Machiavelli on Power, Politics and Leadership - The Prince summarised

Peter Urey, Business Coaching

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15 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • Background

    • Comparison with the Corporate World

    • The Heart of the Matter

    • The Heart of the Matter Part 2

    • Building consensus

    • Building Consensus Part 2

    • Consensus after M and A

    • Establishing Control

    • Staying in Control

    • Virtues to Vices

    • 1Virtues to Vices part 2

    • Princely qualities

    • Dealing with staff

    • Summary


About This Class

Quickly discover Machiavelli's "The Prince."

"The Prince" is a classic text on Leadership - a must read for aspiring CEOs.

107 pages condensed into about an hour of short video lectures.

This is a great use of valuable time for busy people.

We correct the old misconceptions about Machiavelli as a voice of evil and focus on his pre-occupation with stability and good order.

We provide a full transcription of the course as a pdf file which you can read alongside the video lectures.

Discover how to build consensus after mergers, takeovers or acquisitions.

Eliminate office politics by identifying and avoiding office politicians who might challenge your authority.

Select team members who share your vision and values.

Accentuate the qualities that people expect in strong leaders and remove any obvious weaknesses.

Learn when and how to exert your authority without harming your reputation.






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Peter Urey

Business Coaching

1. There are many times in life when we know we need some guidance but it's tough to ask for help.

2. Fear of what others might think, pride or embarrassment can hold us back.

3. Our courses deal with subjects which are difficult to talk about to your boss or other people.

              * Motivation
              * Bullying
              * Dealing with difficult people
              * Confidence
              * Anxiety about basic skills
              * Alcohol issues

We offer the soft skills for hard times

4. They are affordable and accessible any time and any place on the internet.

5. You can learn in total privacy.

6. We are on-hand to offer personal support via Skype should you need it. We've been where you are now.

We can help you to uncover the sub-conscious forces driving unhelpful patterns of behaviour and create the conditions for you to create a long-term solution.

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About Peter Urey.
Trained to advanced level in personal coaching techniques including Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, Hoshin Planning, Business NLP and HP's Leadership Development Programme.
Experienced coach for Hewlett Packard, Symantec, Canon, Epson plus many more.
Educated in Law at University of Oxford.
Aged 56, married 29 years, 3 adult children.
Student of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling under Marian Way, author of Clean Approaches for Coaches.
Black Belt in Karate.