Magnetic Trade Show Marketing - How To Get The Most ROI From Exhibiting At Trade Shows And Events | Len Foster | Skillshare

Magnetic Trade Show Marketing - How To Get The Most ROI From Exhibiting At Trade Shows And Events

Len Foster, Sales Training For Non Sales People

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9 Videos (27m)
    • 001 Welcome

    • 001 WIIFM

    • 002 Marketing Materials

    • 003 Lead capture

    • 004 First Impressions

    • 005 Building Rapport

    • 006 Open Questions

    • 007 Lead Magnet

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About This Class

Magnetic Trade Show Marketing gives you EIGHT separate strategies to generate more leads and sales when exhibiting at a trade show or business event.

This course created by Len Foster contains strategies that are designed to increase footfall to your stand by people who are genuinely interested in your product or service.

In this course you will learn:

Video #1 How to effortlessly attract people to your stand…

Video #2 How to get the most from your marketing materials and stop them from being dumped in the bin…

Video #3 The best way to capture and use contact details from any event you attend…

Video #4 How you can make the best first impression on anyone you meet at an event…

Video #5 The best way to get people to tell you what they want to buy…

Video #6 Building rapport – Two simple but powerful ways to make people like you almost instantly…

Video #7 Lead magnets – How you can magnetically attract people to your stand…

Video #8 The fortune is in the follow-up – My #1 strategy for successfully following up with leads…

If you want to create more footfall to your stand. Get more leads and sales from your visitors. Spend less time just standing around doing nothing then this course is made for you.

See you on the inside.





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Len Foster

Sales Training For Non Sales People

Hello, I'm Len.

I'm best known as a speaker, bestselling author, and sales trainer. I am recognised as an authority on referral marketing, business networking, business growth through increased sales and the use of social media to increase sales and brand awareness.

What makes me different is that I bring a wealth of practical experience to my workshops, seminars, speaking, writing and online training. And I'm a big advocate and practitioner of continual learning.

My one-...

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