Magical Majuscules: The Letter E | Tracy Roach | Skillshare

Magical Majuscules: The Letter E

Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

Magical Majuscules: The Letter E

Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. E (1)

    • 3. E (2)

    • 4. E (3)

    • 5. E (4)

    • 6. E (5)

    • 7. Project and Parting Thoughts

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About This Class

This is the fifth class in the Magical Majuscules Series where you will learn pointed pen flourishing for upper case letters. This class will teach you 5 ways to flourish a capital E. You will need a pointed pen, ink, and dip pen friendly paper. I recommend HP Premium Laser Jet Paper.


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Tracy Roach

Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter


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1. Introduction : Hey, guys, it's Tracy Roach. Welcome to Class Five of magical Magic skills In this series of quick and easy classes were gonna be learning five different ways to beautifully flourish some pointed pin capital letters. Today we're gonna exploring the letter E. Let's get started. 2. E (1): All right, We're gonna go ahead and get started with our first letter. E, is this See up here. We're gonna start right over here on the side. Now, we've talked in other classes about this kind of see shape, because at around down in the big pump, on it up and around, down and back, Through and down. We must break that down over here. Start out with this shape that we've made in many other magic skills. You use that a lot with capitals on. Then we're gonna come up around there, another big one underneath. Just that kind of see shape. We're gonna go like that time I make it elongated ass and come back down those air components. Let's put it all together here. You're gonna kind of wanna almost meet that first curve there. Down round. Come back through one more time. Here. Here we go. Let's start a couple words with it. Most do Excellent. This is definitely one that you can do in one stroke he had Like which you could break it down if you need to remember the name of the game Pointing calligraphy is to go very, very slow. Okay, One more word to the word of weight. And there's your first letter. Eat 3. E (2): Okay, Now we hav e number two. This was going to start out a little bit differently. We're gonna start down here and come bumping a pretty straight line there. We're gonna curl around, kind of making reverse as shape there, around in the big C shaped body down. We're gonna go back up through that way. Let's break that down. We're gonna start out just with that. So we're kind of the reverse s shape there. Big C shape. Bonnie, I give down like that. Put that all together around like that ST one more time here. Just a tiny little curl there to make that first backwards s shape. Big C shape, curl up and down. Make up. Run into the All right start a couple words with that. Let's do some animals here. We're gonna do elk and you elephant. That's the e animal. Everybody thinks so. - And there we have our second letter E 4. E (3): I rent. Now we have our third letter e this one up here. We're going to start out with a curl coming over the top of the EU. Make a big C shape. Almost a closed. Oh, we're gonna come back in and do our first part of the EU. Great. Their first part of the body, the e and N Come back around or you're gonna end right there. It was good, but that break that down over here. We've got this almost Oh, shape kind of comes in right there. Doesn't follow the the end of the curve there. And then we've got a little sea shake. Big C shape. That's just gonna come right in there putting it together here. And you want to make sure that when you're doing this big curve up at the top here, we're not going to do the down the downward pressure like we normally do coming down here. We're gonna keep that really light an area there, you know, make sure that's pretty circle shaped there. You don't want close that off too much. There we go. All right, We'll try a couple words with it. We're gonna do engineer and then we'll do Electrician's. This is a new pen holder, and I am still a little bit getting used to it. Here we get and there's our third letter C. 5. E (4): all right when you go ahead and move on to the 4th 1 This under it here. This incorporates some of the some of the elements that we used in our C class earlier. If you take it, it's going to come around, and that kind of closed up C shape. We're gonna add a little curl right here and then come all the way around there and that first big c down again. And this is gonna be the one that once it goes down and back up in the center there. All right, get C shape. We're gonna do a little curl, small c, the big scene, and then that Put it all together. Here. You want to make sure that little the little blueprint there doesn't get too big. Kind of Get out of hand on you. Another one. There we go. All right, let's do a couple words here. We're gonna do energy. I will do electricity. Yeah, has spelt that room. That's okay. We all make mistakes still disturbed over here. More practice for me, Mary. You energy and electricity. And that is our fourth letter. Eat 6. E (5): Okay, we get her fifth. And finally this one is going to you start out just like a regular E. Here's our first stroke. We're gonna go to that little C shape down around the big C shape. This one's gonna go down, around behind and back up that way. But what we're gonna do, then he's gonna make a big C shape behind it. So we're going Teoh, start out with that. You the bigger C shape, that kind of elongated ass finished off there. But then we're gonna come around and do this. Let's put it all together here, end up there and said that little loop there that's important. When you're doing this that you you don't want to go down too far on the beginning your year because it's gonna make it a little awkward when you pull that back, See shakedown like a flow into that. Would you now a couple of words going to do every three and then we will do event. This is one that looks like it's a lot more complicated. That really is. You just got to break it down. Now, as our fifth and final letter eat 7. Project and Parting Thoughts : it does. I hope that you have enjoyed the magical My just give class on the letter E. Here are five forms that we learned. 12345 And what I want you to do for your class project is just to pick your favorite of these, write a word that starts with the letter e with it and go ahead and upload it to the gallery. I would love to see your progress on this. I'm gonna go with number four here. I think that's my favorite. And I'm gonna write effervescent. That's a fun word. I'm not gonna love had a double check and make sure how it was spelled before before I did this. I'm usually a pretty good speller, but I thought it started with E v. Er, some awfully glad Helicke. Okay, that has been our class on magical magic skills. The letter e. Thanks for watching guys