Magical Experience Vol. 2: learn advanced card magic & my personal favorites

Tim Domsky, Close Up Magician / Filmographer

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31 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. The Magical Experience Vol.2 : advanced card magic & personal favorites

    • 2. Necessary Tools

    • 3. Card Principle: The Cull

    • 4. Card Effect Nr. 1: Frixion Fire

    • 5. Explanation: Frixion Fire

    • 6. Card Principle: The Double Lift (1st Version)

    • 7. Card Principle: The Double Lift (2nd Version)

    • 8. Card Effect Nr. 2: The Ambitious Card

    • 9. Explanation: The Ambitious Card

    • 10. Card Effect Nr. 3: Spectator finds the aces

    • 11. Explanation: Spectator finds the aces

    • 12. Effect: Special Scent

    • 13. Explanation: Special Scent

    • 14. Card Effect Nr. 4: Travelling Ashes

    • 15. Explanation: Travelling Ashes

    • 16. Coin Effect Nr. 1: Imaginary Selection

    • 17. Explanation: Imaginary Selection

    • 18. Coin Principle: The Classic Palm

    • 19. Coin Effect Nr 2: Pen and Coin

    • 20. Explanation: Pen and Coin

    • 21. Effect: Crazymans Handcuffs

    • 22. Explanation: Crazymans Handcuffs

    • 23. Flourish: Card Spring

    • 24. Flourish: Card Dribble

    • 25. Flourish: Card Throw

    • 26. Flourish: Charlier Cut

    • 27. Flourish: Swivel Cut

    • 28. Flourish: Coin Roll

    • 29. Performance Theory

    • 30. Book Recommendations

    • 31. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hello again! Welcome to my 2nd Skillshare Class on advanced card magic and some of my personal favorite effects. In this course I will teach you a lot of card sleights that you can use for a multitude of effects with just a deck of playing cards. You will also find magic effects with everyday objects that require a small amount of practice but are very practical an also inexpensive to buy. You will learn how to vanish ink from a card, let spectators find one of the best poker hands and predict a specific scent they are thinking of.

This Class is suited for everybody who is interested in more advanced card principles to achieve many different impossible card effects. It isn’t mandatory to have watched my first class on sleight of hand magic, but they are sleights that you will need to perform some effects and they are not taught in this class. This is why it’s best to study my first class.

The magical Experience is divided into 30 individual lessons that showcase the sleights, the performance of the effect in front of a spectator and the explanation of how the magic effect is achieved. Furthermore there are slow-motion clips for every effect, so that your learning experience is even better! They clarify the finger positions and showcase the workings of the effect from start to finish.

I have also included a section that discusses the performance in front of a spectator. What to look out for and important psychological aspects, when to direct the attention of the spectator to the effect. In addition to that you will find book recommendations that will help you even more in progressing in the art of magic. 

I hope you will take a look at it and start learning right away! If you have any questions or find anything that is not understandable to you, please do not hesitate and ask me. I will help you with any problems that can come up. Also please review and rate my class and tell me on what I can improve on. I've spend a lot of time and effort on it, so that you will have a completely new experience in learning magic tricks. It is very intuitive, easy to understand and has lots of content at over 1 hour running time! So sit back and enjoy the magical experience.

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I hope to hear from you !