. If you are taking a print out, that would be easier for you to understand how the proportions and perspective work. I would definitely stress upon the sketching off thes mountain because that would form the base off your painting off the mountains on. It is really important for you to understand their design, the perspective, the sizes on the shape off the rocks contained over it. Once you have done and exact sketching, you can never understand a complex catching off rocks and Naylor with the freestyle off your brush books or it is quite difficult when you are working as a big dinner. I have divided the class in tow to sketchbook practice on. After that, we are doing this projects. The most important aspect of doing this project is because I want you guys to take it step by step, forced. We understand, although steps for a sketchbook practice. And once we get a hang off, how weeping the mountains we progress with the projects. I have not given any kind off X ice in terms off, sketching more, painting a specific part and then moving on to the mountains. Because, frankly, I don't think that their list anything possible that can get you ready to take this plunge or jump into painting something which might not be your own style or you want to try something new. I will keep marking the areas. So with the help off my pencil basically the rocks on top of which I want to pink and try to make of these shapes as you are seeing. So it is a slighting kind off rocks that we see on this amount. Be kind of just make those kind off planting sketches on being over it. Simple, right? I would suggest you totally and even goat off Wash on the sky. Avia. Once you are done with the sketching, this would be a very simple sky that we would be painting. You might have off soft in the photo that the sky is speculative. Good, but the fever use just the art remitting to paint the sky. First, try to get a greedy int wash on, then go over the serious from your photo, which are darker in colors with help off your art remitting. It's us planting kind off brush movement that I'm doing. This might not be the exact loss for understanding how we pinned our clouds. I have for the released a specific class regarding clouds that there's seven different types of clouds on there. I am teaching how toe paint, billowy clouds, cumulus clouds, the evening clouds on many other types off clouds, the clouds by the lavender fields, the evening sunset on Duh. All of this. You can learn from that. This class we're just trying toe get something similar toe the photo that we off solved. When you see the photo, you would be able to understand that few off the areas are deeper intones. When you apply the ultramarine, I am also doing the same procedure. I'm applying the ultra Marie and I'm leaving some white spaces. This white spaces will act us the clouds area on, and those sky would be absolutely blue in color. Ultramarine is a very warm color on the other tones that we would be using to complete. Our mountain is majorly or tones on. They might be more from the cool side, so try toe have that positive energy and atmosphere from your cloud. The photo will solve as your guide and skeleton for the final painting you will off solve that the mountains have are deeper tone on. That's what you have seen from the photo right now. For doing that, you need to lay and even goat off water on the mountain area. But before you do this, you need to let your sky area try off completely. After that, take some. See Pia again. The colors have Toby very, very lighter in tone. Whenever you apply it on the people while you go towards the bottom of the people, though, values off the color will become even more lighter, whereas when you are towards the top a dia off the mountains that is where we have our peaks. It would be more darker in value again. Lead this area dry before you start with the mean Iraqi 80 us. - If you apply a bit off pressure, the strokes are larger, and if you release the pressure, the strokes are smaller. Keep killing off the space is leaving some white space that are majorly snow covered. Now this is their darkest brown shade that I'm using. You can even use pain scree. I would always refer you the shade that you are more come for the boot with Toby used your I love to use thes or tones because they're not really warm. They're more from the cooler side, and that's one of the reasons to have a more warm sky and a cool mountain. It's a very small, small strokes that I would apply now when I'm going down because you cannot so that in the painting, I have always told you not to think that we have to paint exactly what we see in the photo . I would always go ahead this photo as our reference so you can say it's just a guide or a skeleton that we will use Undressed would be upon the imagination on the way I want to paint these mountains. Go ahead, paint the top off the peak. On the tent you will meet these larger rocks back. You see at the bottom you come after peak off the mountain, you will see that there will be more broader strokes or the rocks that you also will be bigger in size and shapes compared to the rocks that you see when you go down. Therefore, the exposed video off the rocks is bigger and handsome strokes need Toby also bigger. Therefore, apply more pressure on your brush on. Let your brashly flat on the paper when you make those broader strokes. I have observed many different people painting rocks in many different ways. But for me it has to be the most simple and easiest way. And I usually like to use my brush strokes to define my rocks. Nothing. No, very difficult that you might think would follow in this. So go ahead. Do this brush strokes and why do you goto what's the left of the people? You will observe that there are lesser rocks that more snow Pete area, so there is more snow less off line showing from underneath. Therefore, the rocky areas will also decrease on just in the foreground medium. You will see on the right of the people that there is one rocky portion showing up on. But that's the only area where I need toe paint. My rocks and more detail compared toa one or two dots here and there that I am putting right now. I would not be explaining any fourth or onder. You can actually keep painting these rocky areas. The only thing that I would tell us that once thes rocky areas are over and you have painter thes illusion off the ridges, you have to let your people try. That's very, very important. Whenever we are painting an area, supposedly it's a sky or rock or any other place. We are letting you dry completely before we go ahead with the second Now for drying. You can also use your hair dryer. It's up to you what you want to do now. If you're using a hairdryer, always try to use it from a distance because it might give you some cauliflower effects if there's on uneven drawing really, really important to keep in mind. I'm taking off very, very light. Wash off when we go right now, and I will go ahead on applied on the people. These are the darker areas that I have observed on my painting, and I am doing simple lose brushstrokes toe. Allow those Katya's to become more intense on dynamic. - I would wash my brush on Just go over a few areas because usually venue. Wash your brush. There is some amount of pigment that has even left in your brush on. That's enough to show or colored these areas. If you do not have any pigment on your brush, go ahead and take a lighter value on then go over a few areas. Let the painting dry completely on Denver. Mr. Keep the beauty off. Removing the tape is the most important part, as it is the most satisfying. On you will find that your painting has come to life once you are done removing the tape 7. Project 2 Evening by the Mountain: I'm so happy to see you back on the second project for today on As a Tom rule, I will divide my a four size paper that ISS, which is step down into four equal Hafs on, then start drawing from my thought quadrant. I usually like to keep a print out in my hand so that I can explain better, but you can even have it on your iPad or phone as a reference photo that I leave it up to you. If you wash this class on a bigger screen, it would be easier for you to understand and follow easily. The most important part off any mountain is sketchy, and it is very, very important toe correctly Measure the proportions and perspective toe get the absolute desired result. There are only a few major component that we need to sketch. The organic mountain is the lower half off the people below Tom, it'll line the second would be or small mountain, overlapping the left on the bushes that is overlapping on the right. The left side branch off a pine tree on the top area. You might notice that the sky is more pink, but I would love to choose my own colors, like permanent yellow deep Opara and red violet. If you don't have the Opara, you can go for any other color like pink are crimson. I'm even for the red ball. It makes 50% pink can with 50% deep violet toe. Get a lighter tone off the violet. So depending on the type off, hello heartiest read or student rate. The re show off. This mix, like 50% pink and 50% of violet for making all red violet. My change, the filler and the bank deposit age for student great pains is different compared to the artist. Great pains. They have more filler and binder in student rate. Now you can see that I'm changing a bit of proportions for my wall Ganic Mountain because I wanted it to be just heart 50% off the paper so that the rest can be covered us. The sky and the billow area can be covered as though lined we will use or gradation technique to paint the sky, and it is so great on dry, wet on dry works best when you want to get move, I pin skies, but we need to keep her getting a perfect blending on DNA. Not the area should dry out before you apply the second court off another color. So it's like we need toe move very swiftly between the the yellow Opara and the red violet that we're applying on the top on. Then again, dry toe hard, more off yellow to blend smoothly between the Opara on the gam bush orange or the yellow dot us at the bottom of the sky. Let this guy dry. Once you get the smooth plan on, if you are not very confident off doing the smooth plain, you can always try wet on wet as water does help to blend easily. Once the paper is completely dry in the sky area, you can't go ahead and apply some clean water onto your volcanic area hand. Then apply off you shades for the darker areas in the volcanic mountains. Mixto Opara under red Waller toe get this kind of crimson color. It is a very like color that I'm applying right now and even the permanent Elodie that I will apply. It's more off water and has less off paints in it. Let the area dry after that and we will start painting the richest now with the help off the bone Sienna do also for your photo and start making some small and short lines toe show . The richest on the different rocky areas in tow are volcanic mountain. Always keep a blending brush ready with clean water, as we have been doing in the only exercise and project toe. But here we will blend the colors when they're wet rather than it being dry, so he blending the colors, keep washing your brush and then again bring something water on blended with the background . - I would like to draw your attention to the punishing point in the sky what you make the rocks and the richest you will have solved that they all will march to one single point. It helps to draw a linear perspective, which will help the battle lines that you are making right now. March onto a single point. It gives a three dimensional look to your painting the richest and the rocks are small and short lines on. They would become picker on broader lines when they are arto bottom off the painting. - Why we keep painting the ridges on the mountains. Let's discuss a bit about composition. Army focused area off. This photo is the mountain, so this is more DT. Details are basically the ridge is the color that a pure on the mountain. Along with that, you would have observed me increasing the height of the mountain a bit compared to the photo, as I felt that was important to strike the correct balance for my old composition. Again, I would like to stress orbit on not replicating what you see, where, as going by the gut, feel off the artist that you are in the making. There is another important concept that as positive and negative shapes we will always makes to type of shapes. The overlapping phones always actors a negative shape, covering the positive mountains. As the overlapping phones are darker and values than the mountains, we will work in layers. The spectator are more attracted towards a painting because it creates a lot more interest in your painting. When you makes two or three different types of shapes, - let us our pain. The branch of the pines that appears on the top left hand corner off the photo you need to use a variety off strokes to complete this as well as different brush angles. If you hold the brush at 90 degrees, you can use the tip off the brush to get thinner lines that can act as branches. When you use the brush at an angle, supposedly 60 degrees or any other angle, it will give broader or take a strokes just off. Solve your photo on the right, which has the pine tree branch, and then try to make a similar shape while painting. Just leave a few spaces. From there, we can see the sky colors. You can always speed up the video hospital your choice on the top right corner. The whole painting is more real time so that I can explain all the details on you can paint along with me once you are done with the painting off the Pine Tree branch on the left, we have to move toe small pine tree branches on the right on 10 pain. The phones on the bottom right corner, the phone or the bushes shapes needs to be more uneven on spontaneous. It cannot be in an order or they all can't look similar. So if you are for me or repeating shapes and patterns. The spectator will lose the interest, so introducing the variety off shapes and sizes is a necessity as well. US. It helps to break the monotony in a painting, - the only way to get your phones and bushes correct. ISS practicing the brush strokes So the first important point is sometimes when you are detailing, it's difficult to get control off your precious in case you're standing. So at that point in time, you can sit. But if you want your strokes to be spontaneous and random, you can stand and do it. Ah, small exercise, which has always been really helpful for me. Yes, take small, small lines on moved from ticker toe tennis folks on from 10 0 take a strokes. This would help you gain a lot more control over the strokes that you really want to make for your trees. And when you come towards the bottom of the forms, you have toe just mortgage it and make it absolutely dark or black in color. You can take an indigo color mixed with some deep Braun, forgetting the scholar or ALS. You can even take pain scree the color that is available with you can be taken on used sometimes when I'm not very confident off painting absolutely directly with my pain. So I always suggest that use your pencil on, make some rough sketches on, then hard these small small lines or toe small brush strokes to me, your bushes. - I gained more control over my painting. When I step back and understand the next step that I need to do, I step back and see if my painting looks complete. If the proportions perspective, everything has fallen in place, just like I'm going right now, I feel that the tree branch that I had on the left inside is so not completely in place on that's one off. The reason that I'm adding more fully age to it so that it looks more fuller on the painting looks more complete now. This is an individual outlook that particular artists can have, so it's always good toe. Make it as a practice step back, understand comp. It'll fresh find and see if you like the picture or not, or you want to order a few things into the picture. Once you are done with this, I would ask you to let the people dry completely on, then removed the tape 8. Project 3 The Mountain Cliff: e I can't explain the amount of joy in my heart to see you guys back on the most advanced project amongst all the following mountain scapes we did draw and being until now I will London Either this is the toughest. But hopefully with my instructions and the way we paint along, we would be able to near the cliff as well as I want to admit that I do get scared when I see a pic that doesn't fall in my style of painting. But I try toe, get all the courage and give the short once or twice or thrice this one. Also, I did attempt twice and I'm not sure how funny mountains at the pain to understand everything about them. Like the sizes she perspective, rocks, richest color, how to make the shadows how it would look more interesting. So everything put together It was, ah, a lot of effort and understanding part. I'm more than happy to see the final results. I hope you would also enjoy it. So let's start the process now. You know that my style of painting is supposed to divide the paper into four equal halfs and start growing the clear from the left off the paper. Don't worry much about the shape or size to school with your gut feel. I understand that. Usually you will like toe tree sit back. But Asper my suggestion. I would ask you not to address it because an important aspect off watercolor on any artists to draw better. So my request to you guys would be try to Roy once. Use your race. So wherever you feel the lines and non defined well or there are too many graphite marks, series it off. Just one thing I want to keep in mind while you draw is defined the rocks a bit because we will be painting in and around it. - You cannot solve me. Marking off you areas with help off my pencil thes areas is basically where I plan to paint my rocks. I'm defining it now so that it is easier to paint later with the simple brush strokes, you can see the right off the cliff is really simple, and the left of the cliff also has shadows, so either you can define the shadows now or going forward after we have painted the rocks. You can also define the shadows. I would leave it up to you As per your choice. Do remember to define majority off the rocks even at the bottom of the cliff, as you are observing now on and on another note, I would like Toshack. That bomb. This is one of the most, um, easiest subjects to paint us poor. My understanding once you get a hang off it, since we don't need to know much or use a lot of colors, even a limited palette or a monochrome can work very well for a mountain. We will be using a few warm and cool colors to make the painting look more interesting. And I am really looking forward. Toa pain now starting from the sky. - Okay , so for the sky, either you can go ahead with the flat wash like it is shown in the photo. Or else you can do a gradation techniques like I'm applying the darker colors that is the ultimate indeed, and making it really light and value when you come down to the bottom of the sky again, I use are wet on dry technique for painting the sky as I want the sky to look warm and pretty. - Once you are done with sky, load your brush with some Clearwater on Ben Lee and even coat off Wash on the top off the cliff on the bottom area. I want a bit off color. That is the reflection off the sky, color on the snow and some bit of ground showing from below the snow. In a few areas, I would not be adding any colors on the rock area once done, adding some bits apart remitting and bones. You know, as you see right now on my paper, I would let the area dry. These are very toned down values off Bonzi and our as well as off are committing. It's more off water unless off beings that I am using toe paying thesis failures. - There are three main colors which performed the rock one install permanent yellow deep, then is the bone CNO, principia corals. You can even tape Indyk a pound if you do not have a sepia up to you, what you want to consider, you can take any kind of dark brown if you don't have and I came down. Even CPL. On did then start making the ideas in permanent yellow deep. Now this is the lightest value that I am using for my rocks. You can observe below that a few off The eight years are yellow in color because some, like it's falling on those rocks on. We can see lighter tones on them to embarrass the other rocks that I would be painting after. That would be more in the doctor shades like right now, I have started painting with burnt Sienna. Although our strokes that I'm making global of self will be short on small. I am even leaving some white spaces in between while I make peace talks. Because you will see that this no is there on. We need to show that No, there's only off you areas off the rocks which are showing from in between the snow. - I will make some bones, you know, with my CPR and keeping thing the rocks on the left. This is because you will see that from the photo. The deeper shades are on the left on. I'm just following the kind off color pattern that I'm absolving on the photo on trying toe Just have something similar on my painting as well. US when you are painting. Just try toe. Keep the shape off the cliff intact. You do not take the rocks color into the area, which is snow capped. That is the top of the cliff on keeping ting. These areas, by which you can actually give a shape to the cliff ever started painting this cliff. I think I was very nervous at the first co. I really did not know how to do it. It was a very, very difficult subject for me because I haven't seen in tow a mountain scape painting for a very long time. But the most important thing waas the push that I had for myself toe take the jump on understand on new subject to understand how to paint something new, understand the color theory that is their supposedly. You're saying three colors that is your yellow Bon Sienna and CP how all these colors jail with each other, how they can make it work with very, very minimal and basic colors, like a limited palette or one single color. How we can paint on impact for painting. - We have almost reached the last stage off painting the rocks. That is how we keep on completing the small and the darker areas off the Rocky Mount and cliff that you absolve on when you are at the ending off the cliff you will off. So if there will be more smaller strokes compared to more longer strokes, because these smaller strokes are going toe, define a few areas where you will observe more off snow and less off ground. Whereas the docker strokes that we had or the longer strokes that we had, we competed in the beginning only to cover the major 80 years. I think creating the shadows is one off the most term beautiful aspect off this painting you will first off. So from the photo where we need to create the shadows on these are basically the shadows off the rocks that is falling on your show particular spaces in the cliff, and we would be covering it with the mix off our draw Marine on portion. Do you can off course use art remaining. It's up to your choice or whatever. Other blue that is available with you aren't Romanian. Looks really pretty asked for our color choice, and it is very warped. Ah, you can either use that I will just don't cover up the spaces bit by bit. You would even see me sketching the areas where I want. Oh, cover with the blue. It is always have for toe. Sketch the areas because that's sketching souls as a guide before we finally paint over it , - keep creating the shadows till you're satisfied. Do keep in mind to use the white spaces off the people. They really look impressive once the painting is complete and watch out for the sunlight while we leave the white spaces. Because this is the highlight of the cliff, I will not give you any further instructions and like you off soft away, the brushstrokes work and you can paint in the similar way. - There is one important aspect off painting, and it is about not what subject you are painting. It's more about what, where and how you are being thing. The best way to hold off viewer that he is engrossed in your pain. Think is how exciting your photo looks or how exciting your painting looks on the energy or the dynamics or the positivity that close to your painting. That's what is very important in any painting that you are doing, whether it be mountains, whether it be ocean, whether it be sunsets, whether it be any kind of poor traits that you do now, we have come to the last. Finally, deal's off the cliff. Now this is absolutely up to you toe. Decide that whether you want to paint these or dark early deals or not, I would, of course and core issue to paint the stalker details because they really help us to show the contrast between the colors and how your shadows our work in the cliff area, where it is very rocky and the doctor she it's also prevailed. Rest, I would say. Once you're done with this part of adding these are details, just go ahead and remove the tape on the You are done. I think this was one of the most difficult attempts for this whole a mountain scape that we did. And I am ah, super happy and excited toe. See your final results because this was our tough one, and I know you all might face a bit off difficulty. But let me tell you, um, that the complete class waas are done in a way that you start from the easiest and teach the most difficult. Um, because this last was made or starting from a bigger friendly class toe be for people who are more advanced level. I hope you guys did enjoy painting this part or with me. I am again applying or layer off water on top off the cliffs and adding orbit off ultra meeting. Now this are committing that I manning. It has more of water and the support remaining in it. Therefore, whenever you are also adding the art remaining, keep that in mind. 9. Afterword: I hope you have enjoyed painting along with me now since it's winter season in the northern side off India. So Mountains Cape was one off the ferry. Interesting classes that I wanted to come forward with. Hand in case you have already painted along with this class, requesting you to tell me on it's Grandma's What? Color dot illustration dot letter as well as you can even upload the class projects. It's been a pleasure to have a look at all the feedbacks that you guys have bean writing across on. It is a great source of motivation for me. I have bean trying to come up a different kind of classes on. I would request you toe update anything that you would like me to explore four door in detail in another future class in the discussion section. Hope to see you soon and have a great day. Guys