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Mailbox in Winter Landscape in Watercolor

teacher avatar Wilhelmina Bodine, Give yourself the gift of watercolor!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Welcome to my Studio and Class!

    • 2. Sketching Mailbox

    • 3. Wet on Wet Sky and Distant Trees

    • 4. First Wash on Mailbox

    • 5. Detailed Evergreens Added

    • 6. Details Added to Far-Away Birches

    • 7. Trees and Mailbox Shadows

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About This Class

 A single mailbox leads us into a gentle winter scene.  The snow has gentle highlights on the road and fields beyond; the tree line provides a calming scene and a road leads to where the viewer wants to take it.

The mailbox can be customized to look like your own or perhaps a friend's.  It can be made to look old, rusty and slightly worn by the elements, or to make it new perhaps with a name or street number.

Please join me for a relaxing painting!

Meet Your Teacher

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Wilhelmina Bodine

Give yourself the gift of watercolor!


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1. Welcome to my Studio and Class!: greetings. My name is Valentina Bodine. I'm a watercolor artist who lives in New Hampshire. I'm in my studio and I welcome you. I've been thinking of some ideas for possible gift giving at this holiday time. Coming up. You may want something for a co worker, a teacher for you at your Children's school, and I thought, right now to a mailbox so everybody can relate to what? It's a wonderful relaxing time. We go check your mail and come home from work, and you could you could personalize the mailbox according to what you know. That person has one that they haven't ornate post, or it's sitting on that a wonderful granted post of some kind. Whatever you your friends have, you could personalize that in my painting that I will be offering. There is a mailbox opening the scene, a snowy road leading off in the distance. A lovely, simple little snowing meddle with some trees as evergreens and some birches off in the distance, and the road doesn't really tell us where we're going. I love leaving things to the viewer's imagination and to your imagination. Of course, I think it will be a fun painting to dio on. You may want to turn out a couple of these and have wonderful gifts that I know will be appreciated by by the receiver. As always, I thank you for your support. I wish you were blessed. Holiday season If I don't see you before them And happy painting to you Thanks for joining me. 2. Sketching Mailbox: we're gonna begin our our mailbox painting with showing you some simple sketches. I will put more on your assignment sheet, so you are really lesson plan, so you have some to go by, but basically a mailbox starts with a loaf of sandwich sandwich slice. That's how I do best to just make the sandwich slice. Then I angle this up on this one down, and then I either go straight line or strikes slight curve, and sometimes it doesn't look right. You guys keep playing with it until it does, but that that's the basic format of having one that you're standing right here looking at one side, four on that. Of course, we use an eraser to fix. Fix the lines. Once you have drawn that, you can cool your your lines under it. Que, um, there are many mailboxes that have wonderful, ornate holders that come under. They have a design underneath or they have a beautiful post behind there. If that's what you have in your home, you feel like doing that. Of course, you should be doing that because that's wonderful. So sometimes you play with it a little bit until it just kind of feels right. This one feels right to me. You can notice the flag. I'm gonna do that. In my real painting, the flag goes here. There's either a little hook here that you pull it open with sometimes two hooks up there, so make it uniquely yours. If you're looking at a mailbox, the other way began. You start with your slice of bread and then you anchor it off. This way, this one goes up a little bit very similar to a birdhouse. With those two angles like that, this looks a little long. I never quite get that on my first try, and I just leave my lines for a while. Don't erase your lines right away because you always go back into where you have your wrong lines. So keep those until you have corrected it. And again, this is a little bit more head on. So you would see quite a bit of the front of this post and perhaps a little bit less. I never put this line right lining up with that one. It's It's just too hard an edge. There is flows more naturally. If you make sure those lines don't line up, and that's basically what we need to do. Make sure you have your um, this is my sketch. Make sure that your mailbox, it's a bad sketch, but that's okay. Your mailbox is really the focal point at first, so you want to make it maybe slightly larger to show that it's, you know, it brings the people into your painting also what you're doing. Let's get our drawing out when you're doing a road trying not to have your road come off on the side of your painting because it's again. It's kind of a It's not the most interesting angle you can if you want to. This one has kind of a snowbank. My, my meal, my stomach, my mind. What is this is post. It's probably much longer spy down to here, but there's snow on my road. The foreground off the wrong gets very little attention. I put in a couple of very Berries there will show you the finish painting when I finished it, and the next thing we're going to do before we do our sky this we're gonna pull in our misc it birch trees. So again, let's see how this oranges here. If you're using miscued or frisk it or masking fluid. It has a lot of different names, but it should always say, Well, this one just says liquid first with most of them say it's masking fluid. So I'm gonna use my to speak again because I don't want to ruin my brushes. I have old rush for years that I used just for the miskicked, but I don't use it that often. So I've lost the brush. So my trees, I have one. If you're doing it upside down, I do better fooling a tree towards me. It's expensive and stinky, so don't knock it over. Um, this may not be thick enough. I may have to goto a brush, but I'm gonna try this first. So while I'm drawing these in, I'm gonna shut the camera off for a while. And I'll come right back to you when the Miskin has tried. This is all you dio for your mescal. You can draw a couple side branches if you choose, but it's this is a little tedious, um, takes long so I won't bore you with doing it so that you can catch up with me on this 3. Wet on Wet Sky and Distant Trees: my MISC. It is still a little tacky, but it is a dry enough to work with. It will always stakes somewhat tacky. I did switched to old brush I had and that will become my miss Good brush. Um because I couldn't get a thick enough line with my toothpick So even maybe take a child's freshen the cheap set I want to start my sky and I'm gonna wet everything well free with a clean brush and just go over that sticky The stickiness of the biscuit There's my snow on my mailbox You know, while you're doing this you're already thinking Where is my light coming from? Where do I want my shadow to cast On the stem of my mailbox? I know I want my son to come from the left so I will start my sky learning in my sky from my upper left We'll show you what I mean in just a moment. So your sky is nice and wet. It's the first step that's not a pool in for a little bit. A lot of water don't need quite that much. Just let some of it run off. Well, I have my ultra Marine ready to go? I'm just gonna let it flow. Try not to Russia. Sky my hand. You can help it across this, miss Good. If you need you, I usually prefer to hold it up straight. Hopefully, you can still see. Don't worry about not to much blue on the bottom of this. We're going to the distant evergreen trees here in just a moment. I just want to get that street and sky. Look for a moment. This is where my lights coming from. So we should have started from the other end. That's all right. Just add some more water. I could ask someone. Blue is in here. I never answer your phone or talk to anybody while you do have a sky, Just do it and stay with it Because too many things gonna happen even just for a quick chat with somebody. I think I want to do a hint of maybe maybe evening colors pulling a little bit of the evening sky. This is my preferred way of holding it. No, actually, it looks like the sunlight is there. That's just like this. A bit come and cleanly above your mailbox there because that sometimes. Maybe the only thing you have. All right, I am gonna want a couple puffy clouds, but I do want to make it look like even though the sun might be setting or something, I still want to have a little bit of a look. So I'm gonna soften this paper towel too big. So let me rip off a little piece, and a lot of people do little coffin bunny tails across their page. So you don't want that look sometimes to me, I see streaking light here. I see a streaking light here. So I'm gonna just take this a little bit and gently, Just kind of bring it around, and then I want to change. My area has already absorbed color. Sometimes you do such a good sky just with your color. So you don't even want to do this. And I recommend if you like it, leave it alone. Don't even do this. But I want to make sure it still has some feel of a day Like to it. I'm gonna lay my paper straight now because while this is sweat, I want to put in my distant evergreen trees once. I don't really know how far they are mixing my ultra Marie ultra Marine and olive green because to further back your trees are the darker they are. And if you just put the color at the base of here off your land formacion here, it will creep up by itself because again and you don't have to do the tree all the way across. I actually like the break I allowed there. I'm definitely going to do that now. My only it's put it behind your birds trees because it's going to give give a story behind there. Now, this is all the same color, which gets pretty boring, so altering by taking, taking some ultra marine blue, dropping that in here in the air. That's a little light. I am gonna take a few yellows. We are gonna have some snow cover, so there shouldn't be too much as faras foliage colors. But then again, we have snow two mornings ago, so it does happen just a little bit of red. But again, it's just a first layer. You see how soft that's becoming, and I want to suggest that this is far, far away, and when I add a little pains Cray to my olive green does This paper is really pulling it in round about here again. I would not make my my break in my tree line right smack in my middle. My painting, Because again, you're dividing your painting and half automatically when you do that. So let's bring I like that whole beginning of the tree being without I've been back here. We've got something going on. This is where you might wanna take a smaller brush. We know there's something going on back there, but we don't know exactly what it is. And that's exactly what I want you to do. Notice how my paint is creeping over where it didn't want it to be. Does that we use are thirsty Brush. I see a lot of paint there, so I'm gonna get rid of some of that. We didn't want it here, so get rid of it. A big advantage of starting wet on wet is that you want you started. Went on what you can just about come down to the plain white. In this case, that's life blue. They have to stop that a little bit more. I'm kind of surprised that did that. Of course I have a white patch sitting in my my sky and I prefer never to go back into a sky. But I'm gonna have to this case take the least amount of water in my brush trying to just make that work. Enter the purple in there. It's still pretty wet from before. So rather than get street lines and just maybe that is why I don't like to ever go back into the sky because it's really hard to do, right? If it doesn't come out well, like I wanted to, we're gonna put some trees in there. I prefer not to, but let's see what? Let's see what happens here. If it works, I'm gonna let this rest for a while and be back soon. 4. First Wash on Mailbox: I'm gonna work on the foreground of my post and my lights coming from the left. It's just kind of both the cloudy. And to me, it looks like a cloudy day with the sun trying to come through. So I went this and I leave a slight, slight broken white line in between. That won't stay all the way down, but it helps you feel a division on the corner of a house. When you do a house two sides, I often do this special my bird houses and, um, it works very well on a post. So I'm gonna go to a slightly smaller brush and because we know the sun is coming from the left. And when we start with some yellow Oakar pulling a little bit to some raw sienna, start feeding a darker colors from the shadow side. This is when you clean up anything you don't like on your meal box. When they are little crooked. It's totally fine. It doesn't have to be perfect, which is why I love to email boxes because they've been out there in nature and the wind and snow, they aren't perfect anymore. After while some burned number It's nice to bring in. Obviously, we started this wet on wet, which is good for my next step that I have to do my next time I'm going to actually make this look like wood texture. I don't have to have all the colors correct yet alone. Just lay it straight for a moment and I'm gonna take my angle brush. Which is what? This is a nice small one that came with its rigger brush. And this one actually scope scores the paper. And once you have done that, you're stuck with its If you don't like it, um, you might as well start another painting, but practices on a piece of scrap paper wouldn't worry about that. Lead Iran and a tree or something if you were written right away. See the pain pulling in. Sometimes you don't see it right away. I tend to go on a little circular. I just gotta make a mess. Such a small area. But it does give a little interest to your paintings. This there's something that feels like it's really in focus right there. See it unless it's usually more and I'm done with that, I'm gonna get a little bit of ultra marine blue, which is a great color to use when you're doing would especially on the show site first. You think that doesn't look right. It's too to blue. But I could go back to some of the burned number I love how that burned number creeps into the pain that I've damaged. Lift that off date around or what I could do is just pull that well, that would be part of my my base. Now that's a very long white line. You may not want to do with that long, so I suggest you take your, um, the lighter brown we have here. And once it's almost try just maybe covered up here and there and just that little bit of that White helps to view or no, that that's where the brake is in your post. I can let this dry some war, and I will probably give the back of the post some more color. I'll try to put in a little bit more burned down by now, not really grabbing this much of someone. I prefer to do it all now if I can, and then I'm done with That's not the most important part of my painting, but it may need that's helping. Showing me. That's the dark side. Okay, Now I can work on part of this mailbox already, and I'm gonna make my mailbox. I think I want to do my own kind of gray with some rust on it. So I want to start wedding everything up here under my little snow snow mound. Here again. This is where if you're not happy with the shape of your mail box and this is what you change it. So this first wash would have a lighter. This would have a lighter grey. No one. Really water that down. You could do what? Every mailbox color you want. Of course you do. A bright color one, if you like. Now on this side. I'm gonna leave that little bit of a breaking and leave a little minutes that green water on my brush, just like we did on the post. I am going to draw that little line. I don't have to keep it all, but I want to make sure it's there. If I wanted snow on this little flag, that's the snow on top. This is where you just is a number. What is this? This is a number four brushy to go to number three of you have one. Whatever you're comfortable with together the nips and grannies. Okay, because this is the shadow side. There's no reason we can't start with a little blue. It's definitely blue in this pains great, anyway, and then goto our Payne's gray. But he was a slightly darker value, coming around a little flag and again, just like you always see me dio trying to make your hand do the work. It doesn't go to the far corners. That's when you can use your brush. Make sure it's where you want it to be and let travel by itself. Even if it's one color. It would definitely show if you decided to just brush this in. All right, so that's helping me. I can already see where my snow was, my snows on top of the flag and my snow. I touched a bomb of flag, but that's OK, because we're gonna call that red later on Little Blue into that says, not just boring agree. I could erase my lying there later on because I've changed my size of my box a little bit. While this is a wet, I'm gonna let a little bit off rust. This is burnt Sienna. I have Indian rents in another palette, which is a wonderful color. You know how they Sometimes the rust starts at the joints at the corners of the mailbox. Very often, you see it on the door. You decide how much rest your mailbox has, or if it doesn't have any, don't put them. I like rust in a mailbox on putting it in. Once you put it in like that, clean your brush asbestos, You can Maybe not. All the card comes out and just got a self in what you put in. And if you're lucky, it makes it look just just right. And that's all for first layer off our first wash for mailbox 5. Detailed Evergreens Added: Okay, Everything has dried nicely. I have taken a little bit of this out, and I had a little run away there and I just lifted it off while I was waiting for it to dry it. Simply take your round brush er off, a flat brush lifted. And this part, the first thing I want to do now is do some detailed evergreen trees. So I start with my upside down arrow, trying to make sure it's straight. Just always hard. When you're angling your paper, I give myself a skeleton of where I want to go. That's all I dio and I want to turn it upside down for a minute and used my small liner brush. I pulled us towards me and pulled a little thinner. Okay, once that's done, I like to pull a treat this way and work on these ranches trying to leave some space in between your branches. I do a lot of stippling at the base land. You won't see me do a big dark tree unless I'm in the coast of Maine, where the trunks air showing really well. The ones around here tend to be pretty full, so I stippled I pull a couple needle like lines. I used my smaller rush in a moment to come back, but this is what I do first, them It looks weird to me, but that's okay. Wanted not get sidetracked for a moment. You have two dogs chewing on firewood here, so that's that's enough of a distraction for me. So step. Oh, cool. Some needle life. She would see those. We're not that far from the wood edge year. You're standing at the mailbox now in winter time or when it gets colder, you tend to have a lot of cranberry in your trees before I put the cranberry. And what do you know before I put the cranberry and I am one of fix this little runaway here. It's a great day here today for a nice fire in the barn at my sister's house, and it's delightful to be painting here may have been a mistake to invite the dogs in, but we'll have this video go with dogs chewing on wood. Okay, so I was saying before that there's a lot of cranberry entries in the wintertime, so I'm gonna take my deep red. A lizard crimson would be a good color. This is a little weird there, but sometimes trees are a little bit weird. So I'm gonna let it go for a minute. And we're just a little bit of red in this side. It was quite a bit of water on my brush there. Let's move it around just a bit. So the branch broke off with the wind here, but Okay, so we're gonna work our way across. We know things dry, lighter than they are. So this I could lift off a little bit of the red. I'm worried about that if I'm worried. But that helps already suggested light on dark side. You could put a little yellow on top of some of the branches on the light side, but it's kind of an overcast feeling day in this picture. So, as you see from my sketch, I didn't have a lot off evergreen trees. So let's go put some behind behind the purchase. Maybe I do better if I don't do them all in order. Because sometimes I get better as I go. So there's definitely once sitting there. I can see one sitting there, but maybe we're gonna have a little one. Let's pull this one in. Well, in order. I just told you not to do that. Okay? I want this is too big a brush, but I still use a bigger brushes to get my skeleton going. Draw right over that. Misc it. Well, you pull that off later and have a lovely surprise. White gray on works very well. So range your kids or grandkids box. You'll find that you'll have a couple favorite tree brushes for evergreens. This is not one of mine. I didn't pick the same one I had before. I'm trying to make it work. Be careful not to make them all the same height, so I'm gonna go a little higher in this one. Just bring it down a little bit more. It helps to pop out the white of the trees later on. Okay, let's make one a little bit darker. Skip down the hoops. What I want. Are you here? Ultra marine to that. Enough water. All right. Let's, um, away from these for a moment. Portman. Right in here. Nice. If you get that downward a room to work right away for you. Your business. This is almost enough some of the Christmas pictures have that. They have just a couple lines going back and forth and you already know it's an evergreen tree. I could do them this way, but I much rather turn them towards me when I was working on this, and they are forcing all have to be equally white. It's gonna be a narrow. That's leaves this one narrow and simple. I like it. Okay. I want to turn a video off for a while and I want to continue to bring a few trees in. And maybe before you leave, I'm gonna dark in the shadow side off my of my mailbox. Just a tad take a little altar Marines, and I'm not gonna wet it. Now, I'm just gonna be careful to go around the little flag. What? That now? But I'll come back in with some. Great. I'm gonna leave some My original color still showing. I always loved the original colors as a first wash. My lose it all. It's gonna give my painting a little bit more interest. Wept this now just with clean water. So I don't get an outline. Basically once everything, once everything touches, you create another wet on wet. It's just a deeper, valuable issues. You have some dirty colors in your palette. Throw them in there they work. And the darker. Of course, this gets, the more the snow on top looks like snow later on snow on my flag that should be a little bit more curved. Unlike the wholeness of this already, let's bring some of the rust backing in just a moment when that pulls in, this front would have to be a softer look of that. Someone just wet this. Okay, I really wanted to stand out against this landscape because that's we're mocked up before. So I made with the darkest colors in there again. I want to bring up that snow. Whenever you have that snow mound here. This is gonna be delightful. Once we make that handle dark, it's gonna make such a difference. I like a monkey looking mailbox for some reason. All right, so that's putting a little bit. Let's bring this down a little bit. So it's anchored onto the wood. Okay, I'm not pulling just to hear while I get my princey and are ready to go. This has already been worked on so that seems like a lot of rest. That's all right. We know we can lift it out without your fuel and with our first you brush. Okay, before that bubble does anything I don't want it to do, I'm just gonna straightened out. I love to do what it wants to dio I have my large brush, which is just about dry. I can carefully scoop up some of that. The only thing I would tighten up it's the outside of that mailbox. Just letting sit that Dr. This is too much. I don't mind it with this much rust. Some of you may not like that, but then just make it a nice, smooth one. Whatever you do kind of let the colors breed and create themselves. I'm gonna continue to do a few evergreen trees and come back to you Sooner will work on the road 6. Details Added to Far-Away Birches: I've put in some trees while we were on break. They're red and I have put in here. Wasn't did bleach out a little bit. So while I had a little bit of green on my brush and simply stippled into the red Marxist reds were still there. But they did. I did have too much water on it, so I fixed that. I have an odd number of trees, so I did add one extra one in there. I made some little baby once. This one is still drying. So while that's trying, I'm gonna work on my little flag to the post for the mailbox. And I had some Scarlett and I added some carmine red and kind of put those together again. Whatever it made big, it's built to read. I didn't have snow when I was thinking earlier. I could have put misc it on the snow there and there, but I did into this. Sometimes it's fun just to work around around what you have, but you certainly could use it there. This gets a little black bar above it just to hold a flag in place. It's all I'm gonna do for right now. you can see how much this color has pulled into the mailbox for now. I may just leave it when we look at the whole thing with snores. And I made a sign to put um, pulling out a little bit and some more value to it. I'm gonna use a Payne's gray before my little handle here, and this is a big brush. Let's go to slightly smaller brush this for the control. If you wanted to carve your name into the mailbox, you would have had to do that at the wet stage like we did there. Um, while this was when we had first, whether you first put your first layer of color and you could have taken your angle brush that I used for this and you could have written, scribbled in your name or scribbled in your number, that's a fun thing to Dio. I decided not to do it, but you certainly could do that. So I'm just gonna leave that alone. See if this is that's almost dry enough for me to put the little the little metal tab that goes across that that's really all it needs could fatten up a little bit. I'm not sure I read is dry enough. So that's what I'm gonna do for my mailbox. It's a little black right now, but we know that's going to soften. Let's go work on our snow. So this is my road and what I like to probably do its first just put some water where my snow was going to just drift and be. I put some random, clean water and I might coming of the hint into the track going in here. And then I might think, my civilian blue. There's a really nice blue for snow. You know what? We were wet on wet. We could get rid of things. We don't like it. I like to clean water. Take my paper towel. Sure, there's no green or any other color on it, and there's not much coloring here, but I'm still gonna live some of it off. I just want to give the kid a little bit of you know, shadow size in that I'm gonna leave my tracks to be the darkest things in here. For now, that's all I'm doing. I know that my trees were going to cast a shadow soon in the foreground. Very little goes on. You don't want when people living into your painting, you want to see where they're gonna enter into it and what they look at. It's different for everybody. But, you know, I'm does mailboxes pulling me in, and then I kind of tend to see what's there. Then I'm wondering, where does this house lead to notice that your your road definitely needs to thin out to suggest that it's further away. Sometimes you do have really deep tracks. You could if you decide you want to draw that in. I'm not going to do that. But you could. So you do whatever you like with that. For the foreground, I would simply pull in some some grassy textures or some, you know, spent spent grasses that bloom this summer. But they're gone now, and sometimes I pulled a lot of colors that I have. This could maybe be a little bit of a branch with some Berries. Turn it around like pool branches much better coming towards me. It doesn't need to be a lot that's gonna be sitting in some snow. So when I think some of civilian blue, you know how the snowdrifts kind of make a little thing around there. Just make it feel like it's anchored in there. Good. Pull some lower when that dries up. A couple little red Berries in there and maybe a few darker branches. And that may be all we need to dio Maybe what was my color? Maybe the branches could just come over the roadsides that is stopping. It's a different blue. It's a different ground. Okay, that some of this to my other ones again. It's a hard place to stop, so if you're gonna be near it and pull a couple of them over just to make it look like it's part of the scene looks a little bit like a fire starting. So let's lift some of that out. You know, we do that when it's a little darker. I mean, when it's a little dryer and maybe just a couple a couple of yellowish grasses here and there. Just to show that it was something here, that's all I'm going to do there because I want my eye to go into into the picture. So if you do too much stuff there, one artist said to completely leave this unfinished. Maybe just a slight from whatever snow color. But I like the looks of the areas in the wintertime. Let us pull off the misc it and see what happens then So you can take There's a thing called a Miska eraser. But you don't need him. Decided your thumb is the best tool you can have. So I'm gonna just start up here. You just scrape it off and you hold the trees or dry. Did not feel that it is Stop. It's like it's like rubber cement. Really? Okay, so that's trying in my she with snow there. If you decide, you know, life, some of trees, you could work them back in and put so even this very thin layer first that I didn't think was gonna work is actually working quite well. So that's wonderful to get that off now we have very stark white trees from a distance you wouldn't see a lot of the little lines on it. For those of you who haven't done trees in the background or mountains or anything like that, you might want to watch my lesson on mountains and evergreen trees. And I also have a very lesson on very distant close up Burch's. But these are pretty far away. So I think all I'm gonna do in this is take my little bit of gray very water down because it's far away. Roll your brush and just give them a little bit of a hint. Still too dark. I wanted that darkness I don't want It's so easy to redo these. I don't wanna be skipping around from scientists. I d like I'm doing. That's better. Um, yeah, unless this morning a brush, we could just dab it with a paper towel, brings a little life to them and try not to make it look like a Z breast. So you're sums line. Some lines are halfway some or all the way across. So much, just little marks. It doesn't need to be much, but you deal, want some? You could pulled side branches, and they tend to be kind of cranberry and black on baby birches. I'm not going to do that, because again, if you're too busy, you pull yourself away from what you're trying to do, so get a really water down grave, and I do want to show a definition here with my snow. I'm definitely gonna kind of put some dark there. Just just separated from the snow bank of my my birch. I always come back and add more, but it's hard to take him out. This helps the show a lot of minor in the same place there. So I was slight, slight downward curve on them even though they this little I've still trying to make that little C shape to suggest around us to the tree Get these air way in the distance You don't see a lot of detail. I think that's all I'm gonna do on that. For now, let's show the depth of the snow. One way to show that you know, snow kind of mounds and it has a thickness to it. What you want to do is you want a wet that thickness on Lee. So I'm gonna give it a small little border, take cerulean blue and feed civilian blue. This suggests the thickness of that snow mound. Is there anything you to? This one isn't very white, so I think I'm gonna try to lift off some of that white later on to see if I can get that snow to be a little whiter and poor little hole there. This is just a screen screw that whole set little hook in. We're getting picky here, but it definitely does. That's a little big, but that's OK. I could go around the later on. I suggest that's anchored. I definitely want to show the thickness of the snow on this. Sometimes you have to go a little deeper. You value down below. Okay, this could have a few nooks and crannies to because I'm trying to suggest that the mailbox is gonna covered with snow. The post here is covered, so it may take some of that civilian blue. Just gonna muck it up a little bit in here. All right, let's put in some red Berries, and we're gonna look at this painting as a whole and see what we want to do to it. Well, your brush. That's nice. So if you're going on, come on. The taxi's with a little darker. Bree intially Iran, but again, Not too much. Doesn't want to care for them. I I just doesn't only go there. Okay, let's let this rest. When we come back, we're gonna pull some shadows of the trees onto the landscape, and this painting will be done 7. Trees and Mailbox Shadows: all right. We noticed there was a little space. I noticed it wasn't a little space between here and there, and it almost looks like them Treatise popping off, popping up. So if they're up higher, if they like that, you need to bring them down to the ground. You can't start a bird street up higher and have green stuff in front of it and that just simply need Sirtris further down in your woods. But in this case, we're just going to use our flat brush. You don't need to lift off much just to anchor them down again. We started it when I'm wet, and that's such a lifesaver. Many artists who don't start that way, and I always wonder, How did they fix things like this? That's fine. If there's a little color in that, you've been widened the trunk a bit. Okay, While we're waiting for that to dry, I'm going to go and give these little Berries a little bit of a green foliage show. Looks like those air still growing on green, but the others other stuff going on in there could just be a secondary bush. The way bushes grow into each other in nature. So I think we're gonna go for that look. So I'm going to use my liner of our rigger brush, and I'm pulling some extra branches. And these branches are gonna be the ones that anchor anchored the little seeds, little Berries. This would have worked very well without anything in the foreground. Maybe just a few grasses. I have often done just the grasses. Please feel. Anchors would leave him alone. I don't want with that money. Many lines in here. All right, I think that is enough. All right, so we'll just leave that Be all right. If you have what your trees air going to cast a shadow because there is some light. There's not a ton of sunlight in this picture. Now, if you have a hilltop or road, the tree would actually come down over that embankment and make that sharp turn on that ridge and go across. I'm not sure I want to do this for the sake of our lesson. So I mean, you should definitely observe a street Elaine in your woods to see what it does was It's fascinating. I don't have a good reference picture right now. so I don't just dare wing it. Um, So I'm gonna make my my light go kind of this way. So I'm avoiding that. That problem. Well, you need to have. Ready is some ultra marine blue my screen color there, and I'm gonna have a some of this is have this brush holds a lot of, um water. So I'm just gonna pull off these trees and kind of quick, random, random way this guy gives the evergreen. Gives that again. My my shadow is not gonna be the most important part of this painting. My painting it. So this would just come off here. Maybe it would be a couple couple Byrd streets under the Alright, let's try that again. Went on. What? We can get rid of it if I screw it up slightly smaller brush lifting some of that green. I am laying on my paper towel just for a minute. Not to have to too much green. And you do want to touch the actual object. This if you don't, it looks like it's jumping up in the air. This one should feed itself in there. Usually I help those a little bit These I just got a squiggle across. It's a lot going on their foliage wise. We know a little bit. Take most of the blue off. These were smaller level trees. This one would certainly be off there. This has already drive. Those will be right under there. Course. It should not be in my mailbox. What is behind the mailbox. Okay, good. I think that's OK. Very often. What I do is I do. I like the strength of it, actually, but I want to soften it ever so slightly because again, I don't want the shadows to be the only thing you see when you look at this and we know that this is gonna dry even softer, so I think it will be okay. Let's put a man on this. I hope you've joined. Enjoy. Enjoy this class with me. I've certainly enjoyed painting it with you. You could bring out a little bit more gray there if you wanted to. I think I like the quietness of the whole scene, so I'm not gonna do that. But you're welcome to Dio whatever you want to do. This man is not the perfect size, but it gives you an idea what a nice a little gift this might be. My You might have a boss. You might have. You may be going somewhere for the holidays. You may need to want to make your own Christmas card or holiday card. And something like this would certainly be wonderful you have to make. I'm gonna go back just for second because I do want to give, I think, a little hinge of a snow bank in here that this is coming down into the road a bit. So I'm gonna take a a little bit of civilian with my water. Not much similar to what I did with that snow bank. Where is my room? Uh, it's coming. Is this very helpful? When the snow stripes coming in your area that does start watching what snow does, That's obviously not civilian anymore. The lifted off so slightly, it gives a little bit more. It's not necessary right of where I was looking at it, thinking I needed a little bit more there, but I think it's fine the way it is. The last thing we're going to do is to create a shadow underneath my mailbox, which will make this this pulse looked like that centered under the mailbox rather than flush with the front. Well, you have to just give yourself a little pencil line at an angle like that. Since you're some itis here, it would be narrow under here and wider there, and I have a little bit of ultra Marine and purple on my brush, and I want to know this seems very dark, but it's okay. This also helps sharpen up that line underneath my meal box to give it an accurate look. Earlier, I stated that I might put a shelf under here, but actually, the way things dried up, I don't need to. It looks like it's anchored just fine. Leave it alone. Pull this purple in. And although it does seem quite dark, you know it's gonna dry, softer. And that's the last thing you can do to your to your mailbox. And that concludes it. Send me some of your compositions. I'd love to see what your mailbox looks like. Hope to see you again soon. Thank you