MailChimp Tutorial for beginners - How to use MailChimp for Email Marketing tasks .

Ricky Wahowa, Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

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31 Videos (2h 54m)
    • 1.1.Introduction to Mailchimp course video - Bizanosa

    • 1.2.Registration on MailChimp Part 1 - Bizanosa

    • 1.3. Registration and dashboard overview part2 -Bizanosa

    • 2.1.Lists - importing subscribers in txt or csv- bizanosa

    • 2.2. How to add and edit an email subscriber to my list

    • 2.3. Edit and delete lists fields and merge fields - bizanosa

    • 2.4. Tab delimited lists import - importing subscribers part 2

    • 2.5. Delete subscribers and delete lists -bizanosa

    • 2.6.changing list settings defaults

    • 2.7. List segmentation creating subscriber segments

    • 3.1. Mailchimp forms and general forms

    • 3.2. Continue editing general forms -sharing forms qr code change forms color 2

    • 3.3. Other useful mailchimp forms- bizanosa

    • 3.4. Translating mailchimp forms - bizanosa

    • 4.1. Starting Mailchimp embedded forms Bizanosa

    • 4.2. Embedded forms - style the MailChimp form

    • 4.3. Embed mailchimp form on wordpress - no plugin

    • 4.4. Embed form on wordpress-follow-up-css

    • 4.5. Embed form on wordpress using a plugin

    • 5.1. Popup forms in mailchimp Intro

    • 5.2. Popup forms in mailchimp USING POPUP ALLY PLUGIN

    • 5.3 USING POPUP ALLY PLUGIN for Wordpress popups

    • 5.4. Add sign Up form at end of all WordPress posts POPUPALLY PLUGIN

    • 6.1.Intro to MailChimp Templates and creating basic templates

    • 6.2. Creating MailChimp Template Starting from a Theme in MC

    • 6.3. Creating a MailChimp template - Import or Paste into mailChimp

    • 7.1. Sending mailchimp campaigns - Bizanosa MailChimp Campaigns

    • 8.1. Final video other mailchimp features

    • automation in Mailchimp

    • Mailchimp automation Merge tag issue

    • Mailchimp reuse an old campaign Resend a campign to different list


About This Class

Are you unfamiliar with MailChimp. Email Marketing just became the number one source of useful leads. Get on the wagon if you aren't already on it. Join the email Marketing band and start growing your email list on your website (or even without one) .

This is a step by step MailChimp tutorial. Watch me do . And most importantly, do as well. Do not watch this course the same way you watch Game of Thrones. Watch me do, and do as well.

In the end you will learn to work with MailChimp lists (Add subcribers, import and export subscribers etc).

You will also learn to work with MailChimp signup forms (Share forms on social media, edit/translate forms, add forms to your website, add MailChimp  popup forms on your site etc) . At this stage you will be ready to start collecting subscribers.

You will also learn to create templates (Guess what? No coding knowledge required. Just drag and drop stuff. Anyone can do that !) You'll create templates, edit templates and send them to your subscribers.

After learning about templates, you will send your campaign. You will see how to send it to the entire list. Or just send the MailChimp campaign to a segment in your list. After sending the campaign, you will see about analytics. Did anyone click any link? Did anyone unsubscribe after my campaign? How's this campaign performing over time?

Learn MailChimp step by step.

Do NOT take this MailChimp course if:

You already know MailChimp and just need to learn how to increase your subscribers rate. 

You want to know how to tweak you email Marketing Messages so that you can psycholgically impact your subscribers.

You will not follow along with me. Especially in places you have zero knowledge.

Welcome to the course.


Note : MailChimp registration is free. In the free plan you will be able to have upto 2000 subscribers and send them messages for free. You will have access to analytics and all other features except for automation (also not covered in this MailChimp course).

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Lots of good content. I will be able to use this as a reference and refer back to it.
Carol Harvey

Language Teacher, Education Consultant





Ricky Wahowa

Teaching Serious Web Technology stuff

Web Developer and Trainer specializing in WordPress and Front End solutions. (HTML, CSS , JS, PHP, WordPess Dev) .

Notable skills in : SEO, Email Marketing (GetResponse, MailChimp etc), Usability.

You will learn step by step.


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