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Magic Tricks 101: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Advanced

teacher avatar Magic Tricks, Magic tricks that Everyone can do!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction of Magic Tricks 101

    • 2. 4 Card Mind Reading

    • 3. 12 Card Mind Reading

    • 4. The Slip Force

    • 5. The Cross Cut Force

    • 6. Color Changing Card

    • 7. Cap Through Water Bottle

    • 8. The Vanishing Toothpick

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About This Class

Welcome to "Magic Tricks 101" The Ultimate Magic course for the beginner, Intermediate, and the advanced. This course includes a broad rage of tricks from "super easy tricks" "semi easy tricks" and Intermediate tricks and some advanced sleights.

Have you ever wanted to become a magician? have you ever wanted to impress your friends?... Well now you Can!

It is a common misconception that learning how to be a magician takes years and years of practice. While some tricks require a decent amount of practice, Others that are just as impressive require nothing more than a few minutes. In this class you will learn how to become a "master magician" in a very short amount of time. You will Learn:

  • How to reads minds
  • How to change the color of your spectators selected card
  • How to force a card in 2 different ways
  • How to put a bottle cap through a plastic bottle, and hand it out for examination
  • How to make a card appear in your shoe 
  • How to make cards jump from the center of the deck
  • How to Pass a card through the table
  • How to Vanish a pencil
  • And so much more

*some tricks I havent uploaded yet, but will soon!

I hope you enjoy this class, and I hope you enjoy becoming a "master magician" and impressing your friends and family! 

The course will be updated regulary! With new tricks and tips added!

(I also have another class on magic here

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks that Everyone can do!


Hello, I'm Josh and I love Magic tricks! I think doing magic tricks is a super fun skill that everyone can learn and enjoy! (I will try to post a new class every week!) See full profile

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1. Introduction of Magic Tricks 101: Hi. My name's jobs, you know? Now learning magic takes years and years and years of practice. And then think so. Harper, just to impress your friends, I want to tell you that's simply not true. Because in this course, we're gonna learn magic tricks that you can even do right after watching the video. You're learning card tricks. 600 people's minds. We're going to learn now. I hope you enjoy this video. So much fun learning. I mean Josh. 2. 4 Card Mind Reading: this joke is called four card Mind Re and super Easy with their in here. We have four carts. Four aces, to be exact. Now, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna mix them up, and you, the spectator, are gonna pick one. Okay, Now turn my head and the spectator will choose. They'll pick anyone the memorize it. Now they look at the card, don't memorize it, and I'll think about it and then place it back in the pack. Now we're gonna mix up the cards and they can make the cars. We're gonna set them on the table. And instantly all I have to do just tell you exactly which card you selected. The days of parts this tutorial for the four card mind reading trick. So we're gonna need before aces. And it's kind of important that you these cards and explain each card has a direction. And here's what I mean by that the ace Can you the pip in the middle Can you re pointing up or down. So this is the way you look at it normal you did at the spade. And that is an upside down. Now that we're scroll, that's a heart then That's an upside down heart, the club upside down for no words for everyone except for the diamond because the diamond symmetrical. Therefore, you can't be turned upside down. So to start the trick, you're gonna put all of them in the same position, all of them facing up, okay, just like that. And, of course, the diamond, which is both in the past. Now you gonna mix it up and turn your head to mix it up like this? You don't want to turn around at all. Then you're a spectator can choose a card. They can choose anyone that they like. Let's have a choose this one, and they will look at it. Don't memorize it. You know, as they're looking at it when you dio is, you take the pack, you turn around 108 degrees. Okay, then they're gonna put it in the Pac after you turned it around, and then they can mix it up as long as we mix it up like this so they'll mix it up, makes the pack, then what you do. If you take the cards, you put them on the table and you look at which card is the one that's facing the different direction than the rest. In this case, it would be days apart because they have the clubs pointing up the bases, bases pointing up and the diamond is just the diamond. Okay, now what if they pick Diamond? Here's what happened with that. If they do the diamond, it will be the only hard. That is just normal. So the deck will look normal just like that. So now we'll recap. Trick starts out with all the carts in a normal position. Just like that, he turned around. You mix it up. The spectator chooses a card. They look at the card, they memorize it, and as they're doing that, you're gonna want turn the deck 180 degrees. Then the police, the car back in anywhere they like. They'll mix it up. Then you'll lay the cards on the table, and you'll instantly be able to tell them they chose ace of clubs 3. 12 Card Mind Reading: this trick is called 12 card in mind. It is basically four card, my injury, but on a much larger scale. We're here. We have 12 cards. All the cards are different. Now I'm gonna turn my head. I'm gonna mix up the cards and ask you the Spectators to choose one car. The spectator will not choose a car. They'll look at the card, they'll memorize it. Okay. And now they're gonna place it back into the pack anywhere that they'd like. Now they can mix up the cards as much as they want to give it a nice mix. It will hand it back to me. Now, all I have to do is snap and look at the cards. Try to find your selected cars. I'm going to see which card calls to me. No, it wasn't there. We try again. The Ace of Hearts. This is the editorial for 12 card mind reading. It works in the exact same way as for kind of my dream. So you need before aces. Then you're also going to need two sixes. Make sure you do not like the diamond 25 that don't like the diamond. And then you can get a nine, a six and a seven, a fusion of six and another random card which make sure you don't like a diamond. And you want to pick mostly odd numbers for this, like the seven, the 3 to 9 and then six is our exception in the five works. Well, because there are so your third off the same way you would make sure all the picture in the same direction and the way these were are different because they don't have one Middle Pip . They have to, but it works the exact same way this is face up. This is face down the nine. The MIT has the middle face up. Face down, heart middle pays up. He found on the seven is a little bit different. It's this one right here. Up Face them. Same thing. Start off the trick. Make sure all of the centre pimps are facing the correct, the correct direction and the diamond it is. You're just not gonna worry about the exact same way. Make sure they're all facing that at the crack direction. Spread the cards to make sure and then you ready? Go. So we turn over the card starts shuffling and it's gonna work the exact same way they're gonna choose a card. Now they can select any car they like. The look at the car will memorize it. And as their memorizing it, you take the pack, anyone 80 degrees again, the place is back and it's gonna do the same thing. You're gonna mix it up where they can mix it up that then you're gonna flip him over. But instead of laying them on the table one by one, you're just gonna look at him through your hands. Go look for the one that's upside down or you'll notice they're all in the correct direction. Except for this one, the three of hearts. But you don't want to just look for and then say, Oh, I found it. What you want to do is you want to look through em. I wonder what it is. I don't know. You want to act, and then you're like, you're gonna pretend it's sending a signal or something, and then you're gonna feel you're gonna act like you just found, uh, I got instantly you going to choose the car and you want to use like this you don't get all of them to guess that it's upside down. So you look and then you memorize and then you fan just like this, you can see them a little bit. You choose the card just like that, not for the recap Looks identical. Make sure they're all facing the same direction. They choose a car, any car they'd like. They memorize it. You turn it, they place it into the pack and instantly you look for the one card that is in the opposite direction. Yep, and that's what it would be. 4. The Slip Force: This is the performance for the soup for us. Now it takes a little bit of practice. But I promise you, if you learn, it will pay off big time. And what you do is you start out with cards, fan through the card show. All the cards are different. Then you can take the deck. You could give it a little stubble just like that. Now you're gonna give the spectator a prediction. Now, this prediction is off the car that they're gonna slept. So you're predicting the future. Now you're in, riffle your fingers down the pack just like that, and the spectator could say stop anywhere they like. So you riffle down and they say, Stop that. They have a completely free choice. Now you hand in their car, they're gonna look at their car, you memorize it and snap and it matches their prediction. Your prediction perfectly. Now that is a slip for us. Now, this is the solution to the sub force. Now, this is used by magicians everywhere. Big, but it does take a little bit of practice. So obviously you're gonna need to cards a card from a deck and you need Decca carts and then a card that is not. And this is just one variation of the trick you need. So many things make art appear in your shoes. You get a duplicate, or you could make an appearance with pocket. Now, there's so many things you could do. Now they're card starts off on top. Now, this is the basis of the entire trick. Their car that you want to force them to select starts out on the top of the pack. Now you can shuffle the way I shall. Fools called a riffle shuffle the way it must shuffle. Now I'm gonna show you by turning the card face up. Take half the deck. Just like that, you shuffle, You make sure lands on top. Now you can tell your Spectators that you're mixing up the cards. Another cardinal hot always. Now we do it face down. It looks just like normal shuffle just like that. Now the cards on top and this is where the sight of hand comes in. You're gonna ripple down the pack and tell him to say stop. But as you're doing it, you're putting your three fingers on the back of the card okay, And European point of figures will be pushing up. That's how you get a ripple just like that. Anyone turn the king face up to show you is actually happening. Okay. As I'm riffling down, they say stop anywhere. The king still on top. But then I'm gonna come in when they're happy with just the two fingers and your slightly pull out and the king is gonna fall down just like that. Now we're gonna do it again. Kings on top riffle down with your told with your three fingers They're happy. Come in with two fingers. Doesn't matter which one The car will fall on top. Here's what that would look like going a little faster there they could say stop anywhere and then you pull down. That card is the card that will match perfectly with your prediction. Like I said, there's so many other things you can do with this. You could have them select a card. A free choice. They conflict the card. Memorize it now this wouldn't be there. They hit the car they put in your pack and then you have a duplicate car in your shoe. When you snap, you reach in your shoes and you grab out the card and they'll be so amazed. There's so many things you can do with this. You know, I'm gonna go through one more time on how we do it now I gotta find it. The King. King King. Where? Could be okay. Now it's on top from top of the pack. You start off by handing them your prediction. Don't that? Don't let them look at it yet. You start out now by Langham Shuffle. You shuffle. You shall for the past riffle shuffle, make sure ends up on top, and then you're gonna riffle down the pack. They tell them they could say Stop anywhere. They'll say, Stop. You'll break. You'll do the secret move. We'll show them the car now it doesn't really matter. You're faster. Slow Because 99% of the time when you do this, they will not notice a thing. Yeah, so that is the same force. Hope you enjoy 5. The Cross Cut Force: Now this force is called the Cross cut Force. Now, it's so much easier than the sub force. And you could do it basically instantly. So we're gonna do, you know, about cards? He shuffled that like that. You had a spectator. A prediction. Now what they're gonna do is they're just like the card, and they're gonna cut when What I've been. Cut the deck there and take two fingers and there's go cut to anywhere they, like, cut toward the top, crept towards the bottom towards the middle so they'll cut the deck. Now they have this prediction in their hand at this point. Now, where you can do is gonna cover the point where they cut just like that, and they're gonna take out the car now they can even do this. What they're gonna do is they're just gonna flip them over, and they're going to see that they're identical. Now that is across come before us. Now it's so easy to dio and I think it almost just as impressive as its force thistles. The explanation for the cross cup force. Obviously you're any your two cards and I'm using one from another different color back. But you don't have to do that. You can just have a same back. So in essence, when you're doing in this trip, you're lying to them. And I'll explain that in a minute. So the car ends up on top, starts on top and then, of course, you can do your trouble like that. Make sure it ends up on top and I can start trick. You want to put this out, But you don't want too much a chance and attention to it, even though it's just a normal car. No, you're tell them that they cut the pack anywhere they like. Now this is important that when they caught, they place it right next to it right there. Tell them, then cut anywhere from the bottom to the middle to the top. But you're trying to get him to cut in the middle. So when they you should cut a little bit and then cuddle, I know psychologically trick, trick them. It's cutting into the middle. Now it's not that bad. If they don't now, we're gonna cut the pack in, place it right next to it. Not gonna stop. Do not let them pick up this car because that card they actually cut through your card is just on top. So when they cut doesn't matter where they cut. They always cut your card. But you on a pause, you want to show them their prediction. Two in the back of it. Don't flip it over as you're causing it. Their mind is going to forget that they actually come to that part and you're gonna take this pile and flip it around. Now, this would be face down at this point and they can lift up the card that cut and you want to tell them OK, left at the card. You cut and flip over the prediction and they'll do it just like that. Now, this this just like the so force has so many applications, you could do it again. The car in the shoe. Or you could do a card in envelope or you do so many things. Now we're gonna recap, start off with the cardinal top. You can do a riffle shuffle, making sure the car ends up on top. I'm sorry, and this is supposed to be flipped over at this point there you tell him to cut anywhere they like. You're gonna pause your show. Tell him that you have a prediction. You're gonna mark where they cut where they cut. Then they're gonna pull, and they can flip over and find that the cards are identical. That is how you do the cross cut force. 6. Color Changing Card : this'd The performance for the color changing card trick is a great trick that gets great reactions. And it's fairly easy to do with the right here. We have a deck of cards. All the cards are different. And what I'd like you to do is I'd like you dislike the cart. I want a ripple down the side of the path and you're gonna say, Stop anywhere you'd like in The Spectator. Consider stop anywhere. Now you given the card, don't lift it up. They'll memorize that card and then place it back anywhere with inside the pack doesn't just have to go there now we're gonna give the decks a little bit of a mix. If I snap my fingers instantly. Your selected card is the only car that has turned face up in the pack. Now, everyone's going crazy at this point. But But all I have to do is step in your card becomes the Onley car in the pack with a blue back. That is the color changing card trick. This is the explanation for the color changing card trick. What you're gonna need is a deck of cards and then you're gonna need one card from another deck that has a different color back. Okay, Now, to start the trick, you're gonna take out the card. You will find the matching card inside the deck. So what? We're looking for the nine of diamonds. Okay, so you get that out. No, I'm gonna take the nine of diamonds with the colored back, and you're gonna put it face up and the second car from the bottom. Okay. Just like that. Thank you. Square off the deck. Now you take the normal night of diamonds and you replace it on the top of the deck. Now, what we're doing is we're forcing them to choose the nine of diamonds now, there many different ways. Force the cards. Car card. But I taught you to. In the course, you can use either one now to start off the trick. You're going to show the pact for the deck and you don't want to spread too far that they see the card will be very careful. Grab your thumb and you can just hold it and apply pressure. Right? Do the same thing with the top and just don't spread too far on the bottom. Okay, Now, you're gonna force them to choose a car, you can do either one of the force. You can you do the slip force or the Croft force. They're gonna ripple down. And then you do that. The truth, the secret move, and they take the cart. Okay, Now they take the card, they look at it and you don't see it, even though you already know what it is and they can place it anywhere they want inside the pack, pushing ahead. Basically, the trick is already done. What? You know, did you just cut the deck in half and you're just going to spread the cards on the table? You're gonna spread the cards until you stay. See the face up card. Now, they'd be amazed already. But for the big kicker ending we're gonna do is your turn over the card and show them that has a different back 7. Cap Through Water Bottle: This next trick is a great check through a parties or another. Whenever people aren't really expecting it. You show a water bottle and you take off the cap. You show them that you all you have to do, You take the cap, you place it right beside the water. Oh, no. If you turn the water bottle out, tapas completely stopped in there. And there's no way that it can come out. This is the secret to the cap through the water role trick. Now, a great thing about this trick is that it's 100% examine herbal when you're done, that means when the when the captain the water bottle, you can pass it out and they won't be able to get it out. Now, that's pretty cool. Now you set up the trick is very simple. You're gonna need a water bottle with cap. Then you need an extra cap. Okay, then what you're doing, you're going toe. Take one of the caps and you're gonna squeeze it. You're gonna squeeze it to like a football shaped just like that so you can slide it in to the water. But now it's better if you have keep water wells that are, like made of cheap plastic. Now, what is in here? They're gonna obviously know that you squished it in order to get in. You can do. Now. You're and take it. You're a tease now. It's kind of hard to show on camera. Is it from the water inside Squeeze. It looks more circular. What? They squeeze It looks more circular. They're gonna blow up the water bottle again. So left Pretty normal. Now that's in there. Now your to the other cap in your place. It on top. You're already to do the trick. You take your hand and cover it up. Cover up the cat. It doesn't matter which hand cover it up and just laying right here. Just like this. Now, 100% of the time, they're not gonna notice that the cap is inside there. As long as you don't make any noise. It's like that. Now you take out the cat and here's the secret move You hold in your hand and you're gonna pretend to put it in. But in reality, you just bring it in. She had like that. So you put in your to bring it into your hand. Forget into your hands like that. You would make a big sound. That's very important. And as you put it in, your gonna turn this like that, Okay, So that they're gonna be shocked that it's inside. But what you have to do now is to figure out a way to get rid of this. You don't want to stick in here in the pocket, in your pocket. So one thing you could do is you could place your hand over here on the table and then just drop it like that, just like that. And they will no longer you making annoyed with this. So to recap, you start off with the cap on top of the water bowl for your hand around it. You tell them they're gonna put the cap through the water bottle. You take it, you're gonna I think that glamour right through your and then they can examine this and trying to get it out. And they will be trying to find cuts or slipped in here and there won't be any. It's a pretty great tricks. Thank you. 8. The Vanishing Toothpick: This next trick is called Vanishing Toothpick. It's so easy. You can do it right after watching the video. You need a toothpick and all you have to do is tell your audience you could make it instantly disappear. Watch. It's gone. Just like that, they grab it out of thin air. Another thing you could do is you take your hand. You can grab a toothpick. You could whittle it down to almost nothing. You make it appear just like that. Now, this is so easy and it's truly great. Trick the vanishing toothpick. Now it is really good trick to do it parties. But you need a little bit of preparation. Course you're in in the toothpick or in this case, a bear skier. I think the big ones work better and a guy needs some duct tape. Now, this is truly the important part. Hey, what you do is you're going to take the duct tape you want cut into a size like this. Pretty small that could fit around just around your thumb without being seen from the other side. Okay, so you're so I do it now I can rip the cape. So but if you can eat feathers. He's just a little bit you're gonna wanna rip it. And then you take this and you're gonna rub it like this just like that, into a little tiny piece were in use it just like they use you right here. Now I'm gonna take it and put it on the pointy end of the toothpick. You don't put it all the way. You want to leave a little bit of the end sticking out, then you're gonna take your thumb. And just like that, you're gonna place it on your thumb on the little bendy part like this. So you're able to bend that you think back like that. That's literally the entire trick. It's that simple. What you dio is to make you disappeared. Which way from side you're gonna take it and you're just gonna throw it up your hand. You're throwing your hand like this in the toothpick is gonna seem gone to the audience the way you do a solid You take your hand, you provide the cover, you pull back, you grab and gestures and stuff. Now it's such an easy trip. Now, you can also do this trick with the match or you can also do it with safety pan. And it's and it's really easy to once you get the hang of it Now the hand this away, Spectators, you're gonna take it, make it disappear. Oh, it appeared again that all you have to do You twist it off and you can twist it off just like that. And you don't even have to ditch this right now. You can literally just turn your hand over like this and they're not gonna notice you could hand it's, um, to explain And then once you get a free time, peel this right off and you're ready to go again. So, to recap, we take a little piece of duct tape. This could be right before the performance. Place it right on. They can take your hand and please right there just like that on the bendy part, your thumb. Then make it disappear. All you have to do is roll it up and it vanishes every single time and from the side view just like that. Now, one thing you have to remember when performing district did you have to be looking straight on at the audience. You can't do this trick surrounded that to be directly in front of you. When you do it, just remember that, and you'll be fine.