Macro Photography: The Amazing World of Small Things

Eduardo Ojeda, Photographer, Musician

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12 Videos (56m)
    • 01 Introduction

    • 02 Macro Photography Practical Definition

    • 03 Macro Photography Wiki Definition

    • 04 LiveDemo1 iPhone Shoot 2 rings

    • 05 Standing Still vs Moving Subjects

    • 06 LiveDemo2 DSLR Shoot Incandescent Bulb

    • 07 A Look at Behind the Scenes

    • 08 LiveDemo3 Shoot a Ring Heart Shadow

    • 09 Camera Settings Standing Still Subjects

    • 10 Camera Settings Moving Subjects

    • 11 LiveDemo4 Shoot Marble Suspended in the Air

    • 12 Final Remarks


About This Class

Welcome to macro photography!

How do I set up my camera to get a macro shot of a still object? How about a moving object? What aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lightning is better for these types of pictures? These questions will not exist after this course.

With a before and after of different shots, showing the original “big picture” vs. the resulting macro, as well as in detail explanations of the camera’s settings, you’ll get inspired to search for your own macro photography opportunities.

But, hey, do I need a DSLR to shoot macros? No, sir! Here we’ll look at the possibilities iPhones and simple Point and Shoot cameras give us in this type of photography, as well as traditional DSLR.

Four sample projects will be executed from start to finish: you’ll learn step by step how a macro image can be produced from concept to a complete post edited product.

So, tune in, enroll, and have a lot of fun!

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Very detailed course.... Very descriptive and organized. Great breakdown.
Julio Lara Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

Awesome content created
Mukund Mahamuni

I am the one what want to happiness to other





Eduardo Ojeda

Photographer, Musician

Photographer, musician (play drums, guitar, keyboards, use Logix Pro X to record, edit, mix and master original compositions), business consultant, change management specialist, IT specialist, business process specialist.

Have a BS degree in computer science, graduated in 1978, worked for different large companies until 1998 when I became an independent business consultant.

Started shooting photographs when I was 16 years old. Started playing drums when I was 13 years old.

I have two passions in life in addition to the professional consulting work I do; photography and music.

As a photographer I like shooting macro, landscape, portrait, mother nature, night, sunset, sunrise photographs.

Have participated in different recent photography contests like in which I won representing my country in the Still Life category. Have also participated recently in several challenges with the following results: top 20% 2 times, All Star 2 times.

Currently preparing my first class:

Macro Photography: The Amazing World of Small Things

Which should be ready very soon. I'll let you know when it is available.