Magical Majuscules: The Letter F | Tracy Roach | Skillshare

Magical Majuscules: The Letter F

Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

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7 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. F (1)

    • 3. F (2)

    • 4. F (3)

    • 5. F (4)

    • 6. F (5)

    • 7. Project and Parting Thoughts


About This Class


This is the sixth class in the Magical Majuscules Series where you will learn pointed pen flourishing for upper case letters. This class will teach you 5 ways to flourish a capital F. You will need a pointed pen, ink, and dip pen friendly paper. I recommend HP Premium Laser Jet Paper.


1. Introduction: Hey, guys, it's Tracy Wretch again. Welcome Class Six of magical Magic schools. In today's class, we're going to be studying the capital letter F. We're gonna learn five different ways to beautifully flourish. It was going to get started. 2. F (1): Alright, guys, let's get started with their first letter. If I'm here, it iss And here's how we're gonna break it down. We're going to go down. We're gonna make this J shape. I've talked about this and a lot of the other classes. This is really helpful in a lot of the magic steals there were coming around and back down . They were gonna start over here in this big loop, come up around and just curl back a little bit. And then we're gonna make our cross for right here. Let me break all these steps down for you. You're gonna start out with the big J shape, and then you're gonna crueller in that way. You this kind of a time of late over backwards s and you want to keep your touch the light on this, you don't want to be too heavy on it. And then we're gonna go Also light, for the most part. Make this little girl for the crossbar. Let's put that all together. Start over there in that loop. There we go. ST One more time. Over here. Here we go. Quick and easy. We're gonna write a couple of words with this, We're gonna do family. She doesn't live family. And then we'll do fun. Because if you don't live your family, surely you still love fun anyway. But I hope you like your family. All right, There we go. There's your first letter F. 3. F (2): Okay, This is a little more simple than the ones that we've been doing. But I really like it. And we're gonna start and almost like we're starting a letter, l we're gonna come down into the J shape, come around, and then we're gonna go right into the crossbar. Let's break that down. We're almost gonna do you like your starting a letter ale, But it's gonna come into that J shape, and then we're gonna go right over into the crossbar. It's pretty simple there. Put it all together here. I like to come it almost two. Almost to that starting point. Why make that leap? I feel like a 10 a pulls the whole shape in. You can even cross over a little bit if you want to. You. There we go. I also had a couple words with this. I'm gonna go with something easy here. I'm gonna go with four. I bet you've guessed. I'm gonna go with five. There we go. There is F number two 4. F (3): Okay, here we have F number three and in the sea. See here. We're gonna start up here like we did with the other one. Make that J shape the thinnest of leaping through. We're gonna come up and kind of go out to the side and down, and then we're gonna start down here with across far and turn that into the top piece. So start with her J shape, roll that around, and then we're gonna go out like that. They were gonna do this. I rent put this together for you here. I think this leave nice and big because I have found that when you do this, you need to cross into their because if you don't, it just kind of looks like you've got an eye or a J one more time here. Yeah, probably brought that a little far, but that's OK. All right. Let's do you a couple of words here. I mean, is you firing, man? Well, the same lines. We're gonna do fierce. All right. And that is our third letter s 5. F (4): Alright, guys, we're moving right through now or a letter and f number four. This is a little bit different. And now we are going to start out with C shape that we've seen in some of our other classes were going to go down into the J go all the way back down under it and back through the former cross piece. So we start out with that a little C shape. They're down into our che. But they were going to go back. Three of the J, my dear little cross piece there. There we go. That's a little different than a lot that I've seen. I like it. There we go. Now, major. A couple boards with this. I'm gonna do a couple names. We're gonna do Freddie, which is my dad's name. Stop and went, My neighbor. Click here. Then for another one. We're going to you, Frida, which is his twin sister's name. Here we go. And there's our fourth letter F 6. F (5): Okay, guys, this is our fifth final fanciest letter AF and we'll see how it starts. And it's a lot of lines, and it we're going to start with this J shape that we've been making around down at taking back down again. We're gonna start that top piece there, but to make a crow's peace and stuff coming from here, we're just going straight across. We're gonna come from the top and go over into so start with B J back around again. Then we're gonna do your top piece there, and then we're gonna come do that for cross piece. Let's put this all together here, starting that lead to do the top. We're gonna start right here. Go back through the loop again. There we go. To do that again. Kind of got to be lying on a lot of your lines. Here. It's a It's a pretty crowded letter. So you don't want to get too many heavy down strokes. This when you want to stay light with. Here we go. Now I'm gonna write. I see. Well, do fancy, pretty fancy f and we will do force. All right. And this has been our fifth and final letter 7. Project and Parting Thoughts : Okay, guys, I hope you've enjoyed the class. And these are five forms of letter F 12345 that we've learned today for your class project . I just want to take one of those, Whichever one is your favorite. And write a word of your choice and go ahead and upload it to the Project gallery. I would love to see your work. We'll see. I think I am going to go with number two. I'm gonna write fantasy. Okay, guys, I hope you've enjoyed magical Majesty kills the letter F. And I hope you join me for the for the next letter in the alphabet.