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Magical Majuscules: The Letter Q

teacher avatar Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Q (1)

    • 3. Q (2)

    • 4. Q (3)

    • 5. Q (4)

    • 6. Q (5)

    • 7. Project and Parting Thoughts

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About This Class

This is the seventeenth class in the Magical Majuscules Series where you will learn pointed pen flourishing for upper case letters. This class will teach you 5 ways to flourish a capital Q. You will need a pointed pen, ink, and dip pen friendly paper. I recommend HP Premium Laser Jet Paper.


Meet Your Teacher

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Tracy Roach

Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter


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1. Introduction : Hi, guys. This is Tracy Rage with magical man to skills. Today we're going to be learning about the letter Q. One of my favorite letters to flourish. We're gonna learn five different simple ways to make some really beautiful cues. Let's go and get started. 2. Q (1): all right, gas. Here we are with our first letter Q and oh, my gosh, I love the letter. Q. On it's a tricky one. It can be, but it's kind of one of those that I have come to love. Now, this one as pretty sample is just a one stroke letter. We're gonna get up and around and we're almost like making a spiral. Then when you get back up here, we're gonna take a shirt, little curve down there so we'll start here. Down, strip there, come back around inside. That on a sharp curve down there makes the tale of our cue. So come back inside that first line short, full thing for the tail. Okay, put that all together. Remember, it's a lot like just like a big spiral. Get here, Go down like that. It's around and drop down. All right, I'm around a couple words here with it. Let's do a quick says a pretty quick Q. To do thanks, and we'll do. Queen. That has been are quick and easy. First letter Q 3. Q (2): Here's Q number two. You and I got to say, you guys, this is my favorite way to do it. I just love the sweet detail on this, and we're gonna start with kind of this closed off, See, stroke, that we've done some other letters. She get up around, kind of start into a spiral again and stop right there. Swoop underneath. So start with a C shape, done that on some other letters. Do you spiral? Look here. Stop right there, then push Kind of that. You don't want heavy line on that. Although if you want to get a little heavier, then you can That's up to you. Just a different look. I see Spiral Bush. Or if you want to do backwards with a little bit of a heavy line, you can do that. All right, let's put it together. And here just for fun. Stewart was kind of that. Oh, my goodness. Do you see that? A ductile letting I am sorry. Life happens here. Castrato here. Yes, I was saying just for fun. Let's try Gina, Scoot backwards. So get kind of a heavy tail on it. I like. I like it this way. better. All right, we'll start a couple words. That's right. Quiet. Tell you what. I have three kids, three dogs in the cells. Quiet is at a premium. Have to do all this filming while everybody's at work at school Dogs room slide, A little cheese sitting quietly over here beside me. She is a good one. Read the word quiz. I hope my kids haven't quit school today. That they do well, Great. And they're blogging. All up. Here has been our second letter Q. 4. Q (3): All right, here's Q number three and this is another really quick and easy one. And I actually didn't a lot like this, but this was extending down at the bottom to kind of make that tail. So this one, we need to start with a C shape again and go up. And then we're just making a giant sea here, coming down. So little closed off, seeing try and see Here. Look down there. A little sea. Big scene live down there aren't. See, this one's pretty fast. Tracked us putting it all together here. And I like to connect a little higher. There came a little on that. Let's do that again. There we go. Over it down. A simple letter there. Simple swoops. Here we go. Now I'm going to write the word Queary. Hey, what guys, I had for time coming up with a Q words for this class. What did it weary right along the same day in the same vein we're going to do question? Speaking of questions, let me know if you have any questions. Okay, leave it in the discussion area for the class. That's really messy. I'm sorry. I'm gonna redo that. That's the beauty of this B in my class. I could do that. You That's a little meter, all right. It's been her third letter Q. 5. Q (4): I guess we're blasting through this. These letter forms have been really fast and easy to learn least I hope you think so. Now this is your more traditional Teoh. The cue that you learned in school, which I always thought It's kind of funny looking. Looks like a number two, but it is what it iss getting you up in damn curl back up. And basically, you're just making a very fancy number two that that is the curse of Q. And I realize on as I get older that it's just if you went further up here, you have more the cue that were used to So that's where that comes from on. So we're gonna loop here down into a blue Pierre just curl up around. Couldn't be easier. Sorry. Drop and ain't again like that. I tried again. You gotta be careful not to lose your nip too heavy with think, for that stuff happens. But that's okay. It happens to the teachers as well as the students. Good to see that. That happens to everybody. Let's put it all together here. You lost a couple words is too with and work. He was kind of a quirky letter. All right, that has been Q number four 6. Q (5): guys. Here we are. Q number five. This is our last one. And this one kind of marries that last shape with the cue that were more familiar with as part of a non curse of alphabet. So we're gonna start here and we're gonna go down with a big loop, and then we're going to kind of go into that number to shape. So I kind of remember to shape there. Yes. No, I do that wrong. Sorry. Ellos like that doesn't look right like that. Sorry. Okay, let's put it all together here. We're gonna have a little crossly just kind of cross into that there and, like, down, cross over into that. Come back there. Still more time here after a man myself to go slow. All right. I had a couple of words with that list you court and hosted Quinton. Now a little girl. I had the set of little baby dolls that were quince released. Little tiny plastic baby dolls. Probably two inches high. And they all had, um, a little white diapers on. But if you put them in water people that my thinking cold water, their diapers, the diapers would either turn pink or blue. So you could tell Pierre always or girls. I thought that was just the bee's knees and I was a little girl. All right, that's our fifth and final letter. Q. Check back for the next video. We'll see therefore, the project. 7. Project and Parting Thoughts: Okay, guys, here we are, the project video for the project. And we had all of our five cues that we've just learned laid out here. And I just wanted to pick your favorite one and write a word with it. And I already mentioned my favorite one. Is this number to appear? I love it. I'm gonna write the word quest. I just love that big, swoopy port. Okay, I hope that the quest for a perfect que has been successful for you. And we will see you guys in the next class. Thanks. And have a great day.