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MailChimp For Beginners Masterclass 1

teacher avatar Angela Lee, Consultant For Creative Business Owners

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome & Introduction MC

    • 2. Module 1 Creating Your First List and Setting Up Sign Up Forms

    • 3. Module 2 Sign Up Forms Continued and More

    • 4. Module 3 Designing Your First Newsletter Campaign

    • 5. Project & Homework

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About This Class

This is the first MailChimp class in the series. In this training you will learn how to create your first list and design sign up forms. You will also learn how to create your first newsletter to send to your list. Get ready to start list building! This class is a little longer than average as there is NO FLUFF and solid value and we have lots to cover! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angela Lee

Consultant For Creative Business Owners



Helping Women in Mid Life Starting Over, fresh, or reinventing themselves online including strategies for self-sabotage, overwhelm and anxiety.

Angela Lee is a Consultant,  for multi-passionate middle-aged women in business who want to create, start fresh or grow a sustainable business online. It is my mission to provide practical, creative, out of the box ideas and solutions to inspire, motivate, and support your business success! 

I have created several successful online and brick & mortar business to six figures. I sleep, live and breathe business and marketing, and am a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur ... I love to keep things lighthearted and fun while creating a sustainable business with PURPOSE AND PROFIT!

Yes, I totally GEEK OU... See full profile

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1. Welcome & Introduction MC: Welcome, everybody. Welcome to meal chip. Master class for beginners. Get ready to set up your business for success with the henhouse Academy. This is gonna be great. I'm so excited to do this training today, and I'm gonna take you through and walk you through module by module, how to set up and start your very first email list on, Um, not only that, but also to create on auto responder sequence email so that you can dio funnels after that and how that's gonna work together. It will be broken up into a couple different classes, so keep your eyes out as well for the different stages. Okay, so this is stage One militant masterclass where we're gonna talk and take you through a whole bunch of the beginning stages on how to set up and start collecting leads so that you can e mail them promotions and again, all sorts of different great valuable material. So thanks for being here. And I'll see you guys in module one 2. Module 1 Creating Your First List and Setting Up Sign Up Forms: Hello, everybody. And welcome to module one of male chump. So here's where we're going to learn how to set up the basic stuff once you've signed on and created a mail chimp account. Now I have a paid version of the male jump account so that I can have this area appear called automation. That's where you're gonna be able to send um, automatically create sequences of e mails that you're going to be able to send your subscribers after they've opted in for something, say on your Web site, or that you're promoting on social media or whatever and have a sequence just automatically created and sent to them every couple days with it. Doesn't matter how many emails you have in that sequence. It's awesome. And I think that that's $15 a month on top of your mail Chimp Um, campaign. I'm not quite. I can't remember. They've upped it, So I think that you're allowed 500 subscribers before it goes to $10 a month, and then over 500 subscribers up to 1000. It used to be $15. Now, don't quote me almost exact prices, but it's pretty low. Um, so I I just pay $15 month, and I have, um, 15 or $20 a month for the automation portion of it, and so I can create unlimited lists and opt ins and different things on here enable in order to get, um, stuff. So what I do is I have multiple less. As you can see, I've got less than to scroll right down all lots of stuff here. So, um, what I do is I create these separated lists, and as people subscribe after they get their in there, I add that whole entire list into my master less so I have all these small little lists going. But then I compile them in time master list so that when I said go in Senate campaign, which is basically just your just sending them there, a newsletter that everybody, I only have to send, like, one to the master list until enough to send it to all these different people on all these different lists. So I don't miss any any, but we'll get into that in the later module. So the first thing we're gonna do whence you came in here and signed up for, uh an account you can start. If you can start totally for free, you won't necessarily build the is the automation portion of this. But we're just going to start with module one here anyway, with how to create your first opt in list and start actually collecting email subscribers so that you could be able to send them awesome stuff, value, content, promotions, everything. Okay, so here's what. We're going to go up. We're going to start by clicking on lists where I waas. Then you're gonna go over to the right hand side here and click create list. I'm gonna click again. The dark box, create a list. So here's what it's gonna look like. I'm gonna walk you through this, like holding your hand the whole way because it kind it could be a little bit overwhelming in here and show you how simple it can be. Okay, so let's call this list. I have something coming out that's going to be really fun bundle. It could call it, um, free of course, creation fund all It's just not that wrong bundle. Okay, so that's what the list is gonna he called, so they may see that so you don't want Teoh. So they're going to see that on the bottom of the email. So you don't want to put it like something weird on there. Okay? You want to make sure that it that it looks proper, but it doesn't have to give the farm away either. So then I'm gonna add my email address, and I'm going to put Angela, You could apart my my typing. I got a new computer and I'm not used to the keys. Big Angela create a business just okay, so they'll know who that's from. Okay, so I never put anything in here. Write a short reminder about Oh, yes, I do. I put thank you. And ideally, what? They have it in there. So then I I do that and I go ahead and that's good. Okay, so there We've got the first list created now will go down and will hit save, so it should take me back. Teoh. Yes. Perfect. So now the title of this is called free course creation bundles. So I'm going to go on my website and I'm going to set up, um, an automation or something, or say this. This is just for an opt in, but you could be having this as you could just call it newsletter Master list, whatever you want. Okay, so this will be basically the first sign up for him. This is what they're going to seek. So you're gonna click. Sign up farms, and you're going to click general forms. As you can see, this general embedded subscriber form, there's all sorts of different forms Facebook form. Is that new? I've never seen not one. I would have to look into that one because I have my Facebook pretty rigged. Pretty good. So Okay, General Farms, all right now says I hit General Farms, That's what We're just gonna create a general form. Okay, So what they're going to give us automate you, This girl, This isn't This is the code that you need for everything right here. This is the one you're gonna share everywhere. So if you want people to opt into this pre course creation bundle, this is the form. So whether that's your newsletter, master list or whatever, if that is the this is the girl that you will want. So what I always do is coffee and pace that and I usually put it, put it on a sticky note on my computer, and then I'll write the name of it so I can quickly copy and paste, Then share it around. So what you're going to see when you get in here is at subscribers manage subscriber stats , all this kind of stuff. And this is where you you don't have to get into importing. We're not going actually get into all this stuff yet, but let's just do the basics first. What? You're going to see his create farms. Here's how this is going toe. Look on here. Free course creation. But also as you know, when you walked into somebody something and sent it for some of these newsletter, the first thing you get is this subscribed to the list where they ask you for your email, your first name in your last name. Now, my advice is to get rid of this last name section. If you hover over that you had minus and then you hit you type the word delete and full capitals to remove that and makes us as easy as possible for your subscribers. First name and email is plenty if you want. If you really want the last name, go ahead. But sometimes that'll scare people away. And if it's too much work toe to fill in all this stuff and sometimes people just don't want to give their their last name out and just I don't blame them, right? For privacy reasons. And so he just make it really easy for them. You're gonna get way more subscribers. So that's my my little bit of advice there with that one. So So it's gonna look now there's also gonna be building. This is the building. This is where we are right now. It's highlighted. If you click, hover over the designer. This is where you can actually design your thing and then translate it. I'm not. I don't use this so I don't even go there. But you're just gonna be using build it pretty much on designer. So those are the two areas he needs you. Now you see this grey bar here called Sign Up from There's some key things in here that you're gonna want to look at. Click on that and a drop down manual pop up. The one you want to focus on is obviously sign up form. That's the one we're creating right now. Sign up. Thank you. Page confirmation. Thank you, Page. And that is about and maybe opt in confirmation. Mostly. You just need the three sign up form. Send a thank you page and confirmation. Thank you, Page. Because those three there, you can ignore the rest. For now, you're not gonna hardly ever use those ones. Um, this is because of the double opt in thing. So you're gonna have toe. As you know, most of time when you click on something for the legal laws in certain certain areas require you to double opt in, which, in Canada, where I am, you definitely have to double opt in. So we have to create things that air, um, have Are you sure you want to subscribe? And then you have to confirm that in your email address, you probably seen that lots. And that's kind of why there's three. So we're going to focus on these three, so sign up form signed up. Thank you. And confirmation. Thank you. Okay, So it's just in that graeber and sometimes people don't even notice that part trying to figure things out. It's really confusing. I know. In the beginning, I was totally, like, lost in here, going on my goodness. Okay, So ignore all this stuff for now, we're just going to do a really simple things. So it says free course creation bundle. Um, I do not. I want to use an image. I like to use my header image in my email. So what I just did was I clicked on the Imagine when a grand. My, um this is my main one. I think I'm gonna leave that that size. David, insert the image. So I just clicked on basically the one where said you have that writing there or have your image. Now, this is where you can brand it to yourself. So I just threw that image in there because that's how I'd like it to be. And now Oh, I did that kind of quick. So what I want to do is click here to add message. I'm going to put that free sign. Uh, now for my free of course creation bundle. I actually do have spun dull. If you guys would like to get it. Ah, you can visit my website at www dot Angela Neufeld dot com and grab that soon. So right now, I also have another one for a secret resource toolkit, which you can access. All right now. And it's got lots of PDS and resources and workbooks for totally for free that I used for these often. So this is kind exactly what we're creating right now. Now you can go ahead. And this is the cool part you can. I like that. Move it to the metal, Change the font. I always stick with the funds that this gives you don't try and go out and create your own or they don't. They don't always show up the way that you expect them to. They could be all distorted these the ones that that are the standard. So I'm gonna put that that's actually yeah, let's leave it. So I'm gonna save that and show you what that looks like. Sign up now for my free course creation bundle. So there, Now it's branded an It says what you're signing up for all they have to do is put their email address and their first name. This is how it's gonna look to them. You can also change his background. I like this kind of gray, because that's kind of my thing. So if you go in here, you can change that. Oh, let's see. There you go. So you can totally brown this whatever way that you want. I think my Ooh, that's kind of cool like that, you know, leave this one. It's actually awesome. Kind of like this proper color. Okay, so that's the end of module one. So meet me back here, and then we're going to continue on to showing you how to fill out the rest of these sign up forms. 3. Module 2 Sign Up Forms Continued and More: Hey, everybody, welcome back to module to So here we are. We have just created our first, um, sign up for my showed you that this is the girl that you're going to be using to be able to share this. And I showed you how to design your first Very simple, like you can get really detailed on this. This is just a really simple this way to get started. Make your first kind of newsletter list, are often form with the basic email address and first name, and then subscribe to less. So excuse me. Our next step is now to go appear to gray box, sign up form and click the menu and go to the sign up. Thank you, Page. Like I said, we're only gonna be focusing on a few of these that you need to not worry about all the rest of those confusing things right now. So now we're at the sign up. Thank you, Page. And it translated all of my great image and color and everything. So it's all brand. If you don't have to do this all again, it's wonderful. So now here's what it says. Almost finished. This is the email that comes into your inbox, where you have to confirm I don't like this core pretty kind of. We need to confirm your email address to complete the thing. How boring. So let's change that to please confirm your email address address so I can send your amazing course creation bundle and I go back and capitalize those get off here. That's money touchscreen. Okay, Did you do? There we go. So there's a nicer way to put it. Not so. It's much and again you go ahead and you can. I think I sent her the last. Once I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm going to put it down to the fund or Donna because that's what I had before and put a little smaller. So that's that's the list. Address will put that in the middle, transfer everything save and close. So let's see how that looks. Please confirm your email address so I can send you. That's kind of dated looking the way I have that centered like that. So I'm gonna I'm going to put that all to the left. Say that again. That's our standard. Okay, I'm happier with us. So this is in their email now and then they're gonna hit. Um, confirm. And so then what comes next is, of course, the email that says thank you so much. Four. Um, opting in to my newsletter or my my previ e or whatever it ISS. And that is where the next email comes in. And it's called the confirmation. Thank you. Pitch. This is the one where you're gonna have your link in it. You're gonna, um, have your freebie in here or you may have nothing in here. They may have just opted into your list off of your website or where we're just to get onto newsletter less So now the subscription comes into your email says you've been confirmed. Yea. So I changed us to I'm gonna hit in it. I always put something fun like, Well, who Thanks you're in. I don't know. I'm not a super grammar but person that I'm gonna put a common they're not sure. That's great, right? So OK, so but the and this isn't any of this is just to show you for the sake of doing a tutorial here, but who knows? Hey, I might use it. OK, so and that sort of center to the left state and close. Um, now we're down. Your subscription to our list has been confirmed. I don't I'm not our I'm not a corporation. And that's why I always like to change these kinds of things. Thank you for subscribing is great. And, um yeah, it's official you're in, go back and we're gonna put that 18. Make that match, but on to verdana for the fun. Now, look at all the stuff you can do in here. I mean, you can insert links. That's where you're gonna put a link to download the file. This is You can also have ah, put a picture in here. So if you also want out something else in there like ah, let's see, for instance, I have, um, 30 minute free consultation. Or that you can book in and have US free strategy session to create multiple streams of income and, like, take a really good look at your business and and I'd like to put maybe I want to put that in there at the at the end with little link for hopping in. So let's try 500 and uncertain. See how big, that is. Ah, no, what's a little bit too big? So let's try that and search that same image and do 300 here, and that's a lot better. Now we can. Okay, so this isn't obviously gonna work for this, because this is gonna be confusing them, but I would put this at the bottom, so I would want to put everything there, uh, the the bottom of this email. But let's just save in, close it for the sake of showing you guys how What All you can do in different features in here. So there you go. Thanks. You and so basically, what you could use instead of that is an image of your Freedy that you're putting. So this should be an image of the freebie that says, um, the the free course creation bundle kit. That's what it should be. And then thank you for subscribing. And so that is that it didn't seem to save. I must have not saved. Make sure you save so your font in your sizes is changed. Okay, so just go up to the little corner and hit edit. Um, go up here. Just want to confirm them. that that saved in there easier for media's My test screen. There we go. So it worked perfectly good. Okay, so let's say that images branded to your Like I said, you're a proper opt in. That's cool. You have a really nice visual, which builds, know, like and trust factor, especially if you have a picture of your face and it like that one again that the wording isn't correct for the little list that we're creating. But you get the idea. I'm just going to go in there. We'll show you how to get rid of that. Just click on that instantly to highlight and hit Billy done. So no big deal. Um, you can change anything that you want if you don't like your background to show you something really cool. So let's say that's just a little bit too dark. When we wanted a little bit lighter there. I want that one now. I just I don't even have to hit um, save or anything. And if I could come back up here out of the confirmation, thank you and go back to the sign up for him. You'll see that it translated that color all the way through All three email. Siri's. Okay, so that's pretty cool. All right, so the next stage we're going to do is we are going to talk about, um, you're actually going to the list. So it's click on the less where we should see. Oh, there it has free course creation bundle. We have no subscribers, no opens and no clicks yet because nobody's in it. So say you want Teoh. Um, you're at a networking event, and you have, ah, or a trade show or something where you have a clipboard and you're collecting non like in person emails and you want to manually of these people to your email list. So what you'll do to go to I just went through there a little quick. So you're just gonna highlight free course creation bundle? Click on. That's gonna take you to the page where you have a choice of man how to manage all these subscribers add or remove them. So we're gonna go add, because this is for manual Okay, when they don't opt in from an online way online, somehow through online cause, there's lots of cool things they may attend that you might want to do. And like a speaking engagement, a trade show, craft fair, whatever that is for you. And, um, you want to collect them that way? So I'm just gonna put my mail in there and my first name. If you have it, you don't have to have that one. Only have to have the Red Star is a must, and then you need to click this. This person gave me permission to email them or will not let you add them. And maybe you didn't have their first name. You can always put their first name in here if you only have their email address before and click this one. If this person's already only lest update the profile now, when you hit subscribe, you should have one. Yeah, you see that blue number? So I will add another email address that I have, and I will put my name in there as well. Just for the sake of showing you that as you add them, how it looks on your page, so subscribe, and I'm gonna go and delete that, obviously. So now the numbers increased. Tutu's and I've got two people on your list. Um, as they come in, it's just going to keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. And that's where you're gonna want to have some sort of email sequence welcoming them to whatever you're doing. Um, sharing some more free stuff, letting them know a little about you, how you work and are all about your products and your creations or whatever it is for you. And that's where automation is going to come into place. We're gonna talk about that next. So let's go back to lists. And it should have a number two. Yeah, I two subscribers, that's us. So, like I said, I go back and delete that in here. You just click on the drop down menu and you can hit, manage, sign up form settings, import without going up here. Tito to do all this stuff. Okay, so it's easy to grab that. And when you're ready to do your first newsletter, you're gonna hit campaign. So that's gonna be the next area of where we enter and where we start showing you how to actually start your first, um, create a campaign, you're gonna hit campaign, start your 1st 1 and creating sexual newsletter to send out to your list. Um, of course it's going to be You're gonna beginning subscribers daily. And, um, it's gonna be awesome. Sold me to hear in module three, and we'll start working on how to actually create your first newsletter. So you shortly? 4. Module 3 Designing Your First Newsletter Campaign: Hey, everybody. Welcome to Module three were back. Okay, so we are now ready to send our first campaign. So campaign is just another word for a newsletter. So here is where we are. We click up here to campaigns that brought me down here to my lest where I have a gazillion different campaigns that have one owned. And now I'm gonna click, Create campaign. I already did that in the last video. So now here it ISS So we're just gonna click on either edit or hipped Edward Untitled because we haven't created it yet. So it's gonna take us to this page that says, Who are you sending it to? Okay, this is very important. Once you start having multiple lists going because when you have different options, usually you wanna have different less so that you can see how many people if it's a really hot often, and a lot of people are opting into that list, then that's a good nature, subject or topic. So it's kind of cool to build track that separately before you join them all into your master list and compile everything. Uh, so you can keep things segmented, so there's gonna be different choices of of things here. And, of course, we're gonna We're going to continue on the free course creation bundle, lest there's two people on our list already. That was me showing you how to do this. Um, so let's click entire list. It's giving you a tip. Your It's a segmented campaign. See an average of nearly 15% increase in click rate over non segmented campaigns. So there is something to look at in the future. We're not going to do a segment right now. We're going to do an entire list. We're gonna people have now opted into her free course creation bundle. They have probably downloaded their freebie. And now we're ready to be like, Hey, how did you, you know, enjoy your free course creation bundle. This is the first email we're gonna send out. So we're assuming that this is your first list, but you can use this and adjust it for anything you want. Okay, so we've clicked entire, lest now we're ready to go. So free course creation last clicked entire lest and we're ready. So down here below it says recipients set up template design and confirmed down at the center in the bottom where my mouse is. So we're on recipients right now. Next thing we're gonna do is click on the set up. Here we go. OK, so now we're going to name our newsletter. So because we're still working on the course creation bundle, we're gonna keep with that theme, and we're going to because we're emailing that same list and we're going to stay. Um, let's call it something like, how did you enjoy first creation bundle? Okay, I'm just gonna copy and paste that into this one because this is the same, like internal use. Only only you're going to see this title and then the people, you're your tribe, er, followers and everything. You're going to see this this one. So I like to keep on the same elite. Don't know exactly what I said and what I wrote in there. And I wanna have a bunch of confusion going on. So I like to use the same the same thing. So OK, so that's good. We've set up. It's not asking us to stay of anything. Your emails are automatically transferred, your from name is transferred and they're going to come down and you can hit template. All right, so I have a bunch safe templates, and we're not gonna use those. But that's another feature that's really cool. When you make a really nice template, you want to use it as a standard when you can save it under saved templates, and then you can, which just means simply that it's gonna save your background. It's gonna save your imagery. It's gonna save all your words and also your social icons and stuff. And it's way faster when you're creating stuff to use the same template them starting fresh . So but we're for the sake of this. We're going to start fresh and hit one column and hit. Select. All right, so here you can see at the top boats loading it says, How did you enjoy the course Creation bundle? That's what they're going to see in their email. No civilly important thing that everybody messes and can't figure out why it won't let you send your campaign out This little word here that is kind of like it says Use This area appeared to offer a short preview of your email content under this bar. Click on that first. This is that little thing where it's going, Teoh. I just back that opened. Deleted because we're gonna write our own thing on there. Um, that's a little thing that pops in their email along with the how did you enjoy the course Creation Bumble. And then it's going to say I don't know, put something like open Open me free stuff inside. Whatever Something Teoh entice them to actually open your email. That's all that is. And then you have saving close and again It's up there to the right corner. Right here. Open me free stuff inside. OK, so here is your This is where when you start sending out emails, you want to have the same usually the same kind of header to build that know, like and trust factor. You're gonna click, Um, browse And then I'm gonna go through and I'm gonna find my my standard newsletter image and then click on that and pumps it right in. So you guys recognize out from the last one that's just my standards brand image. And, um, you were, like, halfway there already. There's so much stuff in here, it could be very, very overwhelming. But you don't have to go totally crazy. Inherent Just to send a basic newsletter out is not that hard, is not. It's not hard at all. It just you just have to come up to navigate your way around your with this. Listen any course. You should be able to do that, no problem. And then you can also always add all sorts of cool features. So here's there's all sorts of things you cannot text text boxes, divider lines, image an image group in much card. And I've never used any of those two things but social share. I like social follow a like button I used all the time because that's where you can put like by me So you'd add a button if you click on this and add a button. Um, that's where you can link that street to pay Pelon make purchases and stuff. So footer code and the video. Okay, so let's we're just doing a basic one right now. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna come over to this left hand side, and when we click on this, it's time to design your email. This is where the creation side is This is your preview side of the newsletter. This is the official how it's gonna look to your to your followers. And this is the part where you are making it over here on the right hand side. So basically, they're just giving you a little pre template to make sure you delete all that out. Now, start saying no, no, you'll start your thing and you'll say, How did you enjoy Lundell? Just putting that out there. Okay? And then space down a little bit. And thank you so much for joining tribe. Oh, again, I'm joining the tribe. Yeah. I am so glad you're here. And I hope you enjoyed, of course, creation bundle. And then what I would say is because this is your 1st 1 I would say if you didn't three. Steve, it's a bundle yet. Click here. Because then you're going to give them that link again, and they're going to be able to Oh, man, I'm like the worst speller before. Eat. Okay, so now, if you didn't receive the bundle yet, click here. Now you're gonna put that you l u r l from the very first sign up form into here and you're going to be able to send them directly right back where you just go click on to get that you're all again. You click on wool on. Um, in the beginning, when I first showed you in your lists and the first very first sign up for him was gonna have your u r l in there and we'll go back and I'll actually show you that. But I just Let's just keep going for in here for now. Set off the scoot out of here. So if you didn't receive the bundle yet, click here. So we're gonna put the link in there, and there's gonna be a success for now. So then what you're gonna do is you're gonna highlight that you come over here, gonna click this link, and you're going to put that you are a link in there and hit concert. No, that's a live link. So there you go. They can get their bundle right away. Um, and then where you would go on and on and say, I don't know, keep it short and sweet. Maybe for the 1st 1 And just let them know that if you have any questions or you can offer a free consultation. Or if we discount on your first purchase or whatever you want to do in here, it's your email. Go ahead and then So come over. Hit saving close. Come over here and see these social icons. Now you're let's say that this is a big, long email and you've you said thanks. And, um, your put your name on there or whatever come over to the social icons and this is where you're gonna add your Twitter name. So behind this u R l they've kind of pre formulated it for you. So it's Gracie. Just put in your Angela L. Neufeld is my Twitter name. And then for my Facebook, I would just go copy that for my website. I would get um, rid of that. Obviously you're gonna put your website title here and then w w w dot com Now this work it's fun. So there's like pre template it for three, but you just hit at another service. There you go, populated my email at another service I don't want or assess, but I want instagram do do do and I want you to, because I have YouTube channel called the Hand House. So you would just have YouTube and then you would go a copy and paste your link from their at another one. I'm gonna find that instagram because the more stuff that you add on here on a clickable, the more chance you have followers were going to come and follow you from all over the place. So there you go. You can add all sorts of possibilities there. Spotify Read it. Soundcloud Snapchat Um oh, linked in everything on her Google. Plus, like, I think I have a Google plus account somewhere. I don't really use it like I should yet, but I am going to get better with that one. So now we're gonna save in close. You got all these extra little buttons that added on their pretty Cooley. Now just leave this section alone. This is the part where it's a male chimp kind of information section that they cannot don't . I know it sucks that they can unsubscribe, but you have to have that on their have to built unsubscribe at any time. So this is if I click back in here and like I'm gonna design something, it's pretty cool just takes you back to that design section. Now, if you come out wondering like, Oh, I really wanted to put a divider bar underneath there before I start writing again. Even click saving close out of there. Come back up here. Click divider. Actually, I'm gonna go in here and drag the divider bar. Worry there. How cool is that? No, you can always make that victor or whatever you want. Solid. I got it. I like the dotted. I think it's kind of fun. And you can change the color to read or that read doesn't really go with, um this template. So let's go down them could come Now. I should write down that number that is in the if I like that color that we first used in the back of the sign up forms. That's right, That color down. And then I can who look apply to all the existing divider blocks. That's cool. So then that would that would make them all that same green. So there have got the little divider bar. That's so cool. So now I wanna have more text under the divider bar, so I'm gonna take the text box. I'm gonna drop it. Make sure you drop it where you want under the sink. Perfect. Okay, so now I'm gonna come back in here. This is a textbook. So now I'm gonna Now I've got the the wording over there I'm gonna put Thank you, Angela. So there you can see on here. You could have big, long email, whatever you want. Us divider. There's just different ways of doing cool stuff. You can have social share. So if you had a big, long post here where you have a great tropic like all sorts of juicy information, you wanted them to share the thing right there. You can put this social share block in there That is so cool so they can share. And just make sure that all your lengths air in here properly and again. There's all sorts of choices off places that they can share that, too, And say now that you wanna have ah picture in here, you don't have to go out to the other things. So say we wanna have. If you didn't receive the bundle yet, click here. Now we want to put image of this bundle. Well, let's just use my other bundle thing that I have as an example when the change that to 400 . So it's not too crazy big in there, and it doesn't take too long to load for them. So that's a different opt in that I have. And but you would want to put course creation bundle in here, whatever you're doing, and you cannot that in. There you go. You've got that live link so that they could read, download the things so they don't miss out on it and saving close. Okay, so let's say now, your emails looking great. It's all good. It's the way that you want it. So now we're gonna go to confirm. I think it's gonna confirm There we go. We're all set to send. So the list is going to send to our to recipients. The subject line. It's reminding you, so make sure you read this stuff so that you can edit any mistakes that you see more before you hit. Send um, any replies. We're going to go to that email address. Ah, don't worry if social cards and monkey rewards and things aren't on here, but if you want to do social card. Do you can? It's a whole another section on here, But let's just get out of that. You don't have to. We don't. You don't have to get into the all the way. Confirm. Now we're ready to send this email. Okay, this is pretty cool. So we can either hit schedule on, have this go into their box tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening or whatever day you wanna doesn't even have to be. Just click this little calendar box pretty cool or canceled the schedule. I want to send it right now. Someone's gonna hit, send, and then all I'm gonna do is send now on That says, this is your moment of glory. So I hope that this helps you be able to prepare your first email and start your first opt in or list or whatever you have going on when male chump, it's pretty easy, as you can see and you don't have to use all the stuff and the door. It's really overwhelming. So keep your eye out for the next mail chimp masterclass. The next level, which I'm gonna be doing with the automation sequences so you can learn how to create a funnel next, and, uh, I will see you there. Thanks so much. The next module intended to be talking about your homework and what we're going to create. So thank you so much for being part of this class so far. And I will see you on the next model. 5. Project & Homework: Thank you guys So much for being part of the male chimp Master class for beginners. I hope this really helps you set up your first list and create your first newsletter. I am really happy that you're part of this and please stay tuned for male chimp master classed masterclass for the next stage, which is going to be one level up creating automation sequence, which is like building a funnel email sequence off of your off of your list and your can, um, your campaigns and things so that you could be able to send your lists automated e mails all set up and scheduled that come to them after they after they've signed up. And you don't have to do anything. They're all done. It's all automated, so it's gonna be awesome. So today, for your project in your homework, number one is to be open a male chip account. You're welcome to just have the free version and just try it out and start simple. Start Very simple and practical. Number two Step two is going to be create your first list and put some people in it. At some sign ups. Use yourself whatever you want? Because the third thing I would like you to do this. Send yourself your first newsletter. And it could be a total practice thing and practices what makes perfect. And as you load your images in there, you're gonna start building your image library up, and you're gonna be able to just click and grab them like I showed you in the image area, and they're gonna be already in there. So set up your first list and get it already. And if you want to tentatively send yourself a trial, use later, you can. Or you can send your whole list of their first newsletter. So congratulations for making it to the end and keep your eye out for my next master class where we get into automation. Thanks.