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Mabon - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

Mabon - Journey Through the Wheel of the Year

Ashley Krout, Making Magic Simple and Powerful

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7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. History and Significance of Mabon

    • 3. Magical Correspondences and Celebrating Mabon

    • 4. Altar Honoring Persephone

    • 5. Inner Work and Journal Prompts

    • 6. Mabon Meditation

    • 7. Thank You!

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About This Class

Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals on the wheel of the year and falls on the autumn equinox. It is a time of honoring the harvest, while reflecting on and saying goodbye to summer. 

The seasons correspond to different parts of our growth so even if the weather doesn’t match summer, we can still utilize this energy to further our inner work.

With the Journey Through the Wheel of the Year Series, my intention is to breakdown the sabbats so you can implement them into your life without overwhelm.

Each year you can dive into the celebrations more deeply, but in the beginning, these classes can help you know where to start!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The history and significance of Mabon
  • Some easy ways you can celebrate
  • The magical correspondences associated with Mabon
  • How to put together an altar honoring the Greek Goddess Persephone 
  • How to balance light and dark through a relaxing guided meditation
  • How to do inner work with several journal prompts and a beautiful coloring page

The class handbook and coloring page are located in the files section of the Class Project.

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Ashley Krout

Making Magic Simple and Powerful


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1. Welcome!: the Autumn Equinox is the second of three harvest festivals on the wheel of the year. This sabot is most commonly known as maybe in, and it marks the ending of summer and the beginning of fall and past cultures. Autumn Equinox was depicted by the god of darkness defeating the God of life to explain why the days become shorter and shorter until light overcomes darkness again at the spring equinox, this class will dive into the history of maybe in the magical correspondences associated with it. Some tips for celebrating some ultra ideas journal prompts with a coloring page for your inner work during this time and a meditation for balancing light and dark within you. This class is intended to be an introduction to maybe to help you get started celebrating without any overwhelm. In the next video, we will cover the history and significance of maybe in 2. History and Significance of Mabon: Maybe is a Celtic Sabit celebrated during the autumn equinox, which is usually between September 21st and 23rd in the Northern Hemisphere and around March 21st in the Southern Hemisphere. Following Lughnasa May Been is the second of three harvest festivals on the wheel of the year. It signifies the end of summer and the beginning off falled. And while maybe In and the Wheel of the Year are fairly new concepts, every ancient culture held this time of year in high regard because the autumn equinox meant that they needed to prepare for the upcoming winter. Unlike the harvest celebration at Lughnasa that is celebrating the warmth of summer, maybe in is a time to show gratitude for everything that happened during that summer and to hold reverence for the upcoming darker months in China. This celebration falls on the full moon closest to the equinox and is known as the Harvest Moon Festival. It's seen as a balance of yin and yang due to the balance of light and dark in early Christian teachings. Michael Mrs, celebrated at this time with a feast to honor the Arcangel Michael Romans, celebrated Pomona, their goddess of trees and fruits. Most commonly known in pagan circles is the story of the Greek goddess Persephone E. There are multiple variations of this story, but the basic is that Haiti's decided that he wanted purse Effendy for himself, so he devised a way to kidnap and bring her to the underworld. Her mother, Demeter, is the Greek goddess of the harvest, as well as the goddess of the cycle of life and death. Purse. Effendy eventually fell in love with Haiti's, and to this day stays in the underworld six months out of the year. During this time, dim eater is heartbroken, missing her daughter, and she refuses to help plants grow. But once the six months are up and perception he comes out of the underworld around the spring equinox, demeanor is overjoyed and allows the earth to flourish again. There are many deities, spiritually beliefs and traditions that can be honored during this time. After we talk about the correspondences and ways to celebrate, may been all share how I set up my alter toe honor Persephone E, and received guidance for making decisions from her 3. Magical Correspondences and Celebrating Mabon: Maybe it is all about reflecting on summer as it comes to an end celebrating the harvest and honoring the dying of the earth. So animals, foods, plants and gemstones that reflect this are front and center for this sabot. So for animals that includes owls, eagles, blackbirds, wolves, goats and semen for herbs, flours and oils, you could use rosemary, apple seeds, cama meal, pine cones, leaves and frankincense and some popular foods for maybe in our apples, corn squash, wine or a nonalcoholic option like sparkling cider or grape juice, baked goods and root vegetables. So hearty feast would be an excellent way to celebrate. May been then, for gemstones. There's yellow and orange maggots, sir. Train amber, green, adventuring moss, agate, amethyst and Lappas lazuli. Then, for colors, deep fall colors, including greens, oranges, yellows and browns. Then, for some ways you can celebrate. May been you could attend a local harvest festival. Pick apples, make apple cider. Visit a pumpkin patch, harvest your garden or out of you, pick with an intention of gratitude. You could bake or buy some baked goods to enjoy. You could take an early autumn walk to gather materials for your alter, you could start making tea. A daily treat were fuzzy socks around the house like more candles. You'd have denser and more warming meals to nourish your body as we head into winter. Just anything that draws in the warm, cozy feeling of fall. And in the next video, I will share my alter honoring purse f une. 4. Altar Honoring Persephone: so I'm gonna go ahead and show you the altar. I've set up to honor Perception E. And before you get started with that, I just want to mention that you can set up your altar for maybe in any way you want. You can choose to honor any deity you would like. You can just choose to honor the season itself. And with the magical correspondences in the previous video, you can just pick and choose from that for what you have or what you have growing naturally around you and set up something that reminds you of the beginning of fall. So you don't have to follow exactly what ideo. And if you choose to follow something similar to what I'm doing, you can make it your own use the tools that you already have and just really personalize it . So the most important thing of making your altar is that it's your own and that it is symbols that are powerful to you and really speak to you. Okay, so first with my alter, I've got my Labrador right sphere, and you do not have to use anything this big in your on altar. But this one I'm choosing to use because it's just so hefty and it reminds me of the underworld. It's got kind of that dark, mysterious quality about it, and it's really ah, great tool for using when you're doing shadow work, which were starting to head into, as we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Then next I have an orange candle representing fire and along with an orange calcite and orange is a great color for creativity. And with this altar, I am asking for Stephanie for some help with solving problems, and I figured that by bringing an orange that will bring in some creative energy and help bring about creative solutions to the problems that I was seeking. Answers for percent Funny is the goddess of the underworld, and she's also very helpful to any travelers that come through the underworld. So I'm hoping that by honoring her and drawing in that energy, I can tap into that helpful problem solving vibe that she gives another thing I want to say about Persephone e. She's usually portrayed as this made in who is out picking flowers and is kidnapped by Haiti's and taken to the underworld without any say in the matter. She eventually falls in love with Haiti's and spends half of her time in the underworld half of her time up on Earth. And I read a different take on this from the Autumn Equinox book by Ellen Dugan, and she puts forth the assertion that what if, per Sophonie wasn't this helpless made in? What if she was tired with the life that she was living and she wanted something Mawr? And she found that in Haiti's and had a decision to go with him and she made that decision ? So that is the Perception E that I am honoring with this alter, a maiden who made a choice and stuck with that decision half of the year and kind of got the bust of both worlds for what she wanted. So maybe it is all about embracing change and making the space for newness. So that is also what I'm tying in here with asking for help and guidance. Then the I'm, including this rose quartz, and I have it adorned with some golden beads. Because perception is a goddess, she might be the queen of the underworld, but she's a goddess and feminine, and I just really want to honor those qualities about her. And then I've got some lavender herbs right here and a purple goblet. Right now it has water in it, but I'm probably going to put t in that. And when I say that, my alter and meditate on maybe in and the seasons and the problems that I'm seeking answers for I at the end of that I'll just sipped the tea, or maybe even throughout it, so your alter can be flexible and just really make it exactly how you want it. So I hope that helps. In the next video, we will cover some journal prompts in some inter work you can do during this time. 5. Inner Work and Journal Prompts: from an energetic standpoint, maybe in is a time to draw inward and prepare for the winter ahead. It's also the beginning of the typical school year, and it's a time when many people are compelled to start new ventures. While this all sounds like a paradox, it's really just showing us how this time of year is great for changes. The Earth is in the dying part of its cycle, and it's changing to make space for the rebirth in the spring. We can utilize the energies of this time by reflecting on the previous 3/4 of the year while looking ahead to the final quarter. The following journal problems can help you work through this. So the first is what was I planting through intentions in my life around in bulk and estara , whether good or bad. What am I harvesting right now? If there's anything bad, what can I learn from these experiences? What can I learn from the good? I'm harvesting right now? What intentions do I want to set for the coming winter? Take the time to really ponder these questions and reflect on how far you've come this year and enjoy the coloring page that I've included in the class handbook. The next video contains a meditation to help you balance the light and dark within you to make space for new beginnings. 6. Mabon Meditation: get into a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth as you allow your body to sink deeply into relax ation, you notice a dusty dirt path below your feet, glancing behind yourself. You see summer with vibrant plants, warm days and son. It's a culmination of the last three months. Take a moment to remember what this summer has been like for you. - Take another moment to reflect on what you've learned and to express any gratitude you have. If this summer didn't leave you with very much to be grateful for, ask your guides and higher self to reveal anything you can learn from these experiences and any growth you can call today. This guidance might come to you instantly, or it might be revealed to you in the coming days. Either way, relax into the comfort of knowing growth can happen from any situation. If we simply set the intention to see what lessons and wisdom holds now, turn back to the dusty dirt road in front of you and began walking down its winding path. As you take step after step, the path becomes slightly damp air around you feels Chris and alive with who you see. Trees in the distance. Brilliant shades of yellow, red and orange with a few deep evergreens scattered throughout sky around you isn't as bright as it was when you left summer, but it has its own charming coziness, and you feel secure as you wander down this path, welcoming in the darkened sky. Up ahead, you see an open expanse before you. There's a grassy field as far as you can see, it's empty and holding space for you to make changes and to move forward into this new cycle, spend a moment thinking about what cycles you like to come to an end on which ones you like to start. Finish contemplating where you like to go and gently become aware of your body again. First by wiggling your toes on your fingers and slowly open your eyes. Come back to this meditation any time you need to reconnect with yourself and where you're going. No and 7. Thank You!: I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of your magical journey. As a reminder, this class was simply an introduction to Maybourne. With such a long history, there are so many ways the Sabah has been celebrated that I did not cover here. My intention with this class and with all of my classes is to break it down in a way that allows you to easily incorporate it into your life without any overwhelm. Year after year, you can dive into the celebrations a little more deeply if you choose to. But in the beginning these classes can help. You know where to start. The next habit will cover is sow in, which occurs on Halloween. I hope to see you in that class is well, thank you.