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Magic Trick: "Best Card Trick In The World" - The World Famous Chicago Opener

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. Phase 1

    • 4. Different Kinds of Double Lifts

    • 5. Standard Double Lift

    • 6. Strike Double Lift

    • 7. Phase 2

    • 8. Putting It All Together

    • 9. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

This is without a doubt one of the most famous tricks in all of card magic. It is no wonder this effect is often refferred to as "The Best Card Trick In The World".

Its premise is simple, yet powerful: 

  • The spectator selects a card from a blue deck
  • The spectator puts his/her selection back into the deck 
  • The magician snaps his/her fingers and the back of the spectators' card turns red

When the magician attempts to repeat the trick something appears to go wrong but there's a surprise at the end that will blow the spectators away!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. Introduction: Welcome back. I'm Miss Jack. Andi. I've been doing card magic since 2007 now, So I really I really created this channel here to teach, to teach you all about count Magic on this is what this is all about. About sleight of hand techniques about card tricks about simple ones of advanced ones, everything mathematical principles sometimes. So there's really something for everyone here. I think so. If your first time student also check out my other classes on great great card tricks that to discover on if you already are student Welcome back on board. Let me tell you about the amazing Cardiff Act that I'm going to teach you today. The country I'm going to teach you today has been called the world's best con trick. And for good reason, I think because it's a really strong effect, this effect a spectator, select any cars and this car them becomes the only red card in another buys blue deck of playing cards. So this is a really strong effect on D on these color changing effects, really, always a crowd pleaser. So this is this is a good one. Um, and it's easy to you and it only needs one technique that you can use for many of the tricks. So that's that's a bonus. Eso I'm not going to talk too much about it anymore because I'll show your performance off the trick. And so you have an idea what it should look like when performed Andi after that will jump right straight into the tutorial. So I'll teach you all about it all about the ends around Ines. Announce off this effect, Andi, the technique you need to learn or there 23 techniques, but one core technique. So enjoy the performance, Andi. We'll see each other, uh, in the editorial. Okay, so for this trick, the spectator will select any card. Let's say this one right here and let's have a look at it. It's the three of hearts on. We were real. Return it somewhere to the middle, off the pack. Okay, Now watch. Here comes the magic now. One card and one could only has turned red on the back. There it is. And wouldn't it be quite interesting if this was a spectator selection? Okay, we leave the three over here for a second because I'm going to repeat this trick. And now you exactly know what to look for. Um, this time, just call out. Stop at any point, please. Okay, stop right here. That's the five parts for you on. Believe it. Somewhere in the middle and again, watch as one cart turned ripped. One card and one cut only. Um, wait a second. It has to be somewhere. There's one. Sometimes they took up a little bit. Yeah. Um, well, I mean, there is one red card, right? Let's have a look. And it is but five thoughts, and this is but Chicago open up. 2. What You'll Need : Okay, so welcome to the tutorial. First of all, I'm going to tell you what you'll need for this trick. So some of you may be already if gas did you need to do, but could cart and you need it from a different deck. Okay, so if you have a blue deck, you need duplicate from a red tag and ice versa. So if you have just you need to different, um, colored decks and just the same card from each one. Okay, so in this case, I chose to five of hearts. You can choose any card. I tend to use anything that's not, uh, not a picture card, not an ace. Something that's not too suspicious because people get suspicious if they, uh, days just so happen to select an ace. Because later on, you have to force discard on the spectator, actually, and I teach you out of it. Okay, so that's everything you need actually need the duplicate, and you need a whole deck off carts. And then the way you placed accounts is you'll have the, uh, the blue back on the bottom, and then the red card on the bottom off. That's a after 252 to broker cards on the bottom on the bottom. Most card has to be the card from a different color back. Uh, deck. Okay, so poor look like this. Okay, so in the next video, I'll teach you the first phase off the trick. 3. Phase 1: All right, So the first face off the trick is almost self working. I say almost because you you'll have to do a double lift. And I'll teach that to you. No worries. Okay, So what you do is you have a year spectator. Choose any card and just make sure not to flash the bottom card. Right? Don't do like this, so just keep a lump of cards on the bottom and you'll be fine. You can also just tell them to yell stop at some polling stop. That is their car. Something like that. Just let them choose any car. You can also do a ribbon spread. If you know how to do that, just make sure to leave a lump of cards at the bottom and they can choose any cut. For example, this one. Okay, While they look at that count, you're going to perform that swivel cuts like this. So you're holding the carts in your right hand in the biddle grip like so. And then the index finger is going to lift off about half accounts like so. And then the left hand thumb is going to grip the cards and place them in the other hand. Okay, So all you've done really is ah is cutting the count's So now the, um the bottom portion is in your right hand, ready to drop on top. Okay, so this way you're going to offer them this package ist replace your car, please. And they would replace it on the top, and then you'll put the rest on top. And And by doing so, you're placing the rent card right on top, right on top off their selection. Okay. Like so. Okay, uh, quickly camp. They choose any cart while they're looking at it. You do the swivel cuts, grabbing the pack. And then they returned the cart right here. You put Don't flash this into them. They shouldn't see their five. So keep the cars like this and drop on top, OK? And then you do some kind of magic gesture and explain to them that one card has turned red and the red card obviously, is the five, but they don't know that. You just show you hold back and then you take every every car, all the cards above the red card placed him to a site or if you if you do this without the table standing up. Then you just place them on the bottom. Okay, Uh, but we have a table. Also. We do it like that, like this, and then you all you have to do is a double lift. This is a double lift. So what you're doing is yeah, turning over two counts as one. Okay, so now the Spectators counts. Can't appears. Okay, Andi, I'll teach you how to do that. Have a lift in, uh, the next video. 4. Different Kinds of Double Lifts: All right. So you in this position again on five. On the top, off the Spectators cart. So now you in the perfect position to do double lift to make them believe that the red backs card actually is their selection. Okay. And there's about a 1,000,000 different ways to do a double lift and my favorite way to choose to do this is the so called strike double lift. And it looks like this already side, and it's really clean. It looks really great. It's doesnt require pink pinky break before in the pinky break. Once again, there's a break held by your pinky and back. And that would also allow you to lift to Kansas one. But the strike double. It doesn't even need that. So that's a bonus, Andi. Well, um, I'm actually going to teach you two variations now. First, the one that needs the pinky break standard the double lift, so to speak. And then I'm going to teach you to strike double lift because, um well, I think the standard double lift is a little bit more beginner friendly, so if you're just starting out, it may be easier to do this way. Um, But I think it's really worth it to to learn the strike double lift because it's a little bit more versatile on do a little bit less suspicious. So bear with me and I am going to teach you standard first and the strike double lift second. 5. Standard Double Lift: All right, so let's begin with the standard double lift. Who If you want to perform to standard double if you need a pinky break underneath the top two carts. Okay, So how do you get a pinky break? Once again, there's about a 1,000,000 ways to do this. And, um, some more advanced than others. For example, the pinky count way account two cars with your pinkie. OK, but this one is quite advanced as well. So I'm not going to teach this today. I'm going to teach to pretty easy ways to do this. One is the lift off with your thumb, Okay. And the other one is just the push off, okay? And especially in this streak, the push off is, uh this is perfect, actually. So it would start with the come, um, by you can grab one card like this with your thumb. And if you don't just roll your thumb inward a little bit like this, you're automatically going to grab the next one. Okay. On. Done. You just insert your pinky a little bit there and you have a break in the news underneath the top two counts. Okay, So once again, lift off one lift off to and done. And don't do it like so not 12 because that's, uh, very suspicious. But do it in one motion like this under the cover off, adjusting to cancer or something like that. Okay, so maybe a little bit messy, and you're going to adjust in something like that and you have a berg. But, uh, don't focus on this one too much, because I think in this effect the push off is actually way better because you're fanning through pack Andi. There's a red card here replacing the others. Or you can even show that there's no more blue cards, and then you replace you. Discard everything about the red car and your disposition. Naturally, those kinds are already pushed over to the site. So now while you're squaring up, it's very easy to just insert your pinky underneath the top two cuts. Okay, that's all you do when you do the push off. Move your normally, you would push over the cards and then prove it. Push up with your pinkie underneath the second cart and retract. That way you have a break, Okay, but now these cars are already spread out. So you need to do is square them up, and it's hard to show. Actually, they're spread out. And while you are retracting, you're also putting pressure upward pressure with your pinkie on the second cart. Okay? So you can use your right hand as well to help. And all the pinky is doing is actually inserting itself underneath the second card. Okay? So once again, they're spread out, and then you push up with your pinky against the face off this card right in this corner, push up and you're creating a break once again. Like always, I recommend that you, um, place a pack of playing cuts into your hands while you're watching this because it will become much clearer. Much easier, um, to do. Okay. So, uh, yeah. Now you have a break underneath the top two counts. All right, This is the first. Stange's off the standard double lift. The 2nd 1 is just taking the two carts, inserting your fingers into the break and flipping the cards over. Okay, you have a break. And now the right index finger is touching this end. The thumb and first finger are holding the cards together, so they can't really move. You're flexing them a little bit. Then the other, the middle thing and the ring finger also help holding the card. The thumb goes on top and now you can move the card along the back off the deck is always in contact with back off the deck. And once you reach the right most Enge, you simply flip the carts like this one. Don't do it too slowly, because if you do it really slowly, sometimes the cards separate. But you will find out soon enough. Two stood in a natural don't do too fast, but also don't do it very slowly because that's also weird, right? Normally, if you turn a cut over there, sir certain, uh, speed tude and just try to mimic that speed, okay? And then once there, flipped over there several different ways to turn and back. OK, so you may be you already noticed. If you place them flush with the deck, you don't have a break anymore. So how the hell you're going to flip them back? So either you do strike double if, but I'll teach it out in the next video, or what's even? What's easier maybe is not to put in flush with the deck, but instead I would talk them a little bit and out jogging means that you're just not putting them flush, but a little bit. Our words can also thean jog nuts like this. I'll chuck in joke. Okay, So, OK, if you have out jog the way you, um, regain your pinky break is while squaring up normally to square up by pushing with your index finger like this. Okay, But now, do you not only pushed onwards, I'll backwards towards yourself, but also downwards towards the floor. And by doing so, the and and you're come is stabilizing the cuts on the side or on the top. So now you're creating, um, bend a slight bend in the cards and they opened upwards at the back and you will be able to catch a pinch. Brick. Okay. The other way is to to an in joke on Now, while squaring up with the thumb, you can actually lift the card slightly. Don't be obvious, but lift them a little bit and also catch a pinky break once again in dark lift up, pushed wall would pinky break. Maybe even easier. And then you can flip the cards in drug again. You have a pinky break in. Joke, Pinky break Been jog, Pinky break. Just practice that. Okay, so that's the standard double lift for you to recap, Um, in this effect. And we can also do this with more concerts. I think it's easier with less card. So if you have trouble tried with half the deck may be OK. So, um, you fan fruit accounts discover the red card. So the other cops, we, uh, just cop everything about the record, then maybe show them again. Spread no close to the cards. And while doing so pushing up with pinky against the second cart creating a break inserting insert your fingers into the break. Flip the cards over making sure that they stay flush. And don't worry too much about this. If the cards are a little bit, they separate a little bit like this. It's hardly even visible. It's only visible if they are. If they're speak, um, this creep in C, but usually expected his Spectators won't even notice that. Trust me, because you're immediately going to do this and squaring them up again. Okay, Just be quick in that case. But practice this. Andi, he'll be fine. Okay. So you in this position now, lift up, Push forward, pinky break, Flip back, flushed this time. And now you can place the Spectators card, which is actually your duplicate through inside. Hey, ones, once again, flip the cards. No, you actually, you have a break underneath. First to comes using the spread or using the thumb count flipped, um, in record time. Once again, if you want to. Out took them. You can do this with your index finger where you push down on back and cut a branch or in dog lift up again. I'll joke, push down and also pull. Maybe it's more like pulling that putting pull downward. So you're creating this flex and now exemption rating. Okay, Just do a little bit like this is enough. It's already pretty pick actually on and you could on and then you're here, and you can place the Spectators cut here on and say, OK, we'll repeat the whole trick, and you're in this position. All right, So, um, in the next video, I'm going to show you the ah, the strike double lift and off of bad the second phase and hope to enter trick 6. Strike Double Lift: Okay, so once again, you in this position where that your duplicate is on top and the spectator selection is the second card from the top. Can't you may be asking yourself, Isn't there a way to do this without the need for a pinkie break and effect? Various. It's called a strike down lift, and it is a little bit more advanced. So maybe not for you beginners out there, but you can try, and maybe you'll find it easy to do. I don't know. I think it's a little a little bit more advanced, but just try it for yourself. Okay? So how to do this? You're holding the cards in the normal mechanics scrip, and then the the way I do it, at least is the ring finger on moved away to make room for the, um, for the index finger off the right hand can also move the pinky out of the way. It doesn't really matter. Just there needs to be some space for the, uh, right index finger to grip the cards. Then what you do, you're feeling the edge off the cards and you have to practice this, but you can actually lift one cart. Okay, but it can also lift two cuts. Okay. And the way you do that, um, I tried to show. This is when you go from this position to this position, what you're doing is actually you're pushing a little bit with your thumb on the pack to make it to have a little slope. And the the cards here are two. Uh huh. Yeah, to arranged them in this fashion. So now the this actual won't be straight, but slightly sloped. So this way it's easier to actually grab one or multiple cuts. The great thing about the strike double lift is if you practise enough. And if you get this and feeling for the cards, it's actually pretty easy to do a triple or quadruple lift, even using the same techniques that you can do. Ah. Ah, simple double lift. But you can also and try to get this right on, do a triple lift. Okay, so this is a triple. This is this is how humble. Okay. And this is a single and all. They all look pretty similar. And, um, it's really hard from Spectators, too, to differentiate between. That's a good thing. Okay, so once again, it's really It's hard to explain, I think, because you really have to practice just getting the feeling right. Okay? So one way you can actually actually start is just riffle down to side. And and you will notice you if you come to the last two cards and try to get a feeling from that to turn it. Okay, so that's one way to practice this. And then you'll get a feeling how to cards actually feel, because later you you're not going to need to riffle that much. But you're going to just grip very, very, uh, near the top. And you're probably just get two carts. That's three. And then you just dispose of one. So the way you do that, you can also just lift the 1st 1 go back down and take another, like with the thumb, Okay. Like that. But with on the side don't and then take another. That's actually also, if you're starting out a good way to do this. So, in lifting off one by rotating the tip off your finger, just grabbing a second and done OK, so you're taking one two, and then you can flip them one, two, and then you can flip them on. The way you flip them is actually the same as taught in the senator lived. But I so to begin. So you have one to then you're going to insert the finger a little bit deeper and with the help of the other fingers and the thumb, you're going to grip the carts. Slight slide. Um um, over the over the act, the right. And once he reached the right nge going to flip them. And this time you don't have to worry about a ninja coronal junk or anything, because you don't need them because you can do the strike double, right? Okay. And the strike other will actually even be easier once the cards are flipped over. Because they the plane carts always, even if you can see this, have a slight bend in them. So one way or the other way. And if you flip to carts very, um, it will be convicts to the deck. And already a few pressing down on this corner at this corner, there will be a little small miniter break, and that can easily catch with your index finger. Okay, maybe not easily, but with practice. You can do this. So that's actually pretty much all there is to this strike, that belief just yet. That's lots and lots of practice. It's not an easy move at all. So just practice and you have to get the feeling rights, and then you will be able to do this all the while. Okay? If you grab it and you notice owed it, only one. Just don't worry. Go back down. Grab the next one, and you're good to go. Okay, So you have one. You can even hold this in place with your, um, middle singer. WhyWe the next finger grabs the next one. Okay, so once again, one holding it in place to one, holding in a place to also technique. But it's better to either to one. True. So the first catchment make contact somewhere here. So you have enough room to roll around to get the 2nd 1 if you know what I mean. Suck from. And there we have it, or you just go for in one motion like this. That's obviously the best way to do this. Okay, so that's just practice right here. Okay. Okay. So you do the, um, strike double. And obviously, if you're not feeling too safe with the strike double, you can always to now joke create a break or a ninja creative break to make it easier. So you only have to do to strike double ones. And then you can, uh, creating a break if you want. But you also can square them perfectly and then just go like this. And if you noticed I the last one I did, I grabbed too many. So had to do this. And then here at the right position. OK, okay, so you flip the two counts. So the spectator selection flipped them over again on and say, OK, let's place this attend to aside for one second, because I'm going to repeat the trick. And now you need to replace all these carts on top off this packets. Okay, because on the bottom still is the duplicate five. But I'll tell you tell you about the last phase in the next video 7. Phase 2: Okay, so now we know in the last phase off this trick. So you just placed the duplicate, which the spectator things stare cart to one side. And now the Spectators card is on top of that Doesn't really matter anymore. What really matters is that there is. The duplicate is on the bottom of the other half, so it's either on the table or a few. Remember if you did this in your hand you replaced. He placed this top path on the bottom. Then that the Yana Yana double if double lift over here on day, the card that duplicate is on the bottom. That's important. Because now you have to force the spectator, actually choose dis cut. Okay, So the way there are one thing and thousands of ways to do this. And if you want, I can do a special class in the future on forcing cars, because there Mm. 234 maybe five techniques I usually use use on day one. Very simple, very, very simple. One is the one I used in this routine. And I dont river deliberately used and used a simple one because I wanted this, um, effect to be uh, perform herbal for beginners as well. Okay, So to force this card on you need to do is a Hindu shuffle. And that's a shuffle that looks like this. Okay. Pretty easy. Shuffle. It's actually, it's similar to the overhand shuffle. Works some, really? But it's, um, Lengthwise, if you want. And the way you do this is you hold the cards your right hand in disposition. Okay. Got a good look, and then the left hand comes from below in this position. Okay? Once they make contact the thumb and middle and drink thing and the actually index finger just this year to stabilize everything. They grew up a small portion off the deck, and they place it in the mechanic scrip like this. And I can do this over and over again. I do it in slow motion here so you can see place it, grab it places, grab it, place it, grab it. Places. Okay. And you can. Eva, this hand can be stationary. All this hand can be stationary. Doesn't really matter. It's up to preference. I think, um, or both can move, but I think it's a little clean. If only one hand moves Okay, Andi. So you're shuffling the cards and then the spectate it you tell them to yell, Stop at any point and ones The spectator tells you to stop immediately turned this hand over like this and show them this card in the performance. I wasn't possible because the camera was looking down, so I had to do this. But is this actually sub optimal? So some of you, if you really paid lots of attention, probably noticed that this is, in fact, the bottom card that could have a changes. Um, okay, but if you do it like this, it's more obvious. But if you do this like this and even go up into the line, I line and then it's actually amazing how, um how Spectators never notice. Never noticed that this is actually the bottom card. In all the years that I performed, maybe two or three times, somebody told me, Well, that's the bottom card, but is usually people don't notice on. And why is that? Because they look at the carts, everything is changing. And then you just took daily yell Stop! So they have something to do. They have to yell, Stop! And you stop immediately. Go up and show them the card. Okay, so remember your card. You also say Okay, remember your card and dont showed to them too long. Just maybe one second. Two seconds. Remember your card and then throw them back. And this really drives home the illusion that this comes from somewhere in the middle and goes back there. Okay. Just say stop, stop. Remember your card ban. Okay. And off course they saw the five of hearts or whatever you duplicate card is. So once again, you're suffering small, small, small packets. Yo, stop. Show the card, then push. Put it on top. Okay. And well, all the rest off the trick. Really. It's only a performance to do your magic gesture once more and say once again, one card and one cut only turns red. And then you do Maybe if you know how to do this, a ribbon spreading ago. Well, sometimes you can't lump together. You just act as if some something went wrong. And the Spectators will think that something went wrong. All that you messed up somehow when you go, um, and then you're once again you have to act like you noticing. Well, I mean, there is one card, and usually Spectators will already go. No way. Something like that. And this is really a great moment if you reveal to them that this is actually there part a second selection, and it's mind boggling for more Spectators. Okay, so, um, does this about it in the next video? I'll do a quick recap off the whole effect, so I'll do it a little bit faster just to show you how everything flows together. See in the next video. 8. Putting It All Together: Okay, now. So this is a re camp, Andi. I just want to show you how everything flows together, so to speak, everything that we learned. So in this video, I'll do quick walk through off the whole effect from, uh, our point of fuel from the magician's point of view. Okay, so first you have he let the spectator sect any card while they're looking at it, that's there's something that's a little bit that a contrasting too. Okay, while they look at it, you do this swivel cut. Okay, cut on your you tell them. Please replace Can point here, please replace your card. Gonna replace it and you put everything on top. Okay, You do some kind of magic gesture and you tell them that only one card will turn red. There it is. Show them that no other red cards place them. You square this up. Either you grab pinky break while doing so. If you to the strike, double it, you won't. But let's studio standard double first, then your you will reveal to them that it is in fact, their selection. Okay. Using Eva the standard pinking break out talking. Oh, in jogging and then placing the Carty or using the strike double lift and placing their selection, which is actually duplicate card over here. Okay, then you you replace the cards on top and you do the Hindu shuffle Force. The spectator yells, Stop! At any point, you show them the count of five of hearts, replace it to some kind off magic gesture. Once again, fan through one card. And good. Good thing is to find through really fast at first and so that that's plausible that the record was may be hidden in some lumber cards. Well, there. Well, there is one caught one red car and then you just and you can if a performer's. I always let Spectators flip this cut over because it's just an ends to effect. I think you go well. There is one card. No, I have a look at it and I flip it over. And it is their second selection selection, the five of hearts. Okay, so that was a quick walk through off the Chicago opener, also called the world's best card trick. I hope you enjoyed it, Andi yet Well, I think this is a brilliant effect. Have fun with it and see you in the next class 9. Closing Thoughts: I hope you enjoy the class. If you did, let me know by leaving a positive review. Andi, if there's anything that you didn't like or if you have any critique for me, then please on. Just send me just comment comment on on the class or, uh, let me know and I'll try to fix it. So I'm always trying to to teach these classes in the best way possible. So if there's anything I could do better please, looking out on Bond. Also, check out my other classes. So there are some really great card tricks I think you'll enjoy. So, um yeah, have a great day. And thank you for watching this class. I really hope he enjoyed it. And I really hope you you're going. Teoh amazed some people with with this magic trick. So have fun on D. C. You in the next one by