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Magical Mama Belly Beads - Craft Your Own Thoughtfully Curated, Magically Infused Belly Beads

teacher avatar AuraShift Mind & Body, (R)evolution of the Mind, Body & Spirit

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Welcome & Introduction

    • 2. What are Magickal Belly Beads?

    • 3. Gather Your Supplies

    • 4. Customize Your Beads

    • 5. Prepare Yourself & Your Space

    • 6. Construct Your Belly Beads

    • 7. Bless & Energize Your Beads

    • 8. Wear & Care and What's Next

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About This Class

Manifest Your Goddessness!  Get Grounded, Creative, Connected And Empowered

  • Comprehensive step-by-step easy to follow lessons
  • Check list with suggestions and links on where to get your supplies
  • Spiritual correspondences sheet to help you decide which crystals, colors and symbols to use

Bring Your Dreams Into Reality With Belly Beads

Ever get the feeling you have a secret Super Power? ... A superpower that's buried deep inside you?  Well YOU DO!  We all do.  We have the ability to manifest our dreams and heal our bodies.

Magical Mama Belly Beads will help you awaken this superpower!   The creation process brings an idea, concept or intention into physical being.  By the end of this course, the creative energy will be swirling around you and your manifestation wishes will begin grounding into the material world!

There are times in life where we get the call to dive deeper into ourselves.  We need a more spiritual connection to our life.  If this is that moment for you, then this class is the move.


Who Is This Class For?

This class is perfect for you if:

  • You're feeling stuck, disconnected or lost and want to tap into your higher self.
  • You're ready to find or get reacquainted with your magical self.
  • Your life or body is in transition (new menses, birth, menopause) and you need to get grounded and manifest your ideal outcome.
  • You have experienced trauma or illness in your body especially your womb and need healing
  • You have experienced a loss such as a miscarriage or death of a child and need to re-focus and re-balance.


What You'll Learn

  • Purpose of waist beads
  • How waist beads can energize your goals
  • How beading can be a magical/spiritual practice
  • How to clarify and define your intentions for manifestation
  • How to customize your beads for your specific purpose
  • How to infuse your intention into your beads
  • What supplies you will need and where to get them
  • How to craft your waist beads from start to finish.
  • How to care for your waist beads

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

AuraShift Mind & Body

(R)evolution of the Mind, Body & Spirit



My name is Kiona.  My background is in Massage therapy and Energy medicine.  I'm most passionate about helping people feel better, point blank.  There's nothing like seeing a person transform. 

After teaching couples massage for 9 years, I realized that I LOVED to teach.  And, I had the ability to share information in an easy to digest, down-to-earth kind of way.  That's why I want to teach and inspire people to find an internal peace that's not so lofty it feels out of their reach.  I like easy, transformation!  If that can be a 'thing!' 

I believe when people are empowered and equipped we can overcome any moment of distress.  Shifting your energy just a little bit can help you turn that corner. ... See full profile

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1. Welcome & Introduction: welcome to magical mama. Belly beats. Energize your womb. Energize your spirit. My name is key Ona. What makes me happy is helping people balance their energy and raise their vibration, empowering others to find a sense of ease and finding the magical in the mundane. You know what's special and something that seems ordinary. I'm so excited that you're here. Thank you for taking a step in your own healing and for walking the journey with me. This course is for you. If you're ready to take your healing into your own hands, if you sense a need to reconnect to your womb, maybe you've experienced a recent trauma reproductive health concerns or are experiencing a transitional time in your life. The creative process I'll be guiding you through can help you set powerful intentions for healing whatever you feel needs your attention. So basically, belly beads, also known as waist beads, are set of beads strong onto a thread, string or cord. They are magical and empowering, but they're also grounding and creative. It's this grounding and creative essence that's so important to creating the environment for healing. So the picture that you see here is a picture of my own waste beat set. Each strand represents something different. The purpose is range from new beginnings, femininity and creation, motherhood. And then there's a combination set. So as you can see, you can create whatever you want. So what will you know after taking this class? Well, you'll know the purpose of waste beads. How waist beads can energize your goals. How beating can be magical or spiritual practice. How to clarify and define your intentions for manifestation. How to customize your beads for your specific purpose. How to infuse your intention into the beads, what supplies you will need and where to get them. How to craft your waist beads from start to finish and how to care for your waist beads. So let's talk about the history of waste. Beads with beets are an ancient tradition. You can see here a picture of ladies wearing waist jewelry. This is a picture from ancient Egypt or commit, but women have been known to wear waist beads or belly chains in India, the Middle East And, of course, a lot of people are familiar with women from Africa wearing waist beads. The purpose is for waist beads. Many people wear way speeds for adornment also for creating essential connection between partners, particularly because they can be a shared private object, and both partners may create the piece together. Waist beads are worn for special occasions, also such as weddings. Ah woman may prepare a set of beads to help manifest the pregnancy or to celebrate a current pregnancy or even to empower her. During her birth, young girls may be given a pair of beads to celebrate her passage into womanhood at the onset of Herm. NC's Ah Woman may want to honor her transition into menopause or for healing after a trauma , and some people use them to control their weight as a reminder to eat sensibly. And, of course, there's protection. Some women wear them for spiritual protection. 2. What are Magickal Belly Beads?: so you know what waste bees are and why people wear them. But you may be wondering what makes beating magical ways. Bees can be used to energize your goals, wishes and dreams. By setting a clear intention and letting it be known you're claiming your power. Your words are powerful. This is something that grates have known for ages. Intention has long been understood to be a powerful component in creating anything. Here have a quote from Wayne Dyer. Our intention creates our desire. If you're unfamiliar with Wayne Dyer, I highly recommend you read some of his work really, really good stuff. Paolo Guay Low, Another author writes. When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. So as you place each bead on your cord, you will visualize your intentions. Think of each bead as dark, rich, fertile soil into which you are planting your seeds of intention within them. Your desires will anchor and grow. Another way to visualize this is to think that each bead is like a drop of color into clear water. With each drop, you get closer and closer to full on vibrant color, Rick Scalzo says every thought, every feeling and every emotion becomes part of our medicine. I believe, by fusing our intentions with art, the creation process, an energy healing. We become our own healers. We are taking a concept or an idea and fusing it into reality into our belly beats. This is what makes it magical. This process has the potential to open the door for deep, deep healing. 3. Gather Your Supplies: So now let's talk about what you'll need to create your belly beads. All the items that we talk about will be listed on your checklist. You can print it out and take it along with you while you shop for your supplies, so don't worry about taking notes. Traditional African waist beads are made with many strands of thick thread, but I choose to use cord one because it's very easy. Um, but also there times when I'd like to remove my beach, particularly if I don't want someone to see them or touch them, for example, while getting a massage or maybe at the doctors office you can use either. But in this tutorial, I will be using cord. In terms of size, I use a one millimetre sized cord. It's thick enough to last a long time, but thin enough to fit in. The four millimeter size beads beat smaller than four millimeters will not fit on the one millimeter cord, so if you really want to use smaller bead, you'll need to downsize to a 0.7 millimeter diameter cord again. All of this is in your notes, and just know that if you do use a thin record. It may not be as durable, um, but still should be durable again. All of this is on your shopping list, and if you choose to shop online, I have provided links to the products on the resource page, so be sure to take a look at that. The next thing you'll need is blue super glue or nail glue, which has the same active ingredient, will do fine. I often use nail glue. You may also use crash blue if you like. This is a picture of the E 600 which is a craft favorite. Other items needed are a flat surface to keep your beads from rolling around a towel. Also, to keep your beats from rolling around measuring tape to get a general idea of the width of your waist. Scissors to cut your cord and ah, bowl or plea to organize your beads. And you may want more than one bowl or please. Now these are optional supplies. You may want to purchase a bundle of white sage Co. Paul or Palo Santo to cleanse your energy and the energy around you in your environment. This is something I do on a regular basis and also when constructing my belly beads again, this stuff is optional em, but we will talk a little bit more about this in a little bit. I also recommend that you journal this process. If you've never journal before, that's okay. The point is to have a place to write your thoughts. I'm recommending a dedicated notebook for this purpose so that you can continue to update your experience for the months come. But if you don't want to get a new when you can use any paper or notebook that you already have now, let's get into the interesting part. The beads. There are so many different types of beads types. A piece that I'm recommending, though, for constructing your way Speed strand are glass would shell ceramic gemstone and charm the majority of your beads on your strand or going to be glass beats. The other beads will mostly be accents and focal points on the beach. Karen, for those of you, are not familiar with different types of beads. Blast may sound scary, but don't worry. They're very durable and don't even feel like last. At first glance, if you do go with would make sure you get natural unstained unpainted wood to avoid the stain transferring to your skin or clothes when it gets wet. Now the average size BD want is about four millimeters. You can get a few larger ones, but I recommend getting the majority of your beats at this size. The beats pictured here are glass four millimeter beats. This is what I use and what most people use. Some people do use wood or bone beats as well, but again, you need to make sure to avoid painted coated or stain beats another time. Maybe you'll find out there are seed beats. These beads are smaller than four millimeter glass beads. You typically find they will not fit on the one millimeter court I suggested before the size of variable. But just know that they are small When selecting CB sizes. Ah, greater number indicates a smaller size. For example, the 15 deaths zero size is smaller than those listed at eight Gash zero, so you'll need at least a 0.7 millimeter court or smaller for these type of beef. One other thing you should know is that these bees are often coated or painted. These types of coatings can flake rub off or again transfer to your skin or clothing when they're wet, So be careful when you're choosing your beats. Accent beads add variety and potency to your friend. These will stand out from the other beads and can be a bit larger. Or you may choose to add ah, charm or pendant that you already have to your piece. The's beads could be special symbols or gemstone that support your womb healing goals. We'll talk about this more in a minute, but let me say you don't need accent beads. You just might want some. So where to buy your beads? Lots of places. Perhaps you have a local craft or beat store in your neighborhood. There are also the big chain craft stores, like a Seymour Michaels hobby lobby. In all of these stores have sections were the cell beats If you choose to buy online, there are a ton of options. I've listed just a few, and we'll also include links on the resource page. But fire, mountain gems, fusion beads, lima beads and, of course, at sea 4. Customize Your Beads: it's time to customize your beads When selecting beads, you may want to consider the spiritual correspondences for your particular goals and line everything up. Female energy is thought to be connected to the moon and the planet Venus. The womb is related to the elements of earth and water. Knowing this can guide you towards certain colors, gemstone symbols and even numbers for creating your belly beats. So I've given you some correspondences. There are many more than I can list here, but here are some colors that are associated with wound healing. Green is associated with fertility, healing, harmony, balance and growth. White is associated with new beginnings, purity, light, freshness, brown, disassociated with stability, healing, grounded nous, comfort and protection. Blue is calming tranquility, the sea depth, healing, nurturing and trust. Pink is associated with love. The Minniti in emotional balance red is invigorating, even raises your blood pressure disassociated with passion, desire, strength and power. Remember that colors affect the subconscious and can have an effect on your energy and how you feel. So it's important to really take note of how a particular color makes you feel and how that relates to your goals and Of course, there are tons of Jim stones that you can use. Here are some that are associated specifically with womb healing. The abalone shell, carnelian, Chrysler praise cowrie shells, malachite, moonstone, pearl rose quartz, any type of shells, spindle una kites, adventuring and fluoride. When choosing your crystals, of course, used the information that you find about gems, but also your intuition and your emotions. Notice how you feel when you hold the stones. If they don't feel good or right for you, don't use them. Here are some symbols that are often associated with women and healing. The dunk spirals again are seashells, frogs, rabbits, lotus, flowers, elephants, fish, cats, storks, eggs, the moon and seeds. Of course, there are many more and in different traditions, different symbols, or recognize these air sense that correspond to femininity as well. You may want to anoint your body and or your beads with oils or burn incense while you're working. This will help to enhance the energy and keep you in the vibration. There are more references you can use as well, and I'll include links to helpful websites in the in the Pdf Resource page. Information about colors, gemstones, and whatever I confined, I will put links for you guys. Um, now, at this point, you want to make a note of all the stones, the colors, the sense, whatever has resonated with you and put your observations in your journal. Don't make any purchases just yet. 5. Prepare Yourself & Your Space: So before you go any further, you need to clarify your intentions. You need to get clear on what you want so you can select beats, colors, gems and other elements that line up with your vision. The first step in this process is to clear the energy. Clutter is a trap for chaotic energy, so before you begin de clutter the place where you'll be working, clear out dust and dirty areas. If you're open to using sage, cope all or Palo santo, you can use one of the other to clear your energy and the energy of a space where you'll be constructing your beats. If you need help with this. Still free to watch videos provided on the resource page. Next, visualized being cleansed of all negative energy seat evaporating into pure positive light . Take five deep cleansing breaths and saved the words. I am relieved of all that. No longer serves me. I am refreshed and renewed. Take five more deep breaths and sit in stillness for a few minutes before moving on. So next we're gonna work on your intention. Why are you making these beads? Remember energy flows where intention goes, so go find that journal and begin by writing these questions. What outcome do I want? What do I see for myself? How do I want to feel? What do you want these bees to do? I mean, what do they represent? Allow yourself a moment to visualize what you want, see and feel yourself in the new situation. I plan to do this when you can allow yourself time to gently drift off to sleep. When you wake up, write down any visions, pictures or dreams you saw, or any ideas that popped into your mind. I found that writing is one of the best ways to focus your thoughts and energy. It clears away any leftover clutter from your mind and get you the laser focus on one thing at a time. So once you have some stillness, right, all these answers and then you can take these answers and match them up to the correspondences you wrote down from the customization section. This way you can really choose beats that will fuel your vision. Yea, now you have everything you need to find and purchase of supplies for your project. Use all the notes from your journal and choose the right items make us many belly bees as you like. There is no limit as long as you're comfortable. Many people were multiple strands. The most important thing is to let your intuition guide you forward. 6. Construct Your Belly Beads: So now that you've collected all the pieces for your beads, let's put everything together. Set up your work area. Lay out all your supplies. You're gonna place your towel on a flat surface and organize your beads in bowls or plates . Make sure you have your cord blue scissors measuring tape. Your beads journal. In any end sensor oils you plan to use to anoint yourself or your shoes, you may also find it beneficial to play music. Just make sure it has good energy. You can see for my layout here. I chose to use a leaf shaped dish. Also had some bottle caps that were super helpful, very convenient and a leaf shaped hole old my accent. Let's get a sense of how long your beach and needs to be now, because be that we're making are for spiritual purposes. They aren't intended for public eyes. They should fall about an inter tube low your belly button. It's not quite nor waste, and it's a bit higher than your hips, so it's right in the middle where you want to measure. This is general context, of course, because you'll have to see what feels most comfortable for you, but I like mind to fall just below, like the button on my jeans. Remember that part of potency of your beads lives in the sacredness of them. By sharing your intentions with others who may or may not support you, you risk diminishing the energy behind the anyone that so. This is also one of the reasons that I like to be able to remove mine. Next, you need to roll out your cord and measure enough to fit your waist. At this point, some people like to cut the cord. If you choose to do this, you'll need to secure the end of the cord to ensure your beach don't accidentally slip off . A piece of tape will work well for this. Just make sure it's touristy end so you can cut it off when you get ready to tie off your beach strand. Or you can leave the cord attached to the role and just string your beads from the other end of the cord. Either is fine. Next, take a few of the beach a plan to use and put them in small piles in your work area. To add beauty to the court, you can pick up each feed in Adam one by one like you see me doing here. Or you can use the tip of the cord like a needle and kind of thread the beads on a few at a time. Be patient with yourself is trial and error while you get your flow of this, but it will get easier and easier, I found. It's best to clear around with your design at the beginning. You figure out what pattern you'll use and where your accent needs go, and you may start over a few times before fuels, right, And that's okay. Just keep at it now. Once you're strand starts to get close to your waist measurement, you want to start wrapping around your waist to make sure you don't over or undershoot the lane. Be careful when you do this. I can't tell you how many times I've had to restoring a portion of my belly beans because I dropped them. One solution for this is to tie a loose not on the end, where you're adding your beads and then just untied. After you finish checking the length, just make sure to push the beat close together so you can get an accurate estimate. Once it's the right length and has all the design evidence you wanted to have, it's time to close the circle by tying a knot. Now this part can be a little tricky because you need to push the beats firmly together, eliminating as much space between Evita's possible while still leaving enough space to tie the knot So the stretch in the cord really helps. Don't be afraid to use that, stretching this to your advantage while tying the knot. I like to tie at least three nights, and they're simple knots. As you can see in the video, just like you tie in a shoe laces. Make sure you pull the court ends nice and tight, - and once you have you're not. You're gonna cut off. Most. Not all of the excess cord pulled a beats away from the not and add a few drops of glue to secure it. You'll want to hold the beach away from the glue while it dries so they don't get stuck in the booth. It should only take a few minutes. You can blow it to help it along, and then once it's dry, cut the remaining excess court and there you have it. Your completed set now in this set is my personal said. I used clear iridescent turquoise and silver beads to represent the mystical stamina and energy of the moon and the deep, nurturing healing interview the ocean. 7. Bless & Energize Your Beads: Now you're ready to bless your beads so you have a beautiful strand of thoughtfully created belly beats. Now it's time to infuse them with your powerful intentions. Plan appropriately. Give yourself about 15 to 20 minutes of uninterrupted, quiet time. Pull out your journal and read over your wishes and dreams for yourself. Next, you're going to find a quiet moment and light a candle. Hold the completed beats in your hand, close your eyes and take five deep breaths. Next, begin to breathe light and love into your beads. Pretend they're glowing in your hand, glowing with the light of the moon and femininity with the womb wisdom of all the women that have come before you Visualize your words swirling around your strand and see them being absorbed into the beads. Really Take your time with this. See it happening and speak from your heart. Now that you've seated your beads with your intention, you want to allow that intention to grow. Think of it is planting a seed and allowing it to grow and the rich darkness of the soil anoint your waist peace with any oils you've chosen and set them outside under the light of the moon To soak up the healing energy, you can either put the beads directly outside or in a window that will get some moonlight during the night. And even though I'm saying moonlight, you don't need a full moon for this, remember, the moon is still there. Even if you can't see it in the morning, put on your beads and bask in the magic of what you've created. 8. Wear & Care and What's Next: Now let's talk about the wearing. Care for your beads. How do you make an last year? Beats can be worn all the time and should not get damaged by water unless you choose fragile beads. Be careful when pulling down your pants. You could accidentally pop Accord carefully clear way hair and check periodically for other things that might get tangled in the court. And if you're beats began to look dull. Take them off and washing with soap and water. They should shine right up. Now what happens if your beads break? Some people never removed their waist beads. They believe they hold memories and energies of different events in their lives. They just continue to accumulate beat sets. They end up wearing a lot of beads around their ways, and they look beautiful. But I have a different way of working with them. I believe if they break, it means it's time for a change. So I remove them. I remove the beads and clear them so that I can reuse those beads again. Later you can decide for yourself what feels the best. If at any point you feel your beads need to be cleansed, you have quite a few options. The two I most frequently used our sage and salt for the sage. I like the bundle and drown myself and my beats and the smoke. When I use salt, I take it to the shower and scrub myself and my beads down with it. You could also just take the beats off and do them separately. Just make sure that you rents the beads thoroughly to remove all of the salt. After cleansing them, you may wish to re energize them with your intentions and place them in the moonlight. But of course you can skip that step and just put them right back on. So what's next? What do you need to do next? The answer is nothing. Forget about it. You bought your ticket. The train is on the way. You know it's coming. So relax. Sit back and enjoy the weight. You've done all you need to do. Just allow the universe time to deliver your best life too. You know