Macros - 3 Ways To Automate Your Excel Task!! | Bhaumik Shah | Skillshare

Macros - 3 Ways To Automate Your Excel Task!!

Bhaumik Shah, Data Science Guy and Freelance Designer

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Macros overview

    • 3. Recording macro

    • 4. Running macros

    • 5. Macros with button

    • 6. Saving macro

    • 7. Course wrap


About This Class

Enroll into this course and learn to automate your routine task in Microsoft Excel with the help of Excel Macros!

During this course you'll learn different ways to automate your repetitive and boring task in excel within few minutes. Eventually in this course you'll learn to automate any task within Excel using macro recorder. In this course you'll learn three different ways to automate your task in Excel which are as follows:

  • Using Macro Recorder Manually
  • Using Button and
  • Using Short-cut key

By the end of this course, you would be able to use all these three ways i.e. Macro recorder, short -cut key and button to automate your repetitive task in excel.





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Bhaumik Shah

Data Science Guy and Freelance Designer

Hello, I'm Bhaumik, I am a Data Science Guy , freelance designer and analyst. And I have sound knowledge of widely used analysis tools such as excel, R , SAS , SQL etc.  And I have worked with great numbers of clients from around the world professionally as a freelancer. So i think i can share my knowledge and experience here and enrich learners with great skill set here and learn something new from them. 

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