Magical Art Texture & Blend Modes on the iPad- Procreate Painting Series 2

Jane Snedden Peever, Illustrator and Digital Artist

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13 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Magical Art - Textures and Blend Modes

    • 2. Supplies and Layered Files

    • 3. Exploring Blend Modes

    • 4. Blending The Flats

    • 5. Blending with Texture

    • 6. Texture Brushes

    • 7. Creating Your Own Texture

    • 8. Testing Your Texture Brush

    • 9. Blending Multiple Layers

    • 10. Subtraction Method

    • 11. Changing Colors & Textures

    • 12. Using Multiple Textures

    • 13. What's Next


About This Class


Are you looking to have some fun creating digital art on the iPad?  

Do you already draw on the iPad but want to learn some new techniques?

Join me in this class and we will explore the magic of textures and blend modes in creating stunning, eye popping digital art on the iPad

I will walk you through the steps I use to add texture into my pieces as well as how to create your own textures.  We will explore all the blend modes and discover what a simple tool they are for adding unique and beautiful painted looks and effects to your digital art.

This class is the 2nd of 3 classes in a series on creating digital art using flats, textures, blend modes and transform tools.  

The first class is not a prerequisite for this class, as I provide you with the files you need to start right off in this class.

If you want to see how I created the files I provide you with in this class, you can check the first class out here Coloring Line Art and Using Masks in Procreate   

In this class I use the Procreate app on the iPad Pro.  I do recommend that you have a basic familiarity with using the Procreate app.  You can learn some basics on the app through my course   Turning your Sketches into Whimsical Art 

This series of classes is for everyone who has wanted to try digital art and for those who would like to take their digital art on the ipad to the next level.

So join me while we explore the world of digital art and how fun it is to create on the iPad.