Magical Majuscules: The Letter D | Tracy Roach | Skillshare

Magical Majuscules: The Letter D

Tracy Roach, Calligrapher, Letterer, Crafter

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7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. D (1)

    • 3. D (2)

    • 4. D (3)

    • 5. D (4)

    • 6. D (5)

    • 7. Project and Parting Thoughts


About This Class


This is the fourth class in the Magical Majuscules Series where you will learn pointed pen flourishing for upper case letters. This class will teach you 5 ways to flourish a capital D. You will need a pointed pen, ink, and dip pen friendly paper. I recommend HP Premium Laser Jet Paper. 


1. Introduction : Hey, guys, this is Tracy Roach. Welcome to Class Four of my Siri's magical Majesty. Fuels hope you've had a chance to check out the 1st 3 classes. But if you haven't Adam to your to do list, check out the letters A, B and C Today in this class, we're gonna be exploring five forms of the letter D. This is a difficult one for a lot of people to flourish. It's one that I have struggled with in the past. So hopefully this will give you some options that you can add to your repertoire. Let's get started. 2. D (1): we're going to get our first letter D here. This one is a one stroke D. You can see it starts of here. The top goes down around here. A bomb, the down, stroke down in a really cute and then back down the bottom. See you down here a little bit. And it starts with kind of that J struck that we've talked about on some other classes. But this one's gonna go way up high, and then we've got the body of the D here. Put those together another one here. Here we go. We'll start a couple words with this. I'm gonna do danda wine. Typical homeward for the next one will do. Daisy, I really like the way this one looks. De is definitely one that I have struggled with myself past. So it's been fun to sit down and put this class together and come up with a few versions that are really like. There we go. That's our first letter D 3. D (2): wait here. We have our second letter D. This is going to start out almost like a Nell. Come around this way. Instead of going down like you would with a nail, we're gonna go back up to form the body of the D again. This is just a one stroke. You can see you start out with that C shape that we used on some other letters. They were just gonna follow it around up there. Let's put this all together for you. Do you want more here? Thank you. But this one, we're gonna write some words down here. Community dog? No, but a short one will do day. Well, there you have d number two. 4. D (3): all right. Living right along with D number three. Get it up here. You can see it starts up here, gives into a down stroke little curl there, and then we're gonna come all the way back around inside. So we're starting with that damn stroke with a little girl at the end. Away. Back up, around and stuff. Let's put this together for you. Over here. Kill, do you? One more. I see we're going to a couple words down here. Do some names with it this time. Did you Dave do? Dan? Here we go. That's their third letter, Dean. 5. D (4): Okay, here we have our fourth D. This one is going to start with that little closed off, see stroke again. It's gonna curl up here, go around that curl down to a down stroke and then around in the body of the D. C in a bigger over here, follow the arrows around, down, around, back up. All right, this one starts with that. See that we've done on so many other letters and then got Thetis. It's a little almost like you're making a little either Everything coming back up around it and then it's gonna go. Wait. There were hit. So let's put these all together over here. Do you close? And I love to redo that Lovell knitting. But you got to be careful not to overlap your lines too much. It's very watery. We go. You're right. A couple of words down here. We're gonna go with names again. Would go with girl names this time at least. Caesar girls that I have no, this name the color of your little minute. Go with Dana, man. We'll go in Diana from a dying with two ends her name. There we go. There's your fourth of D 6. D (5): Okay, here's our fifth and final de. This one's really fun. Kind of reminds me of something flying. We're gonna I'll show you down here. We're gonna start out right here at the number one and go up in a loop like we're coming down to an L. We're gonna go back around, go all the way in. So this is different from the one we did. And number three, I think because we're not going to start out with that C shape. Instead, we'll start out like that. Kind of an exaggerated A sender. Really told up there we go into a little girl, follow it all the way around. Let's put it all together here, I think gets really pretty where crosses over here one more time. We do a little smaller here. There we go. And for two words this time, see with a fun word here, Gigio. Damper. I did a photo shoot with my nephew today. He was very dapper, had already capable bow time. He's about to turn for and he's pretty awesome. Then we're gonna dio with dandy. That's a pretty dandy word, I think. All right, there we have our fifth and final flourish. D 7. Project and Parting Thoughts : Alright, guys, I hope this class was also quick and easy for you. This has been our five letter days. 12345 Now for your class project, what I want you to do is just and pick one of the DEA's from our lesson here and write a word with it and uploaded to the project gallery. I I'm gonna choose number one. That's my favorite. I'm going to write the word delicate. I think this can be very beautiful and delicate letter, even though it's kind of big and bumpy. Careful with those lines and really careful with those big swooping up strokes. Get something really beautiful and delicate for And I hope that you have really enjoyed this class. I'd make sure to subscribe to me, follow my channel so that you don't miss any of the future classes. I do plan on making this a full alphabet. Siri's with maybe even a bonus class at the end. So thank you again for watching and have a great day