Magical watercolor technique: inspired from local cityscape, easy step by step learning | Nitin Singh | Skillshare

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Magical watercolor technique: inspired from local cityscape, easy step by step learning

teacher avatar Nitin Singh, Let's fall in love with watercolor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Things you need

    • 3. Preparing paper for paint

    • 4. Let's sketch

    • 5. First layer of watercoloring

    • 6. The second layer of expression

    • 7. The second layer (continue)

    • 8. The final touch

    • 9. Appreciate your Art

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About This Class


Magical cityscape watercolor tutorial for beginners/semi-beginners

In this watercolor tutorial class you will get familiar how to make watercolor art choosing your very own subject. This 50 minutes online watercolor class will demonstrate every step of watercolor painting, which should help many watercolor beginners or semi-beginners to understand how to paint cityscape with watercolor. You will also see evolution of watercolor painting right from searching inspiration on the busiest street, every possible stage of watercoloring in step by step, and overall learning experience of art.

What you will learn:

Following learning happen through this watercolor class

  • How to choose watercolor subject to paint
  • How to sketch for your watercolor art
  • Working with watercolor layers (three layers)
  • Getting familiar with color combination
  • Depth and light
  • Overall painting composition

I firmly believe that, this watercolor tutorials class should help many watercolor beginners to paint there dream water painting. I welcome all watercolor art lover to join this class!


Nitin Singh

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitin Singh

Let's fall in love with watercolor


Many of us has great potential to look at the world with our own perspective, wisdom and creativity. We all have great ability of mental visualization, and trying to construct those abstract mental pictures into reality. I think It’s a beautiful feeling being a creator and coloring our own world.

My name is Nitin Singh and I love enabling you to fall in love with watercolor art. A motivator and a teacher who believes that watercolor is not about learning it's process or technique alone, but it's a beautiful journey which brings infinite joy to our living. I warmly welcome you to be part of this journey with me, let’s learn to create your expression through watercolor art and expand your creative awareness. Welcome to my class!



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1. Introduction: this'll regulates on about confident inspiration from from the video source how you can establish yourself to go outside on explode off places. So wherever you are on how substantially you can get with inspiration for your order. I'm here in one of the busiest market in Bangor, Paul Avenue Road. So probably will get him some inspiration for our water hard. So I just look forward to get several watercolor inspiration from here. So the reason I wanted to come here because I just wanted to be, like way can see that a religious objects of idiots complete so this place on probably see various inspiration for our heart. In this particular project, you get access to learn every possible process to make wonderful watercolor art. Not only that, after completing the project, you can submit your class project and get mentoring with me. I think this is a great way to learn this amazing article. A medium. I welcome all of you to come and join my close 2. Things you need: All right, everyone. So we need some art supplies here to complete our watercolor painting. So I will demonstrate what? Although article of supplies we need. So the very first thing, what we need is a paper, a watercolor paper. So now, when it comes to the size of the paper, So I'm just using this are this size it's about a 22 inch on. This is the 15 inch, so 20 by 15 inch I'm using. So this is the paper which you need on. Uh, you weren't required off paper. This is a masking tape, which you can, you know, you can Moscow paper all the all the ages. So you know all the all the four sizes which will keep your people study and form while you bend on. Uh, you need us oclock a dry plot which you may need to mop your breasts if you have a extra, you know, water in your brother. You can more those extra water in it. So this is the third thing you know you would need Onda. Uh, you need us the ability for watercolor brushes, various sizes off the process. So in this project, I'm using this two brushes, which is No, this is Basically it is a holographic Russ, but this is perfectly fine for even for waterpolo. So I'm just using this breath is also dresses for this session, Onda. And of course, you need our pencils to sketch your your drawing on Do you need, uh, water, So make sure that the water should be a clean on it. It all depends on how much water you want to keep in. If you want to have a bigger pot, you can keep that. But I would come in to have the smaller not smaller. But it's a medium size their ball where you can keep that in the water. And finally you would need, uh, a plate water complete. Oh, where you can you can just decide in the harmony color you wanted to go ahead with. So there are various kind off bill. What a complete it comes in the market. So I just decided which played you want. I'm just using this plate because I feel this is good enough for me to select all the pigments and mixing all those pigments here and this so and you also need a set of four watercolor Dube's So whichever You know the brand, you want to go where you are, free adapts or whichever brand. So I'm using this campaign product, Camryn Artist Watercolor, which is quite quite good for me. You're always Frito. Go ahead and select your whatever the brand you have, that's about it. So I think these old thesis of articles supplies they are supplies you need for this project. So since we have all these art supplies available, so now we'll go go ahead in an accession on duh, I will be demonstrating how to a stretch your watercolor paper. I get this thing ready for water coloring, so let's go ahead and go for the next session. 3. Preparing paper for paint: illustrates the watercolor paper. You need to make sure that they should not be any. You know, air within the self is on the Bennett, so make sure that the papers should be very smooth on study here on, uh, these people on you just put it here on. Just hold it here like this on, uh, just based it. So make sure that the half of the people it should go through other age on the half of the size. We should cover the paper, So but it's half. You should go. No, no other full. And just But I didn't see in fashion here, so So you can see here. That is a little blocking on the paper. So what you need to do here is it just plays it very gently and take it. Come on. That is smartly. You just press it. But a junkie don't drop too much on the paper. Otherwise, three grains off the paper, the cotton, and that will come out and there'll be a troubling. So don't do a lot off stretch that just gently, was it? What? So you can do that? The similar thing, All it on 4. Let's sketch: So for this particular project, I have selected this compilation, which is which is really exciting to see a lot of Grauer. A lot of vendors selling their stuff for vehicles, people around, just walking a lot off narrow part all around that place. So it was really fascinating to see And I just thought that this subject could be or really great too, for us for this particular project. So let's go ahead on and make the sketch, foster, and then we'll go ahead making our leading. So when you start sketching, just see that What is your focal point? So this poker point, the media center point is this on, uh, how you are composing the entire, you know, with the competition with these with this paper. So you have to be in a very much cost us about it, how you're going to compose that. You know, your sketch. If it is possible, you can just saw droid. Before, Before you went sketching here in your people just droid a so rough on. Just see that how things are coming up and then you can definitely work here, even just start sketching here. So keep that in mind, so I just go ahead and start making a sketch. So I'm going to have a top level so that it's There's a lot of sign board there, and that is a kind of for extra demand in your water galore art, Uh, which gives you an extra flavor. The weapon on those sign boards and in far their animal, the building during the world building. Are there very old market, So try to capture all of those Do you do? 5. First layer of watercoloring: so the color I'm using Juries ultramarine blue sepia This is a green orange yellow ocher Ponsana and they go on uh, right. So we'll be using all of these color So let's start with coloring sky. So I'm using this ultramarine blue on, uh, will business a bit off indigo so that gives you a little bit. Feel off. You know the sky gently put it, dad, In deeper. Don't rub it much again. Put the plain water I just don t know. You can also bring a different pigment off you get a worker that keeps your temperature of the time. - Such is the photographs. And if you are planning to be a captain, they're just looking subject. Just understand What is this? The studio to slip back to What color is small? Does it really loose you? If it's not, then probably just look at your institution. Just listen to apply the color in this case mostly that until madam just mixing to get there. So you also do you have to be, like, decide you should not make a contrast. So this one, as you can see just this is a very light colored a little more water, Just kind of what exactly you said. So you can see it's the interesting fact that in water counter when you start doing the first layer off water country so as we are doing now, you should not stop. But in the in between, you have to complete it from the beginning on and it in a one goal. So the reason why we should not do this because they were together get settled, went dry. You could just leave it in the murder. So the color pigments try. And if you try to make that, you know how to mix that with other column that not so so avoid that on. Uh, so we're just making the boards. There are several sign boards holdings on, uh, that has a different you know, the flavor in your painting. So something you might be thinking. There's a very complex thing toe pained. But actually, it is not this. Actually, these these elements are basically arts value to European. So I don't get a further Just keep painting helps one when you're when you paint, that's the the major thing, what you have to. - So now I'm keeping on the the detail part like vehicle people and you know those so background the grounds. I just kept it. For what? This I can do? No, we need to foster walk on the closely. So I'm just putting the color port over there. So being the completion more balanced, we have this couple of people in front of this being thing. You're just getting the bags and stuff like, so we need to give it a more problems to this. So this is how we composed painting. The entire completion has to be a line. That's what we're doing. Okay, so I think we have done with her first layer now we'll just let it dry completely and we'll go for a second there. 6. The second layer of expression: Okay, so our first layer is completely dried on. Now we have to work on the second layer. So I'm starting with behind building, which is part of a So I'm just losing a very light John Walker, the color tent. Since this is far, we have toe dio less water because so we do want to make this assault our focal point. We wanted to make it a very light stands us using more water and less condom. Just makes him with the other cover. Just using here. Disappear. - This place had a little for a small, narrow streets. Onda, uh, we have to deal with us some, but off deft there. Still, we just we have to use the total death to you. So there's some anti nose on the move. Mild don't work, so we just need to give them a just impression off that. So I've just taken a to less reporter just more the extra walker on, uh, just even looking the impression off it. So this is the point where you have an opportunity toe x place. Where is the source of the light? So the light is falling from the other. And so this part. This entire part will be slightly darker than the left side. So we have to give a little dust here. And I'm just using a little metal worker on more color, so having money to texture in it. So I think we have done with ours. Second layer on, uh, will go where the next morning, where we will do we will be defining the vehicle and the crowd there, so we'll be painting all of that, giving a little more detail off it. 7. The second layer (continue): all right. Still in this models, or we're going to make they're detail painting off the vehicles here. So, uh, I'm just walking on the tribunal. Er we call it Toe Total here in India is very famous. So travel board in India, Uh, so when in a different countries have different names, so it is a three wheeler. Oh, Auto. Some in some country it is called Took Took. So yeah, so you will see a lot of what do is simple everybody in India. So whenever you're painting vehicle, make sure that the proper amount off light and deaths would be there on that actually reflects the proper value of that art. Eso In this case, I'm just using that little death there in the for the car on the right amount of sad does the same thing here in auto, which because of this light the the saddles, which falls there, that actually brings a lot of brothers to your painting. So make sure that you really need to negotiate, you know, right way all the saddles, which is highly important for order, Clark. - So mostly what I what I feel is in a watercolor art. The right amount off the saddles light. There's really important. So you didn't need to understand how the light and death works together. So the same thing here, how? My name's painting here. So this saddle, which comes problem? No, a building near but on. How does it actually mounting the entire painting? So, uh, these older something very, you know, important part that you have, Lord. So in this case, also see how I merging with background the saddles, the scooter on how this whole completions getting, you know, stage together. So this is what it's really important to, you know, make your composure more elegant, so you have to concentrate on that part a lot. - Okay , So since, like the area covered field 30 dealing here on, uh, I would go ahead with the next. More rare, you can see how you can give the final detail off your painting. So that is going to be a really fun to see that how your paintings. We've all be, you know, finding there. So watch out for the final more do on who will be completing the painting in the next morning. 8. The final touch: Okay, So in this final outcome, we're going to give up just a little bit off for the detailing, doing not much work, but just like giving the right amount of for deft on the saddles and somebody off, you know, texture. So in this one, we're just doing giving a little extra death there because there's a job in that building, so we need to bring that differentiation. So that's the reason we are giving a little bit of death on for the windows. Does he go? Are all approved water on? Duh. A little higher side off column. So you're in your breasts, disagree a little little water at bull color, so you can see that that will be a somebody of texture. So bring that those little extra detailing there in the window, not giving the final, You know, the very fine line, just like, you know, a simple line. So bringing those windows there just so a little touch not giving up too much afford there . So we are doing the extra layer off in the car that being even more clarity in the car. So it's like the a very 10 transparent layer, so I'm just using this Mylan mixing with Ponsana. So as I said earlier, it's just all about the right amount off the saves. How death should be on how much quantity off the water should be in this specific, you know, 80 up the PD. That's highly important on duh somebody off highlight here in there with brings which, actually, you know, brings a lot off transformation in your painting. So in a similar thing here in orderto a very fine Dutch, these highlights are really important. That actually brings the, you know, the dimension of the up there a Z. You can see this like I'm not giving up too much of a Ford. There is just some sort of for, you know, the lights on and the touch off the deft and nothing much I'm doing there. So here we are, giving my impression of the person a lot of people there, you know, doing stopping on just moment here and there. Onda, uh, at the front of this being t there is a couple of guy who is standing and, you know, they're just so so you know, we came to NATO and doing their salting on these two guys basically, you know, composing the whole paintings because it is in Fern that actually the holes, though the entire completion, um, it actually batons balancing its It's about how you you know how you are balancing your your painting. Just imagine if the person is not If this person is not here, then how would be that painting would look like? So imagine all of that because it's not just about the painting, but also now the right amount of completion in your So these two guys is helping me toe. Come pull this. I'm just using the search driver us more sleep. - All right, so I think we have done with our paintings on. Now we should conclude that I think everything came out fine. There's a proper light on Saddles on completion, so it's really over. I think this painting gives you a lot of opportunity to to understand the basics off for the deft and the light and how and most importantly, how you're selecting your subject. So that's a really important part. So I hope you enjoy this video 9. Appreciate your Art : because now we have completed our painting. Sinar, it's a time full of one of the exciting dying to reveal your painting. So it's really no great to see the white edge all around, so you need to take out the masking tape very gently. Be very careful. Well, while you removing the tape, so after this you will see or painting with the edge at a white edge on, uh, you should start appreciating your effort. You should just stay. You know, be very thankful to your skill that you know, you have created something no matter, even if it is not in that level, but doesn't matter at all. You have to keep making are you have to keep walking on the basic on Duh. You know, to bring all the learning into your painting and things will be absolutely fine. Just mounted on, Uh, you should just so it to the people just keep it there in your in your living home or very where you feel is a most desirable place to keep your painting. Onda, uh, just have a review from the various people. Art lover called them to your home and just say them you have created this and to see the response. So thanks so much. Everyone watching my tutorial. Andi, I hope this video has help you, Lord Watercolor. Thank you so much.