Mac Productivity with Alfred 3 and 4 / Getting Started

Chris Spiegl, Creator & Consultant & Multipotentialite

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35 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Introducing Alfred and Myself

    • 2. Downloading and Installing Alfred

    • 3. First Interface Overview

    • 4. Replacing Spotlight Keyboard Shortcut

    • 5. General Alfred Handling

    • 6. Alfred Features Overview

    • 7. Features / Default Results

    • 8. Features / File Search

    • 9. Features / Web Search

    • 10. Features / Web Bookmarks

    • 11. Features / Calculator

    • 12. Features / Dictionary

    • 13. Features / Contacts

    • 14. Features / System Commands

    • 15. Features / Large Type

    • 16. Appearance — Dark and Minimal

    • 17. Advanced Tweaking

    • 18. Alfred iOS Remote

    • 19. Powerpack, Usage, Help, and Updates

    • 20. Free Alfred Overview Closing

    • 21. Alfred Powerpack Overview

    • 22. Powerpack / Features Overview

    • 23. Powerpack / File Search

    • 24. Powerpack / Web Search

    • 25. Powerpack / Contacts

    • 26. Powerpack / Clipboard History

    • 27. Powerpack / Snippets

    • 28. Powerpack / iTunes Mini Player

    • 29. Powerpack / 1Password

    • 30. Powerpack / Terminal

    • 31. Powerpack / Workflows

    • 32. Powerpack / Appearance

    • 33. Powerpack / Advanced

    • 34. Closing this Class

    • 35. About Me


About This Class

Are you sitting in front of your Mac all day and you think there must be a faster way of doing all kinds of things? I’d say you are right. And for many of those things, Alfred is the tool to do it.

Alfred is a macOS Productivity tool that makes searching for files, contacts, accessing the web, or doing calculations that much more efficient. And it’s free in its base version.

Did I mention that — on average — I used Alfred 134 times per day? 134 times per day? Yep, Alfred tracks that, and since April 2013, when I started using the App I interacted with Alfred about 450.000 times. That’s probably the most of use compared to any other app and thus also the best $$ I ever spent on the power pack upgrade.

I am so excited about this application and would love for you to try it too, get used to it and work more productively yourself and that’s why I created this class:

In this class, I will give you a Starting guide to Alfred so you as well can get started to do things more easily.

  • To do this we’ll download Alfred,
  • go over the interface and preferences,
  • replace the spotlight search keyboard shortcut with Alfred (but I’ll show you how to still access it),
  • I share some standard settings with you that will make Alfred look beautiful and minimalistic,
  • We’ll get you up to speed on the free features so you know what you can do right now,
  • and last but not least, I’ll give you an overview of what is possible with the Alfred Powerpack.

Chris Spiegl — | YouTube | Instagram

Version Information:

Alfred 3 and Alfred 4 are essentially the same application. The update was significant, however, it's mostly a cosmetic update. The interface may look slightly different from what I am talking about in this class, but all the functions and features are still the same.

About Your Instructor

My name is Chris Spiegl, I am a creator at heart and I create many things in my everyday life — photos, videos, code… all of these things take time and it's so much more fun if I don't have to spend a lot of my time on all the small things in-between — the paperwork kind of things, the searching for files, the opening of applications, all these little tasks add up over time and Alfred can help you get them done faster.

I know from my own experience that this tool can be a bit overwhelming at first with its many new keyboard shortcuts, and tricks that are not necessarily immediately visible. It takes time to get used to this application to fully grasp its potential. But that's one of the reasons this class exists so that you can go through and understand where your life could be a little bit easier every day. And over time you will miss Alfred every time you have your hands on another Mac that does not have this tool installed.

What is Alfred and Why Would You Need It?

As described on the website of the creators of Alfred:

“Alfred is an award-winning app for Mac OS X which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac.”

But if I’d put it into my own words I’d say Alfred should simply be the default Spotlight search for macOS.

If you already have been using your Mac for some time, chances are you used the Spotlight search already. The search box that comes up when you hit “CMD + Spacebar” or hit the magnifying glass to the top right in the menu bar.

In my experience Spotlight shows some results, but is very unpredictable, you can not have custom settings or features, and on top of that, it tends to be slow.

With Alfred that changes everything. Alfred is customizable, it has a whole lot of features (already in the free and paid version even more so).

And you - the user - get to decide what to search for, to begin with. This is especially interesting when spotlight just by default searches for websites, movies, weather, and files at the same time. With Alfred, you decide whether you want to search for files, contacts, do calculations, or search the web and you’ll have an equally fast experience.

The one thing that Alfred isn’t is comprehensible from the start. It’s an application that grows into your daily life. It becomes necessary and you will soon miss it on every other Mac you have to use but isn't set up with Alfred. However, in the beginning, there is so much to try and figure out that it’s a lot to learn.

But don't worry, we'll go step by step in this class and you can also come back to it once you started using some features to learn about some more.

What You’ll Need for This Class

This class is intended to be a beginner's guide to the free version of Alfred. Additionally, you will learn about the features of the Alfred Powerpack which is the paid extension of Alfred so you can make a well-informed decision whether to upgrade or not (a hint: I think the free version is great to start with, but as you get used to Alfred you'll want to have the other features too).

Since Alfred is a macOS application, you’ll need a Mac to follow along.

You do not need the Powerpack for this class. We’ll focus on the free version and only take a peek into the Powerpack features.

So, when you are ready to get started to use your Mac more efficiently, supercharge your daily routine, and find things more quickly: just start this class.

Chris Spiegl — | YouTube | Instagram