Magical Majuscules: The Letter H | Tracy Roach | Skillshare

Magical Majuscules: The Letter H

Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. H (1)

    • 3. H (2)

    • 4. H (3)

    • 5. H (4)

    • 6. H (5)

    • 7. Project and Parting Thoughts


About This Class

This is the eighth class in the Magical Majuscules Series where you will learn pointed pen flourishing for upper case letters. This class will teach you 5 ways to flourish a capital H. You will need a pointed pen, ink, and dip pen friendly paper. I recommend HP Premium Laser Jet Paper.



1. Introduction : Hey, guys! Is Tracy Road to welcome to Class eight of magical magic skills in a series of quick and easy classes were learning five ways to flourish. Capital letters using appointed Pin. Today, we're gonna be studying the letter H. It's a final in Selous Guiding it started. 2. H (1): Alright. Guess here's our first letter. Age appear. We're gonna g over here is you're gonna start, have a little curve up there. We're gonna go down into this J shape will use so much. Imagine skills come around. We're gonna loop right there. Go to the cross, piece up, around, back down in that This is a pretty basic flourished age. But it's one that's always a winner, I think Break it down. But this little mark here go down into the J. Americo were to flirt to the cross piece, and then we're basically going to come out just in an ascender like that, like we were doing a lower case sale. Let's put it all together for you over here doing, girl. No more time. This is the one that's really easy to do in one shot. You don't have to live to pin necessarily for that. Okay, We're gonna do a couple words, Do happy. That's always a good word. Okay. I want you home. This home always makes me happy. All right? There's age number one 3. H (2): I guess you're number two. This is a little bit different. We're gonna start just within a little upstroke here and go down into the J shape around, but there and then we're gonna be the opposite upside down over here. I want to start with the curl down, do kind of a reverse J and end up with a little bit of a night for obstruct there. And then we're going to go in this giant kind of crooked s shape here with a cross piece. So break it down over here, you get the J shape like that. And over here, that way, it's almost like you're making a really tall, skinny See, if you look at it that way, and then we just have this really light strokes on that We don't want that too heavy. Let's put it all together for you here. There we go, it again So you can see it in action. All right, We're gonna run a couple of words with it. I go with high and then hate. I do know when you're watching this class, but it's almost Christmas here, so it's getting cold. I'm in Tennessee, so really, it's a cold weather here. I returned heat on high for sure. Now we'll tell you that this particular style of age, because kind of comes out here like that. It may be something that is depending on your project is better. Just as a single initial by itself. Because it it does separate. There s the word from it a little bit, but it still works. I think so. That is our second letter H. 4. H (3): Okay, here's age number 30. This it looks a little fancier and complicated. It's not hard. We break it down, we're gonna come around and kind of a curl their down into that J shape back down, and then we're gonna come up and do a little loop right here. Came over and her across piece. Do you like an Ascender there? And then just a little line down the middle there. So start with that down into R J. I'm gonna do that little curl over. No offense with just a regular Ascender there that's there. And then just a little line down. Let's put all that together. There we go. Still more ton curl around down into the J shape up all the way around Back up again. Now we're gonna put the little curl on there, right there, more into the cross piece when a line down. And that's not so bad. All right, for this one, I'm going to do horse and then do another animal. I'm gonna do hippo for it. And there's aged number three 5. H (4): Okay, here we are with number four. This one. We're going to start with this C shape that we've used in. A lot of classes came up. You go down into that, J. I got around a little loop over make the ascender to make the other side of the H when they were done. So start the sea and God, you will use this all the time. In magic schools, if you've taken another magical magic magic schools classes, you can see that we use that a bunch. And the other thing that you leave all the time. It's a J shape. Here we go. It's pretty simple when you break it down. Let's put it together for you here. Thank you. More time here. You can play with how high up that leap comes if you want to. Way to go now for this one. I'm going to write the word hand. Hand me the word hold. All right, That's number four, and we're almost done with the glass 6. H (5): Okay, here's our fifth and final age, and this has got a little embellishment there in the middle. All that we're gonna do is we're gonna do this shape here, and this is something if you have ever done your calligraphy drills, which I hope you have on, this was good, a shape that you're gonna use. Commonly I come down to that famous J app around. We're gonna end right in that loop there, and this time we're not gonna connect the crossbar to the rest of it. We're gonna pick up our pan and just do it like a separate Ascender there, and then we're gonna make this little triangle in the middle. So start with that again. That's a really common form that you're gonna use a lot if you do your calligraphy drills and we're gonna go down in that famous J shape back around in in the loop there. Then we're gonna go over like we're making sort of like a lower case l there and then we're just gonna come right in the middle of our cross piece. Do a little diamond shape. Let's put this all together for you comes a pen starts to stutter. You just gotta pick it up a gesture grip a little bit. You just really just draw the little diamond shape there, Riggio. One more time. Do a little bit smaller this time. Do you want to make sure you come over for enough and leave room for that little diamond shape? Here we go. And for this one, I'm gonna write hope. Okay? And then I'm gonna come in here and I'm gonna write help. And I hope this class has been a help to you. The red, and that's our final letter age. 7. Project and Parting Thoughts: guys you made it were at the end of the class when we have our five letter h is that we learned how to make here and for your class project. What I want you to do is just take your favorite one that you've learned and brought a word that starts with that letter uploaded to the project gallery. I would love to see your work. And I'm gonna go with this last one here. Really? Like that little diamond shape in there and I I'm gonna write the word healthy. We should all strive to be healthy. I should do a better job of that myself. Cut out some of those sweets. It's almost the new year here, so we can always make resolutions right there . We dio thank you so much for sticking with me. Please do enjoy my other classes as well. If you need some help getting started with calligraphy, especially pointed thing calligraphy and highly suggest that you check out my first class which is basic pointed pen calligraphy for the lay person. It's gonna go over some of the things like the best paper to use the best Nibs and ink to use that's gonna help you avoid some of the pitfalls of getting started with calligraphy that I certainly ran into. So thank you again for watching. I hope to see you for the next class. Have a great day.