Magical Majuscules: The Letter G | Tracy Roach | Skillshare

Magical Majuscules: The Letter G

Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

Magical Majuscules: The Letter G

Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. G (1)

    • 3. G (2)

    • 4. G (3)

    • 5. G (4)

    • 6. G (5)

    • 7. Project and Parting Thoughts

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About This Class

This is the seventh class in the Magical Majuscules Series where you will learn pointed pen flourishing for upper case letters. This class will teach you 5 ways to flourish a capital G. You will need a pointed pen, ink, and dip pen friendly paper. I recommend HP Premium Laser Jet Paper.


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Tracy Roach

Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter


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1. Introduction : Hey, guys. Is Tracy Roto? Welcome again. The magical magic skills. This is class eight of our series, and today we're gonna be learning how to flourish the letter G Five different ways with appointed Pin. What's going to get started? 2. G (1): I write as Let's get started with our first letter G right up here. We're gonna start down here at the bottom and go straight at loop around and up again. We're gonna go down into the J shape we've talked about in somebody classes go back around and all the way back around again. Break it down for you Here. Started this straight line. They were gonna take that into kind of a little modified C shape there. Down into that Jay we always talk about. We're going to bring it back up around again, coming a little sea. I think this old put this all together for you here. Okay, End in that first leap there. Shoot again. Here, up, down and see. Well, let j shaped down there, Brown, and that's there. Read him in around a couple words for you and do good. And then we're gonna do great. And that's how we make g number one 3. G (2): We're admitting right into G number two. We have this one here. We're gonna start with this little closed off C shape and we've seen that in a lot of other classes were gonna come down to a big C shape Dan into that J shape we talked about. We're gonna go back up and do this little slide flag. We've been that also in some other classes. So start with their closed off. See, make kind of a big C shape here, go down into R. J. You back up into this little flag shape off to the side, kind of waving at you there. So let's put that all together. There we go. Former sun for you here. That's just one that you can really do in one stroke if you want. Teoh, you and there are a couple words with it we're gonna do greeting, perhaps more ink there. Then we'll do Good bye. - Okay . And there's our second letter G 4. G (3): Okay, Here's your third letter G. We're gonna work on today, and this one goes in that C shape we talked about. We add a little curl here at the top. We've looked at that little at the letter C in the litter. Eat. We're gonna bring a big C shape down here. Move down into that, J. We're just gonna end really simply there with a kind of a heavy down stroke at the end. So we start with the sea like this little Luke. A big C shape down into the J. Just in that Really? Simply there. Put that all together for you here. No, thank you. Still more time. You again. And we'll do this. Couple words here, make a gift and give her general when you're watching this class. But right now is I'm filming it. It's almost Christmas time. So being gift giver is heavy on my mind. Or actually say it's on my mind a lot. I won't say it weighs heavily. And there were ever 1/3 letter G 5. G (4): it does, and they were moving kind of fast. I want to keep this class quick and easy for you. So this is the fourth letter G. This one we're gonna start down here and not quite a straight line. We're gonna kind of wave that up there, do that curve around the end of the J shape, and then we're gonna finish it off. Kind of like we did at the 1st 1 with him. Started the 2nd 1 with kind of a little flag out to the side. So start out with this wave, Ilan a little C shape there jail and her J little lying at the side. Put that all together for you. I had some Stuttering Inc there one more time here. I mentioned earlier classes is a new nib holder for May. So I'm still getting used to the angle on it. There. We dio for our words, will see, we're gonna do grand, pretty grand liturgy. If I do say so myself. You may notice here that here came above this little cross piece on here was a little bit below here, um, kind of right on it. Play with that and however you have. Like, we're just trying to get the basic shape here from other word I'm gonna do. Gracious came underneath on that one. There's our fourth letter gene. 6. G (5): All right, guys. Thanks for sticking with me. Here we have our fifth and final liturgy. This one. We did it and he kind of like this Where you come around the top? U at down around that way. Show over here on the brush Ran in that big C. We will keep that light. Not too much downside pressure on that Grew up around down into the heavier stroke. See, portion make that j were to come all the way around outside and back down through. So break that down the big C. Then we're gonna do this down strip. See, that makes the body of the GF there down into that J nor is gonna keep going around. All right, let's put it all together over here. Start up here. There we go. Legit One more time. Big starting circle with a light touch on into the sea. Shape can be down. Stroke player around, Heavy downstairs again. There we go. Let's take a couple of animal names this time America was given, then we'll do gazelle. - And that's her fifth and final letter G 7. Project and Parting Thoughts : Okay, guys, this is the final video of the class. We here are five forms of letter G that we've just learned and for your class project. What I'd like for you to do is just choose whatever your favorite one is and write a word that starts with it. I am going to go with this 1st 1 I really like it. And I'm gonna write the word gratitude today when I am really grateful for skill share and for you students goes are awesome. Okay, I would love for you to upload your work to the project gallery. I'd love to see what you're doing with this stuff on bank. You again for sticking with may have a great day.