Mail Art! Create a Fun Botanical Stationery Bundle! +FREE PRINTABLES | Sharmane Coquilla | Skillshare

Mail Art! Create a Fun Botanical Stationery Bundle! +FREE PRINTABLES

Sharmane Coquilla, Creative Documentation Artist

Mail Art! Create a Fun Botanical Stationery Bundle! +FREE PRINTABLES

Sharmane Coquilla, Creative Documentation Artist

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5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Class Overview

    • 2. Introduction to Mail Art

    • 3. Anatomy of a Stationery Bundle

    • 4. Composition + Putting it Together

    • 5. Project Demo

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About This Class

This class was created with paper lovers in mind! If you swoon over stationery and paper goods like I do, then creating mail art is a fun activity you should try!

Hi! I am Sharmane and I have been curating and exchanging mail art as a hobby since 2015 and at the same time I also runs a Snail Mail Surprise Etsy shop called Postal Crafts Plus.

The fun thing about Mail Art is you can create something beautiful to give as a gift to a penpal or even to friends or loved ones.

There are many forms of mail art you can create, but in this class I will be guiding you through creating my personal favourite and one of the best sellers in shop, a Snail Mail Surprise Stationery Bundle in a botanical theme.

The stationery bundle looks beautiful, delicate and intricate. 

In order to make it easier for you to create one for yourself the class will discuss the anatomy of stationery bundles for mail art and how to arrange the paper products into an aesthetically pleasing composition. 

Don’t worry about gathering the various elements to create the stationery bundle, I’ve provided printables that you can use for the final project.

Get your creative spirit exploring and start learning about creating mail art stationery bundles!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharmane Coquilla

Creative Documentation Artist


 Hi there! I’m Sharmane and I am passionate about creatively documenting life in between slivers of paper in a fun, easy & creative way!

Creative documentation is a full-time hobby and passion of mine. I’ve been sharing my creations to the the world as a content creator in Youtube and Instagram since 2013 and just recently as story creator for the Amino App as well.

All my skillshare classes are geared toward introducing and living the love for analogue in a more meaningful way for the creatives of the 21st century.  

My interests and contents includes various ways and types of journal-keeping approaches,letter writin... See full profile

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1. Class Overview: Hello, Friends remain here and I am a K long snail mail enthusiast. I've been exchanging letters, swapping male art or more than a decade, and I am the creator of the ultimate Empower Guide glass. Here on school share. In this class, we will be making mayo or something like this. So male art is a populist artistic movement where, and you send small scale works through postal services, so it comes in different forms and types. But this class will be focusing on stationery swaps where we will be making stationary bubbles specifically in the botanicals. At the end of the class, you'll have familiarized yourself with the different components that you can include in a stationary bundle and also have a better understanding of composition in order to create a pretty looking stationary bundle. The project for this class provides a real life demo on how to put together your own botanical theme. Stationary bundle. Using your own arts and crafts supplies, together with free printable sheets that are included in the resource is stationary bundle that you will come up with an awesome gift of friend or perhaps send it out to your pen about no pen pal, yet not a problem. After creating your project, you can go check out the ultimate pen pal guide class so you can start your snail mail journey. So when you're ready, just head on over to the first section of the class and we'll talk more about male art. 2. Introduction to Mail Art: Hi there, Shermeen here. And welcome to the first section of this class on me, Lord. So what is male art? It is a populist. Artistic movements centered on sending small scale works through postal services. The important thing to know with male art is that there are restrictions to consider specifically besides and the contents of what is being sent. So be sure to check the allowable measurements and matter restrictions from the Arjun country and the receiving country. If you'd like to learn more about this at this, discussed further in the ultimate Ben Fell guide class. But don't worry. The project that we will be creating is up the general standards of most postal services around the boat. Male art comes in different forms. It can be river stops, printing and copying material, lavishly decorated envelopes, original post cards, stationery swaps and other postal approved art. This class focuses on stationery swaps, and in the next video we will be delving infestation Eri bundles and sourcing the materials needed 3. Anatomy of a Stationery Bundle: stationary budgets, selection of beautifully curated stationery and paper products related to percent by opposed to empower our gifted to a friend. There are different categories of stationary, but for this bundle you'll focus on sourcing five products, paper and sheets, stickers, journal cards and die cuts, ephemera and Washington papers and shoots. There are multiple store bought options you can choose from clubby Baber draft paper, Valium card, stock ruled paper. They also come in over idea size and texture and colors. The option to up cycle used old paper and book pages. It's also a more affordable and creative choice because of the texture. Sheepskin. If you don't have any old cheats on hand, you can print a couple for yourself using sheet A B C the N E on copy paper. Check out the printable sheets, which I prepared, which you can access in the resources section of this class stickers. Store bought stickers are always great. There is an option to purchase gets cut ones that come in sheets or die cut stickers, also known as sticker flakes. Do it yourself hand cut stickers is an option, especially when working around a being. If you want to try during the I wear stickers for yourself, you can check out sheet half in the resources section, print them on sticker paper and hand caught yourself a couple of botanical stickers, journal chords. And, like it's, there is a great selection of general parts available in stores. Ultimately, if you want to do it yourself, you can print out she G in the resource is section on cards, lock or on the biggest paper so you can cut out your journal cards and tickets. A summer star. But the camera is available in online shops or irregular craft stores. Or you can collect them years house like bus tickets, dockets, calling cards or any other type of brochure you can find from your favorite cafes and events. You can also print out sheets H on extra thick paper and hunt. Cut that number as well. Washing teams. This is the perfect opportunity to share samples from your personal Washington collection or go for hand caught washing strips printed on sticker paper so you can just print out cheap I from the resources section. Be sure to print them on, stick your paper and cut them as he would to the size off your washing tapes. 4. Composition + Putting it Together: composition and putting it together before moving on any further, Keep in mind some composition tips. Create cohesiveness. Keep a theme for this project. We're doing a botanical nature. Keep a close game for this project. We are doing nature inspired colors such as beans, yellows and other neutral tones. Layer wise. Make sure to have a variety of items, a good balance of all the five components discussed in the previous section putting it together. Apart from all the five components, there are also a bunch of things to gather to create the bundles. So gather all the things he will need, which can include your wines or any type of rope or ribbons. One inch paper ban. In this case, I'm using a Valium sheet that is cut into a one inch strip and optional add ons if you have them on hand, which includes wax seals and perhaps dried plants. Begin with a hard people bees and then just very in your piece of ephemera, stationary in a way where you can see everything in one glass. The best way to go about this is to think from big to small, big items. The back and smaller items in front. If you have super teeny tiny items like, for example, a couple of small stamps, you can put them in a smaller envelope and then just include that into the layers. Then we add the paper band and then some dried flowers. And, of course, the paper twine and more dried flowers, if you can on I just also include a label and a couple of washing tapes to secure things in place. And a wax seal also adds that extra personalized. Now we're done, and you finally have your mail art stationary bundle and a botanical fee the next step, of course, ISS sending it out. But show me advice before doing so to put the secondary bundle in a cela bag just to protect it from the weather. In some cases, letters can sit in mailboxes or a long time, and sometimes the country where you sent the letter could be a snowy place or perhaps a rainy place, or it's in. It's raining season, so it's better to protect this snail mail stationery bundle from the weather if you could actually stop here. But it's the only advice just to have the full male art experience. You also decorate the envelope. Try to make the design of the integral matching or similar to the contents is well. And in order to do this, basically, all you have to do is use the similar items that we have mentioned in the early parts of this class and just apply it on to the envelope and arrange it. Explore and try different types of layouts, As you can see in the sample. I have included a botanical accent on the envelope just to keep it and theme with the male art that we're sending through. And there you have it, a post office ready male art. As I said earlier, you can simply just give this to a friend who's a fan of station areas. Well, or you could also find your 1st 10 about If you don't have anyone yet. Now you can proceed to the last part of this class, which is the Project video. Gather all your materials and you can follow along the Lifetime movie video 5. Project Demo: guys, welcome to the project and live them a part of this class. Remember, this is only a guide, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the class was pretty straightforward. But I thought I'd put the live demo. And just to show you how I put together my own stationery bundle first and foremost gathered all the materials you need print out. The free printable is provided in the resource is and cut them out for this demo. I printed Sheep F and I on sticker paper and she g on card stock. - Begin with a card, stock or heavy paper base. So we'll be using a four inch by five inch base layer all the items from big to small and are each item, so you are able to see all the items. At one glance, put a band around the bundle. You can use any type of paper and this demo I am using Valium paper. So you have that kind of layering. You can see what's underneath and then wrap with paper twine around the bundle and personalized the bundle with the label. This is something that I like to do, especially if I'm sending it over to a longtime pen pal. Then I add dried flowers again. This is optional. Also checked with the postal restrictions of the country that you are sending the male, too. Melt wax and apply seal over dried flowers and twine strength. And that's done. And also I like to decorate and a swell. I just make sure that it is matching or in theme with what's inside the stationary bundle. I just get us creative. Use the same type of stationery that I used to decorate with stationary bundle. Also, be sure to include a note or a letter to your pen pal or whoever is going to receive this stationary bundle. So the content is really up to you if it's your first time right thing to a pen about it. To be best, introduce yours off cell, that person about your hobbies or anything that you'd like to share, or if it's a regular pen file, just simply catch up on what's been happening since last you wrote each other. Now it's time to send off your snail mail, so what I like to do is put it in a cela bag so that it is protected from the weather in case I send it to a country where it's snowing or if it's the rainy season, just that added layer of protection to keep all your paper good safe. So finally, the last step is sending it out their pen bow. If you want to know more about finding a pen pile or sending thinks they're post, you can check out the ultimate pet Pa guy class that is also on my skill share.