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Magic 101 : From Beginner to Performer

teacher avatar Acker Kwan, Magician

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic Card Sleight 1: Shuffling Cards

    • 3. Basic Card Sleight 2: The Double Lift

    • 4. Basic Card Sleight 3: The Double Undercut

    • 5. Basic Card Sleight 4: False Cuts

    • 6. Basic Card Sleight 5: Forcing Cards

    • 7. Card Trick 1: Ambitious Routine

    • 8. Card Trick 2: French Kiss

    • 9. Caring For Your Playing Cards

    • 10. Visual Magic 1: Got Milk?

    • 11. Visual Magic 2: Fresh Mint

    • 12. Visual Magic 3: Up the Ladder

    • 13. Mentalism 1: Card Prediction

    • 14. Mentalism 2: Coin Prediction

    • 15. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Fast track yourself to becoming a Magic Performer!

When I first started out Magic, I spent a lot of time and money learning fancy moves and buying expensive props. It is quite frustrating because I do not use 60% of those moves or props. 

In this class, I will teach you only what you need to start you off as a magic practitioner as soon as possible. I've split this class into 4 sections and if you already have prior knowledge, you may skip to the tricks right away.

  1. Basic Card Sleights - I will teach you some basic moves, but only those which you need to start performing. No fancy unnecessary moves taught here.
  2. Card Tricks - You will learn 2 card tricks based off the card sleights. These are powerful card tricks that Magicians all over the world perform.
  3. Visual Magic - You will learn 3 visual (Eye Candy) magic which you can perform in real life, and also post on your social media.
  4. Basic Mentalism - I will guide you into the basics of mentalism (Mind Reading) through 2 tricks which you can perform anytime, anywhere.


There is no need for prior knowledge in Magic. All you need is a passion for Magic and a heart for people. As for physical materials, all you need are basic household items.

Any questions? Contact me here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Acker Kwan



Hello everyone, 

I'm Acker, a Medical Biotechnology graduate, now chasing my passion as a full-time Magician.

Magic started out as a hobby. Shortly after graduating, I spent some time in the corporate work force while free-lancing magic on the side. However, I felt that my life was unfulfilled, so I quit my 9-5 job and decided to pursue Magic full-time.

The Journey has been extremely fulfilling thus far. Magic has taken me to many different places where I met many people who are today, my friends. I want to share this Journey with you.

I'm working on a series of Skillshare Classes where I share practical/visual Magic which can fast-track you to the performing world. Materials that I will be sharing have been tried and tested in my years of... See full profile

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1. Introduction: My name is Hacker and I'm full time magician. With over 15 years of experience, I have performed in many different places, such as concerts off 10,000 people. As Phyllis, the waters off More gives well home to my first skill sharing. Begin this class. You know, when I first started out doing magic, I spent a lot of money in time by expensive crops and learning fancy moves. It is quite frustrating because to be honest, I don't you 60% of those moves all props which I collected over the years. This class is across that I had, so I don't waste time on the mystery things. So in this class I'll be taking you through full basis off beginners. Imagine. First, we will learn some basic card sites, but only doors that you really need to know to stop it for me. Then I'll teach you to strong. Patrick's, based on these carts, likes face trees that things got excited as I teach you tree visual magic that not only perform but also post on your social media to impress your friends. Finally, you will learn to basic mental ism effects that you can do any time anywhere. So in total, you're than seven. Powerful men are going to extreme detail and angles for each and every video, so that you can follow along easily. I also give you my personal tips, which is based off my experience, the magic. I would also you could take part in a class project performing at least one of the seven tricks and have been recorded so that I could give you some feedback. Take note that there are no fancy gadgets off props needed for this class. Most of the items you already have lying around your house. You also do not need to have any prior knowledge in magic to summer. Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you soon. 2. Basic Card Sleight 1: Shuffling Cards: Hello, guys. Welcome to the first lesson off the course on before starting any magic, we would need to learn some really basic moves. So in this video, I'm gonna be teaching you guys to treat most basic shuffles magicians use before we go into that. I have spent on time to talk about think arts because I don't want you guys spent on Siri money. Really expensive cars. Let's have a look. There are tons of playing cards. Bender market their normal ones. They're expensive ones, really looking ones and even a cute throughout the course. I would only be using bicycle standard playing cards because they're strong, durable and high quality. No, in some Asian countries, you might be tough to find bicycle standing cards. Don't worry. These cards Local cards, which can find in your local supermarket, can do the same job as well. The only catch you might wear a faster. So you really don't need those. Collect the carts, which I showed you just now. Unless you want to do some cool, Suresh is will become a cart collected for magic. This is all you need. Okay, let's start off with the overhand shuffle looks something like this. And this is just a generally over a reshuffle for all skill levels because most normal people with shuffle cards like this. So as magicians, this looks very natural. Now, once you get good at the overhand shuffle, you can use it to control cards. So let's see if a chunk of cards that you want to remain and talk to death in this case, the four aces You can simply use an overhand shuffle to look like you're shopping the Christ when in actual fact, you're just simply controlling before races which will remain on top of the deck. This we will learn in next course. Now we're just gonna learn how to shuffle using the overhand shuffle. Okay, to start the overhand shuffle holding that like this slightly tilted. And these three fingers are going to support the bottom off the deck. Okay, your right hand wringing and middle finger gonna contact the top, your phone gonna contact the bottom and your first finger Just gonna be resting on top like this. Okay. All you're gonna do is we're gonna use your thumb your left time to peel off some cards from the deck, just like that. You just puting off some parts. Okay, now, Barry 1,000,000. When you're doing this, look, your left hand doesn't move. Your right hand is doing all the work. It's going up and down, up and down, just like this. At speed. You can look something like this. Simple. Once you get good at that, I want you to start practicing, peeling off one card at a time like this. This is gonna help you in your future carpentry tools. So practice peeling off one card at a time. And as you go faster, you can do it like that. Just don't the rest. So that simple. And that is the overhand shuffle. This is the Hindu shuffle again. It's a really good shuffle, the use because a lot of people tend to shuffle cards like this. So the Hindu shuffle is just a slight variation to what a normal shuffle already is. It looks really good. Just like the overhand shuffle. The Hindu shuffle has a lot of applications such as controlling a card, doing false shuffles and even forcing a card. For example, we have a 10 of collapse on top, and we wanted to remain a 10 of clubs on top of the deck so we can do a Hindu shuffle to look like mixing up the cars. But actually, we're controlling 10 of clubs back to the top and not coming videos. I will teach you how to use the new shuffle to force the plane car to do the Hindu shuffle . Hold attacked like this. Your ring and middle finger is gonna contact one side of the cards in your thumb, contacting the other side. It's a really simple group. Now all you're gonna do is you're gonna peel off some cards into your left hand just like this, peeling off bit by bit, into your left hand. Bear in mind when you're doing the Hindu shuffle, your right hand doesn't move. Your left hand is doing all the work. It's just peeling some cards from the top off the day, bit by bit, when you're done, done the rest on top and you that so in speed looks something like this. There you have it. The Hindu shuffle. The riffle shuffle is probably the world's most famous shuffle, because maybe look super cool. So how do you do this? First, your ring and your middle finger is gonna contact topped off the deck from contact the bottom like this. And this joint off your first finger is gonna contact the middle off back just like this. Your pinky is just gonna simply rest on the site off the deck. Now, even apply a slight pressure onto the deck, almost as if you're trying to bend it. By doing this, we're able to riffle the cards one by one, just like this. Now at me. This is a tough move at the beginning, so you might want to practice this singlehandedly by referring the cards alone. So keep refilling and keep practicing. Once you get comfortable of that referral, about half off the cards now you're gonna transfer this half of the pack into your left hand's how you're simply going to drop it and flip it. Let's do it all the time. So refillable half of the cards simply drop it and city Now you have have off the carts in each hand. Do know that your left hand is holding the cards exactly the same way at your right hand. You're going to repeat the same riffing motion, but this time instead of one hand. You're gonna do it with both hands just like this again. You might want to just practice doing this before doing the next step when you already bring both hands closer together and allow the cards to fall on top of each other. Now, I do wanna mentioned and isn't necessary to interlaced every card on top of each other. It really isn't. But just try your best to make it less clumpy. I also want to mention that you do not want to introduce the carts too deep. Instead, you wanted interlaced right at the ends, something like this. Now you're in this position. You are gonna reposition your hands so that your thumbs are contacting the top off deck and your fingers are gonna support the body in a second. Your bottom fingers are gonna push the cart upwards while your hands are going to kind of squeeze the deck inwards to form something like a bridge. So bottom fingers push upwards and your hands squeeze in words. This creates a lot of tension in the carts. And if you release slowly, you get a very nice visual from the top. Hold the cards like this refillable half. Transfer it to your left hand and you're holding it in the exact same way. Bring them close together. Interlace the cards, reposition your hands, push up, squeeze and release slowly. You got a nice riffle shuffle and that's it. The riffle shuffle. Thank you for watching until the end. And please bear with me. We have a few more cut slice that we're gonna known. You really have to know if you want to do some magic. If you already know the size, perhaps you can skip these and go on to the street, so keep practicing and I will see you next. 3. Basic Card Sleight 2: The Double Lift: guys, welcome back to the second video off basic card slights. And in this video, I'm gonna teach you guys something called a double lift. Now the double. There is no doubt the most important card move that you will learn as a magician. It is simply just lifting off two carts and showing them is what? But by doing this, you are able to do so many other cool effects. Now, I know that there are many variations on the double it on the Internet. But I want to teach you what has worked for me for the past 10 years. It's supposed to, but learn. So grab your hearts and let's get into it when doing a double lived. We want to imitate what a normal person would do when flipping over a car and 90% of cases this is hardly do it. So our double lift, it's gonna look something like this where it follows the motion of the normal to start off , doubled it. This is how you can afford a day. This is called the deal a script where your hands are relaxed. Your hand is not holding that to heart. Basically, you're just relaxing for your other hand. These tree fingers contact top off the back. Your thumb is gonna contact the bottom. And this joint off your first finger is gonna contact center off together. You should have something that looks like this. Let me show you. Once again, you're gonna apply. Believe will be a pressure onto the deck. Just like pressure. As if you're bending the carts. Why? This allows you to reveal to the cards one by one until you land. When exactly? Just two carts. And that is where concert pinky break. This is called Pinky Break. Simply using your pinky to separate some cards. Let me show you again. There it is, Pinky. Now, when you first start doing this, you're gonna realize that you're gonna do a very big riffle like this. And that's called TV. Fine. Because as you practice more soon, they will do something like this where you can obtain clean pinky break with minimal movement. So to turn over the cards which have been duped, these two fingers is gonna grab both parts. What you're gonna do is you just slide both cards on the back today. Just lied. This prevents carts from splitting apart. Let me do it again. So just slide, slide it just like this Once you reach the end, simply flip it over just like that. Now it is very important to leave the card slightly up job. As you can see, a lesson space at the bottom and a top off this card. Why? Let me show you why this is super cool Curse You use your first finger and applying slight pressure downwards to us this part of car you'll see that at the bottom. It naturally wants to pop out. Let me do it again. So the first finger is gonna pull downwards slightly. And the bottom is just gonna naturally wanna pop out. This allows you to get a fresh pinky break immediately. How cool is that? Now you're back at square one. So to finish the move, CP turned cats over the same way. Conflict it up and you're done in speak. This is what it should look like. And that's it the least. Guys, I want to mention that the most important Expect off a double it to keep it as he did this possible. So what? You guys to try your best to keep your pinky break smallest possible. In the beginning, you might have a big one, and that's okay. But as you practice more and more, you realize that this is something quite easy to do. I also want to mention that in realizing the area of the practice double it was done under guys off misdirection. As you direct your own. It's so don't worry so much about it. You're gonna be fine, so keep practicing. And once you get good at it, you could apply such a basic slight to some cool effects like this. 4. Basic Card Sleight 3: The Double Undercut: Hello, Welcome back. And in this video, I'm gonna teach you guys something called a double undercut. It's a super basic card move, but has so many applications, such as controlling a Spectators car fall shuffles our even applying this move to your own routines, such as the ambitious community. So grab your cards and let's go essentially and undercut. It's literally just breaking off chunks off carts from the bottom and placing it on top to do this on the deck like this. This two fingers is gonna contact the top off the deck, and your phone is gonna contact the bottom. Now some people have used all three fingers during this group, and that's completely fine. I just like to use to, and this is called now see if you just break off a chunk of cards from the bottom and place it on top and you'll notice with this group, it's preventing the cards from actually spring up like this. So to square it up in the tree religious, reposition your hands and square up and you're done. That's an undercut moving on to the double undercut. It's actually exactly the same, except you're cutting it twice you look something like this, I'll do it again. To do this, you will need to obtain a pinky break somewhere in the middle off the day. I don't know what a piggy greatness go. Check out my previous menu and you could let me that. Now you will need to transfer this pinky break into a thumb break. Fabric is the same as a piggy break, except it uses your farm to separate the cars. I do know that you shouldn't be able to see these breaks from the front next, few off half of the bottle chunk and place it on top and then go back and take the rest and put it on top. Square it up and you're done. That's do it again silly. Do it a little faster. And if you look something like this, that's a double undercut. All right, I'm gonna teach you the most common application off the double in the in this case is the control of Spectators Car to the top off the deck. So let's get a car. Say the two of spades and the spectator is gonna put two of spades back into the deck at disposition is your squaring up the cards, you're gonna a potato pinky break on top off Spectators card. Once you have that, simply do the move and you'll see that the car is now. Talk off. Let's do it again. But let's leave the card face up now, suspecting it returns the car to disposition deck. Yes, you square up looking pinky break van due to double in the cut and not a car this on top off the day. That's it. All right, some tips. So the one is not to rush your double. Trust me, the movies in look so much better if you do it smoothly compared todo fast Tip number two, Always the company audible, undercut with another car. Moved to review suspicion, for example, Doing false cut full shuffle immediately after your Don't worry, I'll be teaching you guys some of these moves in the next videos 5. Basic Card Sleight 4: False Cuts: guys, welcome back. This video will be going over something which I think is extremely important as a magician . Doesn't matter what level you are. You need to know this. So we'll be going over some false cuts. Basically, a false cut gives the impression that you're mixing us all cards. Actually not. So I'm gonna teach you two of my favorite false cuts, which I use all the time. Greg cards. And let's get into it. The foundation of remorseful Scots is knowing how to do a streetcar which looks something like this. It's really simple. So hold it. That can be the brick. Lift up a jump of cards and swing it to decide just like this. Now your other hand is gonna grab the cards and you literally just dump the rest cards on top. When you get the hang of it. You could do multiple string cuts like this. Really? Really. Mix up the cards. The triple close cut is a false cut that happens in your hands so you don't need a table to do this. Looks something like this to do this sweet cut about 1/3 off deck into your and that scream cut dead off the cards. Your right hand you're gonna see left. 10 Beckett, Your right between Reid and looking good. Just like this. Let's do it again. At the same time, you're gonna immediately grab the top junk off cards. At this point, you're been a cruel your left fingers under chunk of cards so that you can extend it like this. Yes, I admit this move is a Naqi. You might want to practice this move singlehandedly before trying the whole thing. So what I'd like to do is I like to use my first finger and my ring converted curly underneath the cards just like this. For me, this is the most secure way to do it. Some people like to use only the first finger to current underneath the car. It's like this, and that's completely OK. I like to do it like this because it makes me feel safe. So keep practicing this move because this movie is the only hard part in this. Once you got dead down, your left hand is gonna grab talk, right? Pile your left fingers. City in a crow. England's finally just dumped the rest of the cards. All right, let's do it again. But this time a bird's eye view. So as you can see that this deck is brand new, Okay, To start soon, cut 1/3 of the depth and put it in your right mind is going to cut its feet to left Pile in . Beckett, your right hand. But remember to be a grab top right pile. I'll do it again. Feet left, piling to the right hand and grab your hand is gonna curl extended cards, left hands and grab Talk right. And you're close up just like this. Finally drop everything. I thought You're done. You see that? All the card says now we're gonna learn something. I called keep cut. I could keep cut because maybe has a sound. You're dreaming, You see, just here. I used a lot to cut my state shows. It requires a table, but don't worry, it's super easy to do. It looks something like this. That's it. To do this, simply swing. Cut a chunk of cards into your left hand van. Your left hand is gonna till so that it is perpendicular to the table, kind of forming something like a T ship. Now you've been attempted cards gently to create this song on this album. Sells old last but not least drop the cards in your right hand and drop the cards once again, just like this. And that's it, guys. Now, the key to doing good false shuffles is that you never actually mentioned you're shuffling cards. So don't go around saying things like, Oh, look, actually mixing up the cuts were good. Love, not Don't do that. You're doing it subtly by your audience is gonna remember that you actually mixed up the cards, So just keep that in mind and I will see you guys in the next video. 6. Basic Card Sleight 5: Forcing Cards: people. I have good news. This video is gonna be on last video, you know, Basic card. Slight. Seem, it's no. Anyway, I'm gonna be teaching you guys two ways, which I use most often lead to force the plane card. Quite simple. Yet the city. So let's get right into it. That starts with the little force. So let's say I want you to say stop anytime you want. Stop right there. And I already know. The top part is it's a Spain's. Okay, hold the decking dealers group. Except this time, your first finger's in a crawl underneath so that you can riffle the cards like this. All right, Before you start, you need to place your force card on top off the deck. In this case, we were used Ace of spades. So you're forcing the club card. Okay, cut the deck roughly in half, and you're gonna place the rest on top. But as you do that, you're gonna get a pinky break. Now, if you don't know what a pink abrogates, it means you haven't been watching my other videos do not from the front. This is all invisible because your ring and little finger is kind of pushing the cards down so that it isn't out of place right now. As you do this, you're gonna ask your spectator to stop any time anyone, and they really can say stop any time, for example. Stop right here. No, I want you guys to see this. If I leave the cards up where they say stop is not where my break this and that is completely fine. All you have to do this your right hand at your farm. You're gonna lift the cards up at the brick and you're gonna tilt it slightly forward as you bring the rest. Show that you have the forced card. Let's try it again. OK, so well, like this cut roughly half get a pinky break. So stop whenever you want. Stop tilt forward. Bringing on top show. That's the force card. And that really is it that this the ritual force? No, I like to do it this way. So it's a safe stopping to me What? Stop right there. And just like that. So what I like to do is I like to bring up the bottom pile of the carts, then place it on top before I actually had not the car to the spectator for them to see. But this is just how I do it. You don't have to do with this week into it however you want. Now, one more thing you can do to make this for so much more deceiving. It's this. So say, stopping time. You want to stop right there? Right? And booth for Scott. Okay, How you do this is actually quite simple. You're gonna get the same way exactly like this. Say, stomach wants Stop at the point that they say stop you immediately gonna insert your middle finger. Kind of like you're opening the pile and they think that you're gonna grab it at this point when actually you're just gonna grab it the same way that your pinky and bring the rest talk and short time Thetis, stop in. - So say stop whenever you like. Stop! Look at this car. Remember it? And is it? It's a space boom Done. That was the Hindu force. It's the first force I've learned 16 years ago and I still use it today. It's so simple, but yet so deceptive way Don't know how to do the Hindu chappelle. Yet go check out the older videos and then come back and watch this. To do this, simply place your first card at the bottom of the deck. No, you're gonna perform a regular Hindu shuffle. Remember, when you're doing this, you only peeling off cards from the top. The bottom doesn't move it all. And when they say stop, simply show them the cart asked him to remember it from the rest of top. Boom, You're done. You do it fast. It's quite deceiving. Stop. Remember this car please? Done. Now, there's one thing that you can do to make this more deceiving. So it's like this Stop. Instead of showing them the card, you're gonna take it up and handed to them so that they see for themselves. Okay, once again, stop. Ended up seeing yourself done that. This divorce. Thank you, guys. So much for breathing through this carts like serious of me. And I hope you mention anything to do. You have any questions on any other slides? Feel free to contact me. I'll get back to you soon. Now that you know the basics, let's learn some magic 7. Card Trick 1: Ambitious Routine: Welcome back in this video, I'm gonna teach you why most people learn when they first start doing magic. All right, so it's called the ambitious Congruity. Essentially, it's returning a card back to deck, but for some reason, it keeps coming back to top. I'm gonna teach you a very basic version that you can do in the time It's gonna be a long video. So let's get into that to stop the images committee, you will need someone to because heart in this case, it took her. So he or she is going to sign that People know. I assume that you guys already have a basic relation Carts nights because you've watched my older videos what you need to do you control your heart to the second from so that you could do is something called a Marlowe tilt. It's nothing about this. All right, The Marla Till is actually quite simple. Duke, To do this, your thumbs push the cart slightly outlets so that your next thing you can pull down and you're gonna get a big get right there is getting is being helped by Yuri and middle Finger . Anything is to get in the front doesn't like it. Take your car and you're gonna pull out a few cards from the center just to sell the illusion that you're trying to put it in the middle. But actually, you're just putting in a second from the top. Okay? Push it all the way in. And once it's following a in just with fingers and there you have it, you Marlowe tipped. Now you're in this position, so see you tomorrow. That card is no second from the top. Okay? I think it's so you tell them that the card is to jump all the way. What do you get? Ready for a double lift fingers? Double lift. Right. Keep the dummy card used. This is somewhere in the video. Boobs. Heart is no. That's his life. It face to We're going to start by controlling two cards from the bottom on the I'll do this question book. You spread the deck and tell them your card is the only card face up. That's just great. Events back secretly get kinky break. All right, now, translators think you're breaking toe thumb break, then street, Cut the cards in this. You just right pile. You're gonna use it to people expected again. People put us for this car, then you're ready. Okay, so your right hand is going to kind of push the cart upwards. Just 1/2 where? As you truck this two cards. Yeah, right. After dropping those hearts immediately turn resold up and should end. It took your car is festivity. So look, your car misses the only card face up defect Get, um, break over over Trump in a top lip. Your partner talk. She contributed. So now they think that this car car But actually hey, I got a slight talk heart into the right. Simply opening with England's studied and you're gonna tell the Spectators. Look, I'm gonna bury your card even deeper inside a day reposition left people for the first like this. Just dump everything in sight. You gonna tell a spectator? Look, the top is in your part. That's because I havent slept fingers. So after I step in two years to talk, that is finished too. In ST ST, you're gonna city OK, that's trying to get I'm gonna push it card. You're gonna take about two days of the deck from here. Place it on top and then take about hospital. The student this time can expect. Say, can you feel this now? They think that this is the card to the death. So excited and say, Look, if I snap my fingers, your card at this point, you're knocking it. You seem very intricate. Well, this is right. So this woman, they thought that they won the battle way. Why? Because this is to top off the middle pile. It's little top deck. That is a total. Today. You're gonna freak up. I still freaking out. Don't send a bit yet. Have been preparing for baseball. Do this. It's been a secret. Me. Sleep over. I think this high is very simple. You use it on the table like pence. Just over there. This make sure that this is always facing you, right? So front. Stacy, you don't forget. Yes, you do. Just now you're ready for baseball. You're in this position out, so get a grip there, Cardiges. Basically secret card was yourself. Remain the break disrespect Arrest based on the book. No. You're gonna tell them you're gonna do this one last time. But this time they're going to see exactly car jumps. You say that pull carts Good. You turned into betting card so that you can track it even though it's now, you're gonna simply put this somewhere. Do. This is simple. Left in it. Your bottom fingers. I could just grab it. Your price issue glides chattel cards. Your phone glides immediately. Sure. Look, Bacardi is bent and it is something I do know that your right hand pressure of your foot speaker to prevent the heart pressure is everything on top. Straight up. This is how you're gonna hold the deck, right? I do know that the top card, dentals and card I was just gonna help. Very bring. Now you're gonna do the moment up to say I'm gonna come to tree, treat you right, tree. You're gonna release the tension of the fingers and the crisis Pop up like this. That is a very visual. I don't have a good amplify that he published for you. I'm gonna try something. Sure, you guys I want to like that pops up. It's a very simple, very try again. Post up. So at this point for the car today, taking injured it difficult. I like to give this a souvenir because it's something you keep for years keen up simply just that. With this, you're done. That is it Ambitious card. And there you have it. The ambitious car duty. Feel free to modify the routine Creole phases and make it yours. What I told you was just a very basic version. And to be honest, I'm not very good at the ambitious, witty. That's why you can be better than me. Have fun and I will see you guys in the next. 8. Card Trick 2: French Kiss: the French kiss just like its name. It is a fun It is a flirty and it is a super powerful trick that they teach you in This video concept with a French kiss has been around for a long, long time. But this guy made it famous in the 20th century. Because of the changes in this presentation, it has gotten seemingly popular over the years. I absolutely love this trick and I know you will buy. You need to know how to do a double shift so we don't know how to do it. Check on my videos and come back. All you need is a Sharpie and a duplicate card. Pick a card that has a lot of white species around it. Before you start the effect, choose one of these cards and you can arrive your initials on the card. Now you can draw a smiley or whatever you want. Just make sure that this you can easily replicate not taking the inside one place, even talk. Take the sign card places. Until then. No, you are set. Now your indisposition. If your cards on top off the deck. So first get them to pick a card, and you're gonna ask them to sign your initials on the card. It's important that they make it really, really big, so district becomes more personal. Okay, As they're doing that, you're gonna do a secret move. You're gonna flip over the top part. What I usually do is I just dropped my hands to the site and I use my pence to flip the car over. You can also put your hands under the table and secret you flip it over. What ever met that? You choose? Just make sure you get a break under the top card and make sure that it's facing towards you. Take the car vet and you're gonna place the card on top off your cart in the motion that you're gonna blow that. Let's do it again, Do you? Get back. Put it on top and she blowing the ink. Okay. Should have the card just simply turn over the double. Now they think that this card is their card, but actually, it's your sign card. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna take this card, you're gonna fold it in half and fold it in half again. This card is going into their mouth. Now you tell them that you're gonna pick a random cut for yourself. So all you're doing is you're gonna do a, uh, double lift and you have a few extra card right there. Any shows to see me. You wrote it and then show today, now close to double and you're almost done. So now they think that this card is your cart. But actually, you're 10 steps a hit for this card. The same where you for that card. And this car is going into your mouth. At this point, the trick is done. You can put this deck away. All right, Bill the effect with whatever presentation you want And when you're ready, take it out from your mouth and show them that you now have the I signed card and then they take it out of their mouth. You're going to see that they have your science cards. It's very important that you open your card before they open. There's so that they get hit by two big waves of impact. All right. The biggest tip I can give you for this effect is to be bold. Don't be afraid to get up close and personal with your spectator. You can do it like how I did it, have a slutty and have been super close. The mechanics. What is true is so simple, but it's the presentation that really cells. Sometimes they might be shy, and they don't want to put the card in their mouth. That's fine. We can place their card in their fist, your kind of your fist fist bump and reviewable parts. One more thing I need to tell you is that when you're folding the card, you don't want to put your hands to hire only my seat from the side. So when you're fooling the car, load on your hands. Now let's take a look at one last life performance, and I will guide you through it. In the start of this video. My spectator has already chosen the card. Now she's simply signing her name on the car. When she's doing that, my hands are down on my side and I'm secretly flipping the top card over Now. Watch how I bring her card on top off my secret card. I bring the whole debt close to my face as I'm blowing it. Placed the card and talk. Then I bring it back down to show her. Then I pulled the car and just placing him off. Now I tell her I've been a pick a random card as I do a double lift and then sign my name on that card. I didn't fold the card as usual and place that card in my mouth. The rest is just presentation. Know thyself? Careful. I am. I go really close to them and I built the movement. Lastly, I review my cart before reviewing. There's and as you can see, they're hit by two weeks off impact, just like I told you. So I proceeded to give them both cards s a souvenir. Hope this helps. Have fun with the French kiss. 9. Caring For Your Playing Cards: Hey, guys, I don't make a quick video to share some tips on how you can cards so that they last longer and you can save some money. So tip number one is the obvious one doing. Use your cards in your hands and 30 so they remember. Always wash your hands before you practice number to bully story of cards. In a clean, dry and cool and humid conditions, your cards might work and become sticky. What I would only do is I put them in the books, and I just put them on my shelf as you can see more. So my videos always keep your cards back into the box when not in use. I don't know about you guys, but in my country I realized that if you leave your cards probably open or in the condition overnight. For some reason, the cards always work the next money. Remember, always keep your cards and imports. Last tip. Don't put your cards in your back pocket, especially if you have a big, but this will cause your checkbooks, this form to the sweat and tightness in your pants. I mean, my dad books. This one has been but for quite some time. And it looks horrible. I don't know about you guys, but in my country, off the currency conversion bicycle cards don't come by cheap. So I decided you can help you save somebody. Thanks so much. 10. Visual Magic 1: Got Milk?: What's going on, Guys, in this tutorial on teacher something called production or milk? Well, because it involves using right. So what materials you need, Of course, you're gonna need an empty glass, another bus filled with milk or any treatment one. And, of course, you're gonna need some sort off tablecloth that you can find lying around in your house. So without further ado, that's going to it. And I got you step by step. It's simple, studious. The first step is to place the glass with milk in between your legs just like this to start the fact show that there's nothing on both sides of the cloth and laid down flat on the table. Now you've been actively, you're cleaning the glass to build the moment because at this point, the audience doesn't know what's gonna happen next. Then you're gonna grieve the age of the cloth using your thumb and first finger. At the same time, your ring and middle finger is gonna grab the underclass from underneath. As you can see, the glass with milk is now hidden behind the cough, and I'll bring the empty glass behind the cloth, carefully dropping on your left finally reposition your grip and before swiping motion show that you now have milk in your glass. - Alright , guys. So now I'm gonna give you some tips on how you can make this effect so much more convincing when you do it for your camera. Okay, Number one, you want to pick a drink that has a dark color to it? Don't use water. I repeat, please do not use water because they pick a drink like maybe a Coca Cola. Oh, are some dream with blue color? In this instance, I'm using milk, which is good enough tip number to choose a glass that has a certain amount of height so that when you do this move, you'll be so much more easier for you to grab a glass. And my last year for you guys is that you're going on the greater glass with you. All right. Your eyes is gonna be focused on whenever it's on top meeting. You do not want to look down at your dirty because magic wherever your eyes look, that's where your audience is gonna look. This is called misdirection, which will alert to get it a little way. So look at what is going on? Talk. And it's all the tips I have for you. Have fun. All right, guys, Thanks for watching until the end. I call this the milk production effect on. I hope you have fun with it, Eunice. Active forces on the all social media. Please, please take me so that I could see a video, Cherie, and also give you some feedback trip. And last but not least, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. I promised to answer all your questions as soon as I can. Finally, this effect and I'll see you the next one. 11. Visual Magic 2: Fresh Mint: This is a penetration effect that I used to do in the beginning stages of my image. It's quite simple visual started. So let's see what stuff you need for this. You're gonna need an anti tick checkbooks, some small change to spare Tic tacs first. Take a coin. It's slightly bigger than the mouth off the pick 10 books. We need to put this in how you do it. You just simply force it all the way down because it won't fit naturally. Push heart and should pop for the sake of the Victoria. I've already prepared one Look, something like this. Now, what's nice about this is that now is not coming out from the front issue back in. So this would sell the effects so much more. If you live in a country with large points like this or this, simply pop out the whole it. Place the coin inside and replacing you can still do the effect that yeah, last the open up the cat. Don't go to spec detect Insight. This is gonna go in your pocket. And now you said there are two things you can do to start defect. Borrow some coins from your spectator and it's important they have a bunch of coins for the clean up later, they don't simply take out your change. Put it on your hand or on the table. Bring out your tick tick box and make sure that the front is covered. Open the leak and dump out the tic Tacs. You can either eat it or give it away. It doesn't matter. You're going to reposition your hands so that you're holding the box like this. Grab, Imagine coin. And this is how we're gonna do the penetration you're gonna go one to. And then you're gonna bring your head citing deck because you're gonna feed this coin into your you're gonna go one to she deer farms like this invent immediate till the box downwards of doing a few more times one to feed and to let's do it from another angle, one to see and one last time. Now you're right. Fingers should be somewhere around here. So it's important that you lower it down just slightly to make it look like the penetration happened here. Okay, at speed to tell this up later box on top of the pile of quest when you're spectator something box to check. Trust me, they won't even realize that duplicate coin is there. - I know what you guys are thinking. How did you do it in the performance where it looks like there's no extra coins, I'll tell you, I simply stuck a piece of double sided tape on the back off the tick tick box after the penetration press heart and it should stick. Then again, I was doing it for that purpose. I was doing it for social media. If you guys want to do it for its social media, you can do it this way. This is a cool impromptu, and I hope you guys can find. So enjoy this. You decide to Portis on your social media tag me. I would love to see it before. Have fun with this effect and I'll see you guys in the next one 12. Visual Magic 3: Up the Ladder: it older in this video, I'm gonna be teaching you guys super powerful effect. And I have been doing for years the best part. It only uses objects that you already have lying around your house. So let's take a look at what you need. You're gonna need some trouble bets. Any riverbed would do people sleep and paper bank notes. No, I know in some countries you only have plastic banknotes, and that's fine. You could still do this effect using normal. They remind all these items could be boring that smell. So let's go to start, take one ban and place it into your first finger. Take the other band and place it into your ring finger. Your right hand is simply gonna be slaughtered inside the bends at the exact same fingers. You should have something like this. Now, the next move is the only tricky one in this whole trick. You're gonna use your pinky and your ring finger to click the top band. All right, So, pinkie and ring finger gonna clean the up most bank from behind like this. So you clip it and then you're gonna drag it all the way down. You're gonna slop in your middle finger and then your first finger, your thumbs gonna be on top And now you can show the back the front completely clean. Now you're ready. Okay. Now you're gonna tell your spectator to fold the build vertically and you are gonna do the secret move when you're ready. Tell them to slight the bill in between the last band also to clip it If the paperclip at the edge Now all you're gonna do is you're gonna give it another shape and you release your briefing that so shake and release a ring finger shape release. As you can see, the bill has now jumped to the second band. Now that the moment sink in and all you're gonna do next is the same exact thing Shape and release your middle finger. So shake and release for the final one. You're gonna do the exact same thing. Just shake it and release. So shake and release a blessing. Now show everything clean and you can have them examine your stuff. Let's try that again. Remember, you tell them to cite the building between the last bands and paperclip at the edge shake and that go again. Shake and let go. The last one. Just repeat shape and Lego now handout everything to them for them to examine or keep. And that's it. Pretty. Pretty ready. - All right. I got tree types to help you guys with this effect. Okay, Number one if you're using a tough problem, been given a few stretches before you use this one. Okay, Number two, when you are doing this move, you want to minimize to move one on your fingers because you're simply just sleeping your way. And that country, a lot of practice and number treat When I do the last jump, I usually like to ask the spectator to pull down the bill sells the effects so much more. Now, you could ask them to hold a bill. Trouble for performance and still good. I like the idea and gives no variation to the effect. Now, let's take a look at a like So I started by letting the spectator checked the bands on the paper clip. Do note that the money was borrowed. No. Then I asked her to fold the building. Fleiss Sometimes they'll fold it wrongly, so just could be helped them out I want you to watch these carefully. I showed the band's one last time, and I bring my hands down to do the same. By the time my hand comes up, I am ready to do the magic. It happens that quick. Now they're going inside. The building between the last band and paper tipped the edge as taught in the video. Then you're gonna perform the magic as usual. Sometimes the bill can jump too high, seen in the video. But it's OK. Just dip it back, just like how I don't knew for the last jump. I like to get my spectator toehold into the bill. I think it's more part. I really hope that you guys enjoy this effect. This is something that's precious to me, so please practice it a lot before you're bringing out on the streets to perform again. If you dissected your performance, record it. You can send me the video or attacked me on social media so that I could give you guys some feedback. You have any questions? Feel free to contact me, and I replied, You guys, as soon as I can enjoy the effect and I will see you guys in the next one pretty pretty 13. Mentalism 1: Card Prediction: All right, let's take a look at a very quick performance. All that myself. First, make some cars. Right now, I want to show you that cards are all different. Okay, Now, before I start, I like to make a prediction. So take this. Write down a prediction, and that is what's gonna happen up is I'm gonna do the cards. 11 You're gonna tell me to stop Any time you want. Stop right here. I'll take my first prediction. They sit on top at where ever. You said stop. Do me a favor once against stopping Saw right here on my second prediction goes talk. Now this. There are two pieces of paper sticking out at exactly use its remove them and the cars. Now, I predicted what the's to cause They're gonna beat exactly where you say stop. Let's see what I did. So I think that this car will be the king of diamonds and this card will be defeat off states. Exactly. At the places you said Stop. Let's see how Your Highness States. Hey, guys, Welcome to the first basic deplorable in mental. Essentially, mental isn't simply reading people's minds using multilayered props and methods for now. Petition you're to simple methods and tricks so that you could do it any time. Get the hang off. You've seen the performance. So grab a pen paper on the deck of cards firsthand deducted a spectator, and it connects it up. As much as you take the deck back, you could spread the cards. Look at the top and bottom card. Memorized. These two cards for a six off this tutorial will use into Speight's and King of Parts. So it's a space will be the top card, and the King of hearts would be the bottom part. So, Greg, Ace of Space and King of Hearts put one on top, put one at the bottom so that you can fool all along easily. Then you're gonna grab your piece of paper until the spectator and that you're going to write a prediction. So right, ace of spades on one and King of Hearts on the other. I want Take note that this is written towards yourself. Spectator doesn't see what you're writing. Once you're done, place them face down on the table, and it's important that you remember which paper contains which prediction. Now you're gonna start dealing cards one by one, onto the table. So you tell you a spectator they can say stop anytime they want, and they can really say stop any time. So let's say they say stop right here. All you do is you gonna take your prediction off the bottom card in this case, king of parts. So you take it, place it on top and you're king of Hearts Goes on top. Let me explain what's going on here. Essentially, all you're doing is you're placing the bottom card on top off the prediction you made and s You were doing your card, stone. Just know you mean the ace of spades, the new bottom card, all you're gonna do and she's going to repeat the same thing. So just deal the cards down one by one. Tell him to see stop whenever they want. Stop 10 years of space prediction, place it on top and dump the rest of the cards and talk. At this point, the trick is done. Pick up the cards and show them that there's two paper sticking out at wherever they sit. Stop now, spread the cards and simply remove your prediction. with the card above it. Now toss the deck for the finale, revealed the prediction and then review the carts. - Some of human you wondering, How do you look at the cards without causing any suspicion? I'll tell you. So when you get a deck back, you called me to do something like this. Well, you make some of the cars real good or something like this. Yeah, this is good. You can try. Let's work something with this. And with that kind of glance at the top of my car, the key is just to be super casual. Another thing I want to mention is that it's better if you reveal the prediction first. Before we really cars, it's personal preference. You could do it the other way around, but I feel that if you reveal the production first, that's more suspense, and the trip becomes more powerful. This metal ism effect is really all about building the moment before you feel currents. I hope you like it, and I can't wait to teach you to an extent. It isn't trip. I see it 14. Mentalism 2: Coin Prediction: What's up, guys? To them here. If my brother and we're gonna try out Rick have a card here with three daughters and have a 10 cents religion coin, 50 cents. And so what's happening is you're gonna try something where you decide which top each coins gonna understand. So let's say we used 50 way need a stopping point. So where would you have the 50th start? So it starts here. Now I'm gonna do we gonna spell 50? Because it's 50 cents, So I'm gonna go obvious f i f to you like that. Okay, Right here. OK, we got 10 cents and 20 cents left. You want? Try 10 cents where we get to go. So about 10 goes his 10 cents team, and right here. Okay. And obviously, last door is for between. You made every decision and I didn't force it. Anyway, here's the catch. Did you know that I knew you were gonna pick exactly the spots, but according no, no, on the back off this piece of paper, I made a prediction. Exactly, but a Clinton let's have a look. So you've got this Move the coins up blood so we can see we're gonna do this and you can see to any sense 50 cents in this 10. Exactly. Ready chose nice guys. Forget my brother. He's seen his trick at least 10 times. So this is the last trick. I'll be teaching you guys in this beginner's class. It's super simple, But trust me, kids also even carry this anywhere you go so you can do it any time. Anywhere. The perfect walk around that's getting too. Okay, here's what you need. You need next card or any sort of paper Sharpie and some coins. If you're using different coins from me, it doesn't matter. I'll teach you how you can use different corns, but still do the same. In fact, later. So for the sake of the tutorial, use relation coins, we have 20. That's a 50 that's a 10. So take your next car and we're gonna write down your prediction on the car. Make sure you write 50 in the middle 10 and 20 minutes, you can write 10 and 20 on either side. So just like this now on the other side, we're gonna draw three dots. Okay. Now you're gonna decide which side you're gonna mark the dot. So for me, I like to add a little mark to the 10. So I can track whether 10 is how I do this. I simply making bigger. Just like a little scribble at the end. Just like that, till coming out. Okay, so this goes in your wallet and your good to perform any time anywhere. Okay. To start, you're gonna borrow some coins, or you can use your own. Tell the spectator that they're going to decide where each coin will lend. But be careful not to review your prediction. Behind here's the secret. Lamented what? Circumstances? There is 50 must in the middle. So let's say if they want to start the 50 right in the middle. Perfect. That's the best case scenario. You don't have to do anything else, but that's safe. They want to stop the 50 on this site. What do you do? It's simple. You tell them, OK? Because for using a 50 cents, we're gonna start 50. So you take it, you go s I s t y. And now you're 50 is in the middle. Okay, let me explain what's going on here. So basically, you're using any word we feel on number. That is to direct that coin back to the middle. In a while, I'll show you how to do it. We have different currencies. So for now, the 50 years in the meal at this point, the 10 and 20 it doesn't matter which side with them. So let me show you. You're gonna ask them, where would you like 10 or 20? So that's if they want 20 to be here. You're gonna go T w e N t y. And the 10 obviously will be a trial in the last docked and you're done. Now you tell them. Did you know that? I knew despite you moving the coins and wherever you choose, it will start that these coins will then exactly at this position, they're going to say no. So you push the coins forward and here's what's gonna happen. Remember, you made a little mark right above the 10 so that you know, this is where the tennis supposed to land. So let's say the 10 was here. Simply slip it up this way. And there you go. You have a perfect match. But let's say if somehow the 10 was here and the 20 was here. What do you do? It's simple. You see, belief a bit that way. And then you get a perfect match. Let's try it again. So lets say the 21 year and 10 was here. What do you do? You flip it this week and there you get a match and 10 was already here and 20 this year. Simply flip it this week and you have a better image as well. It's so simple. But trust me, it works. Okay, let's try this with some U S coins. Here. I have 1/4 dollar, 25 cents a dime, 10 cents and the penny, one cent. So go ahead and read your predictions. In this case, I would choose the dying to be the main prediction because 10 has an odd number of lettuce in its spending. Get to Doesn't matter where you put them. So I'm just gonna put five here and one over here. Okay? Now, joy or tree dots. In this case, I want to mark the one. So let's make it slightly bigger. A little till there. Okay? So start with the dime, and you tell them to put it, But I really want for the sick off the tutorial. Let's start on the side. So they want to start here. So what do you do? Well, you know, you simply spell T e. And now it's back on the middle. Next, let's say they want to spell the one you want to put the one right here. You're gonna spell Oh, and and last 25 he's just gonna go here now. Tell them that new commuter prediction coins forward and you see, here's the catch. You know that the one is supposed to be here because you've made a mark. So the one is already here. You flip it over this way and you get a perfect match. Let's do it one last time in euros, Euros is pretty much the same as religion. Let's do it one last time of euros. So you access pretty much to save as Malaysian coins. Here we have one Europe 10 year old and two euros. So obviously I put 10 the middle because 10 as an all number off letters and it's spelling and attitude Doesn't matter. Okay, In this case, I've marked the two. It's like ball today Okay, so that's a ready when it start for the Tora sick again, we will start the 10 on the site, so 10 and decide. You wanna go T T right there. 10. Back in the middle. But the rest of them, the one you're gonna put it here. I'm gonna spell, pull and be the one that's there. And finally, the two is gonna be here. Now what do you do? Tell them you have a prediction. Pushed the coins fall away. And you see, in this case, we know that too was supposed to be here, But it's over there. Simply flip it over this way and you have hope of image. Let me quickly show you what happens in the best case scenario. Here we have 2015 10 and I've marked 10. Okay, so let's say they would like to start with 50 and place it right in the middle. Very well. You don't have to do anything else from now. You see, you don't even need to spell it. I simply asked them. Where would you like the next one? Let's say they put the 20 here. You don't need to spell it. And the 10 is gonna end right there, push it with points. And you know, the 10 is supposed to be here, but it's over there, simply 50. And the trick is over, guys, the key to executing this effect well is to really convince your audience that they really had every choice. But actually you mean you're leading them to your And that's what metal is, um, is really all about? You could also be creative. We're doing this, for example. You don't have to spell 50 or 2010. You could spell the Spectators name, so you ask them for their name and slogan Name Hansen or Mann. Both letters in this column work, for example. Henry Henry PH. D N R Y. So the trick still works perfectly. So get creative. Thank you guys. So much for watching. And I know this is super simple, but trust me, it works. So go out performing heavy recorded and show me those reactions. Enjoy 15. Final Thoughts: Thank you guys for joining me in this journey. If you watched all my videos. I love you. If you haven't, I still love you. You know, I want to tell you that being a magician has been really fulfilling for me. And I appreciate you guys for allowing me to share this passion with you. I also want to tell you that one of the huge steps in becoming a better magician is to incorporate your personality into your magic. And this is something you will learn before more and more people. So take what you've learned. Go out and perform. If you enjoy my class, please even own this review. This will help me improve my next plus also taking off creating in class where I teach you how you can make your gimmicks that hope for cheap. And that way you can do some cool tricks like this once again. Thank you all for being you. I would look to couldn't pull you on Instagram. So you have any questions? Drop me a question there or if you just like to have a check. I'm cool with that too by everybody. I will see you guys in the next class